Pediatricians In Florida Refuse To See Un-Vaccinated Kids

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Some Florida parents got a bit of a surprise when they were kicked out of pediatric firms for having unvaccinated children.

Even though the decision to not vaccinate is growing among those who read the vaccine inserts and familiarize themselves with the potential side effects, doctors want all children forcibly injected because they make more money if their patients vaccinate. It’s not a secret that the vaccine manufacturers dumped big money into California lawmakers pockets just before mandating all children get all the recommended vaccines. But safety and health come second to a pocket full of money.

“We want everyone vaccinated and caught up with the CDC schedule by age of 2,” said Dr. Thomas Connolly, a pediatrician with the Carithers Pediatric Group.  Connolly said he strongly encourages all of his patients to get vaccinated. “It’s nothing personal against you as a person, I respect your decision that is your decision, but my medical decision and my background and my belief is I want the child vaccinated to maximize their defense,” Connolly said. In other words, he wants to make sure you pump your child with known toxins so he can continue to make money.


Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a $400 bonus per vaccinated patient to providers who fully vaccinate least 63 percent of the children in their practice by age two. This amount could reach thousands of dollars in bonuses for the average doctor. Money is often the biggest motivator in determining human action. And Dr. Connolly isn’t alone in his quest for a fully vaccinated populace.

Rainbow Pediatrics also recently changed their vaccine policy allowing them to refuse unvaccinated children.

“My oldest son is 13 and just recently, I took them into the same pediatrician’s office and they informed me at the end of the visit that they would no longer see my children because I don’t vaccinate them,” said Lauren McGuinnes, a mother of four. She said she stopped vaccinating her kids several years ago, but what shocked when Rainbow Pediatrics refused to continue providing care for them. “Parents are kind of being bullied to vaccinate,” she said.

“If a child is not vaccinated intentionally, comes back from a trip, brings back measles or something along that line and goes into the waiting room and we have babies or kids who are on steroids or chemo type thing, they just got everybody,” Connolly said. Connolly said he’s willing to discuss an alternate vaccine schedule with parents, but will not see patients who opt out altogether. Except doctors never tell their patients that fully vaccinated patients are the culprits behind measles outbreaks as well. Meaning vaccines don’t always work anyway.

“We feel strongly that vaccinating children is absolutely the right thing to do for infants, children, and young adults,” said Prasanthi Reddy. McGuinnes said she doesn’t agree and neither do parents of children who know what is in a vaccine.  “I don’t agree with injecting my children with the virus that I’m trying to protect them from,” she said.

Doctors are increasingly becoming slaves to the almighty dollar and in doing so, helped propel not only the opioid epidemic by over prescribing drugs, but they are raking in big bucks to inject children with harmful toxins. The healthcare industry is fueled by money, not the desire for a healthy populace. If everyone was healthy all the time, medications would not be needed, and customers would be lost along with all their money.

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  • IQ_160

    Sue them. Contact many non-Left media outlets.
    Do it NOW!

  • John C Carleton

    “And Jesus said, one who harms one of these little ones, it would have been better that he had never been born!
    It would be better that a millstone was chained around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.”

    • David E

      He was talking about false teaching John.

      But if you’re right, why does that not apply to your racism?

      • John C Carleton

        • David E

          I wish I was a genius like you. What an idea…”everyone who disagrees with me is a paid zionist troll!” How convenient.

          Actually, I am someone you’ve met in person whom you and yours deceived into visiting your pathetic false “church.” You can count on it that I am doing it for free.

          Nevertheless, could you kindly point me in the direction of where to get a check for what I do for free anyway?

          • John C Carleton

            I don’t believe in organized religion.

          • David E

            Unless it is useful to your boasting and self-righteousness.

        • lee ho fook

          did you really need proof of HASBARAS??

          • John C Carleton

            Nope, just put that up for them so they do not get confused and think i give a FF about what they said.

      • John C Carleton

        I think he was talking about Washington DC pedophiles, and quacks who force chemical weapons of mass destruction to be injected into defenseless children.

        • David E

          worse than what is done to bodies is what is taught. Infections of mind and spirit are of much more consequence. But whatever you wish to excuse yourself by.

          • Fingal Carson

            What’s the mind or spirit worth if you have no soul?

          • David E

            perhaps you can clarify–are you arguing that one loses their soul by receiving a vaccination or being the victim of pedophilia? Because I am certainly arguing the soul is of vastly more importance than what happens to the body.

          • Fingal Carson

            The vaccines have done wonders on your intellect. Not good wonders.

