Watch: Oregon Fire Chief Catches FBI Agents Posing as Militia – Quits His Job in Protest

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This week, Harney County Fire Marshall Chris Briels resigned after discovering undercover FBI agents posing as militia members near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which has been the site of a standoff for weeks now. According to Briels, he found FBI agents who were impersonating militia members lurking around the town’s armory. When he inquired about the undercover operation with county Judge Steve Grasty he was told to back off.

Just before this discovery was made, there were reports of people who looked like militia harassing locals, which is uncharacteristic of the protesters who initially assembled at the refuge. It turns out that these militia members suspected of harassing locals were actually undercover FBI agents.

During an impromtu press conference, Briels explained how he was so disrespected in his encounter with Grasty and was so disgusted with the situation in general, that he no longer wants to work for a government that he does not believe in. Briels added that he would still be helping people in the community with fire prevention and other issues that he has helped with in the past, but he will just no longer be doing it as a government employee. Briels went on to describe how he exposed undercover FBI agents who had come to town and were creating problems amongst the locals.

When announcing his resignation, Briels described his encounter with the judge.

“I’ve been told by Steve to distance myself from this committee of public safety. I’ve been told that we don’t know what we’re doing. I’ve been told that my life is in danger. I’ve been told all kinds of things. I will not be told what to do. I have my own mind, and I will use my own mind, not somebody else’s,” Briels said.

Many activists and militia members are now suspecting that the undercover agents were planning to act as agent provocateurs and create trouble in order to frame the protesters for things that they did not do. This theory is supported by the fact these undercover agents were reportedly bothering locals and acting in a threatening manner.

However, mainstream media has reported that militia members were harassing locals, but now that version of events is being brought into question considering the fact that undercover agents were posing as militia. The looming threat of agent provocateurs may be one of the reasons why the refuge occupiers are turning away help from outside militias who have attempted to join the occupation.

As the situation at the refuge becomes increasingly volatile, leaders of the occupation have announced that they will soon be making plans to disperse, but they have not yet said when this will happen. Meanwhile, the FBI has said that they will be filing federal charges against the militia members that they have found evidence on throughout the occupation.

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  • Reverend Draco

    Meanwhile, the FBI has said that they will be filing federal charges against the militia members that they have found evidence on throughout the occupation.

    If this doesn’t include the FBI Agents Provocateur, it’s just a 3rd grade game of Charades. . .

    • cmb

      Both YT channels of mine were disabled for
      “SPAM” after my postings of legitimate information countering
      MSM stories. Prior to that a newspaper disabled my account for doing the

      • Tom Lowe

        Glad to find out I’m not the only one to have all that happen.

        • cmb

          I couldn’t believe it and now numerous people are responding that this has happened to them as well. Unbelievable

        • David

          you tube,breitbart,wnd censors comments,deletes comments and can’t be trusted. not sure about drudge but they seem to be very passive these days. all news pipeline and does have some interesting stuff these days. i really don’t trust any of them. we best start thinking about going to short wave radio or something else.

      • Meltonmark

        The presstitutes in the UK do the same. Time and again, dissenting comments disappear or mysteriously never appear in the first place. I know this is manipulation because on several occasions I have posted non-dissenting comments at the same time. The n-d’s appear within seconds. The d’s do not. Many others complain about the same thing happening to their comments as well.

        • Bobby Lokey

          Welcome to the “new” old world. People in power have never allowed truth to shine forth on their watch, and never will. It’s just that today, the technologies to enforce the charade of “openness,” while still censoring to the max, are tougher for truth to get the best of. The Brave New World is finally here for all with senses to realize.

        • cmb

          am getting so many responses of the same. and all over the world! unbelievable

      • Julian John Siuksta

        I got spammed myself some months ago. I found my Outlook inbox with something like 500 emails. supposedly follow-up information for products that I SUPPOSEDLY had enquired about, but NEVER had. I live in Australia, which I guess means it’s hard for US Govt zionist cocksucker spook agencies to target me, so it looks like they had a massive dump in my inbox instead.

        • cmb

          wow, alarming. so disgusted with our government. thanks for sharing.

