Paris Terror UPDATE: At Least 129 Killed at 6 Separate Sites, Islamic State Takes Responsibility

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What is being reported as of noon CST, November 14, 2015 (via LA Times):

  • Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. French President Francois Hollande vowed to use “all means anywhere, inside or outside the country” to defeat the “terrorist army.”
  • The coordinated attacks hit at least six sites in Paris beginning at 9:20 p.m. local time on Friday.
  • The death toll is at least 129, hundreds are injured and the toll is likely to rise.
  • The largest number of victims died at Bataclan concert hall, where the Southern California band Eagles of Death Metal was playing a sold-out show. All of the band members have been reported safe .
  • Four attackers died at the theater, a U.S. law enforcement official said. The Paris prosecutor told reporters eight extremists are dead in all, and that seven of them died in suicide bombings. Police said they believe all of the attackers involved are dead.
  • Three explosions were detonated outside the Stade de France stadium north of Paris. The number of injured or killed there is unknown.
  • Much of Paris is closed for business, and Hollande called for three days of mourning.
  • It is Europe’s worst terrorist attack since bombs on Madrid’s transport system killed nearly 200 people in March 2004.

Original Post:

Many casualties reported in two shootings and at least one explosion in 10th and 11th districts of Paris. Hostages have been taken at one of the sites.

This situation is still developing, but here’s an update of what has happened so far as it unfolded: 13 November 2015 23 minutes ago:

23:29 GMT

Investigation sources tell AFP, that the death toll has risen to at least 39 people.

23:28 GMT Paris authorities announced the closure of all schools and universities in the French capital.

23:22 GMT

23:12 GMT French police are deploying armored vehicles at the sites of the attack.

23:12 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered his deep condolences for the “series of monstrous terrorist attacks in Paris.” He has offered his solidarity to French President Francois Hollande and to the people of France, the Kremlin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov told RIA.

Peskov added that Russia condemns such acts, and will offer any help it can to bring those responsible for attacks to justice.

23:10 GMT

Another shooting was reported at a shopping mall Les Halles near the Louvre

22:57 GMT President Francois Hollande says he will close borders following what he called “unprecedented terrorrist attacks underway in Paris”. The French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and announced that France will close its borders. The mayor of Paris has asked Parisians not to leave their homes.

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  • joe g.49

    my guess,isis/isil/al queda will be blamed-Who created and funds these groups?1st the russian airplane,the owner of rt,now paris-my 1st suspect is ISRAEL because this is what they do-They think all people are easy to deceive or have been previosly and now are full of hubris and pissed off at france and otherEU members who want to trade with russia and avoid war- The 2nd is too many migrants who are men-they made their bed now they got to lay in it-I suspect my 1st guess is correct

  • Razedbywolvs

    Who would have ever guessed that this would happen in a gun free country.

    • Sir TuberKopf

      Actually guns are not that tough to get in France.

      Of course the French can’t buy full auto AK’s and RPG’s unless you are a Muslim connected with radical Imams and mosques.

      • Nexusfast123

        …and secretly funded by Saudi, Israeli and US black ops money.

    • Janice Pope

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  • NonYo Business

    Allll part of the plan. Martial law for everyone. Coming soon.

    • Enough is enough

      Yep this is just a test.

      • Connie Goodwin

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  • Mike

    Last I checked over 140 dead. This is what happens when you import muslims into any country. It is time that we in the USA force these muslim vermin out of our country once and for all or THIS WILL HAPPEN IN THE USA.

    • Nexusfast123

      They will have to stand in line as you seem quite adept at killing each other without their involvement.

      • Mike

        Well, that would be mostly the blacks and hispanics doing the majority of the killings in the USA.

        • sunshine

          This exactly. Someone hasn’t looked at the statistics…if you count only ACTUAL whites in the US, the gun crime rate is comparable to Europe. So, “we” aren’t doing anything, OUR unwanted foreigners and obsolete farm equipment are.

          • Mark

            The comparison was done between Seattle and Vancouver and white Seattle had lower homicide rates than white Vancouver.

  • Another Thought Criminal

    I guess too many people were seeing what barbara spectre was saying and so they had to make this go hot real quick so we can worry about the problem instead of who is causing the problem.

  • doucyet

    Force all muslims out of the country……….period. One week to get out, if you’re still here in one week you’ll be arrested. They won’t police themselves ever…….they must go.

    • Abraham sure screwed the world up when he humped Hagar

  • MrApple

    Time to call out for stricter Gun Control laws. After a horrible event like this it always is.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …lock and load folks…coming to a neighborhood near you…thanks to obozo and all the liberals…

  • Gearmoe

    Obama and progressive cultist’s PC game is going to get us all killed.

  • Guillotine_ready

    This is the start of planned false flag attacks for the purpose of distracting the people and building the case for war. The economies of many nations are nothing more than manipulated bags of heated air right now. There is no recovery anywhere and there is not intended to be.
    Russia is exposing the terrorist actions of the US and Israhell for all to see. Russia and China are creating their own economies and cutting out the US.
    So war is the only thing they have left and they are ramping it up.

  • Given the Symbolic date, the well-coordinated nature of the attacks and the fact that president Hollande already says he “knows who is responsible” upon declaring “Alpha Red” alert and closing the country’s borders (a bit too late for that now) and given his statement that “We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless” against the group responsible, the inevitable question arises: Was France just forced by a NATO black-op to provide the cannon-fodder-on-the-ground in Syria ?

