PayPal Uses Slick Super Bowl Ad to Promote Cashless Society

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Banks and governments all over the world have been pushing for a cashless society in recent years. They demonize cash at every turn, because they don’t want you to buy and sell anonymously. They want every transaction to exist in their surveillance grid. They don’t want the accountability that cash provides. Instead, they’d rather have the power to confiscate your wealth on a whim and impose negative interest rates. Above all else, they want to hinder your ability to save for the future.

So it’s no surprise that they would use slick propaganda to make cash seem dirty and old-fashioned, which is exactly what this PayPal advertisement is designed to do.

The Superbowl ad associates cash with being archaic and inconvenient, while proclaiming “new money” to be progressive, secure, and egalitarian. And of course, they use the term “new money” as a kind of double entendre. That phrase is associated with people who earned their wealth by their own efforts, rather than inheriting it. So they want you, the viewer, to think of cash as something for elitists, while digital currency is for “the people.” And you gotta love it when they slam “old money” while showing images of historical icons from the US and Canada.

If only the average Super Bowl viewer knew that the people who are pushing for this cashless society, are as “old money” as it gets.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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