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Here at The Anti Media, we have been a bit conflicted with our coverage of the 2016 presidential election. We tend to keep our discussion of presidential candidates to a minimum to avoid aching migraines. When it comes to Donald Trump (someone likely to give a fair amount of the population a migraine) we have tried to point out his flaws, his potential, and to highlight the stories the media ignores while it focuses on Trump’s traveling circus. However, for all the laughs to be had about Trump, one thing is certain: he has the media’s attention. Love him or hate him, he has somehow become the highest polling candidate in the Republican party.

Supporters of Trump like to point out that he is not afraid to be politically incorrect — that he speaks his mind. He is seen as a tough businessman who can get the economy back in shape. Or something like that.

The truth is that Trump is like all other politicians. He is after power and perhaps even believes he could do some good for the United States. That makes him even more dangerous. He believes his radical ideas are going to help unify this already heavily divided nation. Trump says that he would force millions of human beings to leave this country because they were born on the wrong side of a line on a map. Recently, Trump said he gets his military advice from watching television. Still, none of these issues are being ignored by the corporate media, so what exactly is “the question the media won’t ask Donald Trump”?

Why is Donald Trump’s name listed in a known pedophile’s “little black book?”

What is Trump’s role, if any, in the alleged sex rings operated by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein?

In early January of 2015, it was reported by the Daily Mail, then Gawker, and then Newsweek, that Donald Trump was listed among the friends of Jeffrey Epstein. Little is known about exactly how Epstein made his billions, but he is connected to many powerful businessmen — and royalty. Some of his friends include Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Newsweek wrote:

“‘An American woman called Virginia Roberts – now a married, 31-year-old mother of three – has filed an affidavit in a Florida federal court in which she swears in gruesome detail that the late press baron and pension fiddler Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine recruited her to satisfy the sexual needs of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein and his friends. Those friends, according to Roberts, included the Duke of York, now fifth in line to the throne, and celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz (best known for getting Claus von Bulow’s conviction for murdering his wife overturned). Buckingham Palace have denied everything more than once. Dershowitz is suing. From 1999 onwards, when she was just 15, Virginia spent much of her time on Epstein’s Boeing 727 – nickname, the ‘Lolita Express’ – on an unsavoury kind of world tour that included, she says, an orgy with Andrew on Epstein’s private island of Little St James, or ‘Little St Jeff.’ as it became known.”

Among the friends of Epstein are Stephen Hawking, Kevin Spacey, and even Bill Clinton (perhaps someone should ask Hillary about Epstein). So what exactly happened with “Little St. Jeff?” Newsweek continued:

“Some presidents and princes, having acquired a taste for the trappings of high office or monarchy, find it hard to resist the allure of the private jet. There were obviously other attractions for Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – the private island in the Caribbean described by former staff as ‘like a five star hotel where nobody paid,’ the pretty girls offering massages, the on-tap chat about theoretical physics – but with his 600 flying hours a year to play with, usually with guests on board – Epstein had a lot of flight leverage. Which is why in this unseemly saga, just as Prince Andrew is being forced to issue what feel like daily denials about accusations of having sex with an underage girl at Mr Epstein’s many houses, eye-­popping names surface in the Caribbean sea.”

I am sure you are thinking, “Simply being associated with an accused pedophile does not make one a pedophile,” but allow me to continue before you close this article. Although the Newsweek story only gives Trump a one-line mention, his connection to Epstein still raises questions. The Daily Mail reported in January that it had obtained a copy of Epstein’s address book, which contained the list of all his associates. The address book came from Epstein’s former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested in 2009 after attempting to sell it. Following the Daily Mail’s report, Gawker released a copy of the address book. Gawker reported:

“According to an FBI affidavit, Rodriguez described the address book and the information contained within it as the ‘Holy Grail’ or ‘Golden Nugget’ to unraveling Epstein’s sprawling child-sex network. But despite having been subpoenaed for everything he had on his former boss, Rodriguez didn’t share it with the FBI or Palm Beach Police Department detectives investigating Epstein. Instead, he tried to make a $50,000 score by covertly peddling the black book to one of the attorneys launching lawsuits at Epstein on behalf of his victims.

The plot backfired when the attorney reported Rodriguez to the FBI, and he was promptly charged with obstruction of justice. But not before he had, according to the FBI affidavit laying out the crime, marked up the book and an accompanying notepad with ‘handwritten notes’ that contained ‘information material to the underlying investigation that would have been extremely useful in investigating and prosecuting the case, including the names and contact information of material witnesses and additional victims.’”

Rodriguez would spend 18 months in prison before he died in December. He was never able to speak out publicly about the true importance of the names. About 50 names were circled by Rodriguez, including Courtney Love and Donald Trump. Other names listed in the address book included Barbara Walters, Alec Baldwin, Sir Richard Branson, actress Elizabeth Hurley, designer Tom Ford, John Cleese, Minnie Driver, Dustin Hoffman, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Senator Edward Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Maria Shriver, Rupert Murdoch, and models Janice Dickinson, Marie Helvin, and Angie Everhart.

