Oregon Rancher Was Shot NINE TIMES, Appears Stolen 9mm Planted on Him After the Fact

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UPDATE: The state’s official autopsy says Finicum was shot at eight times and hit three times in the back, but the family has commissioned a second, independent autopsy to verify this.


Another day, another horror coming out of our legal authorities in this country.

As previously reported, Oregon rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was killed in a FBI/OSP operation where it was claimed he “went for” a 9mm in his waist pocket.

Afterwards the FBI spokesman refused to say how many times Finicum was shot, only stating it was in the “single digits”.

Yeah, well, now it’s come out that Finicum was shot NINE TIMES. No wonder they didn’t want to admit how many times he was shot. One more digit and it isn’t single digits anymore. Guess that’s why the FBI tried to paint a pretty face on it with the “single digits” talk.

This could explain the ridiculous drone footage that the public was offered of the event. For one, the shortened “edited” version the FBI put out is in higher resolution, while the full-length version is low resolution and others have pointed out it appears parts are missing. Secondly, with the sound missing entirely, it’s impossible to tell when the first shots were fired or really what exactly is even going on. But based on the way Finicum acts in the video, it would appear he was shot well before the final blow that knocks him to the ground, which would explain the strange dance he does right after raising his hands in an obvious surrender motion while knowingly surrounded by armed agents (not a time anyone would suddenly “go for” a gun).

The whole thing looks like a total and utter set up, and that’s without going into eyewitness accounts of people who were there and are claiming the feds shot up the car over 100 times that day.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, the 9mm supposedly “found” on Finicum has a serial number that has been traced back to a gun that was stolen two years ago.


They can’t even have an open casket. This post is heartbreaking. Good thing it was screen capped before it mysteriously disappeared off Facebook.

Are you starting to get the picture here?

And people keep discussing whether or not the man went for the gun or not, whether or not his death was justified, as if that’s the whole point here.

That guy was murdered. We all saw it.

And here we all are on the Titanic together debating the color of the deck chairs. This tyrannical crazy ship is going to wind up on the bottom of ocean, regardless.

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  • Mike

    He was murdered, plain and simple and all officers and FBI agents involved are co-conspirators and need to be arrested and tried for murder.

    • Reverend Draco

      Yeah. . . but as we all know, criminals investigating themselves almost never results in a trial.

      The only way they’ll ever be tried is if We, the People, do it ourselves.

      • BasicRules

        Right on Q

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      • mirageseekr

        They don’t bother investigating the things they wrote the script for.

        • Reverend Draco

          They just use the same script there, too.

  • cama9

    I pray this becomes the new ‘shot that was heard around the world.’ I’ve said from the start this was murder. I 100% believe they meant to massacre them all and that LeVoy sacrificed himself by leaving the truck b/c they were already shooting at it. Why else would they continue shooting at the truck once LeVoy was on the ground and dead? Cold-blooded murder… Obummer got rid of one of us who ‘clings to our Bibles and guns’… how many more will he direct be murdered?
    Unlike Jefferson, I don’t tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever, but those murders better start trembling.

    • They were only interested in eliminating the leader, just like they did in Ruby Ridge.

      • BasicRules

        interested in eliminating the leader.
        some one else already took his place

    • Reverend Draco

      If your fairy tale man were “just,” we wouldn’t be having this conversation because the murderer would have been struck down on the spot.

      • Infidel51

        Here comes this dipshit again.

        • Reverend Draco

          Yeah. . . so why are you still here, dipshit?

          • Infidel51

            Everyone knows what you are. End of conversation.

          • Fortunately everyone else isn’t an infidel.

          • Reverend Draco

            True – there are people who read what I write when they want to add to their education.

            Too bad the bibbleplate around your head prevents you from ever getting one.

      • JayC777

        “fairy tale man”??? Let me see, the whole universe just popped into existence from nothing, right?? Talk about fairy tales. Now, that’s one for the ages.

        • Reverend Draco

          But a Magic Man just popping into existence out of nothing is a totally sane idea. . .

          Did it hurt when your brains started leaking out of your ears?

          • JayC777

            Who said anything about a “magic man”? It is absolutely hilarious that an illiterate moron like you is criticizing others about leaking brains.

          • Reverend Draco

            I was trying to be nice by calling him a magic man rather than a fairy tale creature – or more accurately, a mythological being, like a unicorn or elf. . .

            You should really stop calling the guy in your mirror bad names. . . you might hurt his feelz. . .

