Obama Wants to Pass Gun Control Laws Like Australia’s False Flag Mass Shooting Gun Control Laws?

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Here’s some food for thought.

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that after the Charleston shooting, Obama has been talking about how the U.S. needs to pass sweeping, strict gun control laws similar to those which were passed after a 1996 mass shooting in Australia:

In an interview with comedian Marc Maron that aired Monday, President Obama cited Australia’s gun laws as an example the United States should follow. Australia established strict gun control in response to a massacre in Tasmania that left 35 people dead in 1996. Since then, Australia hasn’t witnessed any mass shootings.

“It was just so shocking the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws’, and they did. And it hasn’t happened since,” Obama said, discussing the shooting deaths of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston last week.

But, as we all know by now, governments who want sweeping power over their populations are known to stage events, false flags, to gain that sweeping power.

Much like the suspicious Dunblane school massacre which led to ultra strict gun control in the UK (and that happened to occur just six weeks prior), many have questioned the details of that 1996 Australia shooting and the confession of the supposed shooter behind them as highly suspicious in the years since.

Here’s a sampling:

Just after noon on 28th April 1996, an unknown marksman opened fire on diners in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Australia.

In less than 20 minutes at this and five other crime scenes, the marksman killed 35, injured 22, and crippled two cars with only 64 shots. Nineteen of the first twenty dead in the Broad Arrow Cafe died from single shots to the head, all fired by the unknown marksman from his right hip.

This staggering display of marksmanship was blamed on left-handed and intellectually impaired Martin Bryant, whose shooting experience extended to popping off cans in the bush, and had no military training of any kind. From the time of his arrest, remand prisoner Martin Bryant was illegally held in strict solitary confinement and denied access to media of any kind until his police interrogation on 4th July 1996.

When he refused to admit to the Port Arthur Massacre at interrogation, he was once more placed back in illegal solitary confinement. Eventually in desperation during November 1996, Martin Bryant pleaded “guilty” 72 times, thereby allowing the authorities to avoid a humiliating trial at which they could present no hard evidence of guilt. Intellectually impaired Martin Bryant was convicted by a hysterical media pack, then forced to plead guilty by prison officials illegally enforcing solitary confinement…

Here’s a little bit more information on Byrant, who is currently serving 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole in a prison psychiatric wing in Tasmania:

Bryant was judged fit to stand trial, and his trial was scheduled to begin 7 November 1996. Bryant initially pleaded not guilty, but was persuaded by his court-appointed lawyer and the prosecution to plead guilty to all charges.

Two weeks later, Hobart Supreme Court Judge William Cox gave Bryant 35 life sentences for the murders plus 1035 years for other crimes, and ordered that he should remain in prison for the “rest of his life”. He has attempted suicide six times while being imprisoned.

So… A man with mental issues who has never presented a straight account of what actually happened the day of the shooting and who initially was going to plead not guilty but was held in solitary and even told by his own lawyer to plead guilty was quickly sentenced to 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years, all in just two weeks without ever receiving a public trial?

Again… food for thought.

Interestingly, gun control had been a hot political topic in Australia throughout the 1980s but meaningful reforms had not happened until after the 1996 shooting, when Australia promptly passed the National Firearms Agreement severely limiting private gun ownership in the country. While rifles, shotguns, and some handguns are still legal there, it is only within a very narrow set of criteria.

Only about 5% of the nation’s citizens own a firearm now.

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  • cama9

    What they did to Martin Bryant is a travesty. They even stole all his money even before he was convicted so he couldn’t afford a lawyer. The State will do anything to keep the sheeple under its thumb.
    Any politician who even broaches gun control should be charged with treason for breaking his/her oath to uphold the Constitution – they are making war against the Supreme Law.

    • Gil G

      His only “crime’ was mass murder.

      • Americaislost

        Still not an excuse to change the laws of the entire country. Why don’t you move to a socialist country that dictates your every move. You liberals would be happy there

      • is it? hard to say given the fair trial he received.

        • Rogoraeck

          Fair Trial ??? He was forced to plead guilty ! Then no trial as such !

          • sar·casm
            the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
            “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”
            synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering, scoffing; More

          • Rogoraeck

            Yupp ! “sarcasm”
            Lucky that Martin Bryant wasn’t given a fair trial in the good ole USA.
            He would have hang after the “fair” trial !

          • Agreed. I pity Bryant for his treatment by Australia , and know the patsy the US sets up will be even worse off when it comes about.

      • cama9

        ROFL If you just bothered to dig around farther than your nose you would have found excellent evidence that Martin Bryant could never have committed those murders. It was set-up from the word go. I don’t believe for one second a left-handed person with an IQ of an 11yo killed 35 people right-handed and with the precision of a sniper. Even the best military marksman in Australia said what he saw was done by a professional.
        watch and learn

        • Gil G

          You’ll fall for any garbage.

          • Rogoraeck

            Well, Gil G I can understand that to you TRUTH is garbage. After all you get your 30 shekels for posting your opinion here !

          • You know it!

          • Rogoraeck

            Я0llyJ0g3r Nope ! I don’t get shekels, I get Roubles ! Man or Woman or It !

