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There are two types of pole shift. The terrestrial kind is where the land masses actually move from their current positions to new ones sometimes thousands of kilometers away. Then there’s magnetic pole shift, a flip in the earth’s magnetic field where the North and south Poles exchange places.

Adam Maloof, associate professor of geosciences at Princeton University, has believed in terrestrial pole shift since his student days. Years of research has not fully proven that terrestrial pole shift does occur at all , but his research has shown there is no possible way it could happen the way he envisioned it would.

Maloof aired his theory on a National Geographic television program in 2009. The geological evidence discovered during the show found rocks in Australia that were ‘born’ thousands of miles away, and Maloof saw this as evidence of violent upheaval.

The rocks had the ‘wrong’ polarity for their situation. As a geologist, he knew that rocks maintain their original polarity from the time they are pushed up from the bowels of the earth until they crumble away to dust millions of years later. Finding rocks that originated thousands of miles north on an island in the Southern Hemisphere offered further proof to him that his theories were correct.

Closer inspection presented him with a major problem though. There was no evidence of any violent upheaval, none, nothing at all to explain how the rocks had arrived in their current location. The pattern was repeated at other sites around the globe. He and his team turned up dozens of examples of rocks that just shouldn’t be where they were finding them. Rocks that originated near the North Pole were marooned in Australia and formations that were known for sure to have started their lives in the Sothern Hemisphere were now located thousands of miles to the north.

Maloof immediately concluded that a terrestrial pole shift couldn’t have happened… but that didn’t explain the out of place rocks.

After thinking about the issue for some time, he hypothesized that terrestrial pole shift could occur after all, but on a scale so slow that we can’t feel it happening. You can hear his explanation on Listen To The story: Talk Of The Nation.

Many scientists do not follow his theory, preferring to believe that the rocks with opposing polarity just came up from the earth’s interior when the magnetic poles were in their opposite position, or that they arrived where they are due to continental drift.

Magnetic pole shift is a different thing entirely. The earth’s crust stays in place, there is no movement of rocks or anything else on the surface of the earth. What changes is the earth’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field around the earth is generated by the movement of molten iron in the outer core. When working properly, it protects us from particle storms, cosmic rays, UV type B radiation, and subatomic particles flying in from deep space. Without it, the ozone layer would be eroded, and we would be exposed to almost everything the universe has to throw at us.

Every few hundred thousand years, the force of the magnetic field reduces until it is almost not there at all, and at this point the magnetic poles flip over, exchanging places. The geological record tells us that there have been many such reversals. The last one is thought to have happened about 780,000 years ago.

Our magnetic field has been weakening for 150 years now, but the weakening is not uniform. Professor Elgil Friis-Christensen, former director of Denmark’s National Space Institute, told the BBC:

“We talk about the weakening of the global field but in some local areas, such as in the South Atlantic, the field has gone down 10% in just the last 20 years. But we do not know whether we will go into a reversal or whether the global field will recover,”

Pole shift is not synchronized. For a while we may have two or more south poles, or north poles, as the field adjusts and settles into its new position. It’s a total unknown as to how long the planet would not have the shielding effects of the field.

No one has yet even guesstimated how long it takes to complete the reversal and for the field to return to normal operating levels.

The magnetic North Pole has been on the move for some time, moving from northern Canada towards Russia at a rate of 25-40 miles a year. The speed of movement has increased during the last decade. This increase coincides with the increase in the weakening of the field.

In an attempt to find out exactly what’s going on with the magnetic field, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched three satellites on the back of a Rocot vehicle from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 12:.02 GMT today.

The mission, called SWARM, will monitor the field for between four and five years and hopefully gather enough data for the scientists to see clearly the state of the magnetic field. (source)

A magnetic pole reversal is going to present major problems.

Compasses will be pointing in the wrong direction and GPS satellites will quite literally not be able to work out up from down as they are programmed for our current polarity.

As humans were not around during the last reversal, the effect on animal life and climate is unknown. Will birds instinctively know that they should fly north for the winter…or do they still fly south?  Bees, bats and even mass migrations will most likely be affected.

Will the climate flip at the same time as the poles? Or does that come later? There are so many answers that need to be found and scientists may not have that long to find them.

Magnetic pole shift is a complicated dynamic process. Although no land mass movement will occur, we will still face a time of massive upheaval and uncertainty.

Our food supply is fragile at best, and massive environmental changes will be a challenge that needs to be overcome if we are to avoid a massive human die off.

Ozone, the filter that takes out most ultraviolet B radiation, the type most harmful to human and animals, will be depleted without the magnetic field there to protect it. Skin cancers and severe sunburn will increase. Cateracts and blindness will rise exponentially as the ozone reduces.

One thing we do have the answer to already is that scientists, and most likely politicians as well, are worried. Cash strapped, austerity driven Europe would not be spending tens of millions of dollars putting three satellites into space if they weren’t.

This is a situation we can do nothing about. Governments around the world know it’s started but once again they say nothing. They give no advice about preparing for the future.

The magnetic field has been diminishing for years, and as time moves on the speed of that reduction increases.

Magnetic field strength is directly related to ozone.

Holes in the ozone allow warming of the oceans in those regions to occur.

Warmer oceans allow more precipitation and larger hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons to form.

All this crap we hear about climate change, the explanations about why some areas are experiencing warm seas and rising sea levels, it’s not climate change, it’s the start of magnetic pole shift.

Governments cannot admit this because there’s nothing they can do about it. Instead, they sell global warming in a miserable attempt to mitigate some of the changes that are already happening.














