Ohio “Speed Trap” Town Disbands Entire Police Department

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We should all know by now that the practice of issuing fines for traffic violations has less to do with public safety, and more to do with generating revenue for police departments and their municipalities. However, the small Ohio town of Alrington Heights took this practice to the next level, and became known as one of the state’s most treacherous speed traps.

In the past it was reported that about 93% of legal cases that came from Alrington Heights, were for traffic fines. Despite being the smallest town in Hamilton County, it had issued the most speeding tickets. Strangely enough though, much of that money never found its way to the village coffers. Three months ago, a state auditor discovered that two clerks for the town had pilfered $260,000 from traffic fines, over the course of several years. The staffers have since been convicted and ordered to pay restitution.

That case provided the town with the impetus to finally disband the police department. The town now relies on the Sheriff’s department for patrols. The former mayor of Arlington Heights claims the decision was purely financial, since the town could no longer afford the police department. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who has long accused the town of being a speed trap, applauded the move.

“Basically, they were setting up speed traps on I-75 to fund the municipal workings of that village – which they then stole. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something off about a village that’s maybe a mile long setting up speed traps to raise money that then is used to fund a bunch of public employees. It just rubs me the wrong way.”

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  • A prosecutor complaining about screwing the people? WOW,,,,what an anomaly !!

  • WeeSee

    Safe haven for illegals to rap and kill your women and childern

    • Rob from Rigel VII

      I love rap music from illegals!

      • WeeSee

        oppes Rape i meant the keyboard it was the keyboard dam it

  • doucyet

    2-3 hundred thousand regulations and laws on the books……………we’re here to help!

    • I better get studying, don’t want to get into any trouble! 😉

      “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” – Cornelius Tacitus (55-117 A.D.)

  • When the derivative bubble bursts, we might be lucky enough to see a large number of the most heinous police departments disappear for the same reason.

  • James

    You could beat there tickets but they throw a fit and threaten if you point out they never had the athority to write a ticket on I-75. Every person who got one there should file a joint Federal suet against the city. Yes that is who the cops work for in America old Judge Pimp nothing new there. I say a Federal suet is in order so all can recver there money on the I-75n deal. Interstate hyway act is were to look for the law & State agreement.

    • Smarty

      The last time I checked, “suet” was just another name for bird food. Is Federal suet different, and how would you file it? It’s all very confusing….

      • Truicki12

        It’s the avian equivalent to govt cheese

  • We Own The Night

    Every tiny Burg in Ohio is the same way. Some will even haul your ass in, tow your car and make you pay in cash before they let you go. No Judge, just an ATM in the corner.

  • csbubba

    Welcome to the REAL world of government police forces.

    • Cracker122049

      largest street gang
      in the USSA!

  • Billy Thompson

    What’s more frustrating? The fact that the village was so blatant about it or that government hasn’t changed a bit?

    Theft, is still theft.

  • Yet another reason abolish ALL unions.