Officially Registered College Socialist Group Openly Calls For Murder Of Capitalists, Including President Trump – School Ignores The Calls For Violence

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In yet another shocking example of the violent rhetoric coming from the hard-left, a socialist student group at Iowa State University has used their social media account to threaten to murder conservatives.

The threats have come in a series of Tweets that have left many horrified over the calls for violence. Amazingly, the school itself has claimed that calling for murder is “protected free speech.”

In one recent Tweet the group, Young Democratic Socialists of America, (YDSA) publicly calls for exterminating what amounts to tens of millions of Americans.

“The left has done a good job radicalizing juggalos, weebs, furries, but I will not rest until ‘hXc’ stands for hang+Xterminate capitalists,” the school administration backed group declared before eventually deleting the Tweet.

As Campus Reform noted, after the students brought the tweet to the attention of the university, they were told that this “falls under free speech” while being offered “resources” if the student felt threatened by a literal call for extermination. That’s right, school officials are defending this groups right to call for us to be murdered. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed?!

The open call for violence against the right doesn’t stop there, as the group had previously tweeted its support for the assassination of the President of the United States.

“COMRADES: stay away from needle drugs! The only dope worth shooting is in the oval office rn [right now],” the group tweeted. Eventually this call for violence was also deleted.

Stunningly, the organization that posted the tweet isn’t some random Facebook group rather they are an officially registered student group at the university.

Notably, YDSA is an officially registered student organization at the university, making it one that is “consistent with the mission and culture of the university,” according to the expectations for registered student groups.

While the university did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment, one student asserted that YDSA has a long-established pattern of making vitriolic remarks about conservatives.

Overall, the club has had many hateful tweets against capitalism and capitalists, with the occasional directly-threatening tweet as shown above,” student Michael Fredrickson told Campus Reform.

“If this was a conservative group, all hell would break loose. It wouldn’t be allowed. Making them delete tweets isn’t going to do anything,” a recent graduate of the university commented on Twitter. “Why isn’t the school doing something? This sounds like a threat to students on campus and in the Ames area. How is this allowed?”

Everyday, Americans are subject to mainstream media propaganda that paints Trump supporters as racist enemies yet in reality groups like YDSA are the ones actually calling for violence against the people they disagree with.

One has to wonder what the socialist group actually has to do to receive any sort of punishment from the university?

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  • John C Carleton

    John Hagee, zionist thirty shekel prostitute, calls for the Holocusting of Palestinians every damn Sunday, to a cheering crowd of self righteous hypocrites.
    The County “Government” ‘State government”, USA “government”, gives him tax free income in the millions because he calls for the genocide of the Palestinian people.

    • darkhorse

      that’s because the government of the USA is controlled by the Zionists, as you know, John, but most Americans don’t.. stupid? yes.

      • Mr. Gray

        Then you and your ConspiracyTard children will hang next, HorseBrain.

        • darkhorse

          Hello HASBARA!!! How’s life in Tel Aviv…the gayest city on the planet! are the ISRAHELITES getting nervous because We the People, the GENTILES ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH which makes the JEWISH DEMONS writhe and shreek in pain??? So solly…but get used to it… we don’t want you here…go home, go home to Israhel..where you murder and plunder the poor PALESTINIANS….

          • Chuck

            Darkhorse, I”m sure you’re walking around, but inside you died a long time ago

          • darkhorse

            Hey Guys….Lookey here…here is yet ANOTHER HASBARA!!!! Hello Hasbara!! Wanna bagel?? I tell ya, the joints jumpin’ with them…oy vey! Evidentally, the Jews are getting scaredey cats since they keep sending in the BIG GUNS..ya know..the college kids they pay 2 shekels/hour to try to shuduppayour face on the internet… hey! WASSA MATTA YOU? WHADD ARE YA DOIN’ HERE? SHUDDUPAYOURFACE!!!

