Parents Lose 3-Year-Old After They Make Her Stand Outside At 3 AM

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Police and the FBI searched the house of parents who lost their 3-year-old daughter in Texas Wednesday after the dad forced her to stand outside at 3 a.m.

Wesley Mathews, 37, punished his 3-year-old daughter Sherin Mathews after she refused to drink her milk by making her stand outside early Saturday morning, reported Fox News. He realized that she was missing 15 minutes after leaving her out there, added CBS Dallas/ Fort Worth.

Mathews did not alert the police until five hours later and authorities arrested him Saturday on the charge of damaging and endangering a child. He was released on bond Sunday, but forced to wear an ankle monitor.

“That does not seem like a normal response that one would do if you have a missing child,” said police Sergeant Kevin Perlich, adding that is “certainly concerning us.”

Sherin Matthews had developmental disabilities and trouble communicating. The child was adopted from India and severely malnourished, the USA Today Network reported Thursday.

“So part of the feeding thing was to build some mass and put some weight on her so it wasn’t uncommon for her to have to be fed on a consistent schedule or as frequently as they could,” Perlich said.

There were coyotes in the alley, Mathews noted, but investigators do not believe one could have dragged the girl away. Investigators are also currently reviewing footage from surveillance cameras, cellphones and laptops to try to determine the whereabouts of the child.

Child Protective Services has dealt with the Matthews prior to this incident, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales told the USA Today Network.

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  • darkhorse

    what was his WIFE doing…??

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Probably watching a rerun of their appearance on the Jerry Springer Show…

      • darkhorse

        good one!!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    This is how a child with developmental disabilities and communication problems was being disciplined?? An adopted child no less. WTF “lesson” was this piece of human trash expecting to teach a three year old?! In an alley known to have coyotes in it? I hope this poor child is found alive and well and placed in a loving home with a family who will love and nurture her past the damage these fuckin’ morons dealt her.

  • Justin time

    Let’s see…… I can face murder charges or say I was teaching her a lesson/ went bad and its negligence….

  • Mitch B

    I call them inbred dumb fucks around my parts,why in the hell would he do something like that, probably trying to hide something he has done to her.

  • D.Moore

    WTF kind of reporting is this

    Child abuse say it arse hats

  • Thundarr the Barbarian

    This whole thing is dubious af… any time we hear about this “oh I left my kid outside” or “I left my kid with so-and-so” and the kid is gone, it ALWAYS turns out that the parent(s) abused and murdered the child. This story has all the hallmarks: the huge time gap between disappearance and notifying police, the history of trouble, the adoption, the child having “developmental delays” and being malnourished. That poor wee thing.