OH NO MEASLES, WE’RE ALL GONNA D— Wait, Do You Wanna See What Measles Looked Like Before Vaccinations?

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(The video I’m talking about in the title is at the end for people who want to skip this rant about brainwashing and predictive programming and get right to the point.)

Today I have been called all manner of names and even been told people hope my children die simply for pointing out the fact that vaccines can cause outbreaks for the very diseases they are advertised to protect against on record.

See, I was behind on the level of frenzy they’ve whipped everyone up to with the measles because I don’t own cable TV, so I don’t pay to have government propaganda piped directly into my home. I didn’t realize that a large majority of the country is freaking out about vaccinations and measles to a completely irrational level.

(I’m sure this, by the way, has nothing to due with the fact that vaccine rates have slumped due to the CDC Whistleblower scandal on top of the flu shot admittedly not working this year…)

Right now, while a large swath of the American population runs around screaming that we’re all gonna die of measles like frightened sheep (the majority of whom are afraid of whatever the television tells them to be at the moment… ISIS, Ebola, whatever suits the establishment agenda) because a whopping 100 or so people have contracted measles from going to Disneyland (100 people out of the 15 MILLION who visit that park each year), it’s already been proven on record that a vaccinated person can start an outbreak of measles.

That’s not me saying that. That’s a report in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases as reported by the American Association for the Academy of Sciences saying that.

On top of that, the CDC’s own data shows that this “potentially lethal” disease only killed a grand total of FIVE people between 2004 and 2010… out of 300-plus MILLION people living in the U.S.

Five. Five people! Five people who were likely immune-compromised to begin with!


Potentially lethal? What a scaremongering semantics game. Slipping and falling on my bathroom floor is potentially lethal! Driving a car, drinking alcohol, climbing a ladder, eating a sandwich, water — all of these things can be considered “potentially lethal” because potentially lethal just means anything that could kill you. It doesn’t mean it will. Those are two different things.

Seriously. CALM DOWN, people!

But instead of just calmly using logic and common sense and realizing that we are supposed to have rights here in the United States, the good little vaccinated sheep trapped in their television-induced fear cycle are now hysterically screaming for people’s rights to be taken away even more than they already are in post-9/11 America… And, apparently a couple of them are wishing my children dead for merely mentioning that fully vaccinated people can cause outbreaks, that fully vaccinated people can still contract and spread the measles, that it isn’t deadly and the majority of people who get it won’t die, the people that do are usually immune compromised and live in places with poor or no sanitation, and basically for even talking about how ridiculous a lot of this hype is over on my blog. (Guess I’m not allowed to type, either.)

Pediatricians have gone on record to say measles poses no risks to healthy children and is ultimately a benign disease.

The older generation is utterly confused, by the way. You find them all over these scaremongering mainstream media articles in comments sections telling people that, back before the days of vaccines needing to be sold, parents took their children to other kids’ houses who had measles specifically to make them get it so they could build up a natural immunity and get over it.


And yet… here we are. Whatever the television tells people to be afraid of next week (terrorists, school shootings, some other disease, a piece of space junk falling on them from outer space and killing them instantly as they walk down the sidewalk, Hillary Clinton running for president), sure enough, they’ll run around screaming like we’re all gonna die as they’ve been told to.

This whole situation just proves brainwashing and predictive programming works.

I mean, wow. Now they’re even calling for “anti-vaxxers” to be jailed, sued, and publicly ridiculed and shamed. The witch hunt is ON. Next it’ll be public floggings and burnings at the stake in the town square.

BUT OVER MEASLES of all things???

I mean, back when people were freaking out that Ebola-laced ISIS members were going to attack our city streets, that was one thing (a ridiculous thing, but still). But measles?

Do you want to know how ridiculous this whole situation is?

Here is what measles looked like back in the 1950s and early 1960s pre-measles vaccination:


Getting the measles was a sitcom PUNCHLINE.

Which, if I might add, is exactly what living in America today is like, watching people running around screaming and freaking out over a small measles outbreak to the point that they are advocating we not only take away people’s basic freedoms but literally jail them for daring to make their own decisions about whether or not to vaccinate their children.