          • junktex

            I don’t agree with demonizing all Jews but Zionism is a plagueas is any form of racism.Many Jews reject Zionism.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            “Zionism” is the belief people (Jews and Gentiles alike) have that the Jews have a right to the land given to them in the Balfour agreement–which also gave specific land masses to other Middle Eastern nations–the British wanted to exploit the entire Middle East so wanted the Caliphate to be broken up into tribal unions so as to put into positions of power their little controlled puppets making it easier to have access to the resources they wanted. Thus, the Balfour agreement which–if no one wants to recognize Israel’s right to exist neither should they accept Jordan’s and other purposely created countries in the Middle East right to exist because they were all created by the UN…

          • junktex

            .What gave the Brits the right to give a sovereign occupied land to a lot of eastern Europeans/Russians/Slavs/etc,who had no blood ties to that region?Prior to that there was consideration being given to give Texas to them for a
            The very idea of a Jewish only state is as racist as the idea of a Christian-only state(which would never be allowed by the way).
            Hopefully there will be a Two-state solution and peace will finally ensue.I am not holding my breathe.

          • archer

            Calling for our genocide is nothing new from Bolsheviks, just research who the leading anti-gun and pro immigration members of congress are, it’s not a secret any more.

          • darkhorse

            You preach to the choir here, archer…it’s the stupid sheeple who need to know this…

        • darkhorse


          • WhiteEagle

            911? Duel citizen head of the pentagone for one…. Dick Chaney for two, unknown other conspirators, and then the Mossad working with Saudi Arabia. (remember the Saudi airliner than went down into the sea with the Massad team? Think that was a dry run test of aircraft remote control…to cover up tracks ahead of time. Mossad team in NYC cought red handed then assisted out of the country. Project Northwoods on the US side. LOT of folks that should be in prison over that and are still walking free. This isn’t (just) the Zionists, its a sub current of NWO illuminati, look more to the Jesuits.

          • darkhorse

            and WHO do you think the so-called Illuminati ARE? And the NWO? All JEW AGENDA!! All DC works for the demonic Jews..the Bush Administration neocons – Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Krystle, etc…the PNAC creators/signatories…yada yada yada …ALL JEW ALL THE TIME. Don’t be stupid WhiteEagle… see with the eyes God gave you! They ALL work for the Talmuds.

        • WhiteEagle

          MR. Gray. You do realize that the term ‘Conspiracy theory’ was concocted by the CIA in an effort to deflect attention on them when their dirty deeds were being in danger of being uncovered and brought into the light. Secondly…according to the Feds, if you ‘conspire’ to do something illegal, you are breaking the law, don’t have to actually do the deed. Its a double standard, US citizen John Smith can be hauled into prison for wrongful thinking but US government pedophile crooks are walking around free.

      • Robert Kahlcke

        The U.S.A. is currently controlled by the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, but they will only have a short life span.

        • darkhorse

          Sorry, JEWISH SUPREMCIST/TALMUDIST…yet another fairytale form your kind…like the one where you guys are the chosen ones…hehehe..

          • Robert Kahlcke

            You have to spell correctly before communicating, Snowflake

          • darkhorse

            that’s another JEWISH ploy…the HASBARAs tell you you misspelled something…what level IQ could explain such a thing…? Pathetic

          • darkhorse

            you morons say this all the time.., A key ticks ll the time — not that I need to offer a reason to such a stupid buttwipe like you… how many poor PALESTINIANS have you guys murdered this week?? Does RACHEL CORRY haunt you…? What about the JEW who murdered this schoolgirl?

    • Mr. Gray

      You’re just another chickensht little keyboard warrior hiding in daddy’s basement.
      Let me educate you, ConspiracyTard: Israel will become the Head of the Nations because it’s prophesied in the Holy Bible. When that happens they’ll hunt down and hang bigots like you. Don’t believe me? They have a 94-yr old former Nazi death camp guard on trial right now. The Israelis don’t stop when it comes to hunting their enemies down, including you.
      I’ll enjoy watching your feet twitch and your big ugly face turn purple as you die.
      Then they’ll hang your ConspiracyTard children too.
      Good times!

