Obamacare’s Food Police: The Provision No One is Talking About

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By now, most people are aware of the insurance-based pain Obamacare is inflicting on Americans.  The marketplace website is a failure of such ridiculous proportion that it is almost comical.  The “Affordable” Care Act is proving to be anything but affordable, with many would-be consumers experiencing sticker shock over the sky-high premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.  To add insult to injury, a lot of us won’t be able to “keep our plan” or “keep our doctor” as we were promised – no less than 29 times by Obama himself.

But there is a provision of Obamacare that has either been forgotten or neglected by the media amid the flurry of coverage.

That provision includes laws for menu and vending machine labeling requirements.

Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires restaurant chains with 20 or more locations to disclose the caloric content of menu items to their customers.

Naturally, this is the FDA’s project, and finalized plans for the implementation of the regulations are in the works.

Here are the basic requirements, per the FDA website:

The following information must be provided for standard menu items that are sold in chain retail food establishments:

  • The number of calories in each standard menu item on a menu or menu board (the calorie disclosure must be “clearly associated with” and “adjacent to” the name of the standard menu item),
  • A statement on the menu or menu board that puts the calorie information in the context of a recommended total daily caloric intake,
  • Additional nutrition information for standard menu items in written form (“written nutrition information”), which must be made available to consumers upon request,
  • A “prominent, clear, and conspicuous” statement on the menu or menu board regarding the availability of the written nutrition information, and
  • The number of calories (per item or per serving) adjacent to self-service food and food on display. These foods include food sold at salad bars, buffet lines, cafeteria lines or similar self-service facilities and self-service beverages and food on display that is visible to consumers.

For vending machines, the following rules apply:

For food sold from a vending machine by a chain vending machine operator, where the purchaser cannot examine the Nutrition Facts Panel of the food before buying, or where the nutrition information is not otherwise visible at the point of purchase, the operator must put a sign close to each article of food or selection button disclosing the amount of calories in a clear and conspicuous manner.

If this reminds you of Nanny Bloomberg’s similar laws in New York, there’s a reason: Obama appointed Thomas Frieden head of the Centers for Disease Control.  Frieden was commissioner of the NYC Health Department.  As Bloomberg’s health czar, he pushed for anti-smoking and anti-trans fat laws, and set the tone for anti-soda regulations.

Walter Olson, the senior fellow at the Center for Constitutional Studies at the libertarian CATO Institute, said there are more problems:

“The other thing the Obama administration is doing is funneling massive grants, millions and millions of dollars to localities that are willing to do things like propagandize against salt and fat and for outright lobbying to get people to stir up these local initiatives to have the town ban happy meals or have the town ban the locations of a fast food restaurant through zoning,”

The Obama administration seems to believe that we, as consumers, are too inept to make our own decisions about what we eat.  The assumption is that Americans need the Food Police to “protect” us from making poor nutritional decisions.

Here, John Stossel explores the issue:

Research shows that providing caloric information on menus does not have a good track record as a deterrent from over-consumption:

The Obamacare menu-labeling law is modeled after a provision that has been in place in New York City since 2008. New York University and Yale researchers collected receipts before and after the New York City law went into effect and found that individuals ordered more calories after the labeling law went into effect. They also ordered more calories than a similar population in Newark, where there was no labeling law.

Proponents of menu-label mandates often respond to such studies by trying to identify why the results did not match desired expectations. One argument that has been used is that consumers also need calorie recommendations in order to make healthy choices. However, a just-released study published in the American Journal of Public Health regarding the New York labeling law found that providing calorie recommendation benchmarks—such as calories per day or calories per meal—did not reduce calories purchased, nor did it appear to help participants to better use the calorie information posted on menus. In fact, we found some evidence that recommendations may even have promoted purchase of higher-calorie items.

The cost of the provision is staggering:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is overseeing the implementation of this provision, estimates that it will cost restaurants, grocery and convenience store chains as much as $537 million to comply the regulations. The high-end cost to restaurants alone is $457 million. The estimates that annual recurring compliance costs will run as high as $64 million.

Here we have another expensive program associated with Obamacare.  The costs to businesses will be astronomically high, and the regulations may not even have an impact on the rising obesity rates in America.

So, what is the point? Control.

Control healthcare, control the people.

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  • beth

    YET, we can’t food labeled as GMO. WTF.



  • Unclezip

    Here’s an idea: Cook!

  • Warp

    Ortiz’s expressed mindset is that of the limited liability individual. This is the most corrosive and pernicious mindset of the statist. We’re trying to help you to lead a better life. What balderdash.

    • Jean

      Hmm… If I’m helping em to live a better life, I kill my enemies… I don’t ELECT them to high office in a distant city.
      I want the evil and guilty ones to be within reach, so I can strangle them with minimal effort. 😉

  • douseeyet

    In what language?

    • Row Weil


      How about Esperanto!

      • SKIP

        Legalese, the only accepted language all over the world.

  • billy bob

    yet very large people have massive health issues that will cost the USA health service.

    If people could make descisions themselves America would not have the largest waist size in the world.

    • Jan Woods

      billy bob, Americans have large waists in part because of the introduction of transfats and GMOs–particularly HFCS–into the food supply without our knowledge or consent over the last 10–15 years or so. Calories alone do not determine weight gain, nor even does portion size. However in addition there is MSG in most fast food nowadays–it is a known neurotoxin and excitotoxin,(google Dr. Russell Blaylock) causing an addictive reaction to foods that contain it– The food corporations have long been deep into chemistry–the chemistry of getting us as hooked on food as we would be to any drug. The thing about labeling the calorie content that is such a crock: 100 calories of grass fed butter, with its CLA content will actually help a person lose or maintain their weight and will help build muscle–and it is very different from 100 calories of transfat margarine which will cause chemical havoc in the body, weight-gain being only one of several detrimental effects it will have on the body

      • uh-huh

        Amen…biggest thing to affect humans adversely appears to be the weird oils and chemical additives they came up with over the last x-years.

