Obama Wins, You Lose: Senate To Fund “Affordable” Health Care

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Remember that little ray of hope we had when it was announced that Obamacare had been defunded? Today, that has been extinguished, crushed under the feet of 54 of our esteemed members of Congress (who will be exempt from the program, incidentally).

With a vote of 54-44, the Senate has passed the bill that will restore the funding for the much-loathed unAffordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The restoration bill was sponsored by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and is said to be an attempt to keep the government from shutting down on the 30th, when the current fiscal year ends.

The House plans to convene on Saturday to take up the bill. If Republicans stand by their demand that ObamaCare be defunded, delayed or otherwise undermined, then the two chambers could easily be at an impasse by midnight on Monday.

That’s when the current government spending bill expires; without a new bill, the government would partially shut down.

Tempers and rhetoric were heated on Friday as Democrats accused their Republican colleagues of playing with legislative fire.

“We are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now — every bit as dangerous as the break-up of the Union before the Civil War,” said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa.

But Republicans are treating their push to defund ObamaCare with urgency, in part because a key part of the law is set to go into effect next week.

“It’s about showing people we’re going to do what we say we’re going to,” Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, told colleagues, “even when, especially when, it’s inconvenient.” (source)

The public just discovered the enormous increase in the rates they will be paying for health insurance when the new Obamacare policy comes into effect, tripling and quadrupling in many instances, despite the President’s assurances that the prices are going to be very reasonable.

When you live in a fancy house paid for by taxpayers, go on dozens of luxury vacations per year paid for by taxpayers, and have armies of servants cooking for you, cleaning for you, and protecting you (also paid for by…you guessed it – the taxpayers), I think it’s fair to say your perception on a “good deal” might be a little bit skewed.

President Obama feels that the new premiums based on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare to the masses) are quite reasonable. A positive benefit. An absolute boon to the middle class. “You’ve had is an unprecedented effort that you’ve seen ramp up in the past month or so that those who have opposed the idea of universal health care in the first place — and have fought this thing tooth and nail through Congress and through the courts — trying to scare and discourage people from getting a good deal,” Obama said. (source)

People with poor health may pay less than they are currently paying and those with pre-existing conditions will be able to finally get insurance. However, those in good physical condition (you know, the ones who responsibly practice healthy lifestyles with few risk factors) will be almost unilaterally paying more.

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  • mallardhen

    Just as your article says “a fair price”, that is only in the mind of someone who is either very well off money wise; or soneone like BO who is supported by the masses and of course there are those who are exempt from having to be enrolled, such as the congressman & senators.

    After looking at some of the prices quoted for the gold, silver ,ect. plans I see no way the average person is going to be able to afford them and still eat and pay their normal living expenses. Then there is the fine that people who do not enroll are going to have to pay where is it all going to end? Not good for anyone.

    • Hugh Mann

      I’ll be 50 soon and for someone my age, the cost for is $200 a month in Tennessee. I make $13 an hour. Having monthly bills like rent, utilities, phone/internet, food, gas, auto insurance my answer to the federal government is a big f*ck you. I have zero debt, my wife and I still struggle at times to put food on the table. If I don’t have it, they aren’t getting it.

      • Hammerun

        Hugh, start making a list now. Refer to it in the future in November when theses fucks want a job again. This Obama care thing is as far as I’m concerned is on the democrats and a select few republicans backs and they all need to be held accountable. No excuses, if they voted for obicare they need to be FIRED!!!!! Plain and simple.

        • NoTimeForLies

          Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Gentlemen, its time to open your eyes and realize that its all rigged. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they all answer to the Puppet Master. Its all kept in the Family. Until we here in America are ready to accept we have been lied to about everything in our history, that the U.S. is just a corporation and that the buck stops at the hands of the Rothschild, we will continue to be stripped of all but pride.

        • Adf


          And then they’ll go on to live with 6 figure retirement pay while another corrupt asshole replaces them. And the cycle continues.

          Wake up you coward, the last chance to fix something via voting was before 1913. There’s only one way now, yet the American sheeple are too scared to go through with it.

      • Kulafarmer

        They say they are going to give a tax credit to subsidize the premium, but you still have to pay for the policy, and what is the deductible? Meds?
        Dont pay these asses 1 red cent more.