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        DAMAGE CONTROLL ALERT — Check the profile — 4th-String-Weekend-Shift-With-No-OT-Waterboy-Wannabe DAMAGE CONTROLL ALERT

      • John C Carleton

        • darkhorse

          OMG John…why is this race uglier than sin…..guess God knew what He/She was doing…ugly face ugly soul

      • darkhorse

        Hey Smelly Ca Ca ZIO/TALMUDIST…time for you and your demonic family to give up the ghost and expire! We hate you…the planet will not tolerate jews any longer – you filthy pigs…you Weinsteins, & Feinsteins and Weiners and Schnitzel destroyers of human souls…can’t wait till you get yours from Jesus…have a bagel…wanna a schmeer??

        • Robert Walling

          Jesus is love even for those that hate you.

          • darkhorse

            well, gee, aww shucks….

      • darkhorse

        Notice how the Jews are the brothel owners in life? Notice how they survive from the filth from the sewers? Parasites.. Notice how they survive from endlessly murdering real human beings and stealing their possessions? Yes, this is what they do…

      • Fish Deep

        Biblical, genetic Israel has NOTHING to do with any jews.
        “Edom is [in] modern Jewry.” Jewish encyclopedia.
        “As it is written,Jacob I have loved, but Esau (Edom) I have hated.”
        Romans 9:13

      • TrevorD

        Mr Gray. I see you are still lost in your own dillusions. Great entertainment for those with a un-washed brain and at least an ounce of truth and Humanity. Hope you wake up soon or at least if you are just a paid troll, then quit and find something productive to do.

        • OskeysAnt

          He will burn like his god, sore-ohs, if they don’t repent. Let us pray for them. We must not rejoice when these deceived individuals feel the sting.

      • WhiteEagle

        Grey…you are a bit wrong. JESUS will become the head of Nations and will be based on MT Zion, and the city will become the true ‘UN’. At that time the weeds will be removed from the field where they are hiding out amoung God’s crop of believers. The Zionists that have turned their back upon Jesus will look upon him, he whom they pierced, …and mourn and gnash their teeth… so it is written. But it is not for us to judge others, but to lead them to the truth. Judgement is for God who knows men’s souls, and he has said for us to forgive our tresspassers, …and that how we judge others is how we will be judged. Do NOT come to the alter of God if you have anger and hate in your heart, but go back and make peace before approaching again, or let your heart be as Cain’s.

    • darkhorse

      Hey John…look at Mr. Gray’s comment to you (and me)..he is ISRAELI DISINFO DOG CA CA!!! They all use the same stupid lingo…”hanging out in your Mom’s basement”.. they are stunted mentally and cannot progress beyond these (what they think are) insults…

    • Chuck

      John, you are terminally ignorant and undoubtedly have spent most of your life looking for people to target your broad spectrum hatred toward. In addition, your post is the most foul BS I’ve come across recently and only Hitler would have been proud of you. You were lucky in terms of your birth time. Had you been born in the twenties or early thirties you would have had a ringside seat as a participant in the Nuremberg Trials.

      • John C Carleton

      • John C Carleton

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Please give references as to where we may look into your specious allegations. Otherwise, I have to assume you are just throwing /bs in the wind to see if any gets stuck on anyone’s windshield!

      • John C Carleton

        If you are talking about Hagee’s obese adultery committing butt, Not you mama, not your daddy, not your phycharvrist, not your school teacher.
        Get off your butt and watch his rabid zionist sunday morning services on Youtube where he urinates his pants over Israhell, while his zionist zombie cheering section has a good ole hypocritical feel good session.

  • Guillotine_ready

    When these snowflakes leave school they will encounter that thing called reality. Then they will be put anti depressants and lie on a coach and whine for the next ten years.

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    if we cant get along….lets get it on…..commie scalps drying on a log pole would be refreshing,,,,

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Who cares? It’s all talk. Just like the people who say “they’ll take my gun when they pry it from my dead fingers.” All talk.

    In reality the big talkers are the ones who submit first. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch.

    • darkhorse

      hehehe…old bastard…. we believe ya!

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Speak softly and carry a big stick. 12ga or larger works for me.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Though my preferred and primary weapon is the “pen” I am proficient with writing implements which use a… ahem… lead-based ink.

