“People have to die”: Anti-Trump Demonstrator Calls for Violence in Los Angeles March

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At an anti-trump demonstration in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, a woman speaks to a CNN correspondent advocating deadly force as a way to combat Donald Trump’s election as president.

“If we don’t fight, who is going to fight for us? People had to die for your freedom where we’re at today. We can’t just do rallies, we have to fight back,” said Lily while she marched forward.

“There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world,” she said. “Trump, enough with your racism. Stop splitting families. Don’t split my family.”

As rioters are seen vandalizing buildings and vehicles, it is unclear how violence is solving or will solve anything.

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  • Roy Hobs

    How do we get examples like this, into the faces of liberals? This is our task.

    HuffPo is just not going to cite these stories.

  • Smarty

    She’s not going to be very happy when someone takes her up on her offer….

    • simplicimuss

      Maybe she should volunteer to be the first to sacrifice herself on the alter of Clintonism !!

  • Red Tick Alert

    Pathetic libtards.

  • j.hendricks

    Mickey Mouse for president, USC

  • Mike

    Bunch of cry babies.

    • Rey d’Tutto


      • Fruit-cakes.

        • lll%

          Dam Trannies ide say.

  • Sunny

    If people didn’t come here illegally as adults or if they weren’t forced to come as children then there wouldn’t be any families to “split” it is a sad reality. People must accept responsibility and America should not feel guilty for inforcing it’s laws. This is not to say that we are not capable of being compassionate towards illegal immigrants. I believe we can find a way to be compassionate and inforce our laws. That is my hope at least. I also hope those watching take note and do not continue to repeat the actions of others. I.e. Stop coming here illegally. It doesn’t really benefit anyone in the long run. It simply perpetuates problems.

    • Chewbacca Solo

      it starts with not allowing illegals into this country like Obozo has done for 8 years

  • Mark Williams

    Libtards; The only people more violent than Peace Activists!

  • agnau

    Nobody should be inciting violence.

    That’s why there is an editorial staff on most networks, to stop something like that from airing.
    Purposeful broadcast regardless of their “live” claim.

    CNN advocates violence.

  • SammysDad

    Sounds like hate speech to me. Lock her up and every other one who speaks hate. The Dems would do it. Now WE should do it. No more Mr. Nice guy! Let’s get this country on the right track now.

  • tnetcenter

    LOCK ‘EM UP!!

    And then DEPORT THEM!

  • RockyMtn1776

    I say she goes first !

  • pappy450

    Time to fill the jails with these poor little “snotflakes” (Spelling intentional)
    “BUBBA” would LOVE “fresh meat”

  • Tiger

    Well I sure hope they come to my Florida hamlet and try to kill us I live in the boonies with Free Spirits armed to the teeth, we all know one another, we don’t take kindly to gangs coming down our dirt roads and in Florida we shoot you first then ask questions later so bring it on fatso.

    • Public_Citizen

      I’ll bet the ‘gators will be lovin’ the fresh meat, once they get past the taste of “liberal maggot”.

      • Tiger

        Better yet round them all up, put them in boot camp in the military, give them a pith helmet, rifle, BDU’s and ship them to fight with our men in the ME.

        • Public_Citizen

          Works for me, except for the pith helmet. They need to be issued the standard WWII style steel pot, not the lighter weight helmet worn by today’s front line forces.
          The basic problem with the idea is that the military doesn’t want nor does it have the manpower or infrastructure in its current configuration to deal with the problems inherent with turning these mis-raised children into fully functioning adults.You are looking at a timeframe of about a year to bring them up to a level where the basic training of the Vietnam Era would have any hope of success with the majority of these snowflakes.
          If you subjected these children in adult bodies to what I remember going through in the first week of Navy Boot Camp they would collapse into self soiling piles of quivering flesh in a state of near catatonia within the first 24 hours, and I think I’m being charitably optomistic with the time estimates.

