Oregon College Creates Whiteness History Month, but It’s Not What You Think

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The Portland Community College has decided that this April will be “Whiteness History Month.” Contrary to what that sounds like, they haven’t decided to give their Caucasian students a pride and heritage month like most ethnicities receive on college campuses. Instead, they’ve designated an entire month to shaming white people.

Whiteness History Month is an “educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the construction of whiteness, its origins, and heritage,” which will challenge “the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness.” To the surprise of no-one, the idea was concocted by the school’s Campus Diversity Council to highlight the supposed whiteness “embedded in the overall college climate.”

The impetus behind the program is the idea that whiteness is a social construct rather than a race, that was developed in the 17th century from a legacy of imperialism, conquest, colonialism and the American enterprise.” It will also reveal how our supposed culture of white supremacy gives white people privileges at the expense of other ethnicities who are systemically and prejudicially denied equal access to those material benefits.”

Moreover, the goal of the program is to ask students how whites and minorities can dismantle the idea of whiteness. Which begs the question, if whiteness is nothing more than a social construct that can be “dismantled” and erased, does that mean that the other races are fake too? Will the campus push to dismantle other ethnicities, or perhaps erase the idea of race in general so we can all live in PC harmony? Somehow I doubt it.

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  • varlog

    If whites are the root of all evil they should reject any white students and any money given to them by whites. After all, its basically blood money right? So why would they want it anyway?

    • sunshine

      White people should just stop going to college. Get a trade, a skill, or only go for STEM/medical degrees. It’s not like going to college guarantees you anything anyway so why waste the money?

    • Dan Morgan

      And reject the use of all products and technology invented by White’s, which is pretty much everything.

      • Maybe we could get them to starve themselves by refusing to eat anything grown or processed by white people…

        • Dan Morgan

          Phatt chance…

        • gingercake5

          That sounds like fun

        • Glenn Festog

          Isn’t that what they tried in South Africa? Took farms away from “racist whites” and gave them to blacks, then most of the farms failed…….

          • The only common thread was/is racism, which has a nasty habit of damaging both sides.

          • Glenn Festog

            Especially when you have “Social Justice Warriors” dictating policies of “reparation”.

            “But it’s not racist if I do it…, at worst it’s a microaggression hardly worth noticing. Besides, they’re guilty of “existing as whites”, which isn’t anything like “driving while black”, a racist policy.” says any Portland College supporter…..

          • We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble if we had repatriated the freed slaves using Lincoln’s otherwise useless greenbacks.

          • Glenn Festog

            I can’t really call greenbacks “useless”; they’re proof that the government can issue its own notes, and redeem them, without borrowing from the Bankers.

            Repatriation of slaves would have been a much better use, but the Civil War was about the Morrill Tax Act and Northern Politicians using their population advantage to pass a crippling tax on Southern produce to the benefit of Northern Manufacturies. The slave issue was brought up 3 years into the War, by the Federal Government, to beef up flagging interest in same.

          • There has never been a question about the government’s ability to become indebted. Greenbacks were the junk bonds of their time.
            How would Union politicians assess a tax against CSA produce? If the war had been about slavery, Lincoln would have led instead of following with the Emancipation Proclamation.

          • Glenn Festog

            The Morrill Act was passed by Buchannan, but implemented after Lincoln took office. It represented a pre-CSA tax, being one of the reasons for succession. The tariff went as high as 47%, primarily on cotton; think about that in 1861 terms. This article in the NYT, Feb.14, 1861 lays it out.


          • I didn’t know that the newspapers of the time were that adept at pro-fascist writing.

          • Glenn Festog

            Well, that was the New York Times…, at least they’re consistent. lol

    • archer

      It’s become so insane, does anyone pay attention to these fools anymore?

  • Smarty

    Well, I don’t think it was very white of them to come up with this idea….

  • Jonny rRingworm

    More college B.S. 98 percent of prof’s are pushing the liberal agenda. Now they are white shaming. Let them, ban white kids from their college. I’m talking students and staff. Watch how fast campus turns into an innercity….

