Oregon School Shooting: New Gun Control Legislation in 3…2…1…

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reynolds shooting

How will the mainstream media spin this, the latest school shooting?

Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon was on lockdown after a gunman allegedly armed with a rifle opened fire in the school. One student and the gunman have been reported to be dead. News photos show terrified students filing out like criminals, at police gunpoint, with their hands in the air.

A gunman and one Reynolds High School student are confirmed dead following a shooting inside the Troutdale school.

Law enforcement officials offered few other details concerning the shooting during a 10 a.m. media update.

“This is a very tragic day, one that I hoped would never ever be part of my experience,” Reynolds School District Superintendent Linda Florence said to parents, students and media.

Around 100 law enforcement officers, tactical teams and medical personnel are in the process of evacuating students and staff.

No one else is known to have been injured in the shooting.

One student told a parent the shooting began in the school’s gymnasium, though police have not been able to confirm specific details.

Another student interviewed at 10:30 a.m. suggested there was more than one shooter inside the school, though police have not confirmed any additional gunman.

The student did say he heard two shots and witnessed a shooter, who he said was male and was not covering his face. The student could not say who the shooter was.

Law enforcement officials confirmed the known shooter was likely armed with a rifle.

Police were first alerted to the shooting just after 8 a.m.(source)

Recent weeks have been host to a rash of shootings across the country, with much blame being cast on “right wing extremists.”  This has caused a frenzy in the gun control crowd, with new legislations being introduced on the coattails of the tragedies. This sudden flurry of shocking violence has led many to question whether or not some or all of these events have been false flag operations, designed to scare the public into supporting the overthrow of the Second Amendment.

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  • Useanameplease

    Rubbish. The pressure is starting to show. The sheep see the problem and are working on the solution.

    • Joe P.

      Amazing… A bad guy with a gun stopped by a good guy with a gun… Who’da thunk it? One non-criminal fatality? I’d call that a success.

  • Mark

    The Master Race banksters and their accomplices are desperate to disarm us.

    They know that Nuremberg 2 is overdue and this time THEY will be in the docket for their war crimes, genocide, and economic crimes against humanity. They want to make it difficult for us to apprehend, prosecute, and punish them.

    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

    • RJ O’Guillory

      I have proposed a new National Monument…The National Gallows for American Values…to be constructed at ground zero 911…built from thermite tainted steel from the government imploded WTC buildings…with red-hot liquid steel flowing through the site… with steam rising 24/7 for eternity….then start charging and convicting the Bush/Clinton/Bush/ Clinton/Cheney/ Rumsfeld/ Obama War-Crimes Families with treason..

      …then start hanging them…

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • Undecider

        What do you have planned for Obama?

        • RJ O’Guillory

          …if Mr. Obama is legally charged, tried and convicted of treason…along with his criminal comrades…of the Bush / Clinton Criminal NWO Dynasty…then they can hang Barry and Michelle together…I thought I’d mentioned that in my post…(?)..be safe…find joy… trust…

          • Thomas Parker

            Yea, you may have committed a felony. Talk to an attorney tomorrow.

          • Mark

            Sept 17, 1948: Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern Gang assassinate Swedish peace mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …ha…ha…ha…ha….oh,….my…I’ve got to catch my breath….wee-he-he that was funny…I don’t think I need an attorney to advise me with regard to my 1st Amendment Rights and my right to express what I think should be the legal outcome of treason…but thanks for the advice Perry Mason..

      • Thomas Parker

        You have quite a vivid and sadistic imagination. You missed your time and place. You shouda been born in Germany about 1900.

        • Mark

          October 14-15, 1953: Ariel Sharon commands attack on Qibya, 42
          homes destroyed, 60 civilians killed

        • RJ O’Guillory

          …no…son…I am a retired executive from US DoD who was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades…I worked all over the world…Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary…I’ve been to the top of Mt. Fuji…the basement of the bombed stadium in Sarajevo…and received a personal tour aboard Air Force One … among many other adventures…and I know, deep in my core, just how corrupt your government is…has been…and intends to continue to be… under their wicked and unconstitutional “continuity-of-government plan” … after the dollar collapses and loses it’s roles as the reserve currency….then they will simply be gangsters with nuclear weapons…and the obvious war criminals they have been for my entire life…I hope they and any of their family members who can be convicted for having benefitted from the treason of the last fifty years…they should…after conviction …hang as well…

          • Thomas Parker

            Well, you’re a bitter old cocksucker ain’t ya?

