Oprah Slams Obama: “An Immediate, Flat-out, Unequivocal No”

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U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Obama is joined by talk show host Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle at a rally in Des Moines
(Oprah Lends Her Support to Barack Obama – 2008 Democratic National Convention)

Do you remember when Oprah Winfrey endorsed President Obama in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election? The country went wild. If Oprah was behind him, he had to be the one!

“I’m euphoric, I’ve been doing the happy dance all day. I’m so proud of Barack and Michelle Obama and what this means for all of us … the new possibilities for our country. And if he wants me to, I’m ready to go door to door.”

Like many Americans, Oprah was ready to put her reputation and wealth behind Barack Obama, expecting that his message of  hope and change would finally put America on the road to liberty, equality and prosperity. She was so emphatic and emotional about the possibility of him being the leader of the free world that she reportedly cried her eye lashes off at the Democratic National Convention.  She wasn’t the only one. People all over the country were fainting in his very presence (and apparently still are).

But like much of the country, Oprah isn’t singing Obama’s praises any more.

It seems she has realized what opponents of the President’s policies have known all along.

Barack Obama isn’t just more of the same, he’s much, much worse.

The media icon was asked to attend a meeting at the White Housealong with other celebrities to see how they could help create some positive publicity for the Affordable Care Act.

Rather than jumping on board like Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, Oprah reportedly quickly said that she would not be attending the meeting.

‘All of Oprah’s top people thought she would go, because when the president invites you to the White House, most people automatically say yes, but Oprah said she didn’t have the time or inclination to go. It wasn’t like she had to think it over. It was an immediate, flat-out, unequivocal no,’ an Oprah advisor told journalist Ed Klein.

Oprah had been promised direct access to the administration in exchange for her support and friendship. It was a partnership that was to be beneficial for both her and the President.

But apparently Oprah, like the rest of us, got the shaft once Obama took power.

Oprah intended to make her unique White House access a part of her new network,’ an unidentified source told Klein.

‘There were big plans, and a team was put together to come up with proposals that would have been mutually beneficial.

‘But none of that ever happened. Oprah sent notes and a rep to talk to Valerie Jarrett, but nothing came of it. It slowly dawned on Oprah that the Obamas had absolutely no intention of keeping their word and bringing her into their confidence.’

This is a burnt bridge that will not be fixed anytime soon, Klein argues, which could come at more of a cost to the TV host than the President.

‘Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah. She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge,’ a source close to Winfrey said.

Welcome to the club, Oprah. You fell for the propaganda just like 50 million of your fellow Americans. Moreover, you helped push it right along, believing that Barack Obama had your best interests at heart.

At least now you know how the rest of us feel.

We’re all hurt, angry, holding a grudge and screaming a flat-out, unequivocal ‘NO!’

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  • AkCoyote

    Two words…………..WHO CARES!

    • diana

      Absolutely right. Her thinking he was “the one” just shows how stupid she is. She was just one of the first of many thrown under the bus after he got into office.

  • HHB3

    But I thought Obama was the one…………………….

    • diana

      LOL He was the one who gave her the flees.

  • Marie

    Oprah was snubbed by the so-called first lady because of Oprah’s weight. MO did not want a fat lady speaking about the federal lunch program.
    And I agree. Who cares!!!!!

    • Devasahayam

      As if Moochshell compared to 0prah is like Sisi (Austrian Empress Elisabeth, 1837-1898) compared to Victoria.

    • jim

      ole moooochie better look at her Hips, instead of others and QUIT playing Dictator wannabe like ole barry!!

    • Francie26

      The children do.

    • Notime Forbs

      Um….that is NO LADY. More like the First Tranie. I believe its birth name is Michael.

  • I heard oprah was busted with 50 pounds of crack under her dress.

  • Jack

    Ahhhh! Schadenfreude–My favourite German dish. Guten appitite, D’opera!

    • Kai Ferano

      There was no excuse to begin with for Oprah or anyone to be so enthusiastic about Obama. He had little Congressional experience and, upon closer inspection, wasn’t born in the USA and had a Muslim upbringing.
      He’s the Big Mistake that will bring down the USA.

