Obama to Bring Gun Confiscation Dictates to the Streets

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by Henry Shivley

So Obama is to hit the campaign trail once again to reignite the push for gun control. I guess Netanyahu must have straightened him out when he was in Israeli and told him to get his Uncle Tom ass back to the United States and get the confiscations underway, so here comes Obama rope-a-dope across the country, on our dollar, of course.

Yesterday it was reported that the US Senate voted to reject the UN Small Arms Treaty, but don’t be lulled into complacency as they still have four more days to accomplish their sedition, thus the rush to get Obama back in our faces.

The whiskey sweating Irish dupe Biden is now saying that expanding background checks would be a gigantic accomplishment.  And indeed national registration and state by state takeover of the control of ammunition would be just enough to accommodate the United Nations.  This is the push we are about to see.

Colorado sheriffs are saying they will not enforce the infringements signed into treason last week by their seditious Governor Hickenlooper, and the people of New York are standing up in defiance of the international insurgents Bloomberg and Cuomo.

Our enemies have lost the game of lying about numbers as the politicians hunker in fear, being trapped between the United Nations and the American nationals, which in reality is where the true battle line lies.  Look at the faces of the traitors within. They are clearly afraid, and well they should be, as they stand on the precipice of unleashing a power that will destroy both them and their UN masters.

They now have their mainstream propaganda machine out front putting forth the ridiculous lie that the massive government purchases of ammunition, which are identified in their own documents, did not occur.

We American nationals are no longer being protrayed as a fringe element, but rather as an overwhelming population of preppers, hiding in caves with storages of food, guns, and ammunition.  It is no longer the assertion that we are a few that should be ignored, but rather that we are the bulk of the population and we have been deceived by the alternative media.

This push for the new world order is failing and it has reached the point that the failure will be absolute across the board, as there is no way they can recover and reset their operations to a prior date.  In short they have gone too far to turn back and have no choice but to charge headlong into their own death like a World War II era Japanese pilot diving his plane into an aircraft carrier in one last desperate attempt to terrorize an enemy that has proven to be militarily superior.

The beginning of the end is near so be prepared to absorb their Kamikaze attacks and make sure they receive nothing resembling the mercy shown the Japanese after invoking such methods.  Remember, the last of the traitors who will be captured for punishment are those who are most in our faces right now.  As a reward for their arrogant duplicity they will get to live longer than the rest, scurrying from one spider hidey hole to the next, right up until the day they are captured, said capture to be followed by an episode of them shitting themselves as the noose is drawn up around their necks.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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