Panic Buying Grips America Ahead Of World War III: “Never Seen It At These Levels… We Can Barely Keep Up” Says Leading Preparedness Distributor

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prepper-store1(Manager Ben Orr At Detroit Army Surplus Store. Photo Cred: Sandra McNeill/WWJ Newsradio 95)

As is often the case, most people wait until the last minute to prepare for the worst.

As reported by CBS Detroit, one Army Surplus store owner reports that preparedness equipment is flying off the shelves:

“We’ve been very busy. Unusually busy, I’d say,” Orr told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill. “It’s definitely an increase, just in selling all the normal prepper stuff, end of the world stuff. A lot of water prep stuff, food, MREs — the military meals.”

And there’s been a substantial increase in the sale of a particular item they don’t sell much of — a so-called radiation antidote called potassium iodide.

“It actually stops your thyroid from absorbing any radiation. So, it fills your thyroid with iodine, which it normally does anyways,” said Orr.

Another popular request: gas masks. But most people looking for those will be out of luck.

“Gas masks are a big thing too, but we only sell them as novelty,” said Orr.

Ed Thomas, a spokesperson for, which distributes high-end protective equipment for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical emergencies, says that their web site has seen a 1200% spike in orders in the last week.

We’re barely keeping up with the inflow of orders and our staff is working double shifts just to get everything shipped. People are concerned with North Korea, World War III and what President Trump might do.

I’ve never seen it at these levels.

Everything… Anti radiation pills, gas masks, body suits and respiratory filters… people are trying to get their hands on these critical supplies in case this really happens.

Our biggest concern is that our manufacturers won’t be able to keep up with demand.

And it’s not just preparedness supplies. As Zero Hedge reports, bunker sales in California have skyrocket:

While a global nuclear confrontation is generally viewed as a bad thing, for Ron Hubbard, President of Atlas Survival Shelters in Los Angeles, it has resulted in an economic windfall.  Here’s more from The Sacramento Bee:

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, told Fox11. “It’s all over the country. I sold shelters today in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California.”

As we’ve reported previously, the situation has gotten so serious that the island nation of Guam, recently threatened for annihilation by North Korea, has issued a nuclear emergency guide warning residents to not look at the flash or fireball following a nuclear detonation.

President Trump announced Friday that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded,” ready to respond to North Korean aggression.

With panic buying taking hold, it’s only a matter of time before prices for items like gas masks anti-radiation pills go through the roof. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, panicked U.S. West coast residents pushed prices for a single package to $200 on auction sites. Under normal circumstances, a package of the FDA approved pills sells for about $20.

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  • lee ho fook

    All is bullshite….I repeat, all is bullshite!! We are being so played by the system –they want us confused beyond reason…reminds me of the time I went to Jones beach and almost drowned because I was used to lake swimming, not ocean undertows — got pulled under, couldn’t tell what was up or down or sideways-luckily somehow managed to reach the top and breathe!! Horrible experience…. & this is what the Agenda is doing to us–everything is false, violent, unbelievable, disturbing–all orchestrated to keep us so off-balance we know what planet we’re on. Wake up, America!!

    • Gracehlong


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    • L. A. McDonough

      Another hyped up agenda like y2k when people wasted money buying useless crap then later selling it or tossing it in the dumpsters when nothing happened. Gold and silver tanked and almost became worthless.

      • lee ho fook

        yup…purpose being to keep us in a constant state of anxiety, confusion,psychosis…I see how these alt media sites work for the monsters-carry out their bidding.

        • Geraldinelzackery


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      • lee ho fook

        Yesirreee…that’s the hallmark of the ZIO ZGENDA….when will the People get fed up with this destruction of the WHITE PEOPLE?

    • David Grubby

      Good point Mr Lee. You will never make objective decision through over emotionalism and letting yourself be ruled by fear.
      Tell you this my man. Draw closer so I can whisper in your ear.
      The president does not let anything come between him and his golf🏌🏼

  • Workstillbroke

    I’m going to fire up the BBQ this weekend and have not a care in the world. I fear nothing including death. You can kill me but you can’t hurt me. I’ve been here from the beginning and I’ll be here until the end. When that’s all gone, I’ll make another one. Carefree is the way to be.

    • lee ho fook

      sounds good to me Work — what time should I arrive?

    • David Grubby

      Not rich enough to buy a bomb shelter. I spent my life savings on a house. I have known homelessness, unemployment and ill health. Never got over the death of parents due to a health service that doses you up with morphine to the point you can’t speak.
      But this is no time to dwell on things. I ‘gamble’ on further living. Therefore the house comes 1st. It is not far from GCHQ in Cheltenham so again the last thing I want to do is get all paranoid about nothing.
      Visit me anytime in ‘Lil Ole England’ 🇬🇧

      • lee ho fook

        Hey–luv England! Lived there for 6 months a long time ago-fairy tale scenery. If I had $$$ that’s where I’d be living!!

  • Clementine

    I keep supplies for a natural disaster or something similar… but would I really want to live through a nuclear war, the answer is no. I’m not going to live in fear if dying, for that is not living at all.

  • SP_88

    I wish I gave enough of a shit to run out and panic buy a bunch of stuff. But I don’t. Oh well, maybe next time.

  • Mayday911us

    Unless you’re buying a military gask you’re just pissing your money away. You do realize you need level 4 mop gear to even think of surviving.

    The really messed up part about it is even the government says the people trained as a soldier to put it on only have a 42% chance of survival of gas chemical weapon or nuclear attack.

    So more panic buy like when the talk about a snowstorm and everyone runs up to the grocery store.