          • Tiger

            LMAO right on and as an officer in the Army Combat Support nurse corps we had one Helluva boot camp and then 6 weeks of grueling terrorist training to prepare us for Desert storm, in fact we used to say been to Hell, didn’t enjoy it, it is called Camp Shelby Mississippi in the middle of the hottest Summer on earth. We had to strip down to our tee shirts and loosen our boots to withstand the over 115 degree heat, putting the hospital up down, up down all day and marching at night along with so much more but boy howdy I loved it, came back a lean mean fighting machine. Due to the enemy we were issued guns. Something Medical not usually allowed. I remember staying up 3 days and 3 nights running the hospital to see how we would do and playing catch the terrorist infiltrator and I caught them every time. At the end of that exercise I walked out an I couldn’t tell you if it was day or night, the sun coming up or going down and my Platoon got left behind as the last to go back to our base point and I had to wave down a two ton to get us back. LOLOL

            No these slugs would cry like some who will remain nameless did and spent their time in the medical tent under fans cause they just couldn’t take it.

          • Public_Citizen

            A heart-felt “Thank You” for your service.
            I don’t think there are very many service members, either active duty or veterans who don’t have stories they could tell about just surviving the environment and weather being a major accomplishment. {Except maybe some of those people in the Air Force. Spent a couple days on an Air Force Base in the PI and even the enlisted had luxury conditions compared to what we were used to in Naval Aviation [ I was an electronics tech on F4js] and ~we~ had it generally better than those in other areas of naval service}

          • Tiger

            Amen War Stories some funny and some not so funny. Yeh Air Force and also National Guard have great quarters but then how can you be prepared for downrange or bad things if not living the way you would have to live downrange.

          • Public_Citizen

            “Downrange” for the Air Force is hop in a plane, go fly for a few hours, and then go home. There may be a few minutes of excitement somewhere in the middle but for the most part its “daily routine”.
            Can’t speak for the Guard units but these are people who spend a lot of time on “civilian street” between call up and deployment periods. I don’t think they get hardened as easily to the sort of deprivation that Regular Army experience as a matter of course.

          • Tiger

            I wanted to see if I could make the grade, always been an over achiever to prove to my ancestors I was up to snuff. Personally I had a blast, natural girl anyway, loved the outdoors and it was easy peasy most of the time.

            The real thing wasn’t something any of us prepared for the injuries, the suffering, the loss of life and limb but we did our jobs and we remember everyone who touched us with their ordeal.

          • Tiger

            Oh and on gravel no less, doesn’t that damned place have any grass?

          • Public_Citizen

            As I remember Naval Training Center San Diego in the late 60s there was lots of lush grass in Officers Country and a fair amount in the areas for the regular swabies attending classes.
            Boot Camp was a huge concrete parade ground, buildings from WWII and not much in the way of green growing things.
            There were lots and lots of green recruits, with the ones who never experienced rules that were enforced or had never dealt with strict discipline having a very difficult time adapting. Having grown up in a loving home with clearly defined house rules and well understood penalties for the violation thereof I had a fairly easy time of it.

          • Tiger

            LMAO well for us training for Desert Storm it was WWII barracks and gravel along with cement. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

          • Public_Citizen

            Agree completely.
            I wouldn’t trade my military training and experiences for a very large sum of money. But I wouldn’t want to go through some parts of it again for any price. That said, were I in the same physical condition I could probably get through most of the tight spots easier due to subsequent life experience.

          • Tiger

            I think I could do it again today and if we go back and get ISIS I intend to volunteer because my DD214 says they can call me up anytime. Medical stays in shape and we can be called up at any age. This war you would be surprised at the over 60 nurses and docs we had. Experience is the key.

          • Mark

            Why would libs need a helmet at all? There’s nothing in their skulls in need of protection.