    • lilred

      And see all the migrants pooing in their college pools

  • Mike

    If there were no whites, there would be no civilization. PERIOD. I will never feel guilty or ashamed for being white. These people are partners in white genocide. White folks had better wake up and start making a big stink about thing the same way the other minorities do. It is high time we whites get what is due us for supporting all the other races in this country.

    • sunshine

      This craps was just starting when I was in high school and I knew I couldn’t go to college and PAY MONEY to hear people tell me how awful I was for being white. I’d had enough of that in high school and got the lowered grades that happen when you dare to assert yourself. I certainly wouldn’t pay for that to happen to me in college.

      What this country needs is segregation. Every race can’t get along with any other race so why not just stick with our own kind? It’s not like we’d miss anything by being with other white people exclusively. In fact, the ONLY benefit of diversity I’ve ever heard is “good food”. Well, white people can follow a recipe, so why not keep the recipes and food and make it ourselves? Now there’s ZERO need for diversity!

      • Mike

        amen sunshine. I am all for it because no matter how much you give, they ALWAYS WANT MORE.

      • Meltonmark

        Oooh….that would mean Apartheid. Not allowed, remember? Besides, the feminists are even more of a problem than the nie-Blankes. Both are part of the de-construction of Caucasian societies in favour of general serfdom.

        • sunshine

          I was under the impression that during Apartheid, blacks had everything whites had. Maybe it wasn’t as great, but they HAD hospitals, schools, houses, etc. Now under their own rule they have barely anything. But I agree about feminism, it’s sickening, evil and destroying women and society. I hate to say this but I understand why men didn’t want women to vote. They are so emotional, about the dumbest things, which is a disaster if you want a responsible government. I’m more logical about things so I can’t understand other women…I just know that they don’t speak on my behalf. Are you South African??

          • darthangel

            Also important to remember that the women who crusaded for women’s right to vote were about 180 degrees from modern feminists on a number of issues.

            Feminism, which is an intrinsic form of bigotry, since it only focuses on one polarity of human existence should not get credit for the social movements of the suffragettes.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Maybe Lucretia Mott was 180 degrees but the movement as a hole was pretty dam feminist.
            May 8th 1913 They tried to bomb St Paul’s Cathedral.
            Lets compare that with a modern day feminist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78ub1SBRe-Y&spfreload=10

          • Meltonmark

            Not by birth but by association. Lived there most of my adult life. Fantastic country. Ruined by Western liberals. Now it’s a mess, but one the Zionist presstitutes rarely mention. Doesn’t fit the narrative!
            As for feminism, I feel sorry for women. They have no idea what’s coming down the track. They think feminism is all about them.
            I agree with your thoughts about voting. One can look back at Western society and track when the degradation began.
            As for Suffragettes, the White Feather campaign was funded by Lloyd George. He needed cannon-fodder. Remember, working class men had no vote. It wasn’t just women. But working class men made up the bulk of the fodder. Women did not. The officer class were the wealthy. This had always been the case, to prevent working class men from rising up the ranks and one day perhaps, bringing about a revolution. So come WW1, the working class males were being slaughtered in a war in which they had no say. They naturally began to question. So up pops that man-hating dyke, Emmeline Pankhurst, £3’000 of funding from LG, and off they go blackmailing men into death. The feminists were promised the jobs of all those poor lads who would never come back. Women then got the vote. The working class males were graciously allowed to vote too.

  • august

    to me i don’t care if you are black white pink orange are green

    the government turn’s the people on the people.

    they know if the people stood together
    the government would never have any control!

    • darthangel

      Spot on. Elites want to divide and conquer the populace with racially divisive rhetoric.

      This kind of anti-white BS is not actually being pushed through by black folks or Mexicans or Asians, so its time we all ask where it is coming from.

      I have no problem with someone telling me a lot of black folks grew up in deprived conditions and need to celebrate their heritage. But when you tell me white folks are “privileged” because the band-aids match their skin, then I know you hate white folks so much you will believe anything just to tear them down.
      Point is there are plenty of ways to better conditions for black folks without tearing down white folks, unless that was the agenda all along.
      “Guilt is a form of sloth” – Marshal McLuhan

      • august

        Exactly i have talk to lots of folks,from all over the world on Skype.
        some in China some in the Middle east japan Germany, just all over the place
        we all have one thing in com.
        Sick of the governments

  • whiteberry

    It must really suck to hate yourself for being born! I love my glowing Norse skin and am proud of being an intelligent, skilled, and racially aware person… not to mention awake to all the bullshit!

