Obama Won’t Go to the Border Because He’s ‘Not Interested in Photo Ops’

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Obama spoke in Dallas on Wednesday after meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry, and he was asked the big question everyone has been asking — why does he refuse to go to the border and gaze upon the burgeoning crisis his policies helped cause with his own eyes?

The president’s response will crack you up:

“This is not theater. This is a problem. I’m not interested in photo ops.”

Yep. That’s right, you guys. This isn’t theater, and Obama isn’t interested in photo ops.

Besides, he’s sending people there for him, like Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Why? Because Obama’s a very busy guy. He has things to do.

Things like playing a game of pool.

Besides, it’s not like he’s already there in Texas anyway fundraising or anything.

Oh wait, yeah he is.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced that Obama will attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Dallas next Wednesday and will be at two Democratic National Committee events in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday. (source)

One of the fundraisers is being held at filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s home. Rodriguez, it has to be noted, is the writer and director of the film Machete:

Machete was the incredibly violent and racist movie whose trailer was released with “a special Cinco de Mayo message for Arizona.” It ends with illegal aliens massacring the fictional version of the Minutemen.

How ugly is Machete?

“Machete” …. is a call for revolution; Mexicans against Americans – and in the words of the character meant to be our evolving conscience, Jessica Alba’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Sartana, it’s about how those who believe in only LEGAL immigration “deserve to be cut down.” This is her rousing fist-in-the-air message to a gathered army of illegal day laborers.

The enemies are Americans opposed to illegal immigration who indeed are cut down. (source)

Surely that’s not making a statement or anything.

Sen. Ted Cruz even sent him a map with directions from his fundraisers to the border towns.

But don’t worry, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the president has all the information he needs…to ask Congress for $4 billion the “emergency” at the U.S.-Mexico border he hasn’t personally seen.

(Half of which is for building more detention centers by the way, not securing the actual border.)

A photo has emerged of the president’s meeting with Gov. Perry, however:

Seems like the president is taking this all very seriously.

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  • DW

    Yep, his lips are moving, so you KNOW what he’s saying is a lie.

    • Reverend Draco

      His lips don’t even have to move for him to lie – kinda like a ventriloquist.

      Sorry, I screwed up. . . Obummer is more like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

  • Ben Liedto

    Detention centers for Americans, not illegal aliens……..there I said it……

    • JCW

      My thoughts as well. First desensitization of the public that these centers are filled with people and then start placing american citizens in them.

  • Lex Loathar

    Guardasill Gubbenor Perry should of had that P.O.S. Bath House Barry Ovomit arrested. But, that wont happen as laws are only meant to be enforced on LEGAL US citizens for revenue generation and to let you, the common serf, peasant, coolie, know who is in charge.

  • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    no wonder ! you become wath you eat =t.v. ,porn.magasines.games ect….=garbage

    • Reverend Draco

      Nothing wrong with TV, porn, magaZines or games. . . in moderation.

      When they become your life, that’s a different story.

      • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

        get God s Jesus -Christ advice Revere *t* garbage in moderation is good for you mmmmmmmioum !?? ya right Obummy uses cocaine in moderation, sure shows common sence!

        • Reverend Draco

          Not gonna take advice from fairy tale creatures. . . not gonna, don’t wanna, can’t make me.

          Nothing wrong with Cocaine in moderation, either. . . an education would allow you to understand that much.

          • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

            then stay a dummy with you poison with moderation ! Remind the entities that live in your skull there time is almost up !! Mouahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah

          • Reverend Draco

            Only 1 entity in my skull – me. There isn’t room for anyone else in there – I fill the place to capacity, and then some.

            I’m very much aware of how much time I have left – I’ll be surprised if I go another 20. . . but then, I was surprised to have reached my last birthday, with all the crazy (but fun!) things I did as a young man – I should already have died 3 or 4 times just from enjoying life, not to mention how many times bad situations should have ended me. . .

            I have an intimate knowledge of the fragility of life. . . and the importance of living one’s life to the fullest, because one never knows when one’s time is.

            It is said that, “when your number is up, it’s up – and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
            What they don’t tell you is that. . . until then, you can do whatever you want & survive, because it’s not your time.

            Stay Frosty.

          • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

            yes you have an intimate moderation of life fragility of life;) I should be dead to ! I live to the fullest but dont need garbage to be happy ! Yes you can do wathever you want thats called freewill as God gives it to all as he loves his creation and his adversary (satan=The loser does a pretty good job destroying it . by your freewill . I might be your last chance to wake you up !? america s is collapsing soon perhaps than will you realise you really have nothing without Our creator Christ ?

          • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

            you can be demon possesed without knowing ! just by the way you talk gives a clear hint on who is running your life !! You love the devils poisonous candy in moderation

      • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

        keep worshiping your dragon is already been defeated and you know or unkwowingly reason like him.

        • Reverend Draco

          Says the frightened, ignorant child who can’t put together an intelligible sentence.

          • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

            Pride your full of it , you ll fall be-bye 😉 Hey reverend i m your father lol!1

      • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

        nothing wrong with poison in moderation,just kills you slower!! eat a truck load

  • Rick E.

    Obama most definitely NOT interested in attending the border crisis. He’s only interested in buying more votes for the progressives by giving our tax money away to those that don’t deserve it legally. Freeloaders will gladly vote for more freebies! Other humans are far lower than he is, in his sick and narcissistic mind.

    The central American and Mexican people flooding the border are just a means to an end for the president! Their lives are inconsequential to Obama. And he feels the same way about you and I.

  • Reverend Draco

    Scum on the bottom of a punk’s shoe.

  • Mary Brown

    Coward is afraid someone in TX will shoot him!

  • blagostwin

    The 3.7 billion is for the implementation of incremental amnesty, what fool would approve that bill other than a democrat?

  • kal98

    The US Lawful Permanent Residency bureau already processes aprx 900,000 a year! that’s green cards, visas, students, teachers, asylum n more! Why do we need this new illegal “run for the border” (wasn’t that in a commercial subliminal messaging or what!) and many are diseased this is a way to further the war against USA citizens in their own country! apparently many key leaders hate usa and want to take down! and we the tax payers are funding this! This is unacceptable!