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  • pole shift

    The polar shift is speeding up faster then 25-40 miles per year at this point, and is est. at 40 degrees from where it started from, or from vertical..it will shift all at once within hours or a day, the government is lying to everyone, global warming, now called climate change..its a polar shift and your right , the governments around the world know the truth and are not telling anyone..the reason they built all these DUMBS

  • old guy

    Ive been trying to inform folks about the pole shift for quite some time. Of course the goverments know about it. That The government wont tell the citizens is logical. Because there would be nothing to be gained and a lot to lose. check out the US Navy future Map of the US https://www.google.com/search?q=us+navy+future+map+of+usa&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=DY-PUsLEHYfYoASg2oGIBg&ved=0CDkQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=651

  • David

    There is no pole shift. Your conclusions are erroneous. Do you think maybe those rocks could have been rearranged uncharacteristically by a huge one time geologically event? Maybe a world wide flood?

    • Todd

      These “rocks” he’s talking about aren’t the pick up and move type you are thinking about. He’s talking exposed rock layers in a mountain, valley, or cliff. In various layers, in the same “rock” (meaning mountain, or cliff) the magnetic particles are pointing in opposite directions. Meaning the poles regularly change overtime. By the way, we are overdue by thousands of years.

  • vegthief

    scientists sometimes create BS to make themselves appear to be smarter than others.Is global warming caused by man? some don’t think so.My favorite is the big bang theory.I just cannot see how men that have only studied a very small part of the cosmos for a fraction of a fraction of time can claim this to be true.This magnetic shift maybe an occurance but to say our weather is changed and such, and to predict if or when it will happen,well I call BS.bullly shiiiit

  • Chris Carrington

    Hi David

    I wish it were a one time thing but if it is it left no evidence. Massive floods leave pock marks and ripples on the landscape, rocks are worn smooth.

    Check out the Missoula flood and the scablands to see what I mean.



    “Instead, they sell global warming in a miserable attempt to mitigate some of the changes that are already happening”


  • Apolitical Blues

    A good book on this is “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps-The True Origin of Species” by Robert Felix. The evidence he presents is credible and lends substantial credence to his theory. He too, believes we are on the verge of another shift.

    • Todd

      Yes, it’s amazing how these people blindly believe that America is the fault of global warming (based on proven false data and lies). But then ridicule actual scientific evidence as a possible reason without even checking out the links provided. We know a pole shift is coming. We don’t know what affect it will have…yet.

  • john q publik

    be prepared for the new age. dont kill every one you see. some of us can help…………

  • old guy

    The pole shift is happening at this very moment. It isn’t likely that we will have a complete reversal this go round. What is occurring is the north pole is migrating by a great distance every year. The sount pole not so much. This puts the magnosphere on a twist. That causes the tectnonic plates to move causing earthquakes & volcano eruptions. The magnosphere also effects the Jet stream and weather. My guess is that all the unusual weird weather, earthquakes ,volcano eruptions ect. These clatyclismic events will continue to increase in both magnitude and occurance until the poles stop moving great amounts and more or less stabilize. this could take decades of centurys. Now how do you prep for a pole shift? First move away from coastlines. find high ground. A greenhouse will be a necessity to grow food because you can no longer count on a favorable growing season. it will likely be a blending of the seasons . Im afraid that its very likely 90% of the life on the planet will perish. and that includes humans. Its not caused by al gores glowbull warming. It cannot be stopped or mitigated. Its not god punishing man for sin. Its simply a cyclic end of an age magnetic pole shift. A pole shift and the event of mammals killed the dinosaurs. But it didn’t kill them all. The large plant eaters likely starved. The Egg laying meat eaters on land had their eggs destroyed by rodents. But the alligators & crocks made nest surrounded by water and ate any mammal that swam to try to eat their eggs. It wont be a extinction level event. However It will be a no holds barred root hawg or die survival of the fittest.

  • Procurement

    C/2012 s1 .. Look up to the sky.. Mayans weren’t dumb December 21,2013!!! Mainstream media used these people to distract the population in the US. Try reading books about these great watchers of the sky. The earth moves in cycles, and those beings who systematically took over the military long ago know this as well. We as Human Beings where created to serve!! But as the earth goes thru her cycles, things will start over!!! The US military establishment is infested with these beings, who want nothin but complete control, and death to those who oppose plans for the next chapter of this planets habitants!!! Take time to read the executive orders that started somewhere around the end of WW2. This country thru manipulation of the weak minded politicians, where the perfect fit!!! Ever wonder why America only 200 + years old have been the Superpower on earth, let me answer that!!! Pure Evil we as a nation have become War Masters!! We have pitted more nations against each other, funded more civil wars, overthrown more governments than any nation on Earth, all done behind agencies, CIA, NSA, DEA!! We accomplished what they couldn’t get the German nation to do!! And since the end of the Cold War the Department of Defense realizing they could not longer meet the natural resources needed to conduct long term wars here in the US, along came some evil men via Naval War College, these men formulated plans along with others spread throught earth in leadership roles, plans for the next cycle and how they will control it. Nothin that is going on right now is a surprise, knowledge is power, it’s all recorded earth history kept secret by way of conspiracy, use of media and laws passed by the US slowly as not to raise suspicion, to bring forth total domination and control of those who are left!! The wars in Iraq and Afganstan have systematically one what was intended, which was destroy 2 decades of American Men ie; PTSS, and leadership of controlled men who had no regard for human life, many of which were pushed to early retirement, due to the NDAA Laws passed that have decreased our military more and more each fiscal year. Many nations around earth are fed up with war and are sick of the US always wanting trying to start one! Syria is a prime example!!!! WAKE UP THE CORPARATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS BEEN SOLD!!!! Global modernization is the future of this land. And it’s all public knowledge has been since this plan was presented to President Reagan by Frank Carlucci with a simple statement made … 3 certain bills had to be amended in order for it to work! Took them 20 years but Obama being put into place, did just that..