Over a Dozen Military Personnel Punished for Kunduz Hospital Bombing

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The US military has reportedly punished more than a dozen officers and enlisted men for the botched bombing of the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which killed 42 people and injured over 30 more. However, these individuals are only going to be punished with administrative and non judicial actions. No criminal charges will be filed for the incident, which the US Military claims was caused by human error and a faulty mapping system on the aircraft.

Despite the claims of the US Military, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the bombing of the Kunduz hospital was no accident. MSF personnel report being strafed by an American aircraft as they fled the hospital, and the US military had been gathering intel on the building for several days before the bombing occurred. It’s just as likely that the attack was deliberate, and the higher-ups in the US Military are scapegoating these men for their crimes. Either that, or they needed to pass down a few light punishments to make it look like they are being thorough and responsible.

However, regardless of whether or not this attack was an accident, somebody made a decision that unnecessarily killed dozens of civilians, and if it was an accident, all the evidence shows that the bombing was entirely avoidable. Whoever is responsible for this attack, is either grossly negligent or a murderer, and they deserve more than an administrative slap on the wrist.

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  • Dow Jones

    Pentacon Kill Industries Inc! Our busine$$ is murder and genocide. What else for goodness sake does USSA “produce”?

  • bill lopez

    Why is it that you all believe that military is run with some kind of collective mind? Somehow everyone knows, what everyone knows? When you drop artillery on a target you are given nothing but coordinates – you aren’t told “you are firing on a house” or “your target is training compound”. You are on a battlefield, and told to drop ordinance on these coordiates, period. Same for a pilot, same for a guy launching a cruise missile. The ONLY person who really knows is the grunt on the ground with eyes on the target, and even he can only see what he sees.

    The best thing we can do to avoid these situations in the future, is to stop fighting these fucking wars.

    • If the people who attacked that hospital don’t know what a red cross means on a building that has been very well identified to their command chain, maybe all of them should be charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes. They can put them in the same docket with Hitlary.

      • bill lopez

        1) have you ever served in the military?
        2) do you ever bother to read the comment before responding?

        If you’re an artilleryman in the army, and you are fighting in a war – you are given coordinates and told drop this type of round on these coordinates. There is no picture given to you, you aren’t looking through a viewfinder, its not a video game.

        You’re comment proves your limited ability to comprehend how things actually work in reality – not the way it works on TV or in the movies.

        • Reverend Draco

          A spotter too stupid to comprehend a red cross needs to go to the wall.

          Your military fetish is disgusting.

          • No spotter was required. MSF advised all combatants multiple times of their specific location, by GPS, and their medical mission is protected by every humanitarian treaty and agreement ever entered into by any government with a military capable of violating it, and ours is obviously violating it. Most military fetishes are disgusting. His is a religion.

          • Reverend Draco

            I realize this. . . I was responding to the disgusting fetishist’s bellicose admonition that “…you are given coordinates…”

            They must be given at random, pulled from a hat or otherwise invented out of whole cloth. . . or there must be a spotter with eyes on target.
            Either way, the fetishist has been called on his bullshit.

          • Coordinates are different in the modern munition era using GPS. In this case, it is as Dr. Sherry Rogers calls it, Bad Science. And even worse politics.

        • I am currently serving in the constitutional militia of my state, and shall until I die or turn 70. The hospital wasn’t attacked by artillery, but by air. Those who ran from it were scrafed, a clear war crime. Beyond the fact that Congress never declared a war, those who are “fighting” it are clear and present traitors.

  • Reverend Draco

    “It’s just as likely that the attack was deliberate, and the higher-ups
    in the US Military are scapegoating these men for their crimes. Either
    that, or they needed to pass down a few light punishments to make it
    look like they are being thorough and responsible.”

    Not either/or. . . both.

    • If the attackers were to object to being scapegoated, they’d all die in a helicopter crash, like bin Laden’s alleged murders.

  • StevetheHun

    Wrist slaps for everyone!

    Really this is why we need less war. The US has been at war almost constantly since WW 2, and most of the time, the excuses for those wars was either a false flag, or “what they hell”

  • The attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was botched by the same people who “mistakenly” attacked the Egyptian warship known as the USS Liberty.
    They attacked the MSF hospital to kill the alleged terrorists and combatants that were being treated there, in accord with the MSF policy of neutrality.