          • Public_Citizen

            Think it through.
            This is a heavy gauge steel pot that gets really hot in the summer sun and sucks the warmth away from your head in the winter. Plus its a bunch of extra weight the lib/prog pencil neck has to support.
            Ever worn a really heavy motorcycle helmet? Make it even heavier and more uncomfortable to wear and you have some idea of what the headgear under discussion is like to wear.
            In this case it’s not really about protecting what’s inside the skull, it’s about giving what little brain matter resides within a reality check and a character building experience.

    • DDDDDuane

      Hey lovely girl….WHERE in Fla (near the ocean) is a good place for White relocation?

      • Tiger

        Hey there we live in the perfect area we are about 2 hrs from both oceans and we live one block from a National Forest and a major river and we are surrounded by Springs, and I am one who fights to keep our water because everyone including Nestle wants it. We have the most wonderful well water out here. We are about 30 miles from two nice big towns one is a college town, the other a sleepy, veteran filled place.

        But we love the areas around the Gulf best because they are not as populated as the other coastline and the sea oats and the huge sand dunes remain untouched. Key West is gorgeous and so many places and the houses are not that expensive.

      • Tiger
        • DDDDDuane

          Thanks Tiger…

          • Tiger


  • Larry

    Indeed and the people that have to die are all LIBERALS. Snuff’em all !

    • jakethepup

      Why not just confront them and get it over with. Seriously, Haven’t we taken enough liberal shit? Enough already!

      • DDDDDuane

        That is BEHIND enemy lines…Not smart to do in INVADED OCCUPIED INFESTED LA…

    • Tabbytha

      Right, you cowards want to take out all Liberals, but not the elites that have been traced to and behind almost ALL conflict and corruption in your country…average joe/ jane brainwashed sheeple are EASY targets, but heaven forbid you all take out the REAL threat at the top! Why don’t you have a REAL revolution and take out the elite assholes like Soros? Rothschilds? Rockefellers? HUH? WHY? The LIberals are NOT the real threat, why are you all so desperate to repeat history? Seriously, how can you all be so easily led???? The elites WANT you all to kill each other, fuck sakes! Why is there almost never any cry to go after them??? Why do you all act like sheep? You are supposedly more aware, yet you all keep falling into the same traps! They WANT civil unrest! You will kill innocent brainwashed propagandized people and the elites will take FULL advantage of your actions to further their agenda! They plan for this, you have to take out the ELITES,, not the people they want you to fight!

      • willmuny

        Tell to your liberal retard friends.

      • Larry

        My but aren’t you the dippy, mindless idiot…. all of the people you noted above are LIBERALS. They fund the street level liberals like you whom are only too happy to accept the ill gotten money for causing civil strife and damage to property; not to mention the perpetual slide of our society into oblivion. Thus, as I said…. we need to get rid of ALL liberals. Sorry Tabbytha honey if I used too many big, multi-syllable words and stuff. Would it help if I got out the crayolas and drew you a stick figure picture?

    • deerflyguy

      Nah! Save your ammo! If Donald shuts off funding for student loans, the universities (rats nest breeding grounds) will close their doors. That will take out a large portion of liberals; students and especially their teachers. Then an executive order to defund all forms of welfare and government social programs funded by taxpayers; That should take care of the rest!
      Think I’m hard hearted? Those are only my ideas when I’m feeling generous and in a good mood!
      What made me this way? Watching biased television news casts on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS; Seeing who backed Hillary, especially the Hollywood elitists; 8 years of a rat that liberals elected POTUS! Boxer, Ried, Pelosi, Ryan, Kasich, Cuomo, Schumer, Lynch, Comey, et al. Finding out that my own Representative, who I backed enthusiastically (Richard Hanna), turns out to be a RINO! Other than that, I’m a pretty nice guy with a very subdued temperament!

  • deerflyguy

    Who’s the bigger threat……..Donald Trump, or nut jobs like these outrageous examples of what our country has allowed to develop?

