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Maybe you’ve said to yourself at least once that your life would be complete only if a comedian would do a parody of a famous Billy Joel song with an anti-Obama gun control message. Maybe you’ve never said that and when you read the previous sentence, you went, “Who in the hell would ever say that?” Fair enough.

Either way, here it is, a gun control parody set to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” and it’s pretty damn good.

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  • Mr Gadget

    the nazi’s had utube remove this awesome video

  • Joe2D2

    The video has been blocked in my country on copyright grounds. Those fuckin bastards.

    • I use anonymox addon for firefox, 1-click to change countries… refresh the page and it loads. I have to do this all of the time for videos like Hellstorm or Adolf Hitler Verse The Jew World Order(both banned in europe and won’t even show up in youtube search results). Thanks for the vid.

  • Reverend Draco

  • NonYo Business

    Good video… sharing

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  • masterblaster

    Google is NWO tool

  • daveinga

    our half-wit queen for a day and his a.g. were caught red handed selling thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels along the border (fast & furious). these guns then (coincidentally) started showing up and strangely left behind at the scenes of mass murders of innocents along the border. he then claimed executive privilege (illegally) to keep rep. issa from finding out what devious planning this black op had in store for the American people. he transferred, promoted and flat out refused to let the gov. people involved testify about what happened. the counting of hundreds/thousands of dead using he and holder’s weapons was stopped when his involvement was discovered.
    then we had Benghazi, and pretty much the same scenario. ssdd
    then there was the sandy hook school shooting on 12-14-’12, where a 20 y.o., 112 lb. medically/physically challenged gamer w/ no weapons experience (if he really existed) supposedly blasted his way into a school and killed just about everything he aimed at, actually shooting like a seasoned pro. we are told to believe the twenty 5-6 y.o.’s and 6 adults he supposedly killed that bitterly cold morning were left to lie in their own blood for almost an hour while down the street at the fire station ambulances piled up and people performed their famous ‘circle dance’ around the f.s. no medevac choppers were even called, no e.m.t.’s allowed to administer life saving aid, just tons of cops playing bad-arse while nobody attended the supposedly critically injured as they allegedly lay there to die. we were told the police (bubba and billy-bob) pronounced them all dead? then over 500 k1-4 children and staff were secretly evacuated and invisibly while news helicopters overhead recorded NOTHING? no parents w/ cameras? just faked evacuation footage of a few children in a line (in Summer/Fall clothing) photographed being led along by a woman f.b.i. agent? and that is just the tip of the abnormalities in this fake event.
    now the half-wit q.f.a.d. wants our guns, and he can think of nothing else. no matter that ‘his sons’ are the ones in the big blue cities doing all the killing w/ illegal handguns. no matter that long guns are seldom used in crimes and are only involved in a very small percentage of deaths in the u.s. those are the weapons he wants to ban. the very weapons Patriots might well need to defend us from threats from w/in and w/out.
    you have to be a very dimly lit bulb to not see this madman’s agenda.