        I’m not sure if I mentioned on here anything about a long-standing war (14 years) with the “city” over a piece of my property which they “claimed” and “declared” a public alley (5th and 14th amendment violations), but this summer past it heated up from an uneasy temporary cease-fire into active hostility. I’ve been arrested a couple of times, denied access (at gunpoint) to one entire side of my property, harassed, and called all sorts of names. Right now, there is an entire FakeBook hate page dedicated entirely to little ol’ me.

        Heh-heh. I hear it’s quite popular. My neighbor sometimes shows me the really good ones. There was a call to come lynch me last night. Quite a few responses. I remain unlynched.

        Now, I said all that to say this: I am a firm proponent of the 2nd and live in Kansas which is a Constitutional carry state. I carry a glock 21–every day… or did until I became extremely stressed. Part of ethically carrying a firearm is knowing when you are not mentally fit to carry a firearm.

        I reached that point right around 4 July. Fortunately no one was injured in my break-down, but I stopped carrying that day. It would be too easy and once I pull a weapon I am going to use it. When the gun comes out I am finished talking.

        As an aside, I actually prefer my 30-30. It’s an old friend. 1984 Marlin commemorative.

  • Perhaps the school has a college of law, where they could find some students who could explain to them that a threat has to be credible to be prosecutable. Those that are not credible are covered by their speakers’ First Amendment rights to free speech.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Theoretically, yes, but then how do you explain grade-school kids who suffer harsh discipline by their schools and sometimes the legal system (“terroristic threats”) for such innocent things as wearing an American flag tee shirt to school on Cinco de Mayo? How can a grade-school kid make a credible threat to anyone?

      • It is just the preconditioning required to give them a feeling of membership in the USSA.

  • darkhorse

    the TALMUDIST/ZIOS are behind all this crap…JEWISH SOROS (with the stolen Greek name) is funding ALL these fake groups to cause hysteria, mayhem, division, confusion, blah blah blah…all fake…smoke and mirrors… the JEWS are the ultimate LORDS OF CHAOS…they are the shreeking demons from Hell doing Satan’s bidding…oh, dear…am I being too harsh?

    • OskeysAnt

      …he signs your paychecks.

      • darkhorse

        Oh! Lookey here, people…ANOTHER JEWISH DISINFO GENT! WOW!! I must be hitting some nerves… So solly, Jewish demons…. have a bagel on me…

  • SP_88

    So what exactly is the problem? Is it because they are able to get away with making terroristic threats, or because conservative groups can’t even give a peaceful message without being censored by these communist universities? I would argue that it’s the latter.
    After all, these little commie snowflakes won’t amount to shit once they enter the real world. They will run for their safe spaces and curl up in the fetal position while sucking their thumb and rocking back and forth.
    These brainwashed snowflakes talk a big game, but they don’t have the balls to back it up. Whoever wrote that tweet took it down because he quickly realized that his mouth is writing checks that his ass can’t cash.
    Even so, their threats should be taken seriously. Not because they are a threat to anyone, but because if we use their own standards against them, they should be severely punished. Look at the children who are suspended from school for such ridiculous nonsense as biting their pop tart into the shape of a gun, pointing their finger and saying bang, wearing a tee shirt with a picture of an American soldier with a gun, etc, etc. According to these teachers, there is a zero tolerance policy for any such behavior, despite there not being a credible threat from these students and their food, fingers or shirts.
    By their own standards, these college students should be expelled and arrested, and charged with making terroristic threats against people and the president of the United States.
    If these students were in grade school, they would have been expelled and arrested. Period. And we all know this to be true because of the numerous incidents where children were thrown out of school and taken away in handcuffs for the most ridiculous things.
    But apparently everything is the opposite once they get to college. There is no rhyme or reason to their school policies. None whatsoever.
    Kids are taught to walk on eggshells in grade school, and to use violence and intimidation to shut down anyone they don’t agree with in college, while also being taught to be the victims and to be afraid and offended by everything.
    The real world is going to give these weak minded cowards a very rude awakening.
    If they are really sure of themselves, I say go ahead and bring it. You people want to run your mouth and threaten people, bring it. I dare you. Please. Make my day.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      As usual, good post.

