Obamacare Leaves Family “Shocked and Horrified” by Medical Expenses

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The “Affordable Care Act” continues to prove that it is anything but affordable, as more and more families are struggling with rising premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

Stories of lost coverage and outrageous expenses associated with Obamacare have been flooding the news for a while now, but some are just downright heartbreaking…like that of Pattie Curran.

Curran is the mother of two sons who were born with a rare bone marrow dysfunction syndrome called Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. The boys also have a secondary mitochondrial disease. They require the care of specialists, regular medical visits, and expensive treatments and medications.

For the last nine years, Curran’s family has been covered under a private health insurance plan provided by her husband’s employer. That plan was affordable, and the family was never denied coverage for a claim.

Obamacare changed everything.

Costs for her sons’ life-saving medications more than doubled under the ACA, and as of today, their compounded medication will no longer be covered at all. Curran said her husband’s employer is being forced to seek further cuts to the company’s healthcare package in order to compensate for the expenses of the Obamacare mandates. Prior to their 2014 open enrollment, the family received a notice stating that, due to the additional mandates going into effect for 2014, the company’s healthcare costs were expected to increase by $7.4 million above the $64 million paid by the company in 2013.

Curran fears that soon her family will lose their employer-provided health insurance completely, forcing them onto Obamacare exchanges under which they would be denied access to their current specialists.

Her family went from having NO credit card debt to over $60,000 – all from medical expenses due to increases in their premiums, deductibles, and medication co-pays.

Curran said that before Obamacare was implemented, it was evident that the mandates would create exactly the detrimental impacts that she is now experiencing.

Like many of us, she believes that the ultimate goal of the legislators who adopted the Affordable Care Act was the extinction of private health insurance companies, with an eventual move to a single-payer system of substandard healthcare.

Curran shared her family’s ordeal with Nicole Revels of The Daily Caller.

Here is her heart-wrenching interview:

Viewers have reached out to Revels to ask how to send a contribution to the Currans. Pattie has continuously stated that this is a long-term problem and the best way to help her is to Stand up against the tyranny that is Obamacare. Get involved, contact your legislators and stand up with us.”

A few of Pattie’s friends who are aware of the family’s struggle caused by the Obamacare mandates have decided to establish a fund to help the Currans get the medications their sons need.

For those who would like to send a contribution to Pattie’s family, you can do so here: Obamacare Defense Fund

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  • americuh

    Even with health care thru my employer, coverage costs have doubled since two years ago, the deductible has risen from $200 to $2500, insurance co pays for nothing until the deductible is met, and the percentage of their co pay has been reduced. My heartfelt contempt goes out to anyone who voted for the a**hole in office, or the representatives and senators who passed this obamanation.

  • Hammerun

    The followers and believers in the Poly-anna world that actually believed Obama and the democrats that YOU were going to get healthcare FOR FREE or at a great reduction of premiums/ $2500 annually.
    Time to WAKEUP kiddies. Health are is a product. A product that is purchased just like gasoline, groceries or your dope. If you cant afford it, YOU DONT GET IT!!!
    Why? Your dead weight, as in not contributing to their society. Not paying taxes, premiums, no property taxes, no sales taxes, no income taxes, do ya get the idea, contributing to society on general.
    YOU wanted this now choke on it!
    This bill was specially designed to rid society of dead weight, like YOU!!
    Death Panels, there will never be death panels. They wont cover your healthcare costs. And that’ll be good enough. Enjoy!
    Socialism comes with a builtin cost, just find the price list.

  • joedeats

    I’d like to know who she voted for, I’d give her no sympathy if she helped saddle us with Mordor on the Potomac.

    • Hal

      Somehow I think the milk of human kindness does not course through your veins.

      Waiting sweetheart.

      • Cookster

        I can see where joedeats is coming from. The voters should have known what they were in for, but stupidity reigned. People who voted for Obummer have no right to complain.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Obama wanted to create shovel ready jobs….. Like digging graves for the democide that ObamaCare will result in.

    And you haven’t even seen the death panels yet, they’ll create more shovel ready jobs!

    Only governments can murder people with impunity. Obama himself admitted he was really good at killing people, more shovel ready jobs!

  • Winston Smith

    It’s all just a scam to enrich the insurance companies. Most of these plans are beyond worthless. I ran the scenario for someone at double the poverty line for a single person, or around $21,000 a year in income who can only barely afford the bronze plan. The deductible is $6500 and the premiums are around $100 a month, or $1200 a year. So right off the bat you are underwater by $7700 before you can even get coverage for a single doctor’s visit. After that, you pay 40% of the bill! So, if you had a $20,000 medical bill, you would be on the hook for $12,000. Either amount is not something a person at that income level can easily come up with in a year, so they are better off paying the fine and just declaring bankruptcy after a major medical event. All Obamacare did was create a class of rate donkeys that would pay premiums every year to comply with the law, but rarely, if ever be able to get anything in return. Running the numbers is also why I remain uninsured. It simply makes no sense to get the insurance unless I make enough money to get a real plan.

  • don’t our trust accounts have the funds to discharge ALL Public debt? Cesta que trust. Birth Bond. Accept for Value and set off all debt.

  • bsroon

    Mitochondrial dysfunction is generally caused by oxygen deprivation on an intracellular (inside) level. This is frequently caused by bad fats having to be utilized in phospholipid cell wall construction – increasing leakage from cells, making viral infections easier, decreasing DNA/RNA function and replication – blah blah.
    Some are getting huge help from reduction of carbohydrates and increased medium chain triglycerides like a good quality coconut oil – it is reversing alzheimers, improving MS etc.

    For those deluded who think O-bomb-ya-care is about health – it did NOTHING to improve the worst medical system in the industrialized nations, AND we have the “bonus” of paying over 250% MORE to be damaged. Whoo-hoo!

    It is about forcing more people to buy insurance. Greater numbers, and new ways to avoid paying out or increasing costs to our medical NAZIs.

    Fact: The ONLY lawful mandate our fed govt actually has is to quarantine us during an epidemic. They do NOT have any right to force medications or vaccines upon us. No lawful prerogative to limit or mandate our dietary choices. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and in my state of California – they ALSO have no right to mandate such insanity.

  • gozounlimited

    Pharmacopeia has destroyed her family…..

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    Sheeple all over the world believe everything their corrupt, even treasonous, politicians tell them, some at the cost of their lives. Americans seem to be the dumbest of all, believing in democrats and republicans, no matter how many they/we murder in the name of democracy. ACA was for political donors, not the American people.

  • bsroon

    There is actually a book called The Healing Codes – which i have to work around the little talks they have about it having to be congruent with their christian beliefs – if it heals the problem is????? The things i’ve had happen from the simple practice is simply amazing. Life is opening up, many physical issues and early starts of physical issues are getting improved, etc.
    i can relate to people without all my trash jumping in the way, and even simple decisions – do i spend the time on the ‘puter to reply, do i go and paint the side of the house, do i head out for that remodel Wed or Thurs, do i start on dinner? All the little decisions of the day have a HUGE and unbelievable release of tension related to subliminal beliefs and judgements that i had no idea were there at all.
    The increase in energy is wonderful in itself, and i can’t tell you enough how wonderful this process is – and it has validation.
    It could help this person with their mitichondrial dysfunction. It has cured ALS and that is supposedly impossible.