Obama Preparing More Executive Actions on Gun Control

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Be prepared. This is getting ready to happen. Obama, who already signed off on 23 gun control executive orders after Sandy Hook, is floating the idea that more executive orders to whittle away our 2nd Amendment are coming.

Via Western Journalism:

President Barack Obama plans to approve several executive orders to initiate gun control measures that Congress is unlikely to pass.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in an Oct. 5 press conference that the president’s actions were in response to the recent shooting in Oregon, where a gunman killed nine people attending a writing class…

The exact orders are not yet drawn, and Earnest would not talk about any specific details of the measures during the press conference. He only would say the process was “ongoing.”

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  • He is the executive branch not the legislative branch so ignore his invalid dictates.

    If we don’t collectively call out this false flag BS they are just going to keep using the same formula… false flag followed by more gun control until they ultimately prevent you from owning any weapon at all.

    • Mike

      They need to ban the drugs that have been causing most of these people to go all homicidal. But then they would not have their reasons to push their gun grab agenda if they did that.

      • They don’t want the shootings to stop. They are their only justification for disarming those that they intend to kill in a genocide, just like Hitler and all the other genocidal megalomaniacs in history have.

        • Right to the Point

          Exactly correct! That’s what’s behind this Prison release of 6,000.

          • You are making the specious assumption that non-violent political criminals will be converted into grist in their previous persecutors’ mills? This will only increase the unemployment numbers by 6,000, which will disappear in that data.
            We can’t know for sure, but if I had to guess, they are probably making room for more dangerous (to them) real political prisoners, just like Stalin did. The new prisons will be gulags.

          • Right to the Point

            Not where I was headed with that comment. You may be right, but it’s much simpler than all of that. These people are “Criminals” pure and simple. As such they will create “Statistics” that serve the Progressive narrative, to further erode our rights. Fairly simple. In fact, yesterday a Congressman or Senator said; “The very first person to be released in his state has a RAP Sheet with “Murder.” That’s not by accident, I assure you!

          • There are enough laws on the books in the federal and state reporters to charge anyone in the country with a felony at either the federal or state level. In other words, we are all criminals, most of us haven’t been charged, yet.

          • Right to the Point

            Oh, and You’re are correct in that, they are making room for their perceived enemies!

          • The corporations that operate most of the federal lockups are paid by the head, and they don’t care what the inmates are in for, they are all treated like the chattel they are.

          • Right to the Point

            If memory serves, I believe Holder (Justice Dept.) tried or successfully bought a Penal Institution in Illinois. you’re right, there’s a real problem brewing. When we going to stop it?

          • And, again, ownership isn’t as important as operation. All of the corporately operated federal facilities are still owned by the government. They are operated by private corporations, which don’t have to honor the Constitution.

          • Right to the Point

            It’s really hard trying to agree with a disagreeable person. Your hearts in the right place, but I’m not your enemy.

          • If you’d stop internalizing everything I say, you wouldn’t find me so disagreeable. If you can’t debate something without getting your feelings hurt, you should consider giving up debate, unless you are a masochist.

          • Right to the Point

            Haven’t internalized anything. No reason to debate this issue. I was screaming the same crap your talking about, 30 years ago. Always to receive the world famous, “Well you must have something to hide.” All I was doing is giving you a tool for your kit. You don’t know half of what you think you do junior. You’re boring me, not hurting my feelings. Grow up and learn some stuff, it will do you good….

          • Superiority complexes and ad hominem won’t do what sincere debate won’t. Unless you have been on the planet for more than 6 decades, I consider being called junior an insult, even if it is my CB skip handle, given me by something much older as an affectionate act.

          • Right to the Point

            Superiority Complex? Why do they call you Junior? Dude I get everyone is pissed. Here’s what I can read from you, even though I never met you. You are begging to get into a fight, even with folk you basically agree with. As our government takes away our self control mechanisms and assigns them to the state, people will seek to control other regular folk. We’re seeing it in everyday life now. Here’s the rub, You’re not a fighter. I can tell that because the one thing a fighter knows is, “To go kick ass, you first must bring an ass that could get kicked” and we accept it. Like I said, take some time and learn about your real enemy, I’m not it. Take a course in say “Environmental Science” then you can learn the Progressive game inside and out. You had it partially right in the first comment, but you over did it with the first half. Besides, what do you intend to “DO” about it? Now that could be a real conversation starter…..

          • I guess it is the fact that you don’t have anything agreeable to say that leads me to believe that you are schizophrenic or a terrible liar when you say you are not my enemy. In any case, as long as it quacks like a duck, I will assume it is a duck…

          • Carole

            And you would be wrong.