  • Anonymous


    • Mark

      A lot of the idiots that voted for Obuma are the same ones that have been sitting at home drawing entitlements while people like us with morals go out and WORK FOR A LIVING…
      In my mind able bodied people have no excuse to be sitting on their fat asses year after year.
      You don’t work you don’t eat…

  • Homer Goodall

    Texas had nullified the Affordable Health Care Act. Without Texas then the cost will be put on the backs of the rest of us.

  • in response to anonymous he hopes those who voted for obama is going to suffer,how are they going to suffer they dont work they get free phones free food everything free they dont work,there not going to suffer only people that work for a living is going to suffer

    • Andy

      Amen! Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Whorl

    I have officially decided to quit work as soon as the ACA is passed and implemented. I refuse to pay another dime into the system that has fucked me every step of my working life. This is the last straw.

    I figure if you cant beat them, join them. I figure that if everyone starts sucking on the government tit that it will speed up the crash, then maybe we can get back on track to fixing the problems we face and stop playing these bullshit games.

    I am not giving up I am forcing the issue. They want to do these things then fine lets rock this fucking boat !!!

  • Andy

    Someone who has been on the Welfare dole all of their life does not deserve a vote,due to the fact that they will continually vote for the liberal democrat ,or the RINO,that keeps giving them their “entitlements”,the way I see it they are entitled only if they do some type of work for their money or food stamps,picking up paper by the side of the roads or highways,working in a Headstart daycare taking care of kids,or some other small job to help defray the costs of the “entitlements they recieve”.Also Medicaid is so abused by these people that recieve it,they go to an ER if they need medicine,that can be purchased inexpensesively in a store,but they don’t want to spend a little of their welfare money,so they go to an ER,and take up the staffs time,and it costs the whole system more,Plus most of the people on Medicaid think they should even be seen before someone in worse condition than they are,I have seen this before as I worked Security in a local hospital and have dealt with these people before.The system wants these people on handouts so they can control the populace,Socialism at its finest.When will the rest of us have our fill of being second class citizens,and take this country back?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Andy

      Also the Democrats have waivers on this,that means they are exempt from having to be enrolled in Obamacare,as also the Muslims are exempt,as are the Unions,as are anyone on Medicaid,and even if you have insurance you could still be fined due to what you have does not fit the government specifications,now that really sucks.Plus there is so much that violates our 4th Amendment rights,it still amazes that some of the Supreme Court Justices say that this POS is legal,but the liberals are the ones who said it is,the conservative judges say it is not Constitutional,because they voted that it isn’t.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • Anonymous

        Time to expose the exemptions for the scam act –

        DEMOCRATS ARE EXEMPT? And why, why are THEY exempt?

        If WE have to pay, then they must pay.

    • Hammerun

      How to stop politicians from a sitting president on down?
      It’s Linked it to voting. Just ask Obama, he wouldn’t tell you but his policies are directed right at the dependent class that he and others created for and to gain their votes.
      This is way to late in the game, but this is a policy that would fix the problem.

      #1 Prove, on your part, you are a paper carrying American citizen.
      This would eliminate any voting by non citizens. It would be incumbent on the perspective voter to absolutely prove this.

      #2 Link your voting rights to your Tax Return.
      If you pay taxes, you are working and have an absolute right to vote. And should be welcomed as an active participant in the selection process.

      #3 The day you become a entitlement program recipient, you automatically loose your right to vote.
      If you are a recipient and a ward of the state why should you be allowed any input in selection of policy makers, your vote is bought by default. If you want to vote, get out of the program, marry rich or get a job.

      #4 If you are a convicted felon, no voting rights at all.
      Repetitive felons are succulents of society. They need not have any input in the guidance of this country.

      How to verify.
      To get a drivers license you show your valid birth certificate and a valid social security card. At the age of 18 you at that time are automatically registered to vote thru the DMV providing you are not a felon or involved in a entitlement program verified thru you’re social security number in a centralized data base linking this information together rendering a decision on your voting status.

      It’s nearly impossible to do anything today without a social and a DL. For the few that conveniently can’t get to the DMV, you obviously have little interest in the process and maybe you ought not to be involved. If you can get to the mall or Walmart, you can get to the DMV.

