Obama to Bring Gun Confiscation Dictates to the Streets

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by Henry Shivley

So Obama is to hit the campaign trail once again to reignite the push for gun control. I guess Netanyahu must have straightened him out when he was in Israeli and told him to get his Uncle Tom ass back to the United States and get the confiscations underway, so here comes Obama rope-a-dope across the country, on our dollar, of course.

Yesterday it was reported that the US Senate voted to reject the UN Small Arms Treaty, but don’t be lulled into complacency as they still have four more days to accomplish their sedition, thus the rush to get Obama back in our faces.

The whiskey sweating Irish dupe Biden is now saying that expanding background checks would be a gigantic accomplishment.  And indeed national registration and state by state takeover of the control of ammunition would be just enough to accommodate the United Nations.  This is the push we are about to see.

Colorado sheriffs are saying they will not enforce the infringements signed into treason last week by their seditious Governor Hickenlooper, and the people of New York are standing up in defiance of the international insurgents Bloomberg and Cuomo.

Our enemies have lost the game of lying about numbers as the politicians hunker in fear, being trapped between the United Nations and the American nationals, which in reality is where the true battle line lies.  Look at the faces of the traitors within. They are clearly afraid, and well they should be, as they stand on the precipice of unleashing a power that will destroy both them and their UN masters.

They now have their mainstream propaganda machine out front putting forth the ridiculous lie that the massive government purchases of ammunition, which are identified in their own documents, did not occur.

We American nationals are no longer being protrayed as a fringe element, but rather as an overwhelming population of preppers, hiding in caves with storages of food, guns, and ammunition.  It is no longer the assertion that we are a few that should be ignored, but rather that we are the bulk of the population and we have been deceived by the alternative media.

This push for the new world order is failing and it has reached the point that the failure will be absolute across the board, as there is no way they can recover and reset their operations to a prior date.  In short they have gone too far to turn back and have no choice but to charge headlong into their own death like a World War II era Japanese pilot diving his plane into an aircraft carrier in one last desperate attempt to terrorize an enemy that has proven to be militarily superior.

The beginning of the end is near so be prepared to absorb their Kamikaze attacks and make sure they receive nothing resembling the mercy shown the Japanese after invoking such methods.  Remember, the last of the traitors who will be captured for punishment are those who are most in our faces right now.  As a reward for their arrogant duplicity they will get to live longer than the rest, scurrying from one spider hidey hole to the next, right up until the day they are captured, said capture to be followed by an episode of them shitting themselves as the noose is drawn up around their necks.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  • big reb

    UNCLE TOM ASS….priceless.

    • Jean

      Once they hav ethe guns, they will start workign on our minds and body even more – making us hate ourselves, while serving them.

      We either face the truth now, or our children will never have the chance to know freedom.

      And this has been coming from over 200 years, but that is the lifetime of a civilization, according to classical writings… About the most it can last, before it falls apart.

    • RickE.

      @ James D. Logan, I agree with you 100%.
      We haven’t had such a government since the early 1860s when Lincoln decided to step outside of the republic.

      We true patriots need to stand together and somehow, in some way, organize. (even if it’s in principle-not physical).
      However, that being said, we should not be afraid or hesitant to stand up against the machine physically, if we have to.

  • Many of us are willing to kill for our rights and also we are willing to die for the rights of others. This is coming. I like the optomistic article but they are not gearing up for war with us just for show.

    • Jean

      Well, let’s make friends with as many of them as we can… And poison them and their families.
      Meet them in the street, say hi, ask how the family is, then cut their throats with kitchen knives.

      Never be afraid to eb the first to resort to violence. Their message is clear, like a coral snake or a cobra’s hood. Time to start rattling back…

      Screw unto others – but do it first, and better, and make sure no recovery is possible.

      guess I should take my own advice, I don’t know ANY cops at this point – but I know first-hand who they recruit, who should NOT be near a WEAPON, EVER. Would make a Nazi Stormtrooper feel inadequate. (Guy in our neighborhood. Police came by for character references; about the only thing he didn’t do – that we know of – was torture small animals. But he went RIGHT IN to the academy..)

    • Sure they are.

  • nov5


  • Michael

    I would love to see one of them shit themselves!

  • I do not understand how the government considers this an issue? Dont they use guns to protect themselves, engage in wars and arm guierellas?
    Why did they order so many rounds of ammo?
    I do not think they care about us at all.