          • I didn’t mean that you do it, just that you know about Gil G! I know you’re real and don’t get paid to post. The content of the posts is a dead giveaway on who is real or not IMO.

          • That’s your best response..?

          • Rogoraeck

            Well, Marcus. Let have a look at it in “perspective” Roubles are better than shekels !
            You’re happy with shekels, that’s fine with me !
            I’m happy with Roubles & I’m appalled that’s not fine with you?? Where’s your tolerance to my sensitivities ????
            I hope that you are not one of those intolerant bigots, fascists, racists, extreme right wing militiaman ??

          • I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. And that was a response to Gil.

          • Queen Mennon

            and you will promote the same.

      • BigGaySteve

        Hell the Copenhagen (banns guns) Moslem that fired off 200+ rounds at a party & only managed to kill 1 person, not the cartoonist that drew moo ham mad is what someone like him would be capable of.

      • Rogoraeck

        Marin Bryant a guy with an IQ of 60 managed to shoot from the hip while running through the cafe in Port Arthur & kill 35 people with shot to the head & neck ! Possible ?? Reality ?
        If you say yes to this, then you have never held a rifle in your life & done some shooting.
        Only with years of training by the SAS or other special forces you might achieve this kind of score !
        BTW I was in the Army for seven years and have trained with most of the military weapons !

  • Mike

    The state will do many evil things because to them the means justify the ends. Never trust in any government they are full of evil people.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Criminals and armed robbers are all for it.

    • Reverend Draco

      “The prohibitionists are trying to ban all guns (except those controlled by them). Guns which are too small or too large, too accurate or too inaccurate, ammunition which penetrates too much or too little, in short, they wish to ban every gun ever made. It is of no use explaining to them how safe the designs are or how important for preserving lives: like the Inquisitors out to burn heretics, they are motivated by irrational hatred and by lust for control over others.
      “Clearly, our safety is not a concern for the
      prohibitionists. What they want is to reduce our ability to defend ourselves. Some sick people get off on being in control of others. Some turn to rape and battery to satisfy their urges, others run for Congress. The sentiment which governs the two groups is identical: desire to be in control of others. Just as rape is more about control than it is about procreation, so gun banning is about social control and not about public safety.

      “Communists, fascists and other totalitarians world over have rendered their subject defenseless as the first step towards total control. Then they could imprison or murder millions with complete impunity.
      “Who wishes others to be defenseless? Rapists and muggers prefer unarmed victims. Politicians and mafia chiefs who want people to depend on them for protection. Racists who wish to exterminate other peoples: genocide is much easier to perpetrate when the victims are unarmed. In sum, those who wish to have a monopoly on arms are never well-meaning people. They might not admit it, but their narcotic of choice is power over others.
      “Disarming others is never done for their benefit. Usually, rendering people defenseless is a prelude to abusing them further. Was disarmament of the European Jews started in 1938 done for their benefit. Did it “reduce gun violence in their community” or did it merely make them easier to murder?”


      • Stuck_in_Ca

        All your points are 100% correct. Liberal gun free utopia is their dream, Chicago and Detroit are their reality.

        • Reverend Draco

          Check out dude’s website. . . he handily dismantles every argument every gun banner has ever used – including those they haven’t thought of yet.

          • BigGaySteve

            The fact that since Asians invented gunpowder 1000+ years ago any Asian or white could make a gun in their garage is a good enough reason.

          • Reverend Draco

            That’s one of the arguments he uses.

  • 1PissedAmerican


    • Support America. Resist the occupying army of cockroaches in Washington.

    • Queen Mennon

      then you better vote for trump

  • Mɿ jinǫlɘƨ

    ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ come and get it

  • Gearmoe

    Taking guns from lawful Australian’s has no effect on crime. Besides, we can’t compare the US to Australia, different breeds of cat. Obama knows this but many sheeple who fawn over such words buy it. Exposing fraud and hitting the bastards hard between the eyes is the best way. They scream like stuck pigs, let them squeal.

  • Dennis Habern

    As long as this worthless Black turd of a POS of a Muslim “TAR-BABY” re-
    mains in office, he will keep the United States in a state of confusion, scandal
    after scandal, until, in accordance with Saul Alinsky, a worthless Communist,
    “RULES FOR RADICALS,” Americans give up and succumb to the New World
    Order or Islam. But, in 1789, a rabble group of French citizens grabbed their
    muskets and pitchforks and stormed the Paris Bastille (prison) and arrested
    their King and Queen. Why haven’t we Americans been witness to the same
    procedure, unless American civilians are cowards. Permit me to suggest that
    we patriotic Americans storm the White House gates and get rid of this worth-
    less Black turd of a POS of a Muslim “TAR-BABY” of a POTUS and have him
    suffer the same fate that he prescribed for his former, currently deceased
    American ambassador to Libya on September 11, 2012, where the American
    compound in Behghazi came under attack and after frantic calls for help to
    mount a rescue, the worthless Black POS of a POTUS determined not to
    send any assistance, and therefore, permitted our 4 Americans to perish,
    needlessly. This worthless Black turd fo a POTUS was reluctant to mount a
    rescue missiok because it would have interferred with his gun-running
    and his plan to kidnap the U.S. ambassador and trade for him for the
    blind Sheik being held in incarceration.