    • Munge

      We can all thank obozo for making it what it is now, his lawlessness is what got all this going to start with. When our president says it’s ok to break the law by saying it’s ok for illegals to go vote that they won’t get into trouble for it can we not expect all his cronies to not follow his lead? Maybe if he had followed those laws he took an oath to support and defend then more than likely there wouldn’t be nearly as many illegals and we wouldn’t have these illegal sanctuary cities that we have. Obozo is every bit as guilty as all of these asshole rioters. Whiney cry baby’s upset because they didn’t get their way.

      • DDDDDuane

        Obama did nothing….He just takes orders from the jew world order who hired him to play the part of “prez”….

        • Munge

          He did plenty, most of it illegal and he did it by HIMSELF without being pushed by anyone or any group. He ruined this country with his lawlessness. And he hadn’t said or done shit to stop all his and Clinton’s minions from rioting and burning shit all because their candidate lost. We really can’t expect these cry babies to do the right thing when they’re really worried about losing their freebies. They have one point of reference when their beloved president breaks law at will.

      • jimmy joe

        So, the “patriot act”, as a result of the FALSE FLAG, some refer to as 9/11, millions of innocent lives taken in an ILLEGAL and uncalled for “war”, the depression, millions more losing EVERYTHING as a result, and you seem to think this can all be blamed on the current tard in charge, eh?? When are you going to realize, the govt is corrupt, owned and operated by the elitists?? Democans and republicrats are the SAME!! The entire system is is shattered in to a million pieces!!

        • Munge

          I agree with you for the most part but obozo did screw up this country more than any previous president. I don’t believe we belonged in those wars aside from liberating Kuwait. I also believe Mr Trump is the only one who can and will get rid of all the wasteful and corruption in Washington.

  • DDDDDuane

    It’s a gruesome fat disgusting spic invader…Did you notice all of the jew radio media edited out the fat ugly spic mentioning her “hispanic culture” to obscure that it was a “minority” …..Basically the gruesome fat ugly spic was calling for attacks on Whites…

    • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

      You need to relax buddy.

      • DDDDDuane

        Aww….Did I offend you?
        WTF Cares!!!!!

        • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

          You sound like a Progressive troll, or some drunk inbred sitting on your porch drinking out of a jug.

          • DDDDDuane

            And you sound like a really cool urbane jew….

          • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            I’m with ya man. These people don’t ssem to understand tribalism and racial loyalty. They will learn the hard way.

          • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            So it’s not cool for him to talk about a hispanic, but your “poor white trash” stereotypes are acceptable? Typical…you do sound like a Jew. You can follow that fat tortilla eating bean bitch across the border and spend the rest of your days staring at the Trump wall. Bye…or should I say”Adios”?

  • jakethepup

    Has Oblahblah addressed this crap? NO, he is behind it. I say lets meet them face to face and be done with it. I’m tired of taking crap from the morons.

  • Dick Ellis

    This LILY needs to be arrested to stop her from fomenting this kind of CRAP! She is part of the problem with this SOROS FUNDED B L M TERRORISTS! This where you have to begin in arresting these would be leaders of this kind of CRAP! Arrest SOROS as well under the RICO ACT FUNDING TERROR!

  • Stormi W

    This idiot gal needs to be arrested fro inciting a riot. Then, if appropriate, deported immediately. The same for any others who are too childish to accept how elections work in a free country. Go back to some banana republic if you think you can strong arm election results, you are an whiny ignorant. We have the cops and the military on our side, bring it on.

  • No-Mo-BO

    Okay, YOU first!

  • Helen Jackson

    Good heavens, calm down, get a life. The worlds has not ended…… get your feet back on the ground, and accept what has happened. THEN you sensibly work out a practical way that you can achieve the things in life you need…..not want.(. two different things)….. and slowly and surely and legally you can do it. Running around like a screaming mental wreck does not achieve much , but careful thought as to how you can achieve your goals can usually make you a better person, and you will gain a lot of self respect with it. ONE person cannot change a country, they need over half the Govt voting to support them……..so work on your members of the Govt. Achieving your own goals quietly and successfully far out weighs a non result of group hysteria. Stop blaming anyone for everything that has not happened…..

