People Offended by Flag Protests Want US to Be More Like North Korea? (Video)

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This may offend some people, but the truth is the truth. If we deny someone’s free will – their right to voice their opinions – then we are no better than North Korea and their forced worship of the state.

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Source: Ron Paul: We Are “Seeing the Emergence of ‘Snowflakes’ on the Right”

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  • Tanner

    No, we don’t. We want to watch football and escape politics. These guys are paid to play football not to express their political feelings and divide people. None of them are exactly known for their brilliance. They’ve done pretty well for themselves in this country to show such disrespect. Stand for the flag and knell for the cross (if you’re religious)

    • Lewie Paine

      Peaceful protest violates no one’s rights – only their ideas of PC.

      • Tanner

        There’s a time and a place – this is neither. These guys are at work. It’s monkey see, monkey do.

        • Lewie Paine

          ‘Monkey’ (?)

          Now I think I get it.

          • Tanner

            How much free expression is there when you’re standing next to your piers at work… No peer pressure there. Whose views are they really expressing.

          • Tanner

            Would you have made this comment if I was talking about a group of women, or gays, or Asians, or Mexicans… Now do you get it.

          • Sweed

            yeah, it’s a pretty common expression & you’re making it sound racist. he obviously meant it like a copy cat. maybe he trapped you.

  • jimmy joe

    I am wondering, exactly, what they can do, that will make people quit paying it any attention? I just read a story about some of these punks not doing their job on the field, claiming that their qb wanted to stand alone, so they did!! So, I didn’t like what a co-worker did, off the job, so, not going to spot his ladder, so what if it slips?? If people just quit paying attention, IT WILL GO AWAY!!

    • Tanner

      The media loves it! They’ll never stop playing it up. Plus, the players get another spot on TV, another mention of their name and more fame. I’d be a little more on board with this if the protest hadn’t changed from police brutality to Trump to the flag… What exactly they’re protesting depends upon who you ask.

  • Tanner

    I never said it ruined the game for me to see the players knelling – I just don’t think they should use football as a platform to express themselves politically. I also wonder how many players jump on the band wagon for fame or because of peer pressure. However, I was not aware of any other version of the song that celebrates killing slaves. If we still sang that version and if that’s what this protest was about I would knell too. But, it seems the protest went from police brutality on blacks, to the Trump, to the flag – Now, are you suggesting that the song is part of the protest? I need a clearer message before I’m onboard.

  • Bill the eighth

    Yea? Put on your company uniform, go to work, tell your boss you demand 5 minutes of everyone’s time, including your customers, to tell them how much you hate them. Get back to us with your boss’s reaction.