  • Nexusfast123

    CIA in Paris before attack and France (and Germany) seriously wants out of the TTIP agreement. Just a coincidence I guess.

  • Pete Ponchorat Maddison

    Tine to ramp up the ‘prepping’… Or start if you are not.
    Crossbow sales are going to soar so get them now… FAST as the Gov’t will notice and put a clampdown on the sale of them.

  • frankw

    After decades of excoriating Americans as uncivilized gun nuts Europeans are rushing to buy or obtain any weapon they can lay hands on. Its a different story when its YOUR bull being gored, isn’t it?

  • Two days ago, Iran claimed that Syria would retaliate on the French naval task force declared 9 days ago, which would beef up the French air strikes started 48 days ago : “ On November 5 French President Hollande said the aircraft carrier would be sent to Syria. “The deployment of the battle group formed around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was decided to participate in operations against ISIS and its affiliates,” the French presidential office at the Élysée Palace announced. Since the western coalition hasn’t yet got a pipeline in Syria, it wishes to destroy the one of its opponent, the Russian-Iranian-Syrian Pipeline, prior to negotiating any solution with its opponents. Such negotiations are plausible, since Russia and the USA coordinate between them their actions in Syria and even train together .That’s leveling-the-ground of sorts.The Paris massacres of Friday 13 November 2015 suggest at the imminent escalation of the western determination and conduct in Syria, in order to decide the Syrian war in the NATO’s favor.

  • AZBlackDog

    This…story…story? This story is hours old now and behind on the numbers. MSM is reporting 140 dead, who knows how many injured or traumatized. Hollande of France has declared the attacks an act of war. I know, France. But they still have NATO bombs, planes and guns. Let’s see if Obama, who called this ‘An attack on all humanity’ will actually work with the French, or will he deflect and find a focus elsewhere (pick one — school shootings, blackheads matter, the economy, stooopid, transgender farm animals, those effin Palastinians, the Russians) and let France swing in the wind. Obama, a devout Muslim himself, is eatin this up! He’s a lame duck, and years from now while we’re all in turmoil with REAL domestic terrorism, he can sit back and remember his legacy — helping Allah overcome the Infidels. He’s scammed an entire nation for almost eight years and finally, some people are waking up to it. Why do you suppose that the only real Superpower on the planet doesn’t have a serious plan in place for a regional war that could EASILY escalate into World War III?

    • Rick E.

      There won’t be any “years from now”, as our leaders are rushing us into WW3, and ALL OF THEM are complicit in these dangerous games with our lives in the balance.

  • Diane Dina

    Paris, you can thank America for creating ISIS. The whole War on Terror is about creating fear and paving the way for globalists NWO.

  • mirageseekr

    I was at work last night so I did only see a min of the MSM coverage. What I saw already makes me think it is a false flag Operation Gladio style. Martial law, Police State, Etc…I also saw a lot of public workers but very little wounded people or damage, if MSM had some good coverage it would have been playing on loop. Of course they interviewed a woman on the street and her language seemed very much to sounded like it was to push an agenda. Lets also not forget that they have been trying to get France involved since the false flag Hebdo skit. People’s of the western world had best rise up and remove the Luciferian psychotics from power, and they had best do it fast.

  • jim_robert

    Those extremely strict gun control laws in Paris sure helped, didn’t they! Kinda like the extremely strict gun control laws in Chicago. It’s
    not for nothing that former gun control advocate, Dr. John Lott of Univ. of Chicago, after doing his research, penned “More Guns, Less Crime.”

    Washington Post on French gun control laws at
    states “French gun laws date back to April 18, 1939, though they have been amended a
    number of times since. They are certainly tough: There is no right to
    bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires a psychological evaluation.

    According to Gun Policy, a project by the University of Sydney, the punishment for illegally having a gun is a maximum of seven years in prison and a fine. As The Post’s Thomas Gibbons-Neff notes, the men who attacked Charlie Hebdo appeared to be carrying two different types of Kalashnikov rifles. Such weapons are highly restricted and require extremely
    stringent background checks to buy (CNN describes it as rivaling the “clearance work done by the FBI for anybody employed at the White House”). How did the attackers get the guns? Almost certainly illegally .” Gee…d’ya think??

    While smaller in scale, compare this to those jihadist attacks in Garland TX (
    or that beheading in Oklahoma (
    a year or ago, stopped by armed civilians with
    concealed carry licenses.

  • Frank Energy

    Freedom of religion. Unless said religion bears as one of it’s central precepts to kill us “to kill the non-believer of Islam”.

    If that is the case, then your religion is no longer part of freedom, it is part of “illegal”, non-allowable, and in fact you shall be deported to somewhere were you can go live with your “believers”

    In fact, you have 1 month to leave, on your own accord. After that, we may either deport you, or simply kill you. Got it?

  • chefshitpiece

    There are people out there who want legitimate tolerance…sans exploitation and privilege-seeking….and it’s a pity events like this make people gravitate towards the other extreme.
    If you don’t like far-right wingers (so-called although technically incorrect)…than the last thing you want to do is set events into motion which will ultimately swell their numbers…along with their own particular brand of reality denial and dogmatism as a side-effect.

  • Anothereno

    3.1million children 5 and under die of starvation each year and nobody bats an eye…

  • joe g.49
  • Rick E.

    They’re going to use this possible false flag for a pretense in which to invade Syria finally, to depose Assad.
    Only this time the hegemony won’t wash with Russia and China already there.