      • Henry Leunissen

        Which proves that Oprah is not that smart after all. Some people are just lucky.

      • glenthompson

        “there is no excuse” – No, unless you are a racist and unable to see past his skin color.

        • s davis

          I am sick to death of the race card.

          • diana

            He isn’t black. He’s a Pakistian Muslim.

    • Henry Leunissen

      It is “gute Appetit”. All names of things are capitalized in German.

    • Bob C

      Best eaten cold – or at least luke-warm.

  • charlie tango

    Personally, I feel like a bunch of theiving orangatans invaded my house and took everything of value, stole credit cards and left me with a huge bill, and then invaded the courts and screwed up my health insurance.

    • TBI

      and they s**t all over the place!

    • diana

      Amen to that. He won’t stop until the Middle Class is completely and totally gone. He’s just one of history’s antichrists.

  • RickE.

    There’s no fricking way Oprah has left her messiah. If anyone really believes this, I 3 London bridges for sale!

    @robert raulerson, good grief! I just got a visual on the 50 lbs of crack and almost threw up my drink! It DID get spit out all over my screen!

  • Hammerun

    She needs to go back to giving cars away to her audiences. She was popular back then, or so we were led to believe. This chic has morphed into an ego maniac. And now that she is no longer on network TV and she has to keep feeding her OWN show, she has found true reality. She finds out she’s not nearly as popular as she thought she was.

    • Actually she never gave away anything. All those gifts were promotional items provided by the manufacturers and didn’t cost her a dime. She was just happy to take the credit for everything that was “given away” on her show. Plus all those prize recipients had to pay hefty taxes on their free “gifts.”

  • DeltaBravo

    Sounds like a full on chimp out is brewing with these “celebraties”…

  • Oprah bought him the WH because of his color. Then puts her money in Africa for schools but votes in the USA. So what this all amounts to is that her judgement is clouded to black. And as we now know both projects are a HUGE Flop.Congrats Oprah! Proves black will always remain thinking black even after it was white money that helped her succeed.

    • Francie26

      It’s too bad about Oprah. She has a lot of money, but she also had a lot to lose, and she wasted a huge amount of her personal credibility on Obama.

      • Harold

        “her personal credibility”

        Are you telling me you believed anything about that idiot Oprah?

        I NEVER did!

        WOW! Barnum was right.

    • Alan

      Carol I could,nt agree more,but if she is really serious let’s see if she has the gusto to backup,sen Ted Cruz ,Ron Paul & the tea party etc.

  • Devasahayam

    Translation: she asked for payment for pitching for 0, which he wouldn’t pony-up!

  • Oh sorry, I wanted to add that Oprah is another successful black that is not out there educating the black community about standing on their own 2 feet. Nor is she educating her race here in the USA, nor is she feeding them, housing any of them or paying additional taxes to bring the debt down. Same with Williams, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. all talk and no action.

    • iRaTe_pAtRiOt

      Bravo! Well Said!

  • Francie26

    From the beginning, I didn’t trust Obama, and I was disappointed when Oprah trusted him so quickly. I thought, well, they both lived in Chicago, and her quick acceptance of him came from wanting a Black president so badly. I had also hoped we would someday get a Black president, but I was thinking of someone like Dr. Ben Carson or Alan West. I just could never believe Obama was really an American. Now, however, I find I am finally like Oprah, I, too, can hold a grudge, and Obama has betrayed all Americans, not just Oprah.

    • Bob C

      Your picks both look like awesome contenders for 2016!

    • semidriverretired

      NObama isn’t black. His mother was white, which would make him a halfbreed.

  • Tony

    She’s probably one of those people who think obama care sucks but Affordable Health Care Act is good.

  • Mark

    “…expecting that his message of  hope and change would finally put America on the road to liberty, equality and prosperity.”
    America already is THE road to liberty, equality, and prosperity. Or, at least it was until traitorous politicians began perverting the Constitutional foundation which is the ONLY road to human freedom. Oprah just wanted the freeloading socialism he promised to her people, expecting it to come at no cost like so many people believe.
    So, she doesn’t like BO anymore? Well, Oprah, take s look in a mirror, you’re just like him: one who expects something but demands others pay for it.