  • Elroy Jetson

    That sounded suspiciously close to a declaration of war, honey: “two sides”, “people have to die”, etc. Good thing this libbiot has no ‘authority’, ad hoc, perceived, real, NONE. Shut UP, you overflowing colostomy bag. And get ready to turn in your EBT card(s)…….

  • willmuny

    I’m guessing mostly niggers and illegal wetbacks.

  • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

    We are more than ready for you and your friends sweetie, so put down the Nachos and grab a weapon.

    • lll%

      They most likely have none or possibly when they do, they do not know how to use them efficiently.

  • threepercent

    Her family is selfish, they have no respect for America’s laws. They deserve to be split up and the illegals returned to where they came from.


    I been Waiting ALL Day for the Violence to Start, Nothing Like seeing a Perp go through Center Mass Trauma !

  • ImaginaryCanary

    Inciting violence? Isn’t that against the law?

    • DDDDDuane

      It’s only “against the law” if you’re WHITE (civilized)….

  • lll%

    Was that thing talking about obuma or helliry ???

  • chris

    The only culture that isn’t allowed to be preserved is white culture. That would be racist. This is all part of the white genocide program.

    • Roy Hobs

      You got that right. Coudenhave Kalergi plan well on it’s way.

  • stephen joseph

    Yeah and it’s you traitors rioting and whinning like little girls, eventually the majority who elected this hope of our future will have had enough of your criminal behavior and deosit your arses on the other side of the wall and consider that a blessing.

  • Taking care of business!

    And you are the same ones that shake your fist in the face of God.

    • DDDDDuane

      Are you a BuyBull retard?

      • Taking care of business!

        I wouldn’t steal that honor from you, ape face.

  • Phelony Jones

    I hope she has the courage to be the first.

  • reagangs

    The wussy, snowflake and pathetic cellar dwellers (the 0.0001%, or 1 out of 1,000,000) much like the vertically and girth challenged, and probably an illegal ‘person’ at that, claiming there will be murders, will do nothing of the sort.
    Some 50 to 70 years ago, late teenagers and early 20 somethings were storming the beaches of Normandy, the Pacific Islands, the frozen tundra of Korea and the hostile hot and humid jungles of Vietnam, defeating Nazism, Fascism, Imperialism and Communism while giving their Sacrifice, Blood, Sweat, Pain and Tears.
    It reminds me of the late 1960s and the commie led riots and protest and the event called Woodstock. The idle, self absorbed, young minds were restless and in need of anything to do with ‘fighting the establishment’. Woodstock, LSD, marijuana, cocaine, mush for brains, flower children, utopia, unicorns, rose colored eye glasses, free love, STDs, …. And some of them are in our federal bureaucracy, today. Now, we have to worry about Communism and islamofascism in America.

  • Anon Q

    “advocating deadly force?” Yup; sounds like a Clinton crime family supporter all right. Why do they not just grow up and admit the truth that Trump won fair and square? Why do they think ( like Clinton) “deadly force” is the answer? Why is this whiny crybaby not being arrested for saying that? Many people have been arrested and had their lives destroyed for saying much less in this country. BTW: Rumor has it that Sorros (the man who vowed to destroy our congress with our own laws) is bankrolling all this civil unrest.

    • Munge

      Same reason hitlery hasn’t been arrested, because our current clown in chief allows it to go on and he has to with all his own lawlessness. If he did do anything about it he would be a hypocrite. Shame our ball less Congress didn’t impeach him like they should have. I just read an article that listed his 25 top constitutional illegal laws and other illegal things he’s done. Hopefully Congress will grow balls with Mr Trump as president and prosecute his ass for all his treasonous actions.

  • Mark

    If it gets to that point, she’ll probably be the first person to run & hide.

    • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

      She will waddle her fat ass across the border and go back to her adobe hut.