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Panetta Wants To Arm Syrian Rebels

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 8th, 2013



For the first time Leon Panetta has admitted that he supports arming Syrian rebels. Officially the United States has so far only offered diplomatic support to the rebels.

A plan was proposed by the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Director of the CIA at the time David Petraeus but it was rejected by the White House. The plan was put to the White House in summer 2012 after private consultations between Clinton and Petraeus.

The idea was to chose certain individuals from the rebel groups who would then train fighters who would then be supplied with weapons. With the President making his re-election bid it was considered too risky and the plan was shelved.

Panetta voiced his support while giving his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

More than 60,000 people are estimated to have died in Syria over the last 22 months and ten times that number have fled their homeland taking refuge in neighboring countries.

For those staying in Syria life is difficult. Infrastructure has been destroyed in much of the country and basic food, water and medical supplies are in short supply.

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    Take away our 2nd admendment GUN RIGHTS and give them to another country. And furnish them with guns and ammo WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T

    • SKIP

      And THEN! when SHTF in Syria, we will be bringing tens of thousands of the damn muslims into Amurkistan to save them lol AS IF we don’t have enough muslims and blacks already.

  • David B

    This is stupid!! Hell we have been arming them since before Benghazi !! That is what that whole damn thing in Benghazi was about!! That is why they have swept that under the rug!! Damn shame!! This has been in the plans for over a decade now, and Iran is next! Just sit back and watch!

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