          • JayC777

            A simple minded buffoon like you should study the laws of thermodynamics. Time is a human construct. It takes energy to create energy. Thus, an energy force has always existed. The universe didn’t happen on its own. It was designed and created. That is the only logical and scientific answer. You are the one projecting fairy tales. You couldn’t find your own ass with a map, a flashlight, and both of your hands.

          • Reverend Draco

            My Master’s in physics says maybe you should get an education before posting again.

            Yeah. . . Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics – that was how I spent my leisure time in junior high. . . just some light reading on the weekends.

            Energy can’t be created – can’t be destroyed, either. . . so no, energy doesn’t create energy.

            It’s ok. . . I have a GPS for finding my ass. . . I could probably get you a good deal on one so you can find yours someday, too.

          • JayC777

            You don’t have a Masters in physics. You’re a fraud. That is obvious. Try again moron.

          • Reverend Draco

            Nice try, child. Nowhere near good enough. . . but I’ll give you a D for effort.

            I not only have a Master’s in physics, I have a Bachelor’s in English and History, Associate’s in Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion.

            Because I seek to expand my knowledge, instead of arrogantly and ignorantly assuming that one science fiction story has clued me in to the workings of the universe.

            Now. . . Until you come back with an education, I’m done here.

            Ignorance is not a point of view. . . no matter how many times you wish upon a mythological creature.

          • If you weren’t busy getting degrees, you might be more familiar with the current cosmological theory that says that matter is just dense energy. Somebody redid the Michelson-Morley experiment and discovered that their error was hidden in the inaccuracy of their apparatus.

          • Reverend Draco

            We’ve known for decades (at least) that matter is energy – energy is matter, too, by the way.

            There’s nothing new about it.

            Well. . I suppose that immersing oneself in a book of fairy tales claiming to have all the answers might make this a new deal for you.

          • About as much as your late adoption of ad hominem will explain the need to do so so late in the process.
            We have yet to prove it, so why do you say we “know” it?

          • Reverend Draco

            Was already proven before I was born.

            Everything made by man operates because of this known fact – not because of divine intervention or prayer. . .

            “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions” ~T. Jefferson

            Get used to being ridiculed, Turbo.

          • I’ll wait until you get used to it, since supers always come up to speed before turbos. Who proved it, where is the journal entry, and why is CERN still looking for it?

          • JayC777

            Actually, that hasn’t been proven. Without divine creation of man, man would not be able to operate. Can’t have one without the other.

          • JayC777

            Wrong again, oh, degreed one. Energy does not have size, shape, or take up space. Energy, also, does not have enertia. Energy is not matter or the other way around.

          • JayC777

            More projection. Hilarious that you accuse others of being a child. Your every comment is as infantile as they come. Is this the best you have?

          • spartacus

            well there is your problem , man’s ” educational institutions” are nothing but man’s lame excuse for not seeing the “CREATOR”S hand in all of “HIS” creation , including “your dumb ass “

          • JayC777

            Yes, energy can be created and destroyed. When energy is converted from one form to another the old form is destroyed and the new form is created. You’re not very good at this physics stuff for having a Masters degree in it. Also, you just contradicted yourself, in the fact that an energy force has always been in existence.

          • D. Morgan

            My Master in Heaven created your physics. And He loves you.

          • Reverend Draco

            Your fairy tale creature loves exactly nothing – because, you know, the whole being a fairy tale creature thing. . .

            Get an education.

            You’re welcome.

          • JayC777

            Looks like one of my posts didn’t make it so I’ll repost. Energy can be created and destroyed. When energy is converted from one form to another the old form of energy is destroyed and the new form is created. Thanks, for finally admitting that an energy force has always been in existence, though.

          • paulgilpin

            that comment is just too cute.
            you actually admit to having a masters in physics. you have got to be kidding. no one admits to having a master’s in physics. what does that get you? in charge of the self check out section at wal-mart.
            then you name off some engineering curriculums, but say nothing of unified field theory.
            and then you trot out that piece of shit law of conversion.
            take your GPS and stick it in your ass. maybe it will do some good for you there.
            you are, however, excellent at telling others what to think.

          • Reverend Draco

            What can I say? I was born to be a teacher. . .

            Sadly, I can’t teach anyone with fewer than 2 brain cells to rub together. . . so you’re in luck – you’ll never have to learn anything, ever again.

          • paulgilpin

            you didn’t mention in your made-up list of so-called degrees, which one gave you the background in narcissism. you have such a knack for hy-jacking threads and making them all about yourself.
            you should consider a degree in microcephaly. that way you could/can study yourself.