      Here’s my take on it: In grade school they are trained to be slaves to the system. In college they are taught which side of the system to be slaves to.

      SP, research cult indoctrination techniques. Pay special attention to the reactions of the heavily indoctrinated. They all react violently to anything which goes against their programming. The more logical the reasoning, the more violent their reaction.

      This is what we’re seeing here.

      • SP_88

        Good observation. Makes a lot of sense. Grade school kids are being taught to submit to authority, without reason. And college students being guided by their fear of that authority in a sort of Stockholm’s syndrome type of support for it. I never really looked at the two like this before.
        The cult like following they have for this authority really explains their violent reaction to anyone who dares to try and separate them from it.
        This brainwashing is a lot more dangerous than I thought. It explains why they seem so resistant to any sort of logical, free thinking, or any ideas that go against their fascist political views.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          It is extremely dangerous… and terrifying. Well beyond a few looney-moonies begging for change.

          This is in the realm of Hitler’s youth corps. Like them, and children in other countries being taught from birth to hate the US and any religion which is not their own–our children are being programmed in exactly the same way.

          All the signs are there… right out in the open for all to see… and yet, only a few of us see them. When DARE was implemented I went ballistic and wrote extensively on the blatant indoctrination going on, but no one listened.

          It’s Landru, bro. Remember that old Star Trek episode? Of the body… peace, love, and joy. Be one with us.

          It’s all pervasive. The enemy has our children in their grasp the biggest part of every day and because we are complacent, they are exposed to television and the internet most of every night. We don’t stand a chance.

          Brother, our children are domestic enemies. Our children are OUR enemies.

          • SP_88

            Yep. And too many people don’t even realize it, even among those who are waking up.
            It seems like they are coming at us from every angle. They’ve attacked our rights, our food, medicine, water, air, and even our bodies. It’s no surprise that they are attacking our minds. And it certainly isn’t new.
            But they are attacking our children’s minds from a different angle. Teaching them to hate America and freedom while turning them against us is all part of their agenda.
            Keeping them on our side will be a battle. Getting them back after they drank the Kool-Aid could be a losing battle.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Unfortunately, those who are waking up are simply waking into a new mental slavery. They join militias (many of them radicalized) and submit themselves to a new set of ideals. Sadly, most people cannot think on their own. They like to think they can, they’ve been told they can, but they aren’t capable of it. That’s why Memes abound. That’s why there are so many cults and a never-ending supply of recruits.

            In the attack on children’s minds one of the things I find most disturbing is the way they are taught that no individual is inherently more intelligent or physically capable than another. Even though this is clearly not the case they latch onto it like a starving infant onto a teat.

            You see it all the time in webworld. Hell, in the real world too. If a person displays superior (normal) skills in grammar and spelling they are labeled as “grammar nazis” or “grammar police.” I have been called all of them (was once labeled as an intellectual bully. I liked that one.) simply because I insist upon proper spelling and grammar when being attacked. Kurt Vonnegut wrote about this forced “sameness” in his short story “Harrison Bergeron.”

            Clarity of thought is not the strong suit of the heavily indoctrinated. You cannot argue with them because they use circular logic. They use circular logic because they have been trained to do so. When something does not add up in their closed circle of reasoning they ignore it, and if they can’t ignore it they attack the person. Sometimes physically.

            This tendency to attack those different than ourselves is an evolved survival trait which is played upon and enhanced by “them” whereas another survival trait–that of acceptance–is downplayed and twisted into the abnormal thing we see today. Fat acceptance. Hundreds of genders. Labeling everything as racist.

            All those things tie into the real agenda–which is absolute slavery from birth to death. We, the people, are nothing more than assets to those in charge. These assets are taught to believe that slavery is, indeed, freedom.

            This is a battle we will not win. We will not win it because their most powerful weapon is our own children. Like Hitler’s Youth Corps our children have been taken from us and turned against us. By law, they must report to an indoctrination center every day while we slave away to finance those who would destroy us.