When the story broke, Trump’s spokesman told Gawker, “Mr. Trump only knew Mr. Epstein as Mr. Trump owns the hottest and most luxurious club in Palm Beach, and Mr. Epstein would go there on occasion.”  With that, the media backed off the story and forgot about the Trump connection. The Donald officially launched his campaign on June 16, 2015. By that point, the topic had long since been buried under more sensationalist headlines and talking points. Hopefully, someone out there on the campaign trail will have the courage to ask Donald Trump to clarify his connection to this despicable situation. For what it’s worth, I encourage everyone to ask ALL the candidates tough questions and stop accepting their words as gospel.

For those interested in diving further down the rabbit hole of global sex slave rings and pedophile networks, I suggest further research on the royal families of Europe and the many reports that have surfaced over the years. Check this link (it is in Danish but there are English links at the bottom).

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all the vulgarity is reserved for the European authorities. American politicians also have a long, sordid history with these activities. One particular story worth knowing is called the Franklin Scandal. In short, it involves allegations of a child sex ring involving members of the Nebraska Republican Party from 1988 to 1991. The allegations led to investigations of Lawrence E. King Jr., who worked for the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) in Omaha, Nebraska. Eventually, a grand jury would find that the stories were false, and the result of a vindictive former employee.

However, Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal, said the story does not end there. As he told the American Commentary blog, “In the Washington DC section of the book I show — through the grand jury documentation I acquired about 200 of Lawrence King’s flight receipts.”

He continued: And the vast majority of them go to Washington DC. And in DC there was a pedophilic pimp named Craig Spence, and he was also a CIA asset. And he said he was a CIA asset, and then I found other sources to corroborate that. And a lot of these pedophile parties went down in Craig Spence’s home. Spence’s guest lists were a veritable who’s who of people in congress, people in the upper echelon of the Reagan administration, the upper echelon of what would become the Bush administration, the upper echelon of the judiciary.”

Bryant also discusses the now legendary documentary, Conspiracy of Silence. “It was going to be shown in the UK by the Discovery Channel, but they pulled the plug on it before it was finished. But someone in the production of this documentary felt it was so important that they leaked a copy of this documentary,” American Commentary noted. Bryant hosts a copy of Conspiracy of Silence on his website. For further studies, I also recommend The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John DeCamp, a former Republican member of the Nebraska Legislature.

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Contributed by Derrick Broze of The Anti Media.

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  • Disruptive Element

    I believe Bill Clinton ACTUALLY visited along with a certain prince- We see where that went. Enough with the Trump innuendos -The daily plants of negatives hoping they pile up in the voters minds is exposed. We are sick of it all and that is why Trump is where he is. Don’t like it well look in the mirror -We quit believing all of you -both sides seem to have agendas -so we are not listening to the left or the right media —like boy who called wolf.

    • lindarmorsan

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  • Infidel51

    “I am sure you are thinking, “Simply being associated with an accused pedophile does not make one a pedophile,” but allow me to continue before you close this article”

    The further evidence that you site in the article after the above sentence is that someone trying to flip the address book for a quick buck circled his name? Wow.
    I am duly suspicious of every human being involved in our BS farce of a political process but give me a break. Beyond thin.

  • Lisa

    My cousin’s friend’s brother is a felon, so I must be too

    • CharlesH

      Must be. That’s how it works right?

      • There are enough apocryphal laws on the books to make all of us multiple felons…

  • mike day

    Derrick broze wow a one line address or contact info and Trump might be an evil man , just stick to want he says such as he Has bought humans for poolitical favors he actual said that in a debate that is real throw up not BS . Find facts REAL TRUTH IT WILL KEEP US FREE , and maybe you might be able to get out from your parents basement.

  • knotjammin2

    Hey Derrick!! How much is Karl Rove paying you for your little hit piece you’ve written here. Just deleted The Daily Sheeple from my favorites bar. This article is just too sick to even try to come back to this site. Good-bye and piss-off!!

    • M_111

      I’m actually getting sick of the biased articles on here and RedFlagNews. If I’m not getting religion stuffed down my throat, it’s political bias. This is becoming more and more of lesser funded MSM site. At least RFN is aggregate, I just have weed throughout the sensationalist titles. Some of the crap on these sites is getting a bit paranoid and outrageous for even my taste. And that’s saying a lot.

  • HarpDiem

    This entire article is pointless and poorly written.

  • John_Smith001

    So far all this proves is that rich and powerful people associate with one another.

  • bill lopez

    Agree with everyone else so far – article proves nothing, and is poorly written. Any angle the writer was trying to capture was completely lost, as I saw nothing more than a guy who stole the book circled a bunch of peoples names. Don’t see anything demining here and I don’t even like Trump that much.

