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February 26th, 2013

With scandal and change hitting the Catholic Church from every direction, maybe it’s time for a . . . change. See what the hierarchy at the Vatican is up to and find out who is most unfit to be the new pope!

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  • Bill Killian

    Wow, your anti-Catholic bigotry is shining brightly today. Really offensive to millions of people.

    • Row Weil


      Are the facts presented true? Yes? Then there is no discussion, and no offense to anyone.

      Go away, little man.

  • SKIP

    NOW, we are going to put all the candidates for pope from Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia and Detoilet, mix them all up and make the cardinals pick one, White cardinals need not apply. ALSO! candidate must be a muslim ass kisser with own prayer rug.

  • Joshua Martin

    I read this site everyday, and have bought from your advertisers 4 or 5 times. This sort of idiotic anti-Catholicism is deeply offensive, and from here on out unfortunately Ill go elsewhere for my prepper news. May God bless the new Holy Father!

    Pax Christi

    • SKIP

      And peace be upon the muslims ass kissers

    • RickE.

      @Joshua, the pope is the father of whom? You? I was raised Catholic, and I am very glad I was unchained from the sick and brain dead tenets and ideology that the church mandates. Sex is wrong, birth control is wrong, etc., etc. They don’t marry or forge relationships that are normal because they equate sex with sin. It is a sick and repressive religion that helps cause such a high percentage of sicko priests.

  • Joshua Martin

    1 billion people refer to the pope as the ‘Holy Father’, and that’s been the norm throughout the history of the Church. I’m sorry to hear your description of your time as a practicing Catholic. To paraphrase a Catholic saint: ‘A handful of people hate the Catholic Church, but millions of people hate what they think is the Catholic Church. All the best

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