Polar Shift: One Extinction Level Event That WE DO Need to Worry About

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Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers recorded LIVE on The Liberty Brothers radio Show

Yellowstone blowing its lid, and basically ending life on this planet as we know it, has been all the rage of late. Our recent guest, Ben Davidson, seems mildly amused at these reports, for they occur regularly and produce, as he knows they will this time, nothing more than fodder to collect “fear hits” on fear websites. No, Ben is none too worried about a Yellowstone Extinction Level Event (ELE) happening within the next 10,000 years; but, he is worried, nonetheless.

Polar Shift or Magnetic Shift, is what keeps the good Mr. Davidson up at night. And, it is the real, ongoing threat of a Polar Shift that we covered on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show with Ben in our most recent interview below. Folly, you may say, however Ben is a smart guy who monitors these events on a daily basis. When I say daily, I literally mean that the man produces a video every day on cosmic and terrestrial anomalies; and, his information is second to none. With over 200,000 contributors, it’s easy to see why Ben’s info is as stellar as the topics he covers.

What if there comes a time on this planet when its human inhabitants cannot come outdoors between 10am and 3pm because the radiation levels will be too deadly? A Polar Shift would make that scenario a reality, and we have already lost between 15% – 20% of earth’s magnetic shield… the shield which protects us from just such a nightmare. In addition, there could be 600 foot Tsunamis washing out large parts of the world, and much of the population along with it, if the ongoing pole shift continues.

Lastly, we consider the possibility that Geoengineering is being used to protect us from the upcoming loss of the earth’s magnetic shield; and that the powers that be are faced with a “Hobson’s Choice” when it comes to protecting their cattle. Ben was prepping for a conference, but, as always, he was is pithy and insightful.

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