  • Mark
    • sunshine

      Mark, you are awesome. Your posts are the best, thank you so much! Keep on exposing the bastards!!

    • anna miller

      Thanks Mark, unfortunately, most don’t realize who is truly running our nation, Europe, and if their Talmudic desires are met…the world, under the banner of the NWO. Brother Nathaniel Kapner, a former Jew, is calling out the Sabbatean -Frankists who rule us. Here is 4 minutes of truth from Brother Nathaniel:

  • carpkiller

    Trump would not have run if he was that kind of would be a perfect way to discredit him though. People believe everything they read and vet none of it.

    • Several of the other Republican candidates could be in trouble if Trump turned the tables on this allegator.

      • carpkiller

        Christy comes to mind. He is a dirt from under the rocks. Screw the people as long as I get what I want.I can see him and Jebby boy in the dark corner of the room. —– Original Message —–
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        • Do you mean Christopher James “Chris” Christie? If so, misspelling his name doesn’t improve your credibility. Nor does referring to Prescott Bush’s traitorous grandson by a nickname.

  • CharlesH

    I’m calling absolutely bullshit on this type of ‘journalism’. If I want tabloid lies and innuendos I have to go no further than my nearest supermarket check out.

  • AZBlackDog

    LOL! Character assasination doesn’t become you, Derrick. And then to quote The Daily Mail, Gawker and Newsweek — all three ‘absolute factual representatives of investigative reporting (thick sarcasm)’ as your ‘proof’ shows remarkable gullibility for a member of the media.

    Your question to us, “What is Trump’s role, if any, in the alleged sex rings operated by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein?” only serves to prove my point — especially the ‘if any’ part — you are practicing inflamatory journalism. You are hoping, praying that your audience are dolts, believing every word because, well, why would you lie if you’re an investigative journalist?

    I know it’s tough to actually investigate things, to drill down and find the clues to a break-out lead story, but slamming a Presidential Candidate by creating a false flag news story (or elaborating on one) in these pages shows a desperate false candor that these readers pick up on.

    Please keep your opinions to yourself whilst you are working. Just report the news. Don’t you want to be the Walter Cronkite of the Antimedia? lol

  • icetrout

    I’d like to know the connection between Hillary,Huma ,Obama,Muslim Brotherhood & BENGHAZI !!! oh,don’t want to look under that rock…

  • icetrout

    Daily Sheeple is a shill for the DNC… oh,don’t like that do you ! lol 😛

  • How many members of Bohemian Grove are listed in the same book?


    Most are Jews or Jew minions!

  • Kevin G.

    So, We’re now to Dump Trump and seek who as a good Moral Candidate ? Bush? Clinton, I think NOT!

    There is but ONLY ONE who shall Return to Rule this planet, and hopefully soon, that can be trusted completely!

  • Gearmoe

    This BS will never fly to erode Trump. So we want a Communist wannabe-Sanders? FU to those who do!

  • ccambridge

    What else do you have to bring the Donald down. This guy is way better than any one of the professional politicians that are running. It’s amusing to see the loser media all of a sudden becoming afraid of someone that can be a leader.

  • Wow, that’s quite an empty hit piece. So which one of the bought and paid for globalists would you prefer? Or is it Rand Paul because it should be obvious to everyone by now that he’s sold out and ain’t going nowhere.

  • Better to be light on content than print Bullsheet.

  • Synickel

    When anyone in this world reaches celebrity status, whether politician, athlete, actor, musician, they must join the OTO, which requires all this perverse behavior.

  • Ann

    Wow you are really grasping at straws. You are in the mind of Donald Trump and KNOW that he wants power? You think the man is as high profile as he is and has made it 70 years and his being a pedophile hasn’t been exposed? Sorry, this article is written by a WHINY LOSER.

  • anna miller

    Is Trump a stage prop to hand Hillary the election?
    2011 commercial with Donald Trump, literally leading the sheep

  • Art V

    Derrick Broze, Allegations and innuendos do not make for evidence (but they do make for a good story and smear campaign) …

    If for a fact you have hard and clear cut evidence, I suggest you present it … BTW, third party testimony and hearsay is not evidence.

    I suspect you have nothing more than fallow gossip to offer …

  • ron17571

    It would serve no purpose. I am not interested in any of a person’s sexual appetites. I would like to believe it would be within legal norms.

  • Jhollman

    I knew it! you can see how evil this man is on his ugly face.

  • James Raymond Lane

    This IS still America, where a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty. (mostly) Give REAL evidence, not hearsay or He/She said and I’ll take it a bit more seriously.

  • delbert chaudoin

    So? I know clinton. Does that mean I messed with Monica Llewenski?

  • Doug

    Trump “said he gets his military advice from watching television”. Where do you think bath house barry gets his military advice from? He certainly is no expert on the military.