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With its power declining, Washington was not able any longer to keep Russia out of the World Trade Organization. Congress showed its spite over its impotence by hooking the normalizing of trade with Russia to what is called the “Magnitsky rule.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20634768

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian attorney who represented a British investment firm accused of tax evasion and fraud in Russia. Apparently, the UK firm supplied information to media alleging government misconduct and participation in corruption inside state-owned Russian companies.

Magnitsky represented the accused UK firm. He claimed that the firm had not committed fraud but had been a victim of fraud. In turn, Magnitsky was arrested. He developed serious illnesses in prison for which he apparently received inadequate medical care.

Whether he died of untreated illnesses, we cannot know. But the US Congress, acting on the unsubstantiated allegation that Magnitsky was tortured and murdered, attached to the trade normalization bill a provision that requires the US government to release a list of Russian government officials believed or imagined to have been involved with the violation of Magnitsky’s human rights and to freeze the assets of these members of the Russian government and to deny them visas to travel to the US. Considering Washington’s belief that its law is the universal law of humankind, Washington probably intends for every country to enforce its edict or to be sanctioned in turn.

The Russian government finds the “Magnitsky rule” amusing. Here is the Russian government accused, without any evidence, of ONE torture and death, while Washington has such a large number of torture deaths from Abu Ghraib to Gitmo to the secret CIA torture centers to endless drone attacks on kids‘ soccer games, weddings, funerals, medical clinics, schools, farm houses and aid workers. The evidence is completely clear that Washington has tortured a number of individuals to death and into false confessions and blown to pieces thousands of innocents known as “collateral damage.” No one but Washington and its servants denies this. But one alleged Russian offense against human rights brings forth an act of the US Congress, all in a huff about the violation of a Russian lawyer’s human rights.

A number of rulers in human history have been this arrogant. But has a democracy ever been? Athens perhaps, but Sparta taught Athens a lesson.

What do the members of Congress think is the response of the rest of the world to Washington’s utter hypocrisy? How can Washington pass a law punishing Russian government officials for allegedly doing once what we know for an absolute fact Washington does every day?

The holier-than-thou presence that Washington presents to the world is so phony and shopworn that Washington is becoming not only despised but a laughing stock. Peoples cease to fear the “superpower” when they laugh at its folly, hypocrisy and utter stupidity.

Certainly, the Russians are not afraid. The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, responded to the Washington morons as follows: “It is inadmissible when one country tries to dictate its will to another.” The Magnitsky rule will bring forth a “symmetrical and asymmetrical reaction from Russia.” The Russian Duma seems intent that this be the case. http://rt.com/politics/prepares-russias-reply-magnitsky-705/print/

Washington is like the drunk in a bar who picks a fight with a bruiser. Washington is full of itself, but Russia and China are not going to put up with a financially busted and militarily overstretched popinjay. The evil in Washington is driving us into nuclear war and into the destruction of life on earth.

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Contributed by Paul Craig Roberts of Institute for Political Economy.

About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Visit his web site at the Institute for Political Economy.

This article has been posted with permission from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Copyright Paul Craig Roberts 2015.

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  • But “Iamanutjob“ of Iran comes and goes as he pleases in the USA. What a joke. I never believed the cold war bs, seems we partnered with a space program at the same time.

    • Nexus789

      Ivadinnerjacket is an elected head of state and as such as the right to travel to the US or anywhere else – he has committed no crime.

      The Iranian state has attacked no other country and has not done so for many hundreds of years and has a cultural history that goes back several thousand years. Whereas the US attacked Iran on two occasions – in 1953 when it removed a democratically elected Head of State and replace him with Shah (a murderous thug) as the Iranians wanted to control THEIR oil and then supported Iraq under Saddam when it attacked Iran in the 80’s.

      Iran has the RIGHT to create and establish a civil nuclear program. They have the right to build a nuclear bomb if they choose to do so. Also Iran has signed all the international nuclear non proliferation agreements and was subject to continual inspection. This is not about nukes it is about the US gaining control of another nations hydrocarbons and protecting the hegemony of the Dollar as was in the case of Libya and Iraq.

      Iran is no threat (zero nukes – to-date none have been confirmed by any intelligence agency) to the US which has over 5,000 nukes, many of which can be delivered on the top of intercontinental ballistic misses. The Iranians are rational and are not suicidal as they realise even if they had a nuke and used it Iran would cease to exist.

      PS – Israel has 200 to 300 nukes that were built based on technology they stole (or were secretly given) from the US. Non of the Israeli nuclear programme is subject to international oversight and agreements. Israel intellectuals have threatened to ‘glass’ over the Middle East and take out large parts of Europe with them (nice people aren’t they).

  • Anonymous

    What about the numerous crimes committed by Russia in
    Chechnya or is that all American Propaganda?