      What this would do is, force law makers craft policy towards the working contributors and tax payers of America verses policy steered towards those that are looking for a gimme.
      There are those that will vote for a candidate because he advocates amnesty.
      Then there are those that will vote for a candidate that will advocate expanding social programs.
      These voters contribute little to nothing into society, why should they be allowed to vote. Why because their Americans? If my children are dependent Americans, what do they contribute to the democracy in my house, nothing, they don’t work, they don’t pay taxes, they don’t buy food, clothes, gas, homes, cars, they have no right to vote on any decisions in my house. Why? Because they don’t contribute and have little interest other than to be fed and entertained. If we have dependent segment of society, that’s like caring for children, that contributes nothing, why should they be allowed the right to vote in a law maker selection process?

      • Steve

        I agree with much of what you say except #4 the part about convicted felons having no rights at all. In some states a DUI is considered a felony, so if a 22 year old kid has a few beers and gets caught driving a car, he becomes a felon. Fast forward 30 years and now you have a 52 year old family man (or woman) who’s working hard, trying to make a home for his family, hasn’t been in any legal trouble for 30 years, but you don’t believe they should even be allowed to vote because of a single incident of youthful stupidity?

        • dru

          agreed, a felon after paying his/her debt to society [meaning after release AND his/her parole time is over] should after a waiting period of 2 years [“sort of like” probation must keep him/her self clean] have ALL their rights restored. otherwise keep them locked up!

          just say’in

  • Anonymous


    The U.S. govt is NOT legal.
    Forcing a human being to pay for healthcare is UNCONSTUTIONAL –
    plus, they arent’ even a legal entity.
    They don’t follow the Constitution, we don’t comply.
    Are they going to arrest every single person in this country and put them in jail ?
    $1000 for health care insurance?
    NO WAY.
    Time to Sue the U.S. govt for fraud and the Unaffordable Care Act Scam.
    It’s a scam to steal money. And it will be exposed and nufflified.

    How about the politicians taking out their own money
    from the AIPAC and “Wars” and paying from their own pockets and cutting
    their salary in less than half? How about eliminating those $$$$ vacations right from the theft of taxation and hardworking people? How about the CAFR documents? You U.S. govt are UNLEGAL AND ILLEGAL and what you have is the police paid off $$$ to bully Americans around. That’s all you have.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the U.S. govt is trying to make the whole country
    a ghetto and black slum.

  • Anonymous

    this would be the downfall of the entire u.s fraudulent ungovt
    and huge huge backlash when this hits – including those who
    supported this scam, will face the consequences of ignorance.

  • Anonymous



    • RickE.

      NO, try him for treason for his traitorous behavior then hang hang hang!

  • p5ych0naut

    The absurdities of the ACA are observable on a surface level.  For example, let’s examine the different ways in which Americans will be affected by the ACA.

    Here is one way of looking at the situation, I’ve split people up into groups based on their health insurance status.  Here is how it was prior to the ACA:

    People were
         by their employer.
         through a family member’s work or private policy.
         or were self-insured (out of pocket, private insurance)

         because they did not want or need insurance
         wanted insurance, but
               were not covered by their employer & couldn’t afford private 
               were not covered through any family member’s work or private 
               policy & couldn’t afford private insurance.
               were self-employed, or who didn’t have a job & couldn’t afford 
               private insurance.
               while they had the ability to pay they were denied coverage based 
               on a pre-existing condition.

    After the ACA is implemented, Here is how these groups of people will be affected:

          People insured through their employers could have their hours cut to
          part-time status, in an effort by the employer to avoid health insurance 
          costs.  In order to make up for lost hours, people will take up two or 
          more part-time jobs.  The per-capita population of full-time workers will 
          freeze or regress.  In addition, individuals working part-time will be 
          forced to choose between buying private insurance, buying from the
          healthcare exchanges, and paying a fine to comply with the individual 
          People who depend on access to a family member’s insurance policy
          will run into many of the same problems as those above.  Their 
          family member will possibly have hours cut and have to take up a 
          second job, and they will be forced to choose between buying private
          insurance, buying from the healthcare exchanges, and paying a fine.
          People who rely on access to the private health insurance market (self-
          employed, unemployed) will have to choose between buying from a 
          private company or from the healthcare exchanges regulated by the 
          government.  Unfortunately, private plans have seen massive rate 
          increases since ACA’s implementation.  These increases will price    
          many out of the private market in favor of the cheaper exchange 
          system.  However, the exchanges are to be regulated by an 
          Independent Payment Advisory Board.  This will be an un-elected, un-
          accountable group of beuracrats, who may or may not have a medical 
          background.  It will be their function to determine the best healthcare 
          treatments, and what the exchanges will ultimately cover.  Example:
          if you and your doctor have found that you have a better response to a 
          name-brand medication as compared to the generic, but a beuracrat 
          has determined that there is no discernible difference between the two, 
          you are going to getting the generic medication.  This system will be 
          used to deny operations, transplants, & life saving surgery, if 
          beuracrats have decided they will not pay for it, and the doctors will
          not perform it for free.  Of all other groups, people who buy their own 
          insurance out of their own pocket are by-and-large the most 
          independent natured.  How will this group of people act when they are 
          forced into a government mandated system that denies the treatment, 
          medication, operation, etc, that they believe is best suited to them?  
          How will they act when, after losing health plan they knew and liked due 
          to increasing premiums, are told “It doesn’t matter what you or your 
          doctor think, you don’t have a choice, you are getting _________ and 
          you’re going to like it!”  It’s obvious what will happen: there will be a 
          huge backlash, and people will be pissed off.

          People who do not want, or did not need insurance will have to pay a 
          fine, or buy insurance.  Many of these individuals do not have the 
          money to buy private insurance, so they will likely be drawn to the 
          healthcare exchanges
          People who wanted health insurance, but could not receive it from their 
          employer, would only get employer-based care if their employer has 
          over 50 employees and employs them for over 29 hrs a week.  For 
          those whose employer does not fit that description and does not 
          provide health insurance, they will  have to purchase insurance on the 
          private market or on the exchange market.  High private insurance 
          premiums will again push customers towards healthcare exchanges.
          People who wanted health insurance, but we’re unable/ ineligible to get 
          it from a family member’s employer, will  have the ability to access 
          insurance through that pathway, provided, their family member(s) are 
          not subjected to the same practices as above (reduction to part-time 
          status and moving to the private and exchange markets).  Increase in 
          premiums will still push people towards exchanges.  A lucky few, who 
          cannot afford any insurance will be eligible for fully subsidized plans 
          through the exchange market, paid for by the generous tax payers.
          People who don’t have a job and can’t afford insurance,  will receive 
          access to tax-payer provided healthcare through the exchanges.
          People who have the money to purchase insurance but were denied 
          based on pre-existing conditions will now be able to purchase 
          insurance through the private and the exchange markets.  Again, 
          increasing private insurance premiums will push people towards 

    So, as we can see, the ACA creates a climate that pushes nearly everyone into the healthcare exchange market.  In addition to the new taxes that the ACA creates, the denial of care inherent to the IPAB will likely upset many people.  How do you think the liberal/progressive politicians will respond, by admitting they were wrong, repealing the ACA and de-regulating the market?  No! They will tell us that the reason people are unhappy is because government regulation of healthcare isn’t big enough!  In all likelihood they will push for a single-payer system, which will also have something like an IPAB, and everybody will be subject to its decisions.  Even those who have the money will not be able to escape the beuracracy and oversight of the single-payer system.  You could be a freaking millionaire, no amount of money will get you the healthcare you desire.  

    Call your Senators and Congressmen and demand they defund/repeal the ACA, in favor of a deregulating the healthcare market.  Deregulation will allow for companies to offer plans across state lines, for companies to provide for one type of insurance plan without being forced to provide other plans, and for households to choose and control their own insurance plans through portable, individually owned insurance.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. Deregulating and Decentralizing the entire health care market.

    Demand they defund/repeal the ACA, in favor of a deregulating the healthcare market. Deregulation will allow for companies to offer plans across state lines, for companies to provide for one type of insurance plan without being forced to provide other plans, and for households to choose and control their own insurance plans through portable, individually owned insurance.

  • Anonymous

    We will NOT PAY. Unintended consequences of this Act scam will
    be VERY, VERY, VERY harsh.

  • Kulafarmer

    The feds can bite me,
    You want my money,
    Come n get it, bank says 0
    Work for myself,
    Disconnected from conventional system long ago,
    Good luck
    Turnips dont bleed and i refuse to be shaken down.