          • RJ O’Guillory

            ..no, not actually….I found out at the age of 49 that I’d been genetically epileptic and had been suffering “unobserved seizures” throughout my entire life…I survived working all over the world…drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70 mph..in 2010 and was tossed 200 foot across the cliff face…after being ripped from the car…broke my neck in 4 spots…my back in five….six ribs…a crushed tailbone and a nineteen staple gash to my brain…and I walked out of the hospital five days later….also, I wrote a book that we are working on a film version of…so honestly, other than managing my seizures…and the meds, I’m having a pretty good time…sorry sonny boy…

          • Thomas Parker

            Add fantasist to your resume.

          • RJ O’Guillory

            ..nope…sorry….everything I’ve written is true and accurate…I’ve had a very unique life…I once ran a 4 hour a-night, $20,000-a-night bar on an abandoned Soviet Air Base…in Hungary…so, nice try…but off yet again, yes you are..

    • Mark

      An excellent exposé of Bloomberg’s lies. (Oy veh!)

      Six Falsehoods Pushed By Bloomberg’s Gun Control Apparatchiks

      By John Lott, The Daily Caller, June 9, 2014


  • Gordon Klock

    This is getting ridiculous, it looks like the gun-grabbers are starting to panic, with all these recent ‘false flag’ type events….

  • Free People

    The Gubmint is desperate to grab all guns and are using their propaganda media tool to fool the sheeple. As usual, the sheeple suck it up.

    Push yourself AWAY from the Tel-LIE-Vision or remain a sheeple.

    • arawn emrys

      Well, this one apparently was a big fan of “Conservative American Military Veterans Against Obama”, and “We Will Not Be Disarmed”. So, perhaps the mental illness that causes mass shootings is Conservatism.

      • Free People

        Nope! Says who?..the drive-by lamestream lying media? Push yourself away from the Tel-LIE-Vision and think for yourself. Do some research (in the right

        “the mental illness that causes mass shootings”..is the USA vaccination schedule! Fact!

        “According to vaccine researcher Dr. Harris Coulter, vaccines cause children to become pervert and criminal, traced to the encephalopathy (a brain disorder) caused by the toxins in vaccines. Majority of the school shootings by the children in the USA have been committed by autistic children. Vaccines can cause more harm than even the medical community privately acknowledges.”…….and BTW, many other REAL doctors and REAL scientists claim the same.

        Source: healthfreedoms dot org. (Health Freedom Alliance) – “50 Reasons to
        NOT Vaccinate your Child” – posted 3/29/2014 – Reason #25

        • arawn emrys

          The reason that most school shootings in the US have been committed by autistic children is that they are the most likely to be bullied. Mostly by people admired in conservative culture, Christian Athletes. My mother is a teacher for the autistic, they are not innately violent.

          • Free People

            You’ve got it all A$$ backwards. Must be too much Tel-LIE-Vision and listening to the leftist, liberal LOONS lamestream media.

            What Dr Coulter is claiming about VACCINES conveniently went right over your head. Over and out.

            “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand

  • Mark

    I agree 100%.

    I expect that Nuremberg 2 will not be a replay the tribal deceits, but fair trials and just punishments for real crimes against humanity.

    Make it so!

  • Undecider

    Those damned Jews again. What’s interesting is how rich Jews feed poor Jews to the lions. Which Jews were you referring to?

  • Undecider

    Don’t be so sure.

  • Undecider

    The government won’t allow it.

  • DLJoyce

    Same shit as the duck and cover crap of the 50’s. Scare everybody senseless over nothing.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    I have no firm position on the ergonomics of The National Gallows for American Values…as long as we start to us it on those who are convicted and deserve it…let’s get the party started…

  • josh

    Couldn’t agree more. As long as the msm brainwashed part of the society still think these are real, they are going to keep doing this over and over. Until they beg for the government to take their freedoms away for “protection”. Should we all by up on this tactic after 911?

  • josh

    They turned on the orthodox Jews because they were very outspoken about it not being time to start a Jewish state of isreal