Obama Wants Your Guns, Homeland Security Says Defend Yourself With Scissors

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shootervid3-620x345-220x220Apparently, “Defend yourself with a legal firearm” is not part of the new Department of Homeland Security curriculum. They have now resorted to a training video that encourages you to use scissors to protect yourself in the event that you are a victim of a shooting. Perhaps this is an upgrade from them instructing border patrol agents to run and hide.


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  • ZigZag

    My scissors are equiped with a 30 round magazine sporting 5.56NATO in 62 grain and backed up by a LCP pair of clippers with a 13 round magazines in .45ACP TAP at 230 grain thanks.

    • littlebird

      where can I purchase a pair of those scissors you use?

      • ZignotZag

        They probably came with the Obama phone and monthly check.

  • stew redmen

    Disarmed sheep,
    Once proud Americans that could have simply fired when fired upon.

    Nothing about being armed, always about giving up the resposubilaty for yourself to them.
    Cops can throw victims to the ground for their own protection? wtf lol, they have bullet proof vests on, the victims don’t, what a bunk of pussys

  • WVBonBonQueen

    Why doesn’t Obama make those security guards who are always around him use just scissors?
    When is he going to stop allowing those armed guards at his children’s school to carry guns and make them carry scissors?
    I don’t think that will happen any time soon, so… I don’t think I will be arming myself with scissors instead of a gun, a legally owned gun and with a CCW permit too I might add.

  • Locus

    run, hide, evcuate
    leave wounded for dead
    call 911 and wait for help
    give yourself up to
    and follow instructions
    of anyone wearing a uniform

    the video seems to have been edited
    to omit the 20 minutes of terror and
    mass slaughter between the 911 call
    and arrival of the SWAT team

    I demand to see the unedited version

  • wolf

    Fuck obama, fuck dhs. When you come to get my weapons before I die I will make some of you die.

    • Speshul

      Holy shit lol, way to be blunt

      • SKIP

        That’s what it takes, and good aim…shotgun to the knees first, tap as you pass.

    • HEY WOLF,theres a lot of ways to make these boys look for a hole to hide in,unless of course they live on the MOON that is,I don’t think they are actually smart enough to realize the wars not over at quitting time,and even if it was,most combat trained vets will bring the war to them,I don’t think they realize they will never be able to go home again,cause to do so would lead the people their scared of streight to their house,although their not rocket sciencist for sure they don’t seem to be able to plan ahead very well,to not realize we will be coming seems to be lost on them………..

  • akvalmet30

    My life insurance is through Heaven and I have nothing to lose if they destroy my body in a gunfight. That being said, I feel confident that I can take out a small group or play hit and run for a while, maybe longer, surviving and waging war with the system. Hopefully by the time that comes, I will be far from alone in my efforts. For mobility purposes, our foes will likely be decked out in armor, but not armor inhibiting movement of the arms or legs and for obvious reasons of course. Point is, a wound to the brachial or femoral artery of the legs or arms will also do the trick, and a good ol’ headshot will always suffice. Making the terrorist bleed to death can be a sure shot to victory if a normal round cannot penetrate their armor( just go around the armor and then take it for yourself). Only thing that gives me much concern with facing just the “system” alone is their aircraft capabilities and how that will play out. Keep prepping.

    • SKIP

      Ya’ll keep in mind that these thugs are now trained to enter hot combat areas ass hole to gun barrel so if you wait another few seconds as the suicide bombers over here to you will have the entire squad in the killing zone and be sure to have some of the aiming and explosives aimed to take out their mostly unprotected knees, wound one, take four others out of the assault as the Vietnamese and most of us combat vets knowl. Personally, when I see the urban assault training going one I wonder what ever happened to “don’t bunch up!”? Of course, this bunching up tactic will work in our favor.

  • mlr

    How terribly sad we live in such a time where many citizens are so distraught, bullied, fearful, broke, medicated, etc, (you fill in the rest), that they feel the only answer is to lash out and hurt others.
    The other sad fact is that we are being told we cannot arm ourselves. Humans, as do all living things from ants to elephants, have a strong desire to stay alive and neutralize, with any means available, threats to their existence. When any human institution tells you that you must not resist a real threat, but wait for help that is usually not forthcoming, shows up way too late, or more often than not aggravates the situation, that human institution has taken power that empowers the threat you fear, and has become as dangerous to your life as the threat itself. I for one fear a gang of swat team members, far more that I fear criminals. A gang of punks can be taken out by one well armed homeowner, but you are far more likely to die when a swat team that got the address wrong, busts into your home unannounced like the old man that had too many animals in Pittsburgh.

    • OldGuy

      Exactly !!!

      • SKIP


    • MIR,you not up against someone who’s smart,these police gang members forget they got to go home at some point in time or move to the moon,WHEN the war starts and I personally think its near,they will discover they have been followed home many times and every single member of their family has been located,and photografted a hundred times,they just aren’t smart enough to figure out any of this and it will be the downfall of their life,all they got to do is hit the wrong group and they will realize their mistake,it will be to late for them of course,but thats how they want it,they just don’t realize there going to be up against the best trained fighting forces america has had to offer…..NOW HOW STUPID ARE THEY????

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT Arizona.

  • Jeremy

    Actually its not bad advice, after all scissors will penetrate most of the body armor used by tyrannical puppets! still not giving up my guns though.
    Wake up America, the enemy isn’t at the door, he’s already in your house!

  • Anonymous

    the system The problem is the nutshell…..oh how the percieved enlightenmet is the recipe for your doom……Idiots~