          • If I were, and you could tell me why and how, why wouldn’t you?

      • straight shooter

        Keep in mind, the drugs are but one component. All the pharmaceuticals being given to every one of these shooters are part of the infinite supply of the Deep State/Black Ops who are “supervising” these individuals, making sure they have plenty of SSRIs and other drugs, automatic weapons (always legally purchased of course) and, most important of all, Manchurian Candidate-style brainwashing to turn out cookie-cutter engineered “lone gun” atrocities on a regular basis. Sickening, but that is what’s happening.

        Consider some of similarities among all these:

        –There’s usually a “training exercise” in the vicinity.
        –Shooter usually dies at the end.
        –Shooter usually had a military stint, and/or had been under military psych. supervision (i.e.,Holmes)
        –There is almost always a “manifesto” shared with the media, featuring at least one card to use toward further division, i.e., race, religion, etc.
        –And always, always, the plea from the top for more gun control.

        • Mike

          Yes, there is always more than meets the eye.

          • Frances George

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          • straight shooter

            By the way, there’s an excellent book on all this called “Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control” by the late, fearless Jim Keith, who, of course, (like so many of the truth-tellers) died under highly suspicious circumstances himself. Really well written and researched. You can get a free download at archive.org.

          • Mike

            Thanks for the info

          • straight shooter

            Sure, Mike. I believe that’s what a forum like this should be used for, rather than all the back-and-forth
            ad hominem nonsense that goes on.

          • Cool! Thanks! I love archive.org, they have a copy of the package and sale on ST Einstein, the propaganda of supremacy which proves Einstein was a fraud, his wife did all the math and he stole his theories.

          • straight shooter

            Wow, what is the name of the book exactly?

          • The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein – The Propaganda of Supremacy – I did butcher the title a bit, lol, sorry about that.

          • straight shooter

            No worries, thx.

        • Carole

          Too true

    • How are they going to stop you from owning a weapon without you surrendering it, or killing you?

      • Razedbywolvs

        Taxing you for owing it to the point were you have to “choose” to give it up.
        You have to register a car every year and only have to register a gun once. I expect a new reregistration program with yearly mental health screening to come.

        • Registration is an infringement of your right to keep and bear, because the only justification for it is to take your guns from you, when they decide to. I don’t intent to comply with any further infringements, and they registered my guns during an unlawful search done under duress.

          • Razedbywolvs

            No unlawful search could fined my firearms, unless they are willing to do a whole lot of digging.

          • sunshine

            This reminds me of the Turner Diaries….

          • Mark

            and Unintended Consequences!

          • sunshine

            I’ve never read that….guess I’ve got another book to add to the list!!

          • Razedbywolvs

            I had to look that up, the book reviews are awesome. Apparently not a lot of people have read the Turner Diaries and Fahrenheit 451.

          • A decreasing number have read 1984 and Brave New World.

          • sunshine

            My mother had it, I have no idea where she got it but she was friends with a FBI agent. He saw it on the bookshelf and went ballistic, saying it was awful and racist and she should get rid of it. So I simply HAD to read it after all that! Fahrenheit 451 is a good one too….so many good books that people don’t read, I’ll never understand it. I guess football, beer and one-upping the asshole neighbors is what really matters to most people. A shame.

          • Razedbywolvs

            I read Might is Right and that was good. I started to read Mein Kampf but it was as boring as a text book.
            I just assumed because I don’t drink,don’t watch sports, have no clue who my neighbor are that I didn’t understand people. Well i did meet my Doug once. He was surprised that I lived next door and asked how the hell I could live next door to him for a year without him knowing about it. I said because im quiet and mined my own dam business, best neighbour you ever had.
            I’m pretty shire he still refers to me as the best dam neighbour he has ever had.

          • You have never been given the choice of allowing your home to be searched or confiscated. What good is a sequestered weapon when the wolf is at the door?

          • I wouldn’t recommend taking them on when they are ready for you, that’s a death sentence.

          • I was never arrested, so what would I need to resist for?

          • You don’t, just give them your guns when they ask.

          • Right after I examine their warrant for acceptability and completeness, by well-established law. The problem is that the administrative procedures they are using instead of the law don’t require a warrant, and they don’t understand the difference between administrative procedures and laws, not having been taught in the academy, assuming they ever attended one.

          • Razedbywolvs

            That wolf is big bad and will blow your house down. Your weapon is just about useless if the wolf comes knocking because you are instantly lacking the eliminate of surprise and up against superior man power/firepower.
            Your best option is to give up. Wen your sitting in jail you can find like minded people who are capable of seeing that supplies get to people who are useful in a capacity other than being a financial burden to the state.