    • Plurb

      Yeah, so was Ruby Ridge and Waco! So most can’t or don’t hear the Fascist Oligarchy likes it that way their GoogleFacesmooks and YahooPiephones, and all the H-1B slaves. Rolling Stones said it plainly “the school kids have earphone heads” in Can’t You Hear me Knock-in”!

  • ltneid

    He released a video saying he wouldn’t be taken alive.
    He fled from a traffic stop.
    He tried to run around a roadblock and nearly ran down a cop.
    He jumped out of his truck and had his hands up, but then decided to reach into his coat while multiple LEOs had him covered.
    The person who wrote this drivel didn’t even do enough research to know he is from Arizona, not Oregon.
    Suicide by cop.

    • Suicide by cop is more believable than investigation by ignorance.

    • Reverend Wingnut

      Another anti-American “Blue Ribbon” winning idiot speaks…

    • JayC777

      Where do you see him reaching into his coat? I see his hands lowering after being shot.

    • Plurb

      Do you really believe the BS you are peddling! Multiple LEO’s really let’s have their names and ranks and the supposed organizations they work for. I’ll bet you they are hired guns by the likes of the EPA, BLM or any organization that holds it’s own Courts against the Constitution! Are you one and the same?

      • ltneid

        You’re funny. Enroll in an English class, it may be the official language one day.

  • doucyet

    His hands were going down to his body in reaction to being shot. Each time he mustered the strength to raise them again, he was shot…..again, until he could no longer hold them up. Then they claim he had a weapon, perhaps he did, but he didn’t pull it. Where’s the audio?

    The b a s t a r d s murdered him!! Plain and simple……

  • Mitch

    He was NOT a Felon.
    He left the first stop because they were SHOOTING at him for no cause.
    LE setup very dangerous illegal Felony stop for non felon.
    LE that shot him was an idiot because he was in a cross fire with other LE.
    He exited the vehicle with his hands UP and moved away from it to avoid his passengers being shot.
    He was showing LE he was NOT armed
    He had NOWHERE to run and was not carrying a firearm, which by the way is LEGAL to carry.
    LE knew who was in the vehicle and what they already planned to do to him.
    He was shot NINE times, including the face and back.
    LE now claims he had a 9mm in his pocket which is listed as STOLEN!
    They were headed to a Senior Center to discuss de-escalation unarmed.
    Murder by cop!

    • Resisting arrest is a felony.

      • Reverend Wingnut

        So is being shot at initially by the FED’s for a supposed, Ahem… traffic stop.

        • Taking over a company facility in a company town is always a bad idea, and even worse when the company is a federal agency. Never mind the fact that the only CLEO on the scene was a clueless appointee, appointed by a judge in the company’s pocket. They really should have listened to CSPOA and Oathkeepers when they told them that this a bad idea that wouldn’t turn out well. The biggest shame is that such a devout believer had to dead in deceit.

          • Reverend Wingnut

            I could not agree more… It still does not change the FACT that Mr. Finicum was well within his rights (whether by law or common sense) of hauling azz when the FED’s started shooting at the initial traffic stop…

          • Nor does it change the facts that everyone in the refuge facility was regarded as felons and being in flight from justice by every federal employee in the county. They had seen people previously granted immunity from arrest arrested. They were proceeding across county lines under an understanding that they would be allowed to pass the roadblocks, which were posted shortly after they got to the refuge. They knew about Ruby Ridge and Waco and proceeded against the advice of well-wishing compatriots. Finicum had said it was OK if he lost his life, so they took him upon it, since it castrated the process ill-entered into. To me,it seems a lot like a captured spy biting into cyanide pill that was given to him. I consider him as another martyr in the feeding of the tree of liberty.

          • Reverend Wingnut

            It sounds like you are in agreement with the liberty movement… And the FACT that the elites are shhitting their pants in knowing the “Fuse” has been lit by their own doing…

          • The elites don’t seem to be too concerned about anything we do because much of the world’s population thinks we are as crazy as they thought McVeigh and David Koresh were. If we were smart, we’d take the same high moral ground that the American colonists did when they ratified the Declaration of Independence and wait until we see the whites of their eyes as they advance on our own turf, instead of taking it to theirs, like their terrorists do.

          • Reverend Wingnut

            They’re (elites) concerned. You can bank on that…

          • If you meant there are elites concerned, we’d expect them to be watching from a safe distance, they being largely cowards, and so, have sent in 500+ FBI agents as minions.

      • MIc

        In Oregon, Resisting arrest is a Class A misdemeanor. [1971 c.743 §206; 1989 c.877 §1; 1997 c.749 §3; 2005 c.668 §2]

        • Are you unaware of the fact that the FBI has obtained full jurisdiction over the Oregon situation and the federal government doesn’t trade in misdemeanors?

