Police Can Shoot Your Dog for No Reason, Even Though a Dog Hasn’t Killed a Cop in 70 Years (if Ever)

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To put it bluntly, dogs get shot and killed by police all the time in this country.

If it is a SWAT raid, it almost comes standard as a part of having one’s house raided that if the person has a dog, that dog is going to get shot and possibly killed by police. Puppycide, as it is sometimes called, shows up in the news on at least a weekly, if not every-other-day basis, but there’s no way to know just how common of an occurrence it truly is. There’s no database on how many people’s pets are murdered by police each year, so we just have to guess. Somehow, in the year of big data 2015, the Justice Department just now got around to discussing the fact that there’s no database being kept on how many people are shot by cops each year, so who knows when if ever there will be an official database on the number of pets killed by cops.

The stories are downright sad and depressing. Many times its a homeowner calling for help because they think their house is being robbed, and the cops show up to “help” by killing the homeowner’s beloved pet for seemingly no justifiable reason. Incidents run the gamut from something like this guy who said it took cops two hours to respond to his burglary call, and when police showed up, they immediately shot his dog in the head for barking, to this officer who shot a puppy in front of children and laughed about it afterward. Hell, this officer shot this cute fluffy little cat, shattering his front legs. Why? He claimed he was afraid the cat might be rabid.

Look at this cat. Does it look “scary” to you?

The police always say use of lethal force against the animals was necessary because they feared for their safety against the animals. Funny that, considering members of the post office who are not armed manage their daily work duties coming into contact with people’s pet dogs all the time and somehow are not huddling in a corner in fear of them. Somehow the mail still gets delivered every day without people’s pets being shot and killed all the time. It’s almost as if our postal workers have more courage than our police.

And why exactly are police so downright fearful of dogs that police state puppycide is occurring at an alarming rate and becoming a regular trend?

Because the truth is, dogs aren’t killing cops.

Check out the stats:

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a national database of law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, 15 deaths in the past 70 years have been animal-related, but none of them involved a dog attack. (Almost all involved horses or insect stings.) One would expect, then, that there would be very little need to use a firearm.

Fifteen animal-related police officer deaths in America in the last 70 YEARS, and NONE of them — not a single one — involved a dog attack.

And that’s just as far back as that database goes. Who knows if a cop has ever been killed by a dog in this country.

So then…

Why are so many people’s pets winding up dead these days at the hands of the police who swear to “serve and protect”? It cannot be justified the same way as killing crime suspects is. There is no sordid history of dogs killing officers to build upon here. History shows it simply does not happen.

Cops apparently have a bigger chance of dying by a bee or wasp sting than they do from a dog bite.

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  • Dan Morgan

    Cruelty to animals is a trait demonstrated by many anti social psychopaths.
    That is why the DoJ recently started compiling a data base of these type individuals.
    Maybe they should start with cops.

    • It seems that the Popo disturb the peace just by suiting up.

    • aliasooze

      I don’t think the doj is keeping track of anything especially cops shooting animals. It’s all part of the shock and awe. Keeping a record would get in the way of EVERYONE’S plausible deniability. They don’t even keep track of the people they kill.

      • They don’t track anything they don’t want to know the stats of and if they do they mislabel it like including suicides via guns as “gun violence” but when counting deaths from pharmaceuticals, ironically, “death by pills” isn’t counted as another death caused by pharmaceuticals, it is just counted as a suicide(because the pharma deaths are already in the 100s of 1000s per year as it is, where are the cries for pharmaceutical psycho pills control?). Figures lie and liars figure.

    • Reverend Draco

      “[C]ompiling a data base,” so they have a recruiting list.

      • Dan Morgan

        No doubt, Rev.

  • How come the Popo doesn’t open up on the bees in your yard or window then?

  • Justin Thought

    At least two things come into play here. Number one, the police today are being selected for and trained to enhance psychopathy. Therefore, if they can’t find a way to kill a human and have it considered a justified killing–even under the VERY loose criteria for that–they can always feed their psychopathic tendencies by killing SOMETHING–a dog, a cat, a cow, even a parakeet, and know that there will be no consequences for that.

    Number two, their job 1 is to subjugate the people of this land, and the implied message is, “Hey, I killed your dog, and if you give me any crap about it, I can kill you too.”

    We’re in a lot of trouble. And it’s not going to improve until WE make the improvements.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    You come shoot one of my dogs? I will shoot you in the face and hide the body.

  • davol

    But .. but, dogs are scary. And .. and they have those b..b..big sharp teeth.

  • Mike

    Cop kills my dog, cop suffers for it in what ever way I can imagine at the time. And I have a wicked imagination.

    • Ed

      That doesn’t save your dog. If people really care about their dogs they will go preemptive.

  • jps73

    How is it that the mailman,ups,fedex, and countless others have never been accused of shooting a dog,possibly they are alot smarter.

    • Reverend Draco

      A lot braver, for damn sure.