          • What is “the eliminate of surprise?”
            As I said, I could let them search or have it confiscated, so I gave up, in essence. They didn’t come knocking, they came in multiple cars in keystone cop fashion, almost having an accident, providing a bit of entertainment before they proceeded to violate my rights.

          • Smarty

            I’ve got your back brother ! Where I live, at least for now, we don’t have to register anything. It won’t apply to me anyway. Just men don’t have to follow unjust laws….

          • Just men aren’t just in the eyes of the unjust.

      • I think they will go for the ammo.

        • They already have.

        • eagle keeper

          I would be glad to share all of my ammo with them. Something that comes out of the business end of a gun barrel is something they will have no problem understanding. Also requires very little explanation.

      • Right to the Point

        One at a time

    • Mark

      Perfect timing—the Kenyan bathhouse boy stirs up the gunnies so gunnies can take the blame when the banksters crash the economy.

      I counsel restraint. Don’t give them the opportunity to blame us when the economy hits bottom.

      • The mainstream media gives them the opportunity to tell any lies they wish to a believing populace of sheeple.

  • Bring it

    This president is full of shit. He knows that if he presses this issue of gun confiscation he will start the next American Revaluation. That is I believe is his intent. I think he is doing it this way so that he will get the assistance from the u.n. to declare marshal law, and I believe he will do this some time between now and the end of his presidency because he doesn’t want to leave the white house. If that means becoming a dictator then he believe so be it. If he does this he and his supporters will be very sorry. Most of the American people will not put up with it.

    • ChuckInBama

      Yes, I believe that has been the intent of his entire time in office, but there hasn’t been an event large enough to trigger martial law. With time running out, he won’t be so picky. He’s tried putting black against white, immigrant against citizen, Christian against ANYTHING and nothing has worked. I feel that if a Republican wins the election, martial law will occur before the Oath of Office can be administered.
      Perhaps Putin would be willing to help the American people.

      • We have been under martial law since the war between the states, it never having been revoked.

      • Mark

        Putin for US President. (He was born in Hawaii and has a birth certificate) [laughing]

        • He has a bigger nation to run than Obama, with a growing economy.

      • Bring it

        You took the words right out of my mouth. The only exception I would make is putin coming to help us.putin would only have conquest in his heart.

    • Pablo VanWoerkom

      I sure hope you don’t own any guns, as you sound pretty paranoid and trigger happy.

      • I sure hope you don’t expect any of us to defend your sorry ignorant ass when they come to kill it.

      • Smarty

        I sure hope you hang your sheeped out ass tonight….. and save society the burden of doing it for you…

      • Pablo VanWoerkom

        Responses here prove my point. Jeez, I’m so glad you hatred spewing, death-wishing nuts have guns [sarcasm].

        • sunshine

          Oh waah, go read some progressive, hippie, “we love everybody” type sites and you’ll see far worse hatred and more death wishes than you’d ever imagine. Those are the people who will grab the guns, then send all of their enemies to the camps to be exterminated. It’s happened before, but apparently you don’t spend your time reading history, you spend it bitching and moaning on the internet.

        • We’ll use them after the sheeple like you have left for the FEMA camps.

      • straight shooter

        Actually he sounds pretty awake.

    • The next American Revaluation? He has been a dictator since he was sworn into office, and the American people have put up with every bit of it, so what won’t they put up with?

      • Smarty

        Maybe little battery operated vibrating OBAMA butt plugs, inserted by EO for everyone ? (Sorry, that’s all I’ve got…and maybe they’ll put up with THAT too).

      • Guillotine_ready

        For years I would look at the actions of those put into office and think yeah this is very the top people will react to this, no they just took it in stride. After 9/11 I was sure people could see through that poorly done false flag and would be up in arms, I was wrong.
        Cops started killing people with impunity and banks were actually caught rigging the Libor and the economy and I was sure that would finally do it, NO way.
        Now I know the people will own guns and whine about gun control, but use them to reacquire some tiny semblance of freedom will never happen. Americans are regrettably sheep, or sell-outs with a few who are pissed to the point of blinding rage who would fight.
        America has stripped of resources, it’s people impoverished by ever increasing taxes, fees, fines, interest and outright theft, there is not much left. Even bring in the illegals and others to create new consumer base has failed.
        Best idea now is to stay away from bureaucratic attention, spend little and when you do make sure it is to take care of your loved ones. Make trust a hard earned reward, and keep your plans to yourself.
        We have been at war with oligarchs for a long time and it will end badly for millions.

    • Smarty

      “REvaluation”. I kind of like the sound of that !