          • MIc

            Federal statute
            25 CFR 11.434 – Resisting arrest.
            A person commits a Misdemeanor if, for the purpose of preventing a public servant from effecting a lawful arrest or discharging any other duty, he or she creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to the public servant or anyone else, or employs means justifying or requiring substantial force to overcome the resistance.

          • CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulation, which are not statutes any more than executive orders are.
            The reader has to know the difference to know the difference. Was the Federal warrant from a administrative judge (which is a misnomer) or a Federal court judge?

          • MIc

            You have no clue what you are talking about.
            OSP did the road block.(according to the FBI) so any “resisting arrest” was of OSP officers serving a federal warrant. Which involves the state, not federal statutes of resisting arrest,which is a misdemeanor.
            Any officer can serve an arrest warrant. when you resist arrest you are charged by the officer(and his agency, the OSP in this case) that you resist, Not by the agency(in this case the Feds) who issued the warrant.
            So any way you slice it, it was not a felony.

          • State police do not have the authority to serve federal warrants unless they have been deputized, and then they act as federal agents, not state agents. You seem to be completely ignorant of the difference between stature and regulation, so there is no point in discussing pearls with swine.

          • MIc

            You have no clue what you are talking about.
            It is plain since you fail to post a single proof of what you say is correct.
            I agree with you, you are swine and I will refuse to cast knowledge( pearls) before you any more.

          • It is apparent to a paralegal that you wouldn’t know black letter law if it bit you in the ass, so why would I waste my time trying to educate a deliberately ignorant person like yourself?

  • Doc Holliday

    This is the most plausible scenario I’ve seen.

  • Nabi

    Just another American citizen “Wacoed” by the Unjustice Department.

  • The strange dance is better explained by the agent collecting the Taser wires after the shooting.

  • Reverend Wingnut

    How’s that “Hope and Change” working out for you, America? Rest in peace Mr. Finicum. Your actions and beliefs will not be forgotten…

    • any more than Nathan Hale was.

      • Reverend Draco

        Alas, for only one life to give. . .

  • Maddog

    This is the governments way of telling you – “open your fucking mouth and say or do anything we do not approve of and we will cap your sorry fucking ass. Do what your fucking told piss-ants.”

  • Sandra Laperriere

    No one noticed The FBI footage was also recorded the day AFTER his death. Take a look at the date in the upper left corner.

  • Jon Geissinger

    and we are doing what about this?????? THAT is the problem.

  • mirageseekr

    Did this happen before or after the “militia” was asked to sign their talent release forms?

  • wmsteoopaaffwc

    Stupid White sheeple, pledging allegiance and bearing the enemy flag of the american nation that HATES you and your White children.
    All I can do is shake my head in condescending disgust at all you stupid White brainwashed cowards.
    I wadded up my american flag and threw it in the trash can, where it belongs.
    Never, ever give up your guns, White POWs of america. Maybe your grand-daughters can show you how to use them.

  • Beowulf73

    the state kills more people than religion.

  • Timothy Hudson

    Remember Ruby Ridge? The FBI murdered an unarmed mother holding her infant child and no charges were ever filed.

  • barbiegirl, ny

    Assuming this is true, I no longer wonder why the FBI still hasn’t hauled Hillary’s ass off to prison, and probably never will. They’re all as corrupt as the day is long.

  • Nick

    Gotta love Amerika. No really, you have to, otherwise they’ll shoot you in the face. Nine times.

  • gregorytheleast

    The 28 sealed pages of the 9-11 commission report traced funding of the 9-11 hijackers to the Saudi Royal family. The whole middle east tragedy was founded on lies from the U.S. Government. Any government that allows over 1,000,000 of its’ own children to be murdered every year cannot be trusted. God help us all.

  • nighthawk

    No federal police went to jail, or any other punishment, for WACO, Ruby Ridge, or countless incidents. And no one will be punished for this, although they might be a few promotions. .
    Rule by the mafia is better, at least they tell you they are going to kill you .

  • LiberalsRLost

    Maybe this will add some clarification of what is happening behind the scenes…

  • sam

    A shoot out someone is Shooting Back .
    A murder is only One Side Shooting.
    FED’S = MURDER Got it.

  • Mark Williams

    Not only is WA DC the biggest threat to our Personal Freedom & Liberty…….but the Feds and their wanna be fans are the biggest threat to your Life!

  • rhondareichel

    FBI agents need to be tried