Obama Says He’ll Rebuke ISIS… by Talking About Climate Change

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Oh no… NOT THAT!

Some world leaders are blowing the crap out of ISIS infrastructure and strongholds. Meanwhile, Americans are being placated with speeches about how our president will rebuke the terrorists!!!

…By attending the UN Climate Change summit in Paris.

Because, you know, terrorists really hate it when… people get together at a propagandized globalist conference and chat about climate change. It’s like terrorist kryptonite or something.

“Next week I will be joining President Hollande and other world leaders in Paris for the Global Climate Conference,” Obama said. “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

It is thought ISIS responded, “Oh no, no, not climate change, anything but that!!” and promptly went back to cashing their checks from the Central Intelligence Agency.

On an aside, John Kerry actually said that climate change contributed to the civil war in Syria. These are real narratives this administration is going with. I just couldn’t make this up if I tried.

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  • StevetheHun

    He’s not even trying to make sense. He’s just gibbering stupid stuff.

    And he knows he can get away with gibbering stupid stuff and glittering generalities because the people who voted for him are so idiotic, so moronic, so completely lacking in human intelligence, that they will think he’s intelligent and thus Obama can get away with gibbering.

    • Another Thought Criminal

      You think the elections are legit?

    • Deborah Thompson Burton

      no one’s vote counted….he was bought and paid for and is a puppet.

  • phoelix

    Obama’s poll numbers are dropping, as he goes fetal in the face of ISIS attacks in Europe; expect more entitlement programs to be announced to bring back his “faithful” supporters.

  • Chuck Ashley

    You couldn’t make this stuff up if ya tried Melissa nor would anyone believe it yet he did say this. I expect it from Kerry as he is a stooge like Biden but Obama as well wow what a trifecta of stupid!

  • bo2o

    This so called “president” just makes me sicker each time I see his face. Is it just me..?

    • qweztionz5

      No, it’s not just you. The whole world is sick of him!

    • SonsofAnarchy5768

      Nope, cant stand to look at nor listen to anything that comes out of his pie hole, its all lies and make believe so why even listen to it!

  • william mony

    Please tell me again how Obama is not on some serious drugs…

  • Dan Morgan

    Nothing but the delusional rantings of a madman.

  • diane

    They really do think people are this stupid…

    • sunshine

      A lot of people ARE that stupid. It’s a shame but it’s true.

  • Aug Ust

  • daveinga

    next week he plans on rebuking climate change and it will cease from changing. he learned to do it on his knees in a chicago bath house.

  • Jim

    Obama is doing exactly what he wants. No one can defeat our armed forces, so he brings them in under the guise of immigration. He is and always has been a devout muslim. Congress has accepted the fact that sharia law is coming. The US is being invaded and conquered. Slowly but surely changing peoples views on right and wrong with words like “tolerance”, and “racism”. Changing history to meet the agenda, and our young people are dumb enough to suck it all up.