One Woman’s Court Visit For Marijuana Possession Goes Hilariously Wrong

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While parked in a very conspicuous parking space, a 26-year-old woman who was going to court for possession of marijuana made a rather poor decision. And that was after she decided to park in the police chief’s spot.

Going to court for possession of marijuana isn’t something many want to do, especially considering it’s a victimless crime. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in that situation, it’s best to behave so you can go about your business and have a few days to get out of the spotlight and smoke pot in the privacy of your own home. But some people just need to smoke.

In Northport, New York. police say a 26-year-old woman parked Monday evening in a spot clearly marked for the village police chief, reports Newsday. She might have gotten away with that, had she not first cut off an unmarked police car in the parking lot while illegally talking on her cellphone, police say. She was on her way to court for possession of marijuana.

Because of her driving infractions, two officers approached her car. They said that when Arielle Bonnici rolled down her window, smoke with an unmistakable scent came billowing out. “At this point the two officers said they started laughing,” police chief Bill Ricca tells News 12 Long Island. “Besides cutting off a police car, on the cellphone, parking in the chief’s parking spot, now she’s smoking marijuana in the back of a courthouse and police station.”

The cops issued Bonnici another appearance on unlawful pot possession and gave her a ticket for using her phone while driving. Maybe she’ll catch a break one of these days….

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  • Simon says

    ahhh dumb pothead meets glorified armed tax collector….yeah…lets rejoice….

  • YeahRightOkay

    …and folks wonder why drugs are labeled ‘dope’…

    • gazoo3

      That’s specious logic. Lots of smart people take drugs. All drug laws are unconstitutional and treasonous.

  • idontknow

    I hope the weed was good…

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Ask the cops that confiscated it…..

  • SP_88

    Some people just ain’t too bright.

  • It is not Paranoia

    How to give zero fucks 101

  • KreepyJoe

    A country in which the media lack integrity cannot be a democracy as the people have no accurate information with which to make decisions and hold government accountable.
    Cops let each other go every time. But not the goi…

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Whoaaaa….deju vu ALL over again!

  • gazoo3

    Abolish the police and courts and problem solved.

    • Freespirit

      Abolish Government and PROBLEM SOLVED because they, along with RELIGIONS, have been HIDING TRUE Knowledge:

      OCCULT Knowledge = HIDDEN Knowledge:

      1968 RANDOM HOUSE Dictionary DEFINITION of “ANARCHY” :
      “A THEORY which PROPOSES the Co-operative and Voluntary ASSOCIATION of
      INDIVIDUALS and Groups as the PRINCIPAL mode of an ORGANIZED SOCIETY” and from Mark Passio:

      According to the 1968 Version of Random House Dictionary- Atheist: ”
      Persons who deny the existence or belief of Divine Beings or Deities”,



      NATURAL LAW vs. MAN’S Law :

      • gazoo3

        Mark Passio is great.

        • Freespirit

          Yes he is

      • TrevorD

        Really good. Thanks….

        • Freespirit

          Pass those links on to as many as you can

          • TrevorD

            Yes boss :)…

          • Freespirit


          • TrevorD

            Just spent an hour reading 4 great articles on Veterenstoday. re Trumps Jerusalem

          • Freespirit

            Like these ones: Over 124 Righteous “Jewish” SCHOLARS condemn TRUMP’S decision about JERUSALEM :

            AND here is the REAL untalked-about REASON WHY :

          • TrevorD

            Yes seen them all. It seems either by accident or indeed done on purpose that Trump has now re-ignited the whole Zionist/Palestine issue, even on MSM. (Links to the USA/Israel especially) and everyone is talking about it including MSM. For me he is either another Zionist puppet or he plays a very, very clever far-reaching game. What`s your thoughts?

          • Freespirit

            I have never doubted he is a Zionist “puppet” and predicted the same BEFORE his election


            His daughter is married to a Zionist and she converted to what they call “Judaism”and all his business dealings including bail-outs for his failing corporations were by, for and with ZIONIST Ashkenazi

            I was very fortunate Trevor. I came from the Generation which was TAUGHT – “Judge a man by his ACTIONS not his WORDS”

            THAT principle has NEVER been wrong, in my lifetime, nor based on COMMON SENSE.

            Have you ever seen a DOVE fly with HAWKS ???

  • roger


  • Freespirit

    NO, her REAL and ONLY mistake is NOT DEMANDING COMMON Law Jurisdiction and followed by telling the Judge she “DOES NOT CONSENT” when he asked her to make a plea, followed by her answer “NO” to his question. “Do you understand”

    Governments win because of our IGNORANCE of our TRUE RIGHTS

  • rouge1

    Thank God for the police state to save us.