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Obama Responds To Alex Jones

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January 17th, 2013

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  • Resistance is UTILE!

    Interesting (and true), but A.J. is NOT a “Pundit!” Pundits are funny… A.J. is a fear-monger.

    And there’s nothing wrong with him making money… it’s called having a job.

    As much of a “showman” as he is… he DOES do what needs doing. He says, what needs saying.

    It’s sad that the MSM dishonor people of honor.

  • Freedoms glory

    2:41 does anyone know how to spot a lire, yah notice how he’s smiling and smerking about tyranny, then watch it again and look at Biden… All smiles… How you feeling now.

  • you don’t need to know


  • David B

    Well when they were riding town to town in the 1770’s that wasn’t fear mongering, now was it?!!! Some people despise the truth and I’m glad A J has the balls to do what he does! Ya won’t get the truth on the MSM, but you will get all the distractions that the lefty’s want ya to have!! All I can say is that they are coming!! Watch your flanks!!

  • Rebelwithaclause

    I hate to say this, I have been an Alex Jones fan for a few years, there have been things not adding up w/him. I have been searching for an answer. 1 big red flag, last year he had on the maker of the video I, pet goat 11, Helofant ( I think is the name, if you haven’t seen go to YouTube it is rather disturbing, also look on YouTube of bush in classroom on 9-11, that is very disturbing) anyway Alex Jones has reporters that are currently connected to the CIA, traced their I.P.. Addresses. You can’t watch this pet goat video & not know it is directed towards NWO, yet Alex is carrying on like it’s just innocent. Also, AJ talks to David Ickes who is a fraud & directly employed by the Queen of England. There are a lot of you tube videos w/evidence about AJ being CIA, I believe he is the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, governments have used this tactic for centuries.

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