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  • Loisteehee

    I had measles, chickenpox and mumps when I was young—no big deal.
    Didn’t have to take meds. Just stayed home from school and watched TV I wished I had not vaccinated my children and exposed them to a little discomfort. These people that work for the media and most of all governments are a bunch of cry babies.

  • James

    I remember having measles. Had to stay home from school and before I could return to school. Mom had to take me to a doctor were I removed my shirt and he looked me over. Sighned a paper and Mom dropped me of at school again. Before she went home looking better.

  • andrewraptor

    How wise Fred is. “It sure does hurt right where it hurts the most, the pocket book” He knows exactly the reason behind all this, money.

  • Koolz

    and you would be completely correct. Vaccines are a total scam. In fact in the 1950’s 80 some million people received Polio Vaccine that had Cancer Cells in it. Well you would be happy to know that was an experiement on the human race!

  • Gil G

    Cue the Brady Bunch episode where the kids get measles and is nothing more than a tedious time away from the outside world.

  • jhnjul

    How in the world did we ever make it through the first thousands of years without vaccines?

    • Gil G

      “We” didn’t – most people died before exiting infancy.

      • cuntsuella

        No, MOST did not! There is no doubt disease killed many in history past, but MOST survived. The exception is during rare and random periods of plagues. Do not combine ALL causes of past infant mortality, to substantiate such a silly claim. War, infanticide, environmental hazards and famine share as much or more to blame for past infant mortality rates.

      • Glenn Festog

        How many were killed by doctors who didn’t know enough to wash their hands? Or people who had their wells too close to the outhouse. Personally, I think most “pro-vaccinators” are reincarnated from the prosecution’s side of the Galileo Trial.

    • by faith

  • Unite2014

    My nephew is a genetic engineer and medical researcher at a very prestigious hospital in the USA. He has two words for vaccines, placebo and dangerous. I trust his opinion more than that of any government, corporation or lobby group. He also won’t eat GMO foods

  • cuntsuella

    I was just explaining this to my oldest (adult) daughter yesterday, exactly as presented here. The media crap she’s hearing regarding measles is just the newest insanity, there is no justification for the attempt to scare the weak minded, weak kneed sheep.

  • hvaiallverden

    Even I remeber this, vistitng practising, and I havent gotten any of them, and I never heard of anyone in danger, some where sicker than others but no real danger..

    And I, hehe, read the “insane” number of deaths from Measells during this period of time in a country with 300mill people, this isnt even reagded as high level to recognised as statistical noice since then numbers are somehwere around nothing.
    And as you pointe out, 15 mill goes thrue the gates of Disneyland.
    If it was so dangerous, the stats would have been in a different leauge than this, witch is by any standards riddicilouslly low.
    Any “real” epedemitologist could tell you this.

    And Measells spreads by the same way as Flu.

    Do notise how f….. their so called “science” de facto is, its a downright scam, its even wurse than the finacial scams.
    Its so blatant and obvious, even by their own numbers and god knows the truth about this scams and the vacsine hoax.


    • cuntsuella

      Science is the new religion for the current era. The people that place their hopes on science are those that need to overcome objections to morally abhorrent things, like abortion and homosexuality. God forbid we couldn’t have a natural objection to these things without religion, but it IS religion that is viewed as the enemy to those that want the right to murder their unborn and justify perversion. Science IS the new messiah, for the enlightened ones opposed to everything religion hijacked, as their realms of authority.

  • Freespirit

    I had all the childhood “diseases” and survived quite well, to this day I AM A HEALTHY 74 YEAR OLD, who still RUNS,not Jogs, 3 miles every other day, among other exercises

  • Phar Ma Doc

    Unless you are an extremely frail infant, have cancer or another serious illness like AIDS, or are extremely old and frail, measles will not kill you. Sick a couple of days with the rash and done. Even in medical school they teach you that (or at least they did.) So why all the hoopla over vaccination? It is because a person with the measles (regular or German), OR mumps OR chicken pox is CONTAGIOUS for many days prior to feeling ill (hence the stories of the whole class getting it at once.) And yes, they DID take us to infected kids’ houses to get the disease so we’d be done, especially over holidays and such. So again, what’s the risk? To PREGNANT MOTHERS, whose fetus can contract an extremely severe condition causing death at best and extreme birth defects with guaranteed brain damage if a live birth. Vaccinations have eliminated this risk so well that the modern docs may not even know about it, and may not even get taught about it except in a cursory fashion.

