Obamacare: How Screwed Are You?

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By Rodney Lee Conover

ObamaCare was never about healthcare, the poor, insurance, or anything else.

It’s about controlling the populace, paying off cronies, donors, supporters and expanding the size and authority of the central government.

You think they cared that no one could get on the website and actually sign up for ObamaCare before the 2012 election?


But since then, millions of Kool-aid drinking Americans figured out what a scam they’d been sold and the 2014 result was a resulting nightmare for Democrats and Barack Obama.

Stay with me:

So far, nearly 12,000,000 words – that’s 12 meeellion (pinky to mouth) words have been written, published and are being implemented into the final ObamaCare regulations.

If that sounds like a lot, consider that the monstrous original Affordable Care Act was a paltry 380,000 words or so before it was bribed, cajoled, conned and finally hoaxed legislatively down our throats.

That means unelected bureaucrats, various lobbyists, corporate interests, union pinheads and other cronies looking to cash-in on the slush or get in on the massive cottage industry being paid billions to explain it all to businesses, hospitals, doctors, caregivers and average citizens who never asked for it in the first place – have themselves created a behemoth thirty times bigger than the original bill..

In other words, even if anyone did know what was in it, it’s now something completely different.

This is a blatant case of the Federal government taking over a huge portion of the private market with absolutely no regard to the separation of powers, oversight or any say so by the American people through their elected representatives.

This law is now something foisted upon citizens without their consent, their approval, their input, their knowledge or their Constitutional rights. This is an act of despotism which will affect the entire nation far beyond what we are witnessing right now.

Some background:

Since the ACA was deemed to have passed Congress, rewritten and declared a tax by Justice Roberts, altered, parsed and carved up by Presidential fiat, had its many exemptions and waivers issued to the fortunate and filibustered against its funding; dozens of minions in various administration agencies have also cranked out over 100 final regulations on how this fraud will be implemented.

That’s the long way of saying you’re about to be subjugated. Think I’m paranoid?

Okay, riddle me this:

Since when does enforcement of a law require thirty times more words and regulations than the law itself?

The answer is when enforcement is the entire point of the law.

This is not about healthcare, insurance, the poor or anything else. It’s about controlling you.

For a hundred years, socialists have been trying to get at your healthcare in order to get at you. Google it, pal. Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Alinsky, Chavez, Wilson, FDR, Ted Kennedy, Hillary and when they saw a wrinkle in time where they had super-majorities they knew they would lose quickly, they struck.

Imagine the thrill of actually forcing socialist medicine upon the free and Capitalist-loving people of America? It must have been a dream come true.

And when they exempted themselves, their friends and benefactors I bet they had a good laugh.

The traitors who cast those votes against their own better judgement because they had been bribed, bullied or just swept up in their Party loyalty will not do well in the gulags when average Americans realize who they are..

Make no mistake – this is a massive money-grab – trillions of dollars will flow out of what was once the private sector into federal government coffers and it’s cronies, donors and supporter’s pockets.

Federal workers, consultants and insiders are setting up high-dollar firms which will extract billions from big business, guiding them through the complexities of these millions of words of purposeful confusion.

But most importantly, the Administration will have you by the short hairs. They’ll have your medical history and the ability to share it or exploit it when it suits them.

They can approve or deny you and your family of what you need in the most critical department – your well-being. Winners and losers will be so much easier to pick now that behavior can be linked directly to government administered health benefits. I haven’t even gotten to the evil part yet:

We’ve seen first hand this administration’s willingness to oppress a private citizen’s civil rights based on their political beliefs. Do you really think it’s not going to happen with ObamaCare?

If you believe suddenly this government will start playing by the rules you are naive to the point of stupidity, friendo. There will be rationing; there will be bureaucrats ruling on who gets what and why and when.

And there will be discretion based on politics. Lois Lerner will seem like a choir boy when this hits full stride. You’ll long for the days when all that ever happened was the NSA gathered your Facebook postings and Google searches, or you were audited because you were Herman Cain’s speech writer.

Did I say that out loud?

Need a heart transplant? Well, guess what? There’s only one heart available and someone else needs that heart too! Someone who didn’t download that news story critical of the administration? Someone who didn’t email the president of the local Tea Party chapter and ask how the rally was shaping up? Someone who donated to the correct causes? Someone in a union, who has a cousin in DC, who volunteered at an environmental event, who is a left-winger and you’re not? Well, guess what palpitation-breath? Sayonara!

Think I’m nuts? I would have too five years ago, but I’ve seen too much firsthand to think for a minute this bunch won’t do or say anything for power. Total control.