  • Another Thought Criminal

    They should really make all the white people look at the facts of the holocaust!

    • William Orr

      Or examine real history. Henry Ford’s the “International Jew”. Who started WW1, WW2,the Middle East wars,the Kennedy murders, 911, Oklahoma City, Waco– all wars and depressions, the invasion of Europe by Muslims et al All the evil in the world.

  • Tatiana Covington

    O, thank God I’m White!

  • Fungus

    Why don’t they use the word European? I’m not white.

  • Eric Blake

    As a White Christian Male, I will feel better if another person will be happy to take my IRS tax bill that I have to pay so others can receive their entitlements. Don’t everyone get in line all at once. I don’t really expect any of the gimmiedats to get in line.

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    I checked my white privilege & it said that I don’t have to give a shit.

  • bsroon

    i think the portions of the “white” society they are trying to indict are what happen when you have rich Zionist types like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the just psychopathically rich types like Gates, Zuckerberg, the old Morgan family, the Goldman/Sachs sorts, the white morons running Monsanto and the other nutso corporations and all the damage they do and have done.

    There IS something to be said (so help me figure it out, lol) when the Jewish people for example – comprise 2-4% of the US population, but constitute over 66% of the US Billionaires. That’s either magic – or something crooked is going on with our money system – and since the Fed Reserve (mostly white guys you gotta admit) LOST over 11.5 TRILLION DOLLARS – you can bet some of it ended up in billionaire pockets. Probably white billionaires, to just made a stab.

    THESE kinds of white guys deserve a pitchfork in their remedial button – yesterday.

    You and i? i’m not oppressing anyone – hell – at one point i had $13.00 in my bank, 5 slices of bread, 3 cans of food, some fruit, and stale salad – for four people. Food stamps saved our keister for a bit there, and now? We are better, but i don’t have a slave empire. Congress doesn’t come around and beg to help ME out and give ME tax refunds, pay for my everything, give me YOUR freedoms…….

    Nope – the idiots at this college – both participants and designers are totally off the mark in their whiteness thing. Hey, if anyone can define anything they choose – they’d better watch out, because someone who is actually intelligent may get their nose out of joint and really make them look like the fools they try to hide.

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Screw this nonsense!!

  • L Garou

    Go ahead, morons, drive the whites and all the Aryans into each others arms! See how that works out for you..

  • Guillotine_ready

    Take these peice of shit college administration out to the parking lot and give them 30 seconds to run for their lives.
    But then again the educational process is so screwed up in this country that the ones who avoid college are the smarter ones, and usually the more capable.

    I work at a college and I would never send my kids for anything. I have to interact with faculty and staff and both groups scare me with how ignorant they can be.

  • hvaiallverden

    This is an Oregon College, in the middle of an black hole where the event horison dont lett logic, comon sense, wisdom and knowledge about specaly history this days, and then what can one expect puffing out from the dumbest hole in the universe.
    Infact I am impressed, the dilution is massive, and they belive every f… thing, as goood sheeps wippe with comon core for decades.
    Guilt by assosiation is the new inn, and even when I read in Our shitholes druling something about race, aka the leauge of prestitutes aka the MSM about the “whiteness” in the Hollloweed circus, they forgett that they are “jews”, not white, but khazarian/Turkish/Kurdish Mongols from ancient Khorazan, and blue eyes arent that reer, you find it in Bangladesh/India.


    This is an case where il lett the shmucks wack them selfs.
    Keep up the good ….. sorry, sorry, hillarious work, please.
    Il go out for an pipe (dream hehe), and have an hartly luagh.


  • Winyan Staz Wakien

    Never mind that none of the whites today were alive when those wrongs were done…..

  • michael lawless

    why is it white people are the only people not allowed to be proud of their heritage

  • Alabama Mothman

    And they should move out of housing that white people gave them.

  • based on global population whites ONLY make up 8-9%!! so they are the real Minority!

  • the Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits are at the top of the Pyramid, the Rothschild Khazarian Mobsters are their Financiers / Accountants