    • willi

      America,needs to hang their heads in shame ,and that goes for Anyone supporting the Destruction OF OUR CONSTITUTION ANYONE WHO TOOK THE OATH TO DEFEND THIS GREAT NATION, NEEDS TO STEP BACK AND THINK,


      • frankenbiker

        I took my oath in 78, and it didn’t come with an expiration date. If needs be i will pick up arms to defend this nation and oir Constitution from oir enemies. Both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

  • Mark

    Completely unsurprising FBI activity, but their “wage war by deceit” shows that USA law enforcement has been spending way too much time studying in “Israel.”

  • WinstonSmithy

    Good for Briels for doing the right thing, exposing the provocateurs and rejecting the 20 pieces of silver by resigning his gov’t job. You are not obsolete, sir.

    • Yul bolsun

      The bad thing is his replacement might be a government weenie. If he was there he would tell the truth of what really happened. I wish there are more of him out there.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “If there is a problem….what can we do to solve it?” He is the only person associated in way with the government who I have heard address a problem this way-perhaps ever. Long ago, this government decided that there are only two ways to solve a problem-pander and appease as in the Black Lives Matter movement, or the threat and ultimate use of plain, brute force.
    One group has directly challenged the authority of the federal government, the other challenges social constructs and actions it deems racist. One has assembled peacefully on public property and made no threats nor caused any real damage, one has caused considerable property destruction, social unrest and fomented the continuance of these things. Force will only be used against one group, yet the MSM presents a highly distorted version of each groups actions. If you ever needed a reason to question or doubt the motives of the MSM-here it is.

  • whiteberry

    Respect to Chris Briels!!

  • vic_cdn

    Sadly, I predict a “traffic accident” in the near future for Mr Briels

    • D.Moore

      Or suicide, FBI is famous for accidents and suicides

      • Meltonmark

        Especially for medical personnel, I believe?

  • Mike

    FBI agents fomented this situation to arise and have made it worse. The FBI and the entire US government want militias demonized because they stand in the way of the feds. They want them to look bad so when they stand up to do the right thing they are called terrorists and crazies and the like. It is all part of the psyop plan.

    • cmb

      Both YT channels of mine were disabled for
      “SPAM” after my postings of legitimate information countering
      MSM stories. Prior to that a newspaper disabled my account for doing the same..

      • Mike

        yep, msm is in collusion with them.

  • ccambridge

    Love the phrases back off and stand off used by government thugs. It’s every man and women for themselves. Don’t listen to these bully commands.

  • Shut the full cup

    I am reminded of John Brown’s siege of that very small armory in Harper’s Ferry. Didn’t last long, feds just ran through the place, but no one from the fed was trying to make propaganda points either.

  • SomeTruthOutThere

    US NEWS & WORLD REPORT has an article quoting Briels as recanting the accusation that the FBI were posing as militia. Is this spin?

  • doucyet

    These SOBs (the government trolls) have been doing this forever. Infiltrate, set up and entrapment. Thank God for men of character such as Mr. Briels that won’t stand for it……………!!!

    • cmb

      Both YT channels of mine were disabled for
      “SPAM” after my postings of legitimate information countering
      MSM stories. Prior to that a newspaper disabled my account for doing the

    • Gil G

      So he quits so someone who can stand for it is hired?

      • doucyet

        He quit because he couldn’t stand it. And yes, their looking for yes men………that’s what government entities do.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      It’s why bill ayres walked on terrorism charges.

  • D.Moore

    It would seem the FBI are not Americans at all, they have been perpetrating mis-deeds for a long time and blaming others since I can remember their mo is the same it is easy to identify a job done by them. Sad because they were Americans once upon a time in America

  • Gil G

    You mean militias have always been quaint, peaceful folks who are a superior fighting force than the military and are only given a bad rap by fake rabble rousers?

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Are you prepared to provide an example of militias running amok & terrorizing their fellow peasants or defying legitimate authority? And who claimed militias were a “superior fighting force” compared to the military?! By the way-a very high percentage of militias are comprised of ex military and law enforcement. So there are a good many highly trained individuals in their midst. Are you a natural born buffoon, or do you train for it?

  • Katana Man

    What don’t they do? Fighting crime must not be a priority anymore, just helping government agendas.

  • don sheets

    Fecal charges will be laid against Real People under color of law office and authority by small brained wipers of other peoples bottoms. Foolish Brainless

    Idiots:”only doing my job with the rest of the alphabet losers “. With out lawful jurisdiction and consent , statues and codes are as meaningful and useful as their wasted thieving lives. Check out john trowbridge to find out how valid our fecal district “courts” are. Operating without constitutional authority to take jurisdiction is treason to the constitution.