            No, we will not win this one. The time to do something about it is decades past. Now, the best we can hope for is to ride out the storm and hope enough of us survive to rebuild something.

          • SP_88

            Riding out the storm and hoping enough of us survive is both a fear and a hope. I fear it will happen, yet I hope it does happen because it seems like the only way to make things right again.
            We are long past the point where this country can be redeemed by peaceful revolution. This tyrannical government will not simply give up and step aside so that an honest group of people can take over.
            Draining the swamp is never gonna happen as long as we are stuck doing it a few politicians at a time. This is something that needs to happen all at once. The occasional election is simply a farce, a formality designed to give the impression of choice over which criminal will pretend to represent us, but then do what their corporate lobbyists and deep state handlers tells him to do anyway. Even if it were up to us, between the infrequent timing of it, and the fact that we the people are so deeply divided, the gridlock alone is enough to stop any progress. But then the newly “elected” politicians are only going to end up being corrupted by the existing politicians anyway. Every single politician needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, out of their office and replaced with people from among the common citizens.
            We need regular people who are not career politicians, and who have an understanding of what it’s like to live like we do.
            How can any of these career politicians claim to understand us if they are not like us, and they have never worked a regular job or lived paycheck to paycheck or had to deal with having your rights violated by the government? How can these uber-wealthy people possibly represent us if they are nothing like us? They can’t.
            My point is that no matter what someone might believe about the government, whether they are just incompetent and hopelessly gridlocked or willfully determined to enslave us with a slowly encroaching tyranny, there is no reason to believe that we can simply “vote the bums out” or make some signs and wander around Washington until everything is all better, or any other type of soft revolution.
            Getting our country back from this is gonna take a significant amount of force. It will be messy and uncomfortable. Some people might even get ((gasp)) offended. For sure many will die. But that’s the cost of freedom, especially when you are buying it from tyrants.
            The only other way I can see of getting our country back is to commit to taking the long road. If there was an agenda, that was just as thorough as their agenda, but with the opposite goal in mind, we could in theory, get back our country. But such an agenda would require a very serious commitment on our part. And I’m not so sure that people are capable of investing that much time and effort into it.
            And another problem with that is that when they began their agenda all those years ago, it was done mostly in secret. There was no such thing as the internet or cell phones. It was much easier to keep it quiet. And even when people did figure it out, news spread very slowly.
            But nowadays, when someone in Boston thinks of something or discovers something, people in LA know about it within hours or even minutes in some cases. It would be exponentially more difficult to get such an agenda off the ground in this environment. Though I suppose it’s possible that this could be used to our advantage if done properly.
            But I think that’s a tall order, and I don’t know how that would work.
            Perhaps someone smarter than me could figure that out.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Yep. You summed it up perfectly.

      • OskeysAnt


  • libsarescum

    Lets get in on fother muckers!! Yeeeeeehaaaaawww!

  • Elapoides

    How long shall we be tolerant? Tolerance doesn’t work in this case, we are under genuine attack from the left.

  • Lorungee

    This dumb ass school says that calling for murder is “protected free speech”. OK, lets all call out FIRE in a packed movie theater. Calling for a murder is NOT “protected free speech”. There is NO statute of limitations for the crime of murder. If the crime is not protected…..calling for it is not either. But what can you expect from an educational system where most of the students cannot read or write properly. Forget about comprehensive thinking processes too.

  • Brad Scofield

    I can’t wait for these spoiled brats and video game dweebs to watch each other going up in flames as the US Air Force drops Napalm on their retarded asses. Do they have any idea how stupid they all are or is Soros telling them that he’ll pay ALL their college expenses ? College should be free anyways, kids. The fact that you have to pay anything at all is heinous and a total fleece job. But please, come at us with everything you have. Wiping you OUT COMPLETELY will be the country’s GREATEST joy.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    There is a simple solution to those morons. Burn down their club house with them in it. PROBLEM SOLVED. But to be effective you must let them know that is what you are going to do, but you don’t tell them when. Yes they may change their meeting venue, but they will still be looking over their collective shoulders ….