        “FOOD” for thought:

        rapeseed = canola

        From Soyatech: “Canola was developed in the early 1970s using traditional plant breeding techniques by Canadian plant breeders to remove the anti-nutritional components (erucic acid and glucosinolates) from rapeseed to assure its safety for human and animal consumption. The canola plant also produced seeds with a very low level of saturated fat, seven percent or below.

        Christened “Canola” from “Can” (for Canada) and “ola” (for oil low acid), canola is not, strictly speaking, rapeseed. There is a internationally regulated definition of canola that differentiates it from rapeseed, based upon its having less than two percent erucic acid and less than 30 umoles glucosinolates. Oilseed products that do not meet this standard cannot use the trademarked term “Canola.””

        SOUNDS YUMMY, doesn’t it, especially when they have to use that many words to explain it.

        Let’s turn to:

        BUTTER = Cow’s milk and salt.

        Hmmmmmm…now which should I use to feed the family?

        Seriously though…everything has its purpose…problem is corporate America starts putting stuff (stuff a human body has NEVER ingested before) into your PROCESSED foods…and your system basically OD’s on it…so use your brains, people.

        My rule of thumb: If I can’t pronounce an ingredient or if it takes a chemical equation longer than 6 letters to write out…it’s not going in my family’s mouth.

        As an aside: “Autolyzed yeast extract is a substance that results when yeast is broken down into its constituent components. It naturally contains free glutamic acid, or MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE [emphasis added], and is often used as a less expensive substitute for MSG. As a natural component of autolyzed yeast extract, MSG does not have to be listed separately in the ingredients, so look for the yeast extract on the label if you’re sensitive to MSG.” (from Livestrong)

        • Row Weil

          BAM! Excellent thoughts. (Love the butter example).

      • Jean

        Also, sitting on our asses in cubicles all day is a bad thing. 😉

    • SKIP

      NOTE: anyone else notice how dem po black folk always be fat! always have $5 pack of Marlboro and driving $60,000 SUVs to pick up dey benefits Muz be goot to be po in Amurkistan..

      • Dafinger

        Silly boy! Poor whitefolk also have their share of Fatsos! Black folk traditionally smoke dem toxic freebase Menthols ! Glad you expressed your ignantz!

  • uh-huh

    When a country’s citizens are so freaking stupid as to “need” OR fail to refuse this much namby-pamby interference from government know-nothings, the sidewalks need to be rolled up and nature needs to take its natural course a la Darwinism.

    • Oh no!

      Perfectly expressed, and accurate beyond belief.

      “When a country’s citizens are so freaking stupid…”

      All one needs to do to confirm this statement, is check out Billy Bob’s comment.

  • azbob55

    almost all corn products are gmo, including all corn sweeters, whole wheat products are better the the bleached(white) flour,we need salt in moderation, sea salt is best, or himaylain types with iodine in them. sodas, colas, enery drinks are the worst for anyone.these sodas, have about 100 different hemials in them. drink water that is osmosis distilled purified, tap wate contains flouride which is know to be causes brain disfuntion in young children (ahdawhat ever the causes child attention dyfcaty the add bromin to water also. canola oil is ggod but olive oil is the best, sunflower oil is good. corn oil and soyoil can be used but has the most GMO,s3 grams of fish oil or types of fish help healthy hearth and brain functions. quit all sodas diet sodas are worst.pomagrane seeds sesame seeds,flax seeds, and even hemp seed do the body good. we do need salt it flushes the system.

    • Jean

      Good info, but please learn to type so we don’t have to de-babelify it first… 😉

  • old guy

    Feedlot and grower operations feed the animals fast growing concoctions of hot feed. these feeds are laced with growth hormones. these hormones make the animals fat & mature faster. the residual of the hormones are passed on to those who eat the meat. That’s why we have all the fatties. They live on Mc Chicken & Mc burger ect. The 12 year olds go through pubety and have enormous breast and a pot gut even the little boys need to wear a bra! Children fed on home grown natural foods are lean and don’t mature too early.

  • You got WAY bigger problems ,THEN YOUR FOOD,you got foreign soldiers everywhere in america,and they AIN’T here to help you do anything,their here to KILL YOU period…and IF you try to do anything about it,hahaha,your local police gang will KILL YOU……….

    • john q publik

      dig a hole and hide. and when all the bombs are done falling, its time to rebuild. the americia i knew has gone slient for 69 billion inch tvs and microsoft crap, dig a hole and hide my friend.

      keep preppin

  • Anonymous

    As a rule, human nature generally rebels against being told what to do (i.e. control). That’s why sex and drug education in schools has been largely ineffective, among other programs. When you tell someone NOT to do something, it creates the incentive to engage in the forbidden action that much stronger. It’s like a child being told not to go in the cookie jar but they insist on doing it anyway. In essence, they are sending the message of distrust and that creates anger, resistance, and frustration among the citizenry. That might help explain why folks in NYC were not paying attention to and actually doing the opposite in not abiding by the recommended caloric intakes posted on menu boards. Maybe TPTB DO understand this and are using this reverse psychology to make us even more fat, unhealthy, and vulnerable.