Obamacare Rage: One Family Of 4 In Virginia Is Faced With Paying $3,000 A Month For Health Insurance

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Could you afford to pay $3000 a month for health insurance? Previously, Ian Dixon had been paying $900 a month for health insurance for his family of four, but thanks to changes in the Charlottesville insurance market, a similar plan will now cost him more than $3,000 a month. When I first came across this story on Zero Hedge, I have to admit that I got angry. I was angry at the Democrats for destroying our healthcare system in the first place, and I was angry at Republicans for failing to repeal Obamacare even though they have had almost a full year to do so. Obamacare is financially destroying hard working families all over the nation, and Congress must take action immediately.

Originally, Ian Dixon was excited about Obamacare because he thought that it would mean that he could continue to provide health insurance for his family once he left his full-time job. But now that he is facing a bill of more than $3,000 a month, all he is feeling is “rage”

Ian Dixon, who left his full-time job in 2016 to pursue an app-development business, did so because the ACA guaranteed that he could still have quality coverage for his young family, he said.

But when the 38-year-old Charlottesville husband and father of a 3- and a 1-year-old went to re-enroll this month, his only choice for coverage would cost him more than $3,000 a month for his family of four, which amounted to an increase of more than 300 percent over the $900 he paid the year before. And this is for the second-cheapest option, with a deductible of $9,200.

“Helpless is definitely a good word for it,” Dixon said. “Rage is also a good word for it.”

The Democrats are certainly to blame for getting us into this mess, but if the Republicans don’t take action soon they will end up with full ownership of this debacle.

Only the exceedingly wealthy could afford these astronomical health insurance rates, and they certainly aren’t the ones purchasing health insurance on the exchanges.

Let’s look at another example. A 55-year-old woman living in Charlottesville named Shawn Marie Cossette is horrified that she will now be paying $1,859 a month for a silver plan…

Among them was Shawn Marie Cossette, 55, who runs her own event and floral design business in Charlottesville. Last year, she purchased an Anthem silver plan for $550 a month for herself. This year, under Optima, a silver plan would cost her $1,859 monthly.

“It’s a huge percentage of my income,” she said. “I really believed in the ACA. I really feel everyone deserves the right to health insurance, but who can afford those prices if you don’t qualify for subsidies?”

The truth is that nobody can afford these rates, and silver plan premiums are projected to rise nationally by an average of 37 percent for 2018.

And that is on top of all of the other huge yearly increases that we have seen so far.

According to CNN, the average 27-year-old is now going to be paying almost $5,000 a year for a silver plan…

The steep rate hike means a 27-year-old will pay nearly $5,000 a year, on average, for the benchmark silver plan, upon which premium subsides are based. That’s up from $2,600 when the Obamacare exchanges opened in 2014. This is before subsidies are factored in, however.

Premiums are skyrocketing for a second year in a row. Rates rose 24% this year in the states using healthcare.gov.

How much pain does Obamacare have to cause before Congress finally does something?

Obamacare should have been repealed day one of the Trump administration, but the RINOs in Congress won’t let that happen. We need to kick those RINOs out, and we need to send a new generation of leaders to Washington that will get things done.

Repealing Obamacare is the first step, but it won’t solve all of our problems. We pay far more for healthcare than anyone else does by a very wide margin, and we desperately need to get healthcare costs down.

We also need to get health insurance premiums back to reasonable levels. One way to do this would be to legalize the association buying plans that Rand Paul has been proposing. By allowing large groups of people (the NRA would be one example) to band together to buy health insurance, that would give average citizens much more negotiating power with the health insurance companies.

I also very much like models such as direct primary care that cut health insurance companies out of the equation entirely.

Our healthcare system is deeply, deeply broken, and we need to get back to a system that is centered primarily on doctors and patients.

Because what we have right now does not work, and the rest of the world is laughing at our ineptitude.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • tgmoney

    I think that is not enough. I think they should pay $5000 a month until they are homeless living under a bridge. OR until they wake the hell up and say NO MORE !

    • IMHO

      If they have bad health problems then they should pay for it. Don’t you people see that healthcare is just socialism.

      • tgmoney

        I dont know how bad your health has to be to be spending 3000 a month to get better. I bet if there was no such thing as insurance everybody would have amazing healthcare.

        • phicrappazappa

          My Doc gives 50% off for cash.

        • IMHO

          I don’t know if you are being serious or sarcastic but you may be right.

          • tgmoney

            Im being totaly serious Making the point you can pay for all of your own health care and have money left over… OR pay that 3000 to the Cabal and get limited treatment and be broke Its like an invisible prison.

    • Freespirit

      Cause and Effect.

      Whoever CONTROLS your Government, make the rules including for so-called “Health” Care.There are over 200 DUAL CITIZEN( Israeli/Americans in congress which means Zionist Israelis control your Health Care, just as they Own the Media, and Hollywood where MOST Americans get their non-education.

      Not-with-standing the BILLIONS you send to Israel you also pay a special KOSHER TAX on many products you buy……………….

      There will NEVER be Peace and PROSPERITY on this Planet as long
      as Zionist ISRAEL exists, except for the Zionist Ashkenazi:

      BRAVE Palestinian CHILDREN:


      DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT which has a K or U with a CIRCLE around it, usually found in the LOWER LEFT BACKSIDE of the PACKAGE or Label, and usually NEAR the MANUFACTURER’S/DISTRIBUTOR’S Name and Address. Either of those 2 encircled letters indicate you are paying a KOSHER TAX , when you buy the product, which will go to ISRAEL – What ARROGANCE, CRIMINALITY and TREASON by our Governments

      Phone or email the company and tell them WHY you did NOT purchase their product

  • Kendoaz

    Can someone get the doctors and hospitals to publish their prices like every other business does? From what I have seen, they just charge whatever they feel like charging.