    Also keep their scare going, hide some Durian in an unobtrusive place, because it smells like gas. That ought to scare the “S” out of them.

  • Dick Tracy

    Don’t give a socialist a job–they will try to kill you.

  • Zaphod Braden

    TALIBAN-ISIS-BLM-antifa , destroying Our history and statues.
    “they” say this is a melting pot,
    WE “have” to accept anyone else who comes along ……
    Then “they” say WE are not welcome.
    The DemoHATE party. The “hate HATERS” are the real HATERS
    LiberHATERS are the bullies —- LOOK at antifa. Unemployable mutants, fat, scrawny, ugly, stupid, seething with hate for the kids that were athletic, scholarly, healthy. Social outcasts for being creeps., these losers dye their hair green, tattoos, piercings everywhere, wear mismatched trashy clothes, to try to attain an “identity” that they will never achieve. Their outward sideshow appearance is an attempt to distract from the ugly rotting soul within. Soulmates of school shooters and child molesters. They are the poster children of HATE.
    ..The LiberHATERS make a big thing of “standing up to bullies” and “accepting people no matter what” screaming “End the HATE” at their “rallies”. They rail against attacking people over their appearance ——- as they wave their little Precious-Pony-Rainbow flags that are SUPPOSEDLY proving their acceptance of ALL opinions, but in FACT are statements that ONLY THEIR opinions are valid.
    They scream “tolerance” but they are INtolerant.
    They scream “HATERS” but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream “democracy” but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    They have ZERO concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of their Fellow Citizens, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.

  • Zaphod Braden

    “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” – Vladimir Ilich Lenin
    USSR = Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics
    Communist = SOCIALIST
    Notice antifa NEVER EVER attacks BANKERS? Just like antifa’s ISIS Brothers, “certain” things are never targets.
    Antifa Cheers Speech Made Up Entirely From Hitler Quotes
    The leftist idea of unity is, and always has been, THE ELIMINATION OF DISSENT.
    BLM/antifa anti FIRST AMENDMENT …… George Soros’ BROWN SHIRT thugs.
    NAZI = National SOCIALIST Workers Party
    Sanders/Clinton/DEMOCRATS = SOCIALIST
    NAZIS broke up opposition political party rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH
    DEMOCRATS break up TRUMP political rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH
    George Soros WWII NAZI
    Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his USA immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted.
    Therefore he LIED on his immigration forms and his “admittance” to America is NULL & VOID.
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant for WWII out on him).
    Not one more PEEP about the holoCOST —— ALL the Soros Family money should be forfeit ….. it was founded on money stolen from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and should ALL be handed over as reparations ———— Or was there NO holocaust?! There was NO holocaust — if there had been Israel & Jews everywhere would be DEMANDING George Soros be HANGED. Soros’ multi $BILLION fortune was started on supposedly stolen Jewish property, and yet NOT A PEEP out of Israel?! Why are janitors and clerks persecuted but Soros walks free and BRAGS about it!? FUNNY there are no Israeli demands Soros’ money be turned over to holocaust survivors? !

  • Alleged-Comment

    Different kind of taxes now. Taxing us with endless rhetoric about killing us, violence, overthrowing Trump, illegal immigrants.

    We all know what happened the first time they “taxed” US. We’ll certainly won’t make them forget the second time around.

    Why do you think it is called the 2nd Amendment?

    Nah 1:9 What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.

  • BillRind

    maybe we conservatives will exterminate all of you vermin Marxist democrats, watch what you wish for it will come back to harm all of you. All of you are sick mentally twisted and demonically possessed children of the devil.

  • digriff

    Somebody is going to get a visit from the FEDS…..

  • Stuart Cockerham

    They have been huffklluir;l ing the noxious fumes from cow farts way too long up there in Ames! Liberalism is a brain disease similar to Mad Cow disease.

  • Laurence Almand

    Leftists are always in favor of free speech – so long as the speech agrees with their own Socialist agenda. For everyone else – they have the right to censor.
    Free speech is a two-way street. Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had advocated the assassination of Obama?

