Oregon Standoff: Ammon Bundy Suspended from Twitter

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UPDATE: It is being reported his account has now been restored, but still no word on why they shut him down in the first place.


It is being reported that Twitter has now suspended Ammon Bundy, the main leader in the Oregon wildlife refuge standoff.

So far Twitter has not given an explanation as to exactly how Bundy — a man being demonized in the media as everything from a “Mormon anti-government activist” to a “domestic terrorist” ever since he and about 20 other armed men took up post at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon over the weekend in protest of the Bureau of Land Management — violated its rules.

Here’s his last Tweet:

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  • Nabi

    When the twit Obama (actually the sycophants that tweet for him), loose the Tweeter in Chief’s account?

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/political_reading_room/ disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Since Twitter is a sub-set of the American propaganda machine, it was his challenge to their claims to honesty and legality that he violated.

  • Aug Ust

    they can Suspended him from Twitter yet they allow
    ISIS to have twitter Accounts making threats to Kill Americans
    file a lawsuit agence twitter for aiding and abetting terrorism..
    allowing terrorist to have active accounts

    • Frank Energy

      Thats a good point

      • Aug Ust

        yes and it is time to call this in to radio stations live on air

        are local news every place to get that word out

    • Right to the Point

      BLM, Occupy, Black Panthers, and Louis Farrakhan.

      • Aug Ust

        yea all of them there all the same

    • Doom On You

      F twatter.

      • Aug Ust

        Amen to that haha fuck China Obama and the Scuslims to

    • http://www.shitsenders.com Я0llyJ0g3r

      All you need is the anonymox addon for firefox and a burner phone or a google voice number and you have another twitter account. I’d help him if I could because he deserves to be heard whether people agree with him or not.

      • Aug Ust

        yea he dose , and it is time to fire back these are the things that needs to get done

        take’s people to stand up a voice this so the more it gets out in to the public watch how fast twitter
        back peddles

  • doucyet

    A call from Loretta Lynch to the twits took his feed down……….transparent and UN-bias.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I’m more interested in what Ammon Bundy has to say than about 99.9% of the other useless fuckwits on Twitter.

  • ccambridge

    More power to Bundy

  • M_111

    I thought Ammon actually didn’t have an account. I heard that the account was only created very recently (January 3??) and was not verified. That the Rosa Parks tweet was actually from a false Ammon Bundy account.

  • mirageseekr

    I have a feeling since people are starting to question the Oregon situation as some kind of a set up or honey trap that the folks in charge of this little psy-op had his account temporarily yanked to provide an air of legitimacy to this. Ever hear of ISIS losing their account? Also the fact that mainstream is covering this at all should tell you its a psy-op. If the American people did start standing up do you really think the zionist controlled media will help give them traction? The answer of course is, not a damn chance.

  • cmb
  • bozotoo

    “…but still no word on why they shut him down in the first place.”
    Intimidation, corporate bullying, political pressure…what else?

  • M_111

    That was my fact checking fuktard. At the time I posted that, that is what was going around as “fact”.

  • M_111

    And I wasn’t egging anyone on. I am a damn Gemini, forgive me for seeing both sides of situation without being so obtuse I automatically jump on the fuk the authorities bandwagon.

  • M_111

    Sowwy. Used to getting attacked so always on the defense. Apologies.

  • M_111

    Sometimes even my research-based opinion gets skewed. You know how it is, history gets rewritten before your eyes and eventually the truth gets erased. And it sucks.