          • David E

            I simply asked a question. If you cannot answer, perhaps you should be concerned more about your own intellect.

            Or, if perchance you think I am arguing in favor of vaccines, without doubt you should be concerned about how utterly stoopid you are getting.

          • Fingal Carson

            Here’s a mirror.

            You’re too retarded to understand my first comment. That’s the fact you glossed over in your narcissistic hissy fit.

          • David E

            Ok, I’m retarded. Please clarify your comment for a retarded guy like me.

    • lee ho fook

      John, listen to your master below here…he’s a member of the Church of the Poisoned Mind–he has all the answers

  • TrevorD

    “Parents are kind of being bullied to vaccinate,”
    KIck a Big Pharma supporting bully where it hurts most, in the pocket. Then rally support from those that have the means to help. The anti-vaccine movement is gaining great support so `they` will do stupid things like bullying and guilt trips to get parents capitulation. Desperation however within `The Establishment` is a good sign.

  • LocalHero

    So what! You don’t need a pediatrician. Raise your kids yourself.

    • Gil G

      Indeed a lot anti-vaxxers fancy themselves doctors therefore they can treat childhood diseases themselves.

      • Marthajcrawford


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      • David E

        doctors don’t treat childhood most childhood diseases. There is no treatment for stuff like measles and chicken pox.

    • Fingal Carson

      What most retarded pre-Alzheimer’s liberals and conservatives don’t understand is that just one and two generations ago, no one TOOK their children to a doctor, ever, unless incurably sick. Funny how the sheeple keep asking for more nanny state and pretending like this isn’t all new.

  • lee ho fook

    HOME SCHOOL, citizens

  • dav1bg

    I bet there are some other doctors who will be glad to see them.

  • dav1bg

    Vaccines don’t cause autism so says the study paid for by the pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines.
    The average 2 year old has 20 times the blood mercury level considered toxic in adults (a level where adults are hospitalized and given chelation therapy).
    Ever hear of the term mad hatters? This a term given to hatters of 1800’s who made the top hats so popular at the time. They used fuming mercury to make the hats hold their shape. Unfortunately for them exposure to mercury caused brain damage making them go mad. The neurotoxic effects included tremor and the pathological shyness and irritability characteristic of erethism

    • lee ho fook

      it is evident that fuming mercury is the cause of Talmudism…and therefore, WDC…

  • Richard O. Mann

    Don’t want to take a chance of your child dying from a reaction to an immunization? Well, don’t get them immunized. And maybe then they can die from chicken pox, polio, whooping cough, or from many number of diseases which are making a come back due to parents not having their children immunized. And, if they are fortunate enough to go to school with some of the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have been coming in from countries where all these wonderful diseases still rage, maybe your children can share in the early death caused by these diseases. Idiots.

    • Dr Truth

      No you’re an idiot for believing that vaccinations actually work

  • Uncle Hormone

    The Doctors are then refusing to uphold their oath! SUE THEM!!!!!!
    They are violating both International Human Rights and local Civil Rights by denying medical treatment.
    Welcome to the Illuminati Health Care System, where you will be poisoned by vaccines while the Doctors get paid royalties, dividends, and bonuses for contaminating the human race with Big Pharma vaccines that are heavily polluted with aluminum, barium, strontium, and mercury-laden thimerosol!

  • el Gallinazo

    I regard this as a plus. Who would want to bring their precious child to a street drug pusher MD anyway? The sooner that the sheeple realize that the majority of MD’s are no better than street heroin and coke dealers, the better off they will be. And that Mr. Big are Big Pharma like Merck and Pfizer. Actually they are worse than street pushers as the latter are less hypocritical. They don’t tell you that they are killing you for your own good.

  • Jack Fough

    Check the state license. Seems to me they must treat everyone equally in order to retain their license. Keep them tied up in court. Contact your legislators and demand that equal and fair treatment in our republic is the only right way to allow them to practice. Not sure why anyone would want to take their child to a criminal anyway……isn’t accepting a bribe and collusion illegal?

  • Jimmy Yost

    The little kids are probably a lot better off not seeing a pediatrician, seeing as how most of them are New World Order sellouts who do what they’re told, which involves poisoning their patients with powerful drugs and vaccines as part of the ‘Jews’ population reduction program.

  • Fingal Carson

    Fuck BC/BS and anyone who promotes poisons. Insurance companies and allopathic doctors are both fucked, though. Who would want to see one?

    If you have a trauma-based emergency, go to the ER. Otherwise, stay the hell away from these freaks.