People Are Freaking out That a Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami Are About to Hit Washington and Oregon

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We live in a world where a rumor spread online is enough to set whole swaths of the population into total panic, regardless of whether or not that info is fact or fiction. Twitter rumors have caused bank runs in multiple countries now, for example. This is just the times we’re living in.

Well this week, after two large volcanoes erupted which forced 1,200 Indonesians to flee their homes, it was reported that an ocean buoy showed a sharp water level drop in one area. The report went on to say this reading proved that the Juan de Fuca Plate suddenly shifted eastward without warning and slipped below the North American Plate.

“This type of event is usually followed by a massive upward movement of the North American Plate causing a very severe earthquake. If such a thing were to happen today, thousands of people would be killed as a wall of water came ashore well inland passing Interstate 5 and destroying everything in its path from the beach to Interstate 5. This type of Tectonic Movement has a direct effect upon the volcanoes in the Cascadia Volcanic Chain, in particular, Mount Hood,” the report claimed. (source)

The report was shared all over the Internet by people who do not even realize the buoy reading was so drastic, it might just be a mechanical glitch.

“Just like seismometers, what you see on one instrument is hugely considered unreliable and no other instrument showed anything, and the people watching these instruments immediately flagged it to ignore because it’s so unlikely to be real,” John Vidale, a seismologist and director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, explained. (source)

That didn’t stop people from freaking out en masse all over the web that the entire American Northwest was about to face certain doom in a geologic holocaust.

It’s as if no one has ever heard of Occam’s razor these days. It’s as if humanity has been socially engineered at this point to automatically accept the most horrifying (and thus, improbable) outcome as the eventuality.

Not that we shouldn’t be prepared in case an earthquake does occur, considering somewhere on the planet an earthquake is likely happening as I type this and they can be deadly and destructive.

I guess it’s just astounding how humanity has been bred to go from zero to nightmare in less than two seconds… so they do.

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  • Anybody whose money is still in a bank deserves to lose it in a bail-in.

    • PacE

      HeY! off topic is MY specialty!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    This is just as much a reflection of how difficult it has become to find the truth these days. Uncertainty creates angst and a predisposition to uninformed panic.

    • sunshine

      So well stated, and so true.

  • whiteberry

    HAHAHAHA! I wonder how many people around here believed that.

  • moovova

    WOW OMG! Is that picture the damage that was caused in Washington state by a mean old earthquake and tsunami? Or just…

    …an errant picture Melissa Dykes found on the interwebz of some other disaster?

    Hype much, Melissa?

    • M_111

      Yeah, at first I thought the pic was from WA or OR in the last few days. Fear mongering crap. We had a 2.2 the other day, I don’t even flinch for those (in South Bay area). I just don’t see something as serious like the Burmese-Indian plates megathrust event.

      • CherryAnn1000

        No, that pic wasn’t from here in Oregon. We haven’t had a fair sized earthquake since 1992, and it was only a 5; big for us, but not for you in SF. And it did no damage to speak of.

        • M_111

          5 is nothing to shake a stick at. But I’m glad it wasn’t you guys.

    • Jollyjoke

      Just enlarge the photo. It is obviously not Washington or Oregon.

  • august

    Ride the waves

  • PacE
  • Silverado

    Sorry but Seattle still stands. The only disaster around here goes by the name of Bertha and she works in a great big and so far very expensive hole down by Seattle’s waterfront. Well that’s not entirely true – there’s the disaster of all those liberals in one place, Seattle and King County but let’s talk about that disaster some other time. Bertha’s in trouble (again) and so are the taxpayers of the entire state because of her…

  • curenado

    There doesn’t seem to be enough conclusive or contributing factors to know what to think really. Always good to be prepared, but I don’t know that this will add up to much.

  • Idahocntryboy!

    This morning small tsunami hit beach in Washington state. Authority’s are calling it a high tide event. This is bogus info it was a tsunami.

  • CurlyBill

    I wouldnt say the ENTIRE Pacific Northwest…. I havent heard anything about it. I follow those things pretty closely as well… Seems to me that they are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Just like the winter storms now a days hyped beyond belief then they get nothing… hmmm. Just makes people more grumpy…

  • CherryAnn1000

    There are some here in Oregon who have been loudly trumpeting such a doomsday scenario for years. The story above is ludicrous. I live in Oregon, and if such a tidal wave did come ashore at the coast, it would have to climb clear over the Coast Range to hit I-5, a distance of 60 miles and over a range 800 feet tall. Not very likely, is it? Do these people have nothing else to do but predict tragedy that is so preposterous no one with sense would believe it?

  • omni

    if you are so freaked out-move inland

  • TheCountess

    Too many articles that appear on this site are bogus. For that reason, I will end my subscription and go where logic still prevails and information can be proved either fact or fiction.
    Would seem the moderators and their substance writers are way off base which leads the reader down an endless path, rather than gives out worthwhile information necessary to help us find solutions in this troubled world we live in.
    Trans end..

  • Unapologetically White

    More fear porn. Alex Jones and friends are making a fortune off this crap.

  • mutie

    Yeah, hysteria is awesome. The data from the buoy in the Pacific wasn’t a “mechanical glitch.” It’s called, and forgive the technical language, a “tide.”