  • Gongo

    The Rockefeller FBI. As in the Rockefeller New World Order dictatorship. Do the math.

  • AffinityNetNews

    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED AKA USA Inc., a private foreign owned off-shore international criminal banking/military cartel that has been masquerading as our sovereign Constitutional governing body since and before The Act of 1871, when our nation and ‘We The People’ were were bankrupted, incorporated, securitized, collateralized and monetized then, placed into the claws of the Rothschild banking empire in receivership, as ‘soulless units of commerce’ or ‘chattel’ and classified as: ‘Federalized Citizens’, with no Constitutional Rights and forced to be responsible for paying-off all debts incurred by the de facto fraudulent USA Inc.

    Here it is in THEIR own words:

    – The United States Is A Corporation: US Statue Code Title 28 3002 (15) (a) (b) (c) 16 Stat., 419, Chap. 62, 41st. Congress 3rd Session.

    – US Statue Code Title II, Sec. 286: The United States Is A Corporation.

    – UNITED STATES CORPORATION listing on the NYSE: Duns and Bradstreet DUNS# 161906136.

    – You are also a ‘corporation’ as a ‘Federalized Citizen’.

    Now, for those of you who do not realize how vital this is to understand and expose, let me explain …

    First: A mere ‘corporation’ has absolutely no lawful authority, jurisdiction or lawful mandate to dictate anything to anyone for any reason. Period. End of story.

    USA Inc., is no different than TOYS R US, or McDonalds.

    Second: The de facto Fraudulent USA Inc., is a foreign owned corporation (French) believe it or not, and is an occupational mercenary or ‘privateer’ hostile and invading entity on our sovereign soul.

    In other words, they are an invading enemy force owned by the criminal banksters from the Financial District of London City for their ultimate owner Vatican Incorporated. (See Treaty of 1213, which has been up-held by the treasonous foreign owned Supreme Court).

    Both the BLM, and FBI are mere ‘sub-corporations’ of USA Inc., with no lawful authority or jurisdiction, and must be deemed an invading enemy force.

    There is NO lawful Constitutional authority at the federal, state, county or to the smallest village level since 1871.

    You were never taught this in school because, the entire system is de facto and fraudulent as well as occupational criminal organization enslaving all of us under bankruptcy and receivership.

    To learn more go to: and and learn it from a Superior Court Judge.

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    FBI, Federal Bureau of Infiltrators…and criminals. Jury nullification, that’s one answer.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      fbi= fools, bunglers, incompetents.

  • Archie1954

    I am totally disgusted that a judge would be a part of this corrupt activity. He should be removed from the bench for misfeasance.

  • Hp B

    The FBI is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  • PacE

    False flag asshats belong in fucking jail

    • Reverend Draco

      False flag asshats belong in the fucking ground


  • Treq

    I doubt this is true, but if it is, it’s too bad they were caught. They need to get these idiots off our land and into a jail cell. It would also be nice if they could get the Bundys to pay us the million dollars they owe us too.

    • freethedacks

      And who is the “our” that you refer too? Are you a Paiute? They were the “our” that were annihilated by the professional terrorists (USA, Inc) to make room for a nature sanctuary.

      • Treq

        I was referring to “We the people, of the United States of America”

  • frankenbiker

    I support these guys, and anyone else with balls enough to stand up to this government. These men knew going in that their deaths might be the outcome, that takes guts. I just pray that when the time comes I have the fortitude to stand up, take up arms and say FCK YOU, knowing damn well it could be the last time I see my family.

  • 0hiojoe

    I work with a few Black men great workers and nice enough people, just very liberal minded. What they think of this situation would make a Sailor Blush.
    It is really obvious that there is a great amount of corruption going on with this case. Why haven’t some form of negotiations been started? It would be best for obungle if this ends in a bloodbath and that is just what he wants!

    • sunshine

      So they are for it, or against the militia?

      • 0hiojoe

        Being liberal minded and great fans of msnbc, they are thinking it is wrong!

        • sunshine

          So…being typical black people then? Lol! They probably want to see a bunch of white people get shot….am I right?

  • Jack B

    There is a book you ALL need to read – John Ross – Unintended Consequences.