    Maybe in this day and age where the concept of women walking around in their first trimester of pregnancy not even KNOWING they are pregnant may make the concept moot, but this IS what the risk always was, not a kid with a fever and a rash taking Tylenol and drinking Kool-Aid for a few days.

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      They also teach you in medical school that nutrition is totally irrelevant in most disease processes, aside from starvation. On the contrary, it is interesting how many disease processes can be prevented or stopped by simple supplementation at the actual dietary requirement rather than the ridiculously low RDAs.

      • Reverend Draco

        Probiotics are often more effective at preventing/curing disease than antibiotics. .

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          That is true because the vast majority of the immune system is based in the digestive tract, where it is most desperately needed. Many antibiotics harm rather than aid the immune system by destroying the natural biome of the intestines.

    • cuntsuella

      “guaranteed brain damage if a live birth” ???
      Are you SURE there is a Guarantee of brain damage? Every child, or even a HIGH percentage of babies exposed to measles, during gestation are brain damaged? Can you link me to the evicdence to this please?

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Measles is not a big deal for children, but it can be deadly for adults.
    If a significant percentage of our illegal alien population hasn’t been exposed to the virus…

  • guest

    Measles didn’t become serious until the pharmaceutical company found out that they could pay the corrupt CDC to wage a propaganda campaign of fear of childhood illnesses, got blanket immunity from lawsuits from the congress in 2002, the CDC increased the number of shots for children and there was lots of money to be made. That’s when measles as well as all childhood illnesses became serious. There has been only 9 deaths from measles since the year 2000.

  • After having measles i had myopia and astigmatism , but i lived. oh well.

  • cuntsuella

    No, the argument is based on FACT, the video clips provide “illustration” for dumb-asses like you, who need picture books to learn. I happen to recall all those shows and LIVED that reality. ANYONE attempting to malign the position of THIS story is clearly an uninformed idiot and too young to know the reality. YOU are the desired TARGET, for the ignorant efforts of CDC to frighten. YOU are also proof that LIES can be made into truths (to the weak minded) if they are repeated often enough. This story serves two purposes. First, is to “assist” the sheep like you, with an attempt to yo shed light on the truth. Second, is to provide EXTREME laughter from those with real life experience, as we see sheep like you make your uninformed replies. The humor is equivalent to watching someone defend an argument that 2+2=3!

  • jahshua

    Flu shot is only 23% effective. They needed something to cause distraction. Realize how theres no mention of this failed flu shot on MSM.

    And why isnt the CDC whistleblower scandal “breaking news” material. Don’t people have a right to know.

    Now hospitals are on full blown panic mode. You bring to get your child checked and they enter the room ready to jab you.

    The same country that legalized the right of a woman to butcher her unborn child is saying vaccines should be mandatory. over 70 million deaths from abortions. How many die of measles?

    Same country with the most obese and neurologically impaired children is trying to tell you how to raise your kid.

    The term “anti vaxx” is moronic. Nobody is anti vaccine. People who call into question vaccine safety or who have experienced an adverse reaction dont hate vaccines, they simply want safer vaccines.

    They can say “safe and effective ” until their face is blue, that doesn’t make it true. There is a vaccine compensation court that settles vaccine related harm with money.

    A 1986 law makes vaccine makers and doctors immune to liability from faulty vaccines.

    Every year, thosands of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS, a surveillance system that monitors these episodes.

    And there is a very tiny segment that is entirely opposed to all vaccines. Some people decide to vaccinate under an alternate schedule, others choose which vaccines they deem necessary, others put off vaccines until they conduct allergy screening, testing for mitochondrial disorder etc.

    People who oppose ALL vaccines are not widespread. And even if you do skip them all, that is your parental right.

  • Natural Immunity

    I am actually trying to catch the measles as part of a non vax natural immunity documentary I am doing.


  • rockie

    Thank you! A tiny pocket of common sense left in the world.