    • Dula

      Well stated!

    • John Livreri

      I agree the and the last line is on point.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Nothing is right with Obama unless he can tell his lies steal our tax dollars and kill Americans He is less of a human being in fact I call him and michelle both trash due to she is a fat slut and tries to rule the people and schools and needs to be put out to pasture with the rest of the trash to burn due to their lies and stealing they will pay and I don’t blame Oprah a bit she has given them more room that I would have due to I researched prior to him coming into office and found his records not clean he is not an American and he belongs to the jihadist muslim brotherhood which are terrorist and he is a homosexual the reason for all this for gays that are sick or crazy maybe both. Obama and his rear kissers are communist trash and needs to be charged and sent to prison with the death sentence I HOPE TO SEE BEFORE HE FINISHES DESTROYING AMERICA>>>>


    Boy that’s a shot to Oprahs ego. I guess she is not as influential as she thought.

    • Kevin

      Actually, Oprah is influential. The real issue is that although she bought Obama’s song and dance, he and Michelle are MUCH MORE PSYCHOPATHIC than Oprah. He is pure, unadulterated, vile, and evil. He has had this US-take down mission to focus upon his entire adult life. Just like the bat houses he frequented in Chicago…… He used Oprah then turned, zipped his pants and walked away. He has done that his entire life….just like the Clinton’s have. Oprah has influence, but only with the general public. That is why Obama is calling her now! as he did before his first election. In the mean time, he has needed the REAL movers and shakers. He has needed the HUGE money boys and the cut throat killers and assassins. Any questions.

  • Chaz D

    Oprah may be a liberal, but I doubt she’s a Marxist. She and Obama evidently are not “birds of a feather” . As for her weight, it’s something she, like many people, struggle with, but I don’t see that as a negative factor.

    • Billybones III

      Oprah is many things but one thing she is not – is – she is not a Christian, neither is Barak.

      So the bottom line is where are these two heathens going with all of this?

      Obama is cemented in the history books with 2 terms in the Whitehouse, While Oprah has made some grave errors politically, she’s still a billionaire. So who’s helping these two hold onto their positions of power and money? Hmmm?

  • Walt

    Of course Obama didn’t keep his end of the deal, he didn’t want Oprah questioning his decision to let drug cartels come across American borders, and buy guns legally at gun shops along the border, to battle the Mexican government. Or how Obama told troops to stand down on Bengazi, he didn’t want gun running to Jihadist uncovered. No Oprah honestly believed Obama would cut the waist, and corruption going on in Washington. She found out like so many others, Obama has increased the amount thievery, corruption, and Immorality to this country than any of his predecessors. No Oprah would have kept him honest, which is something Barack and Michelle Obama are incapable of. They have lied about their past, their religion, their beliefs, and Michelle did show signs or prejudice against our Military, white people in general, and any woman other than Valerie Jarrett, but you have got to wonder just much Michelle despises that.

  • Robert A.

    Oprah only supported Obama because he’s Black, okay HALF Black. I’m happy she got screwed like all the Liberal POS’s

    • Fran

      Obama is NOT half black (unless, of course, his father is truly Frank Marshall Davis); IF Obama is his father, he is half Arab!

      • semidriverretired

        Fran,NObama’s mother,Ann Dunham/deceased)was WHITE, which would make him a half breed, as well as a narcisstic pathological liar!!!!

  • dockilldare

    seems to me that Oprah is now seeing that the Obamas are the liars and cheats that we always knew they were. she is seeing that and now she is pissed as all the rest of our nation should be.

    • RickE.

      We can only HOPE that that’s the case, dock. But my guess is that she’s only seeing BLACK. I haven’t seen any real evidence that’s she’s pissed off at Obomba.

