Pokémon Go Is an Orwellian CIA Government Surveillance Psyop

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Editor’s Note: While this is creepy on its own, as a parent, this is ten times as creepy. They sucker children in imaginative characters and then use it to feed off their data like vampire leeches.


Via Gawker:

Pokémon Go is turning us all into an army of narcs in service of the coming New World Order. Allow me to explain.

Lots of apps have sketchy privacy policies, that’s nothing new. But the first set of alarms go off as soon as you realize that Pokémon Go’s policy does seem a bit more liberal than most, because not only are you giving Pokémon Go access to your location and camera, you’re also giving it full access to your Google account (assuming you use that to sign in).

There’s one section of the privacy policy in particular that seems to be getting the conspiracy theorists of the world up in arms and which Reddit user Homer_Simpson_Doh calls “very Orwellian”:


Most Orwellian of all is this line:

We may disclose any information about you (or your authorized child) that is in our possession or control to government or law enforcement officials or private parties.

As TechCrunch explained, Pokémon-loving millennials are far less likely to object to a few extra permissions when its Squirtle staring them in the face as they abandon their every god-given freedom than they do when Google reads their email.

And it’s not like Pokémon Go itself doesn’t already have a direct(-ish) line to the CIA.

(Because it does… read more about how the CIA is spying on your kids at Gawker)

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  • Err Amerika

    This is another example of why sheeple are the sheeple; insouciant and brain dead, while under the illusion they are simply on the cutting edge of tech savvy.

    Survival of the fittest in effect; some universal principals defy current technological trendiness; kind of like the old fashioned turtle vs rabbit race.

    Hint: the rabbit is the clueless millennials who as lemmings, worship whatever the hottest and latest app promises.

    These are the offspring of us folks; and I am proud to disclose NONE of these spawn belong to me.

    As for the rest of my generation. who are unable to resist uncontrollably reproducing, it is really you’re unthinking and otherwise chosen behavior, fulfilling your narcissistic primal instincts.

    It’s your selfish, unthinking, and monkey-like doing “it,” as wild animals of the jungle, which is primarily responsible for the humanity’s current path to destruction of a previously civilized society.

    Blinkers on; insouciance viewed as virtue, and selfish, and addiction to narcissistic pro-creation indoctrination should be what you you see, when you look in the mirror.

    If even one of you sheeple awakens after reading the above, there’s been progress.

    Worth my time if just one of you wakes up; not sure if I’m going to win the gamble.

    • Gary Von Neida

      You said it well—–THREE MONKEY SYNDROME, the mating call of the brain numbed one issue voters.

  • Micheal Martin

    is Bullshit, and Niantic and Nintendo have both responded about this,
    it only happened on iPhones, and it was fixed in an update of which this article (of course) doesn’t say anything about.

    Also this line :
    And it’s not like Pokémon Go itself doesn’t already have a direct(-ish) line to the CIA.

    (Because it does… read more about how the CIA is spying on your kids at Gawker)

    to Gawker as a legitimate news source, shit their parent company just filed bankruptcy because of doing and saying things that were not true.

    the Camera access, well no shit it’s an augmented reality game, if you
    don’t know what that is look it up, it requires the use of a camera,
    although in the game you can tun off camera access.

    And see above about the full Google Account access, that has been patched. This is nothing but click bait and a FUD piece!

    • That guy

      Obviously your one of the tools looking for poky-man. You should really grow up.

    • Joe2D2

      LoL, Baaahaaahaa, you sheeple asswipe. Place the ‘smart’ phone for stupid people on the table and back away very slowly. Now fatty, go get some real exercise and drop 20 pounds or more. You millennial sacks of lazy shit fall for all the NSA phone bait, yet you have the sand to come here and call this click bait. Douchebaggery on fucking parade.

    • That, and every single ToS out there has a line about giving your data to the cops if you commit/are a victim of crime. Nothing new.

      • Including Disqus, which everyone here is using………

    • Gary Von Neida

      AWAKE——way back in the 1950’s the plan for Television Sets to broadcast as well as receive was in place——–read 1984, or , if lazy, watch the movie.

    • Razedbywolvs

      So what do you think the nuclear powered data collection facility in Utah is for, cute cat videos?
      But your right about Gawker.

  • Gil G

    And modern music is the work of the Devil.

    • I listen to it in my horseless carriage every day.

  • Stewpedaso

    So its just as bad or worse than Google Glass…oh yippy

  • It is not Paranoia

    I don’t know what to think about it, but a lot of people are cought in this game, so I would assume it could be somehow used for NWO purposes…

    But I don’t know if Nintendo is on board with NWO…is it or not? I like to think that game developers aren’t corrupt…

    but also there are games like GTA V full of chemtrails programming (for example) or Call of Duty games…

  • Peter Clifford

    This is only going to end dreadfully, Very dreadfully Like those so called “Hover-boards” with the two wheels I don’t like this one bit!

  • Harry Merkin

    There’s something inherently wrong about this game.

  • the one

    Really Mike? Got any proof? The Gawker article this originated from had no citations either… I am not saying it is not the case because that is the intelligence communities MO and would be an incredible tool for them but extraordinary claims and all… Just think, if they aren’t involved already then once they read this they just might tap in now. Thanks a lot man. lol