Police and military agents have been deployed in major cities as panic from the Boston marathon bombing spreads worldwide

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by JG Vibes

As we reported earlier today two explosions occurred at the Boston marathon, after the race had already finished, causing panic and chaos, leaving at least two dead and dozens injured.  Just hours after the bombings, police are now being deployed in major cities all over the planet, and are likely to harass anyone who gets in their way.

CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports from Washington that New York authorities were moving counterterrorism forces into place around major centers and landmarks in the aftermath of the explosions.

Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said the department has opened the Emergency Operations Center, increased patrols for transit and other critical areas including the Los Angeles Dodgers game Monday night.  Chief NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said critical response teams are deployed around New York until more about the explosion is learned.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg reports 1000 NYPD officers have been “assigned to counter-terrorism duties”.

NBC reports streets around the White House in Washington DC have been closed to the traffic. The Secret Service has cordoned off the building.

In addition, FOX reported that “British police also say they are reviewing security plans for Sunday’s London Marathon. It’s the next major international marathon. A London Metropolitan Police spokesman says police are working with marathon officials to review security plans.”

It is also important to note that this is a possible false flag attack, occurring directly in the middle of the “occult season of sacrifice” which takes place between March 19th and May 1st.

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  • Too late now. Once again the citizen gets treated like a criminal.

  • Chuck T

    Along with more gun laws, just declare the cities “bomb free” zones. That would solve the problem.

  • Michael

    ” Just hours after the bombings, police are now being deployed in major cities all over the planet, and are likely to harass anyone who gets in their way” Is this the catalyst for the takeover? The excuse to position assets in cities to commence a complete takeover. Be watchful.

    • Doubt it, too many bike races and other outdoor events coming up.
      Corporations do not like losing money and sponser these events.
      The TSA already ruined air travel. A ticket to FL used to be seventy five dollars, now they can be five hundred dollars, with erratic schedules and stopovers, more baggage checks. Lots will opt out of this.

  • RickE.

    The authorities won’t be able to do a God danged thing about additional “terrorist” activities!! But it sure sounds bad ass, and as though they ARE actually doing something about the situation!

  • Alex

    What do you guys want? Should the authorities do nothing? Should security all be left to the ‘private militia’ of overweight rednecks with AR-15s that you deluded idiots think would actually be able to overthrow the government for some reason

    • Flyingguns

      You really are stupid Alex. We handed the British their asses on a silver platter twice. The Invasion of Somalia (before it fell into civil unrest by warring clans) by US Forces ring a bell, or how about Vietnam fighting in remote jungle covered areas where they were getting picked off by guerilla fighters and the NVA troops who had underground tunnel networks that made the ones done by the japanese look like a joke

  • Bob Marshall

    Promoting fear in the populace is a way of the government maintaining control of peoples minds. We need critical thinkers, not government controlled zombies.

  • I think we pay lots for security and crime is still on the upswing. First, we did not have enough for the war on terror and trillions of dollars later we find ourselves where we were. Collecting data and video monitoring obviously will not stop anyone from committing a crime.
    Every night on the news criminals commit crimes,knowing they are on camera.