    • EVIE have you ever heard of extreme force? my neighbors pesky six year old little girl,AIN’T pesky any more,the police gang raid on the wrong house ended that,THEY purposefuly BASHED IN HER FACE to show her parents they ment business when they resisted,THAT little girl will NEVER recover from her face being bashed in,BY THEM HERO’S IN BLUE,but the days coming when AMERICAN’S will learn the meaning of EXTREME FORCE,to bad it WILL BE THE HAD WAY…………………..

  • LOL! I wonder if he’s going to use the CIA to confiscate yo’ guns just in the same way he’s doing with the Syrians.

  • Other than the gratuitous anti Jew comment at the beginning, a good article.
    Netanyahu is not our problem.

    Don’t judge all Jews by the Judenraten and JINOs. They are quislings and/or tyrant wannabes.
    Obama’s patron George Soros was born a Jew. His parents gave him to a non-Jew to protect him from the Holocaust, just before they were hauled off to the camps.
    George was about 12 at the time, as I recall.
    George willingly went around showing the Nazis where the Jews lived so their property could be stolen and they could be shipped off to the camps.
    There are evil people of all heritages, ethnicities, and religions.
    For example, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, and the others are evil, not because of their names or because they pretend to be a Jews, but because of their behavior.
    There are plenty of Jews who have no use for the Judenraten JINOS and their colleagues in crime. See jpfo.org and, specifically http://jpfo.org/images02/handbillpoliticians-large.jpg to see for yourself how many Jews feel about Feinstein and the others who seek to disarm us so they can control us.

  • YES and our dear LORD has ordained it to be so,THE TREASOUS BASTARDS running america can count on the FACT,soon the roads and highways will be decorated with traitors handing from tree limbs and sign boards everywhere,BUT LET US REMEMBER the ones who made all this happen,they see whats coming and you can count on them putting up a fight,THEY will pull every trick in their bag out, to use on america,and they HAVE some very EVIL tricks in their bag,POISON GAS,BIO=WEAPONS,FIRE BOMBS,NUCLEAR WEAPONS,BOEING BUILT UFO’s,DRONES,they will not even think twice about KILLING THEIR OWN FAMILY,to WIN,I guarantee EVIL has come on america,and the battles to come will fail for americans TILL THEY REALIZE they must call on the LORD for help,or all will be lost,NOW IS NOT the time to be trying to prove the LORD ain’t watching and waiting to help those who belong to him, win,REBELION AGAINST THE LORD will be your death as sure as the sun ,sets and raises,NOW is the time to NOT be decieved,you have been lied to by everyone DON’T YOU SEE THAT BY NOW,THE LORD told me my guardian angels are standing by,ready to take down any EVIL coming my way,there waiting for you to call on their help,and you’re going to need it too,ALL these government gangs have been organized for this war,THEY want america and they will rape ,murder,pillage,rob and kill till they win,THEY won’t WIN of course,BUT they think they will,get ready,be ready and don’t go anywhere without your BEST battle weapons with you at all times,EXPECT A SURPRISE ATTACK,thats how these guys have won in the PAST and I’am sure they will keep on doing things the way they have before,BE READY TO “BLOW THEIR BRAINS OUT” thats what they want and DON’T believe any government police gang member saying their on your side,IF they were on your side, we would not be getting ready for a war with them,These people are americas worst liers in history,THEY CALL YOUR FAMILY COCKROUCHES,does that sound like one of your friends?

  • I,tryed and I tryed,but I couldn’t remember a single time, when a police gang member or anyone else in the government gangs upholded their OATH to protect our constitution,I can think of a million times when they VIOLATED IT,.now that I think of it,WHY are they even given an OATH to protect the constitution,theres not any time when they ever have….I think the PROOF is over whelming that they work for the commuists and are TRAITORS right out of the gate,when I watch old movies,the police gangs are beating in everyones head,and the fire department is spraying them with their fire hoses,even in cold weather,KENT STATE,OHIO 1970,ARMY opens fire on college students with live ammo killing several ,and wounding dozens,WHERE WERE THE POLICE GANGS protecting the college kids?, OH,thats right ,they all work for the government,gee I bet if the kids at KENT STATE knew that, they would have gotten on their knees and kissed the governments ass,INSTEAD OF PROTESTING THEM,cause their death went UNPUNISHED like usual,no trials,no one lost their job,just a lot of dead and wounded college kids………then americans went back to sleep,NOT THEIR kids……protests over,everyones happy again,except for the dead kids,their still dead, HUMM ,I think WE HAVE A PROBLEM HOUSTON…………

  • War was declared on the USA citizen when the gov allowed banks and corporations their way. We are not a priority, just a way to supply capital and become debt slaves.