  • tscull

    I’m a “capitalist”. Bring it on you chicken shits!

  • Jim Hogue

    It is free speech. Didn’t most of America call for the murder of Lin Laden? I’ll stop there. You can add all you want.

  • “the school itself has claimed that calling for murder is “protected free speech.”

    A good thing to or half the republican congress and the portus would be in deep shit themselves. Unless “the daily [self-proclaimed] sheeple” doesn’t think summary execution without trial and political assassination are not also murder.

    Not to mention all the poor pitiful alienated-in-the-news white kkk neonazi supremiscists who have been calling for death and destruction in this country since they lost the Civil War…

    Some of the writers on this rag it seems to me are too right-wing for their own [or our] good.

  • Chuck

    Why aren’t these oozing piles of fecal matter being expelled? Oh, I know George (Big Turd) Soros probably threatened to stop funding this “educational” institution.

  • TrueAmerican

    Hey you Socialist Punks, I’m up in Montana, come and try to kick my ass or murder me, I Double Dog Dare you to.

    • Chi Sam

      Shut up, you insignificant, impertinent punk.

      • Public_Citizen

        Minus One

        • Chi Sam

          What do you miss most…erections, or your driving priveledges?

          Now that your cow wife is dead, you likely get more kick out of running your mouth than any real pleasure.

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Two
            Just for curiosities sake, how long have you had your case of mental and verbal diarrhea?

          • Chi Sam

            Enjoy the control you have. You likely had little influence on anything in your factory jobs.

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Five

            So how am I going to get to my “factory job” without my drivers license?

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Ten Plus

            The laugh is on you, you poor little angry snotflake.
            If you really knew me, even through my online persona, you would know that I am retired, and therefore have all the time I desire to taunt persons such as yourself strictly for the entertainment value of watching you become progressively more unhinged.

          • Chi Sam

            Curiosity’s sake, you ignorant dummy. It’s not the same word as the plural of curiosity. Men like you do not possess the capacity to shut up while you’re ahead.

            Embrace English…or get out, you pretend patriot. You’ve been at it long enough to have better mastered our shared language.

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Four.

            You really ought to get your anger management issues tended to before they cause you to strke out.

          • Chi Sam

            Blocked…embrace English, you faux patriot simpleton.

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Ten

            And so another Snowflake melts into a sad little puddle of tears.

          • Chi Sam

            How come you do not grasp basic English language precepts? Is it because you’re a stupid bully and you run your mouth like an imbecile?

            You ought to be ashamed, you impotent clown.

          • Public_Citizen

            Minus One
            Tally: Minus Three
            The only one running off at the mouth is – you.

  • Spunky

    These snotflakes biggest muscle is their mouth area – no brains – yea just keep warning us – thanks – and when you decide to make your move, well have a blessed day. Maybe Soros will pay your death benefits. OOps no Will you say? Trump wins again with 33%. Umm. Thanks

  • Tanya Reeder

    I’d like to know exactly how they plan on ‘exterminating’ members of the right when they’re afraid of guns, and those of us on the right are the ones who have them. Ha ha don’t bring a noose to what will end up being a gun fight. Once these college pukes get out into the real world, they will soon see how far their misguided hate gets them. They’re rooting for a proposed system that will enslave them along with all of us if successful. Obviously college is no longer worth the money.

  • Jim

    End ALL $ to ANY schools that allow this BS. Period. End ALL student loan $ for good.
    And best of ALL. OPEN SEASON on any and all left wing scumbags through out OUR country…

  • Public_Citizen

    Is that “free” speech as in “we the taxpayers are no longer going to subsidize institutions that harbor this sort of seditious rhetoric”?
    Cut off and claw back all federal funding, including student loan guarantees.

  • Trisha Holmeide

    Considering there was no mention of which university where this so-called group was being supported in their right to exercise free speech calling for shooting the president and the death of a capitalists…therefore, I must assume this is fake news! If you are going to claim such a thing at least give references so we can do our own investigation and also make contact with such places to express our own “free speech.”