When they can sit in secret with who knows who and write millions of words of regulations that are automatically law and implemented into the lives of only the people they choose and not those they don’t, it’s tyranny, folks.

Where are the separation of powers? Where are the Republicans holding hearings into these Unconstitutional activities? When do the impeachment proceedings begin?

You’re screwed. Sorry.

Your pal, Rodney Lee Conover

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Obamacare Faces Supreme Court in 2015

A challenge to President Obama’s health care law will dominate the US Supreme Court’s term that resumes in 2015. But it could be overshadowed by the question of same-sex marriage if the justices decide to take up that hot-button issue — and act in time. A 5-4 ruling by the court in 2012 saved Obamacare from a constitutional challenge to the law’s broad reach. Now it faces another critical test, this time involving the meaning of the actual words in the law.

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  • jim_robert

    Anyone who has not checked out the healthshare plans really needs to do so immediately. We use Liberty Health share and are very pleased but there are many many others including Christian Healthshare Medishare, Samaritans Healthshare; etc

    • Uncle_Meat

      It is not insurance. If the donors assigned to your claim don’t or can’t pay, you are on your own and Liberty assumes no liability. It might be working now but what happens when there is another leg down in the economy, talking crash here, and people lose their income and savings. Do you think they are going to make a priority of paying your claims? You will be in massive debt.

      • Spiritof76Revisited

        You are absolutely correct! Good post!

  • americuh

    Many of us knew we were going to be screwed when the 2008 election results were being tallied. An often cited complaint for our revolution was “taxation without representation”, now we have worse taxation with misrepresentation.
    How screwed am I? Well, my premiums have gone way up, so has the deductible (from $200.00 to over $2000.00), No more co pay by the insurance company on meds or doctor visits until the deductible is met, and their co pay percentage has been reduced if and when they ever have to fork out a dime.

    • Spiritof76Revisited

      The only thing that the ACA does is make the insurance companies richer. People are now FORCED by the government to buy a product that is pure crap.

  • jadan

    You are one confused individual. “For a hundred years, socialists have been trying to get at your healthcare in order to get at you.” WTF? “Socialism” didn’t exist until the 19th Century and there was no “healthcare” until the 20th. “Imagine the thrill of actually forcing socialist medicine upon the free and Capitalist-loving people of America?” Imagine the thrill of being driven into bankruptcy by the freedom loving capitalist for-profit hospitals! Oh joy! You are a freedom loving and completely stupid ideologue who doesn’t know what he’s talking about….

    • jim_robert

      Umm…. 100 years ago was 1914. That is not even close to the 19th C; moreover, there was healthcare prior to that, as crude as it may have been. And the Communist Manifesto, Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) was written in 1848.

      You may want to check your own ideologue credentials.

    • Reverend Draco

      Free and Capitalist-loving people brought us affordable house calls – Government interference brought the thrill of bankruptcy to the healthcare market.

      Why am I not surprised to find that a stupid ideologue is smarter than you?

  • Nexusfast123

    This individual is really quite silly. There is an inability for some Americans to come to terms with or understand that this is all corporate driven and not some kind of ‘socialist’ conspiracy.

    Obamacare is no more than a revamped version Romneycare. What is broken, high cost and Kafkaesque health system has been extended and expanded via the use of public subsidy to the private insurance companies – crony capitalism writ large. Actually I would agree with some Americans that they now have to pay for others health cover. However, not for the selfish reasons they cite but because it is an amazingly inefficient use of public funds and a massive impost on all taxpayers. This system is likely to contribute to the collapse of the economy as the ‘subsidy’ rises.

    They should have addressed the root cause of the cost of the US health system and its lack of coverage. This is not possible as corporate interests are so entrenched and it results in a perverse outcome for the average American.

  • jim_robert

    They may not. But, since secular humanism is what has brought America to this point, it seem appropriate that you eat your own cooking, right?

    • Eastexkid

      Wrong! As a student of SCRIPTURAL teaching it is just as much if not more the fault of so called Christians and Jews who reject truth at every corner and in doing so reject Christ by their fruits.

      • D Titus

        Anyone who rejects the truth cannot be Christian. No mater what they call themselves, just like the pedo cath priests are really just satanist.

    • James120756 .

      Real “christian” of you….

  • jim_robert

    Exactly what I use for you, Rye. Thanks!

  • Joe Lizak

    In the Micheal Moore movie “Sicko” I like the part when Moore is interviewing one of Britains Parliament Reps Lord Benn. He holds up and reads the original healthcare law passed right after WW2. The reasoning behind this healthcare law was “if you can medically cover people during time of war for free then the government can do it in times of no war”. Benn read the healthcare law and it was only ONE PARAGRAPH. It basically said every British citizen is covered for free.