    • Nexus789

      What about the atrocities committed by the Chechnyians. Always multiple perspectives to consider.

    • SKIP

      You clearly have forgotten, or never knew, or IGNORED, the atrocities committed by the Chechyn muslims which are the same as those done by all muslimseverywhere.

  • Thanks for the info, my point was since we have no enemies all should be welcome to come and go as they choose. Oppresion of women seems ok with you men.

    • SKIP

      DAMN Jean! she must be one hell of a lay!

      • Jean

        If you like dead fish…

        She got her name on the mortgage. “Just in case something happened.”

        How do I walk away if I’m the only one with income? And when we were in NJ, which is a “must arrest” state, I could come home to waiting police responding to a domestic violence call, and be summarily arrested.

        It’s been a LONG 6 years.

  • You are a bitter person. This makes you unhealthy, not someone else. It is past time for you to move on. Sheesh.
    A good book to read is “Boom Bust, Boom,“ author Bill Carter. It is about how coppet rules the world. Basically what you have said about countries invading each other to steal resources. Shrug b
    Ad things happen to most people, the more that do the less you care about bad things happening. It is called building up immunity.

    • Jean

      I AM bitter. I think it’s understandable given what I’ve told you above. It’s effectively PTSD by financial @$$-rape, over a course of about 10 months.

      It is impossible to move on until the house is disposed of – MY downpayment, OUR mortgage – and MY income. Got burned, BADLY. I trusted, and shouldn’t have. I followed up, and figured quietly explaining the problem, and the solution, was enough. It wasn’t. It wasn’t until AFTER all the SHTF that things got sorted out. And now she’s decided I was right, in the sense she’s acting like a human being (instead of the bitch she’s been for the last 6 years minus the most recent 3 months).

      This is more like an Ames test for carcinogens than an immunization. If we give a rat 500,000 times the dose a human will receive in their lifetime, will it cause cancer in the rat? (Ames himself has said it’s a worthless test.) Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, it covers the tumors nicely.

      Doesn’t change the fact that this is only the one that opened my eyes to what was going on behind the scenes. Mom, Grandmothers, aunts, sister, nuns and lay (school teachers), women who were my mom’s friends, business acquaintances, girlfriends, school friends, women I talk to in the line at the grocery store… for probably 99%, it’s like there’s ONE BRAIN shared across the organism(s). The remaining 1% are usually Engineers… 😉 (Dilbert joke).

      I am not who I was when X. threw my sister out of “our” house (see mortgage comment). That was 6 years ago; I have spoken to my sister ONCE since then, and that’s because she answered the phone – and she refused to talk to me. So it was “Hello.” “Oh.” (in background) “Mom, dad, your son’s on the phone.”

      My sister INCITED the problems, and was TOLD ahead of time how things would have to go – and hasn’t forgiven me for it. She LIVED in the house, ate our food, was free to come and go, attended college near us – but I didn’t support her against X., so I’m the devil incarnate. should’ve knocked them BOTH out, and thrown them BOTH out. MY error, won’t happen again.

      Further, it has tainted my view of every woman, realizing that they ARE so similar. why bother getting to know one, when if you know one, you know them all? Same interests, same disbelief in their shortcomings, same list of shortcomings for me (some of which are correct, I admit), same complaints, same selfish demands – even on the SAME EFFING TIMETABLE.
      I don’t see innocence or purity in “her” eyes any more. No matter which “her” it is. Just a lust for control and power and dominance, whether on top or topping from the bottom. As long as I gave a damn, I was vulnerable. When I stopped caring, I regained control.

      Cold, hard reality: If you can’t walk away from the bitch, she’s won already. The rest is just your death-rattle.

      I will take a look at the book, I’ve heard it mentioned before. It sounds like it follows the “normal” economic cycles, just on the national scale. (Global?)

      • SKIP

        Remember what Mae West is credited with saying, “men are like floor tiles, lay them right the first time and you can walk on them forever” I always loved that one, she had lots of em.

  • SKIP

    “while Washington has such a large number of torture deaths from Abu Ghraib to Gitmo to the secret CIA torture centers to endless drone attacks on kids‘ soccer games, weddings, funerals, medical clinics, schools, farm houses and aid workers.

    PROOF!! or STFU!

  • Maybe that is why the USA must be a police state. No one left to attack or imprison but their own. The more debt slaves the merrier. The book “Unintended Consequences“ is written by one of the baine capital elite. Everything is based on debt, he calls it creating growth and risk taking. Hum, of course these people do not want any debt for themselves they want to sell it to make money. He also wants to export the unemployed and import guest workers so as not to pay high wages or medical or retirement. Yet people like him expect insurance and a retirement for themselves. Top talent is only good at producing debt for everyone else.