UPDATE: Oregon Holdouts Surrender, Cliven Bundy Arrested on 2014 Charges Before He Got to the Refuge, Martial Law in Area

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Update: Reuters is reporting that, Cliven “was charged with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer and obstruction of justice in connection with a separate 2014 standoff on federal land near his Nevada ranch.” They sure picked good timing to finally arrest someone on nearly two-year-old charges.

David Fry, 27, held out the longest for nearly an hour after the others had left the refuge and he apparently threatened suicide. “I’m actually pointing a gun at my head, I’m tired of living,” Fry said during the phone call. He later added, “Until you address my grievances, you’re probably going to have to watch me be killed, or kill myself.”

A protester waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville

Ammon’s dad Cliven had just announced this stand off was not over. He had just doubled down, instructing the remaining patriot militia inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge not to give up and declaring he was on his way…

And with that, feds in armored vehicles moved in around the refuge and Cliven was arrested as soon as he got off his plane in Portland before he could get anywhere near it.

Mike Arnold, an attorney for Ammon Bundy who took part in Fiore’s phone negotiations and was en route to the wildlife refuge with her early Thursday, told The Washington Post that he was “extremely disappointed” by the news of Cliven Bundy’s arrest.

“It was a horrible strategic move to arrest Cliven while negotiations were literally happening over the phone,” he said. “That is not a symbol of good faith.” But he believed that the agreement reached Wednesday night would still hold.

“We can take comfort in the incompetent strategic move by the federal government,” he said, because it showed that “if Cliven Bundy can be arrested peacefully — the lightning rod of much of the discourse on these issues — then the folks at the refuge should rest assured that the FBI will honor their promise to peacefully end this.” (WAPO)

Yeah. Let’s hope they don’t kill anyone else.

Panicked Phone Call from Refuge after FBI Siege Began (Warning: Strong Language)

According to the official story, the feds claim something about one of the “occupiers” riding an ATV at a “high rate of speed” which caused the FBI to suddenly decide to move in with armored vehicles and snipers, but obviously that’s total b.s.

The feds just didn’t want Cliven to get in there and rejuvenate this stand off, as would likely have happened had he been allowed to make it to the refuge. Period. The elder Bundy was arrested at the Portland airport late last night, supposedly on the same charges as Ammon (conspiracy and weapons charges) which makes no sense in this particular case considering Cliven hadn’t even been there yet… unless the FBI is openly arresting people for pre-crimes now.

The few remaining people holding out at the refuge claim they will be surrendering sometime today.

In the meantime, unofficial martial law has been declared in the area, as residents as far as 30 miles away have reportedly been told by police to stay in their homes until they are given an all clear.

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  • Jon Geissinger

    this is an example of how NOT to do this. This is playing right into the hands or the morons with the guns to start a mass shooting. BAD idea.
    See any Occupy Wall Street lately? No, because they were starting to become effective so the PTB/elite wiped them out!
    Those who think the Boston Massacre was effective are itching for a gun battle; those that thought Lexington and Concord were effective are watching and waiting…

    • Doom On You

      The Occupy Wall Street movement was too effective? At what? Being leeches? Not showering?

      • Using the money that they were given to be a movement?

      • Razedbywolvs

        There is a lot more to what happened there than that. They were not effective at achieving there goals. Strangely enough only 1% of them knew what there goals were or how to achieve them. What occupy was advertised to be the press and what it really was were two different things.

  • frankw

    The FBI is moving to decapitate any incipient revolutionary movement.

    • Gil G

      ” . . . any insipid revolutionary movement.”

      Fixed it.

      • Reverend Draco

        Well. . . you are an expert in “insipid.”

        Also Inane, banal, vapid, asinine, mindless, vacuous, imbecilic, daft, fatuous, and puerile.

        So. . . what’s your point, dimglow?

        • sunshine

          You can’t talk to Gil G, he loves his chains. Probably gets off on it. “Oooh baby, big government, you’re so powerful! Oppress me more…that’s it….”

          • Reverend Draco

            I know he does. . . but if we can wake anyone else up by ridiculing his unintelligible propositions as Messr Jefferson advised. . .

        • Gil G

          If this is Libertarians idea of a revolution it’s they’re all keyboard warriors.

          • Reverend Draco

            It isn’t. . . and they’re not. . .

            Shill Fail.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        How do you manage to type while holding that government penis in both of your hands, Gil?

        • Reverend Draco

          Prehensile Hemorrhoids?

  • Broos

    And can we taxpaying U.S. citizens who own the federal grazing lands, finally expect our fees from Bundy’s cattle-grazing thereon? C’mon, FBI; as former fed enforcement, I KNOW you’ve effected lis pendens property liens against anti-Constitutional miscreants many times before! PUBLIC Servant-UP!!

  • Gil G

    The dimwits should surrender while they’re behind.

  • BasicRules

    The Watchman News Burns Oregon Latest Streams And Updates