  • Alleged Comment

    I always recommended you ignore your plot-icians. They run YOUR government like the wild-wild West. No rules, no laws, for you see, they are the rules, they are the laws.

    Sounds like Satan has been talking to them, like in Adam & Eve, eh?

    We should do what A&E should of done, IGNORE THEM and I think the time has come….. the walrus said.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Let others abide by your decisions about laws.

  • ddearborn


    While I agree that Obamacare is travesty, it pales in comparison to 3 far bigger cons perpetrated against the American people. First and foremost, the Federal Reserve has taken infinitely more wealth and power away from the American people than Obamacare ever will. And second, the phony wars on drugs and terror (and the phony Middle wars for Israel) have done more to destroy our freedoms than anything Obamacare may have in store for us. And finally the bank bailouts where the FED and the government gave away 20 TRILLION dollars of our money. Over half of that money was given to either individuals or foreign business entities. Notice that I did not limit the fraud to “banks” At least with Obamacare there is some theoretical as well as measurable benefit for the common people.

    The FED along with the federal income tax that was also illegally implemented, was designed since day one to steal the wealth of the common man. The “war” on drugs and terror was designed from day one to make sure that if the common man ever got the notion to do anything about it, the government would have complete power to crush them. This of course by definition required the complete evisceration of the Constitution. Clearly the “rule of law” today in America is no longer bound by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And the “bailouts” was straight up without a doubt the biggest robbery in world history.

    If you want to worry about something new, consider that Obama with the blessings of Congress (they could have stopped it cold but did nothing but talk)just granted amnesty to 5 Million criminal illegal aliens. Now each of these 5 Million have a family. And every single member of that family will be eligible to receive the very same benefits. Which means that even a conservative estimate places the true number at about 20 Million criminal illegal aliens Obama is giving hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and our jobs. At a time when unemployment of legitimate Americans is well over 20%
    NOW that is something to worry about. But in the overall scheme of things as they stand right now, Obamacare is just another smoke screen. In a year or so, the Congress will gut Obamacare because they don’t really want to spend ANY money on the working classes.

    And this isn’t about “socialism” It has nothing what so ever to do with socialism. This is however about distraction, control, fear, tyranny and terrorism by our government. And if you must attack a label to Obamacare is wouldn’t be socialism. Socialism means that the power and control of production and management is incorporated within all the people. Obama is a corporate fascist, not a socialist.

  • Uncle_Meat

    Boycott Obamacare by paying cash for medical services. There are plenty of MD’s around who deal only on a cash basis and take no insurance of any kind. It is surprisingly affordable. But if you are flat broke and need free healthcare, that was always available even before Obamacare.

    • Rick E.

      That is EXACTLY what I do! And you’re right, it IS surprising as to how cheap it can be.

  • Kindanyume

    /facepalm @ the author

  • Spiritof76Revisited

    The “(UNAfordable Care Act)” is like the Berlin Wall. The builders claimed it was to “protect” East Berliners from the West, but the ACA is really a big scam to make the rich richer and the poor and middle class poorer and completely dependent upon the government for existence. Time to Water the Tree of Liberty. Free Militias rise up NOW.

  • Spiritof76Revisited

    Amen. When we were young, if we got sick, our doctor CAME to our home, took care of us, and we were able to pay CASH for the visit, even though we were considered lower middle class. Now we can hardly afford the “co-pays”.

  • Spiritof76Revisited

    We should also STUFF the government. Time for a cleansing of DC.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Amen to that. In addition to cleansing the District of Criminals, make it a separate country, so ObamaCare – with all its evils – stays within DC’s borders.

  • walcon

    “Progress” means we have gone backwards to a time we didn’t have good access to healthcare. We now have access, but still don’t have healthcare because we can’t afford to pay for it and it’s rates and deductibles.
    The government loves to compare costs in other countries when it is to their benefit, however they can’t on healthcare. In the US, the cost averages about $6,000 a year, in Australia $1,900., Japan $1,700, France $1,500, Germany $500.00. The US is an average of 500% higher than all other countries.
    Drugs and medications are many times higher too.
    So your chances of surviving in this country with any kind of civility and money left over is not very good.
    “Progress”, I hate that word.

  • Greg Straw

    If there exempt where exempt.. I will never get insurance again of file a looting return..Im done with this countries rules/lawless laws. I now consider myself a citizen of the country of Greg Straw i now make all the laws in my land and will not recognize this cabal orders from this post forth. there done I feel better already, who’s with me.

  • Jean Bush

    You really didn’t give us any facts, sweetheart. You just went on a rant.

  • D Titus

    Which part please is gibberish. THX