  • Iceman47

    If anyone believes this I have some lakefront property in Florida to talk with you about.
    Fact: Oprah endorsed obama for one reason and one reason only, they were the same color.
    Fact: Neither one of them has changed their color the last time I checked.
    Fact: When push comes to shove in the black community, color trumps everything including the facts and basic intelligence.
    Nuff said

    • Fran

      Tell that to Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, and many, many others!

  • David K

    Obama has performed one important service for America: he has shown us just how dangerous those temporary occupants of the Oval Office can be.

    And I really wish articles would stop capitalizing the word, ‘president’. He may have been reigning Queen of Chicago once upon a time, but it’s not like he is Queen Elizabeth II.

    • Billybones III

      This is where Americans need to be careful. Barak Hussein Obama was democratically elected to the highest office in the USA. You may not like him or his party but in a democracy, majority rules.
      My view from outside of the USA is, he was/is not a good president, yet he was elected to a second term. The position he holds demands respect. The office he sits in demands respect.
      Looking in from outside of the USA, I see and hear disgruntled and maybe racially tainted rhetoric coming from all sides.(Christian and non-Christian)
      My question is – why didn’t voters see that he is a Muslim, and an alien (no birth certificate) while he was campaigning?
      How in the name of reason did he get elected if you people are so smart?
      You’ve let GMC and others move business to China(it’s on the web). We get your tv here in Canada and it’s virtual garbage(like ours)-‘reality TV’ or football, baseball or basketball.
      Ah well, the Chinese big shots are now riding around in Cadillacs and sipping scotch bottled in the USA! What a commentary for a once great nation.

  • Dennis

    And yet another one slowly awakens from the Matrix to realize it was all a hoax, a halogram, nothing is real and all is a lie. As the horror of the truth sinks in, we find terror in the Machine and wonder how we can fight against it. The Author of the lie wants to own and control everything by creating more lies and keeping all in the darkness of ignorance. But as more and more awaken we grow in strength of numbers. Don’t give in. Don’t believe. Rage against the machine!

  • Dennis

    How can so many think the focus of this article is Oprah and then commence to criticize her for whatever reasons? You are foolish. Stay focused. The point is that she is a powerful woman who once endorsed the Fuhrer but after being snubbed she has realized what a liar the Obamas are. He’ll tell you ANYTHING to get your support or to shut you up. Then he does whatever he likes. He loves power and control and probably thought he had Oprah under his belt but she has a power of her own and rebukes him on the world stage. This is a political slap in the face for Obama. She will coax many black supporters away. This is not about her weight or her show or whatever you might think. It is a battle won in the war against this administration.

  • Grace

    All of these comments seem to recognize one thing. B.O. and Oprah are both all about power. Once you have a taste of it, it is hard to let it go. Look at the people behind the scenes of world government. They put B.O. in the highest political office in order to bring down the U.S., and he is doing a good job for them. A world government cannot tolerate a people like Americans who take freedom for granted and accept it as their right. The Obamas are the nouveau riche couple who live on the public dole. Actually, I thought Michelle and Oprah had kissed and made up. They evidently are sisters under the skin.

  • 2retrievers

    The pig should have read “The Amatuer”, but like the 97% of her kind she slobbered all over obama’s reparation promises.

  • BubbaT

    When will people realize this Kenyan clown doesn’t have a clue how to run anything and is simply doing what he’s told? That Iranian traitorous rat Jarret aka Fatima Shamalamadingdong is the one running the show along with her sugar daddy Soros. I pray for the day they’re both burned at the stake.

  • dancewiththedevil

    ” News flash “, The Obummers used Oprah and Oprah used them. If she thought she was going to be part of their NWO Kingdom by promoting them she needs to read her history, and if they thought they could blow smoke up her big ass forever and not have to pay up someday , well Skin color only go’s so far. I would have voted for a purple goldfish if I new it was going to be good for our country. What go’s around , come’s around ole Barry boy.

  • Questioned

    I was very busy questioning: Change what? Why do we need a domestic army when we have the National Guard? I wondered why so many “present” votes? Why close Gitmo? If he was so influential in the Middle East, why didn’t include any of those countried in speech tour? So, now Iknow why Oprah was so gung ho, I wonder why a lot more people didn’t have any questions?