    • IMHO

      It’s their business and you don’t have to do business with them. Besides, you are just as likely to be harmed by the healthcare industry as be helped by it.

  • phicrappazappa

    Elections have consequences. Everyone liberal was in utopia with Obama, since we were all going to get ( save ) $2500, and still keep what we have if we like it. Welcome to reality, aholes.

    • IMHO

      Worse than that are those who are forced to, through mandate, subsidize an industry that they don’t take part in. Everyone want’s something for nothing including all the socalled conservatives out there.

      • phicrappazappa

        Fully agree. Especially nice for all of us useless food eaters since the aholes that forced it upon us and the other aholes that refuse to repeal it – aren’t covered by it. We are forced to give them 100% coverage. What a deal!

  • IMHO

    The government needs to get out of mandating. Get out of healthcare, get out of welfare, get out of social engineering. Let insurance decide the rates and who they will cover. Insurance is a business, so let them run it like they want too. Maybe then people will wake up to just how big a scam the healthcare industry is.

  • Freespirit

    This is GREAT news !!!

    It will FORCE people to start taking RESPONSIBILITY for their own HEALTH with plenty of GOOD Nutrition,. Exercise and Rest which they SHOULD have been doing in the first place

    For less than $500. per month they could provide their family with the MOST NUTRITIOUS foods and extra Vitamins, which are more than likely lacking in many of today’s foods. I live by my words

    I am 77, Run 2-3 miles daily, work out on weights. IN addition I play tennis, and also speed walk at the end of each day. I spend nothing on so-called Health Care, which is really only SICKNESS MANAGEMENT . I avoid Doctors like a plague and only if I damage my body by breaking bones or other dangerous tissue damage, which cannot simply be repaired by Nutrition, do I avail myself of one.

    I haven’t done any serious damage in over 7 years, which is very good for a Runner,so no Doctor has seen me in that time. Just think of all the money I am saving for BETTER things.

    The BEST MEDICINE ( Health Care) is Good NUTRITION , followed by Exercise and Rest.- PERIOD

    • G’ma G

      Um. I’m with you on taking care of ourselves but I can’t afford (or hardly find) healthy food AND the mandated premiums. Solution?

      • Freespirit

        Only you know all your circumstances and what you have available to accomplish my suggestions for yourself and your family

        • Herman Nelson

          Hmmmmm… “your Constitution”…? You have no ownership?

          • Freespirit

            Thanks for stopping by

          • Herman Nelson

            Naaa… if you’re enjoying the fruits of it, you are in this boat asshole.. thanks for showing who you really are have a great American Day, dipshit. And do feel free to pack your shit and move to another another country at any time.

          • Freespirit

            You seem to lack a lot of intelligence and maturity because you could NOT figure out that I am NOT American, so apply your ad Hominems to yourself……….oh and thanks for continuing to prove I am OVER the TARGET and I will guess you will not and cannot even figure that one out

            Once more, I appreciate your stopping by but suggest you just keep moving on , You cannot compare with me 🙂

            Bye now

          • Herman Nelson

            And you act exactly like a shitbag with a PhD. Looks down at all and acts smug. That would be you. Not American? Yep.. Another douche bag who enjoys the fruits of American’s labors.


          • Freespirit

            You’re welcome and thanks for proving, once again, what I say :-).

          • Herman Nelson

            You’re welcome for being a dumb ass. Have a Great American Day! 😉

          • Freespirit

            Oh, and I have MUCH BETTER and MORE than a PHD – 77 years of WISDOM gained via Experience and Research

            You might try it because I assume you have many years left to grow up.

    • Simon says
      • Freespirit

        Thanks for the PROOF that I am over the TARGET

    • Herman Nelson
      • Freespirit

        Another reason to STOP YOUR Government from causing WARS all over this planet

        Yes I said YOUR Government and once again,

        Thanks for stopping by

      • Felicia

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    • IMHO

      I think you are confused. What exactly will “force people to take responsibility”?

      • Freespirit

        Certainly, NOT YOU 🙂

        • IMHO

          Ok. You can’t answer a simple question so you make a stupid jab. Interesting. What about this article will “force people to take responsibility.”?
          If you can’t answer your own assertion then just then just admit you are ignorant.

          • Freespirit

            If you had followed my almost 15000 comments, here on DISQUS, alone, you would have noticed I have answered that and so much more

            In simpler words-FIGURE it out, for yourself.

            I guess I should have told you I am not here to argue with trolls. I comment here and in many other places to TEACH and/or INFORM. If you lack the ability to DISCERN or DEDUCE/Analyze from what I say or gain from me, in any way, your problem

            You can learn from me or NOT-your choice

            Thanks for stopping by

          • IMHO

            So you don’t have an answer. Apparently you can not be “learned” from. You sound like an arrogant narcissist to me.
            “Follow you”???? Really. I don’t know you from Adam and now definitely don’t want too.
            I feel sorry for those whom you propose to have taught for 15 years. I hate to think about their poor raped little minds.
            You are definitely confused and useless.

          • Freespirit

            You’re welcome and thanks for proving I am over the target

          • IMHO

            Still no answer huh?

          • IMHO

            Still no answer? Maybe if you edit your post enough you will somehow come out looking smart. LOL

        • IMHO

          A stupid response to a question you apparently can’t answer. Perhaps your reading comprehension skills are lacking. 🙂