People So Disconnected from Reality, They Don’t Realize that Viral Animal Video They Shared Is Animal Abuse

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Photos and pictures of animals doing “cute” things make up a large portion of the mindless crap people share with each other on the Internet. What’s sad about that besides the fact that it is a colossal waste of time is that people don’t seem to realize that many of the videos they are sharing are actually not “cute” but showing animals in distressed situations or forcibly posed in such a way to look “cute” or “funny” that is akin to abuse.

Take this crab for example:

Someone jammed a knife into this crab’s claw, one he likely cannot let go of because it’s jammed in there, and nicknamed him “gangster crab” then stuck a camera in his face and provoked him so he’d flail his claw back and forth with the knife in it. The video has over 2 million views.

While the majority of comments on the video are about stupid pop culture references, the crab they’re busy laughing it up at is probably thinking he’s about to die.

Here’s another example where experts agree a photographer put a frog on a beetle and called him a cowboy:

Screenshot 2016-02-25 at 1.58.47 PM

That frog is likely making that face because he’s in distress. This was reported on in the Daily Mail with the caption “Giddy up! Photographer Hendy Mp captured this daring frog hop a ride on a beetle and it even stuck its front leg in the air cowboy-style.”

As the Herpetological Society of Ireland noted, “While these photos would be very amusing if the photographer had stumbled across such incidents, the simple fact of the matter is that these animals do not engage in these behaviours naturally; These photos have almost certainly been staged, and have almost certainly resulted in the animal being distressed, injured, or worse.”

Mashable got called out by a marine biologist and an aquairum for posting this animated gif of someone scaring the crap out of an otter on Twitter:

The saddest part is how disconnected humanity has become from nature that people just go, “Aww, that’s so cute” or “that’s hilarious” and don’t even realize the viral video they’re sharing on Facebook is probably suffering and animal abuse.

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  • Disgusting humans displaying their ignorance… bravo, hope you were entertained at the cost of extreme stress to an innocent animal.

  • James

    But they have paid accounts on photo sharing sights. Have strange names. Have shops that can sell those photos. Also put down & bad mouth us who do live the life. Take honest photos of what we see in 3rd world countries. Because well life is not always the life they can afford to make up for themselfs with money rather than a life. All wish to share the rich life and what money will do. That is truth. I post some photos on the same sights. Do good to get a 7. But they are true photos not staged took with what little I have to work with in hand. And a $1,000 dollar camera will cause problems but a second hand $20 camera tells the truth and is not a problem to have.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I would not call it harassment, maybe rude. Plus it works both ways
    Nature has a way of taking care of idiots who fuck with animals more than they should. The photographer is likely to pick up a poisons frog the next time.

    • Dunno y

      Steve Erwin camera warrior found out the hard way your point. Nature cleared the area like an atom bomb when that bloke was around.

  • Dunno y

    Be good to nature and it might chose to return the favour.

  • juskom95

    You have GOT to be kidding me. This garbage is news now? What the hell?

    I’ve seen REAL animal cruelty, this is not that.

    • Christine F.

      Right? That’s exactly what I was thinking. Just another PETA crybaby pansy ass.

  • disqus_lxhOkuBGvA

    I find it even more disgusting the lack of empathy for those who have lost everything including relatives, homes and countries, all due to the greed of mainly the western countries, made even worse by irresponsible press filling their news lines with lies and perversions of the truth.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Maybe the frog and beetle were hot for each other!

  • Q46

    Whereas dropping a crab in a pan of boiling water and eating it is_____________?