  • M_111

    Smug sonofabitches smirking like that. Don’t tell me that’s the sun either, sun makes you squint, not turn your damn mouth corners up. Like it’s a funny situation?? Scumbags.

  • Grim Fandango

    You have ‘illegal’ drugs in your house. They smash down your door at 2am, shoot your dog, drag you out of bed and handcuff you face down on the floor, children included.

    Later it is discovered they are at the wrong address.

    You get to bury your dog, you get to pay for your busted door, and you get to be thankful they didn’t shoot you and your family too.

    It’s just the price you pay for being kept safe. You do want to be safe, don’t you?

    • James Michael

      Then you hunt the treasonous felons like the psychopathic nazis they are……

      • Reverend Draco

        Take them quietly, in the dark. . .

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Only the warped mind of police can compare a household animal DOG to that of a fucked up trained police dog. and put them in the same category to justify the murder of someones pet.

  • LiberalsRLost

    Your intro nailed it …. and the poh-poh to ignorant to know they are being set up for the big one….

    • Their federal replacements will be exponentially worse.

  • James

    But have the American cops ever shot a dog that was not in there sight? American cops are allowed to shot you for the high crime of being in there sight. Or speaking to them. Dogs bark. So all is well the Dogs have rights. One dog the right to murder & main, Your dog the right to die & suffer from cop. Same as you. It is called right’s in America. The cops are always right just ask the Judge. They are allowed to lie in court right & the Judge belives that is there right.

  • qweztionz5

    Won’t someone get some killer bees and let them go at the nearest pig sty!

  • Jon Geissinger

    Yeah, this evokes a tremendous amount of emotion. The police today are no longer the police. We might just as well call them the SS or the KGB. La Gaurdia Civil maybe? They have the look and feel of yesterday’s police; but they are not. They have taken on an aura of AUTHORITY, not real. They THNK they are a controlling force, they are not.

    One day, somebody is going to loose their temper because some SS guard thought his life was in danger by a chihuahua is making threatening moves (I have not yet met a chihuahua who does not know you that does NOT make a huge fuss!) and the SS thug is going to pull a 9MM with 20 rounds in the mag and blow away a chihuahua! WHY!?

    CONTROL! The SS guards are now in charge?

    As I stated, somebody is going loose their temper; when the SS guard pulls his/her gun and kills a pet, the SS guard is going to reap the consequences of their action, and the gauntlet will be off and thrown.

    THIS is not some random thing that is starting; no irregular pattern; something that is coming out of nowhere. This is well planned and thought out.

  • PJ London

    Doooh, if you shoot a horse, with a handgun, you just annoy it, have you ever tried to hit a wasp or bee whilst it is in flight, get real. Now a nice little puppy or kitty-kat, it just sits there and gives you a real nice target. Then you can a) feel very brave and good about serving and protecting and b) boast to you buddies how you nailed it with only 8 shots.

    • James Street

      LMAO “Nailed it with only 8 shots” That was good)))

  • JustaMan

    Back in the day there may have been problems on the police force but u never saw or heard of cops killing dogs/ animals? Today’s cops are hand selected for such a job w/ personality characteristics in police officers, such as impulsivity, antisocial tendencies, and entitlement. Narcissism has yet to be studied within police officers but contains personality traits such as grandiose sense of self-importance, arrogance, and lack of empathy, which may be detrimental traits in police officers. All Policing is mandated (Give someone authority to act in a certain way) by the government. Takes a certain breed to become a PIG u have ta have swine blood ta join the herd. COP = Criminals On Patrol

  • StevetheHun

    To be blunt, a lot of the folks who want to be a cop are mentally ill and have a trigger happy problem.

    Yeah, go get a deer tag and deal with it.

  • Reverend Draco

    Back to grade school with ya, dipshit.

  • The police state must end! And, of course, it is the drug war tyranny that is the impetus for the overwhelming majority of these raids!
    Revolution now!

  • Animal fan

    99% of yank cops are trailer trash vile animal murdering scumbags.I love receiving notification when these FWS have been killed as they deserve.The only good yank cop is a dead one.

  • truthbetold

    A total screw up by Salt Lake police. We are looking for a lost child in your backyard, so decide to kill your dog.????? Sue them. Make them pay. Dumb ass police. This is what a high school diploma gets you in law enforcement. No common sense.

  • Relist Renegade

    When are people going to WAKE UP and realize that all forms of law “enforcement” are NOTHING more than well armed and well supplied gangs PERIOD !!! These psychotic sons of bitches (AND bitches) have over blown egos and do absolutely NO damn good for anyone except themselves !!! It takes a REAL tough guy to shoot and kill a poor little defenseless dog , doesn’t it ?!!! By the way if they show up on your property you DON’T have to answer the door , speak with them or even let them know you are at home unless they have a VALID WARRANT !!! I sincerely hope that Satan has a “special” place reserved in HELL for each and EVERY one of their miserable worthless souls to suffer in horror and ever lasting pain and agony for eternity for the fear and misery that they have inflicted on other living creatures in this life !!! Did I mince any words here ?!!!