Obama to Congress: Vote Yes to Bomb Syria Regardless of What Americans Want

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“One of your closest allies in the House said yesterday, when you’ve got 97% of your Constituents saying no it’s kind of hard saying yes,” ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl told President Obama recently during a press conference at the conclusion of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Why should members of Congress go against the will of their constituents and support your decision on this?”

Obama responded:

“Each member of Congress is going to have to decide if [they] think it’s the right thing to do for America’s national security and the world’s national security. Ultimately, you listen to your constituents, but you’ve got to make some decisions about what you believe is right for America.

In other words, Obama is telling our Congress — the people duly elected by the citizens of the United States to represent them in their government — to vote for bombing Syria even if the American people are overwhelmingly against any military action whatsoever in Syria.

Although the president continues to campaign for what he says will be ‘limited’ strikes in Syria against specific Assad regime targets, the Pentagon has already expanded the strike list once ahead of this week’s vote in Congress, giving people even less faith in what seems like a half-cocked plan at best. For just one off a laundry list of examples, no one has yet discussed who would control the chemical weapons in Syria once the Assad regime has been ousted (*cough Al Qaeda cough*).

Other than “sending a message,” Obama has not really explained how striking Syria even supposedly limited targets is going to help anyone in Syria, rebels or civilians. In fact, the only thing Syrian rebels and the Assad regime have agreed on is that these strikes will not change anything.

The response to Assad’s regime supposedly using chemical weapons in an attack on Damascus August 21 has been puzzling to say the least. Obama has said a retaliatory U.S. strike on Syria is set and “will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now”; but if the red line really was crossed, why the delay in response leaving the door open for more chemical attacks? Obama’s delay here has been the equivalent of disciplining a dog for urinating on the carpet weeks after he did it.

On top of that, a new talking point has emerged that Obama/America cannot “look weak” on the whole Syria situation. Again, how is that a justifiable reason to bomb a country that has been at war for over two years and kill even more people?

Obama is well aware the majority of Americans do not support any military intervention in Syria. It’s despicable that he would resort to openly instructing Congress to defy their constituents’ will, betraying the very purpose of the representation they were voted into office to provide.

Worse, Correspondent Karl point blank asked the president what he would do if Congress did not end up voting to support him on Syria, and Obama flat out refused to answer him.

The president has already said he does not believe he needed to ask Congress first before striking Syria. The Constitution of the United States of America and a letter from 140 House representatives begs to differ.

Congress is set to vote on military intervention in Syria this week.

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  • RickE.

    Obama is a war criminal. He needs to be eliminated immediately. Hanging would be good!

    • Not so much

      That knock on your door is the secret service, idiot.

      • RickE.

        That knock on your door is Fema. Go along quietly now Mr. Compliance!

        My suggestion was for after the trial of course! Perhaps a foreign country has the cojones.

      • m

        At some point, Americans are going to have to grow a pair.

    • Ken, your UK friend

      I’ll miss you so much if you ever had to go away RickE. Wonder why Skip is so silent when I am making so many online friends, don’t laugh. My life is not perfect, but guardedly optimistic. Please stop Sir.
      You are the ant trying to prevent the tank from rolling over your beautiful nest on a road.
      We all get angry. The online life with countless spleens vented has kept tabs on us all.
      I believe for starters in keeping busy, occupied, 1001 things to tick off on my to do list and yes the harder I work the longer it gets LOL.
      But to change the subject it is shocking how many people I meet in real life who explode far worse than you when the main issue of their lives is getting custody of the children post divorce.
      So help me God.

      • RickE.

        Thanks for the kind words Ken! I’m rarely silent, whether on paper or in voice.
        No matter what, we shouldn’t live in fear of government reprisal for expressing one’s opinions in whatever venue.
        At this moment in time, there’s still a fragment of our first amendment rights left.

    • javelin

      we need a just trial–like nuremburg..then a just punishment–like nuremberg or with Saddam Hussein……….I am not chicken to say it either. There is a penalty for treason against the USA and a penalty for war crimes in a global court…….

  • Impeach Barack Obama. He is acting like a dictator and not supporting USA Constitution. Here’s a link to notify Congress to impeach him. http://www.defusecrime.com/Impeach-Barack-Obama.html

  • Northern Canuck

    This should be interesting. I know what a citizens response should be…will Americans stand for their reps in Washington to ignore the will of the people yet again? Will congress listen to the citizens voices that almost 100% say no to another war? Will heads roll or will American citizens just roll over? The world is watching. I really hope the America I respected will come back some day…the one that used to be ‘by the people, for the people’?

    • Anonymous

      Some of us are working on it my friend. I live under the Bloomberg financially fed John Morse in Colorado Springs, CO. I anticipate we will eject him and the other tyrant Angela Giron, tomorrow. We have had to find the time in our lives, besides regular work paying bills, to be upstanding citizens and promote freedom. I hope this will be the encouragement to others all over, to begin TOSSING ALL TYRANTS OUT OF OFFICE, IMMEDIATELY.

      If we aren’t successful, the next step is even more ugly. Most of us veterans understand that stage of progression. This STAGE cost much less, when it comes to lives and financial. I WISH and PRAY MORE open there eyes to those glaring facts!!!!

  • Anyone that still thinks that the imposter traitor filthy pathological liar ameriKan hating bastard in the White House care a whit about what they think is way beyond stupid! A traitor is a traitor and unfortunately we have one in the White House being protected by even more traitors!

    • TAG

      So angry and so right. The sheeple just to busy watching “Dancing With the Stars, Voice, Idol, AGT or keeping up with those sluts Kardashians” to ever see wtf is really going on. And not a one of them could take care of themselves if their life, (and it will,) depend upon it. Pretty said. There goes the first 1/2 of the population and they will be lost thru their own stupidity.

  • No War Not In My Name

    No War Not In My Name

  • Nexus789

    The Dictator has spoken. He only needs a crisis and he can invoke a number of executive orders. Once in place who is going to revoke them as the criss could be endless.


  • Rainmaker

    C’mon, really. The public did not/does not want Obama care, and they passed it. Pelosi actually said “we have to pass it so you can see whats in in”. The public does not want the NDAA or any of the other exec orders that are being signed and ordered. I doubt that any want the NSA creating an information grid to be used against citizens. Why will any listen to constituents when constituents don’t care to make their voices heard?