Oklahoma Votes To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Voters in Oklahoma approved a ballot measure making the state the 30th in the nation to allow broad access to medical marijuana.  The approval in such a deeply entrenched conservative state is a clear indication that the public at large would like to see some major cannabis laws reformed.

The proposal, which passed by a 57% to 43% margin on Tuesday, will allow doctors to recommend cannabis for any medical condition they see fit. Most other states’ medical marijuana laws dictate specifically which diseases, ailments, and disorders for which physicians can authorize a patient to use medicinal marijuana. However, the law does demand that medical marijuana users be “registered.” Under the new Oklahoma law as drafted, legal patients will receive state ID cards and be allowed to possess three ounces of cannabis in public and store up to eight ounces at home.

But of course, the government will still their unearned cut of all dealings. The state will issue licenses for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, transportation and dispensing businesses, and a 7% retail tax (theft) would be applied to medical cannabis sales. The stolen funds (or taxes) would first go toward covering implementation and regulation costs, with the remainder funding education as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, reported Forbes. 

If you’re still unsure why marijuana is illegal at the federal level (meaning the government will use violence to make sure you don’t use it) please read the article below.

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According to Forbes, the campaign didn’t appear to have significant funding from major national drug policy reform groups that have helped to pass measures in other states over several past election cycles. It also faced an opposition that poured roughly half a million dollars into television ads seeking to undermine support for medical marijuana.

This could mean that the war on drugs is close to being completely dismantled in the same manner as prohibition. It also suggests that cannabis politics have now evolved to the point where voters in even the most conservative places like Oklahoma don’t necessarily need to be convinced to support reform proposals when they are placed on the ballot.

“Public support for medical marijuana access is non-partisan,” NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said in a statement. “Even in a predominantly ‘red’ state like Oklahoma, it is the will of the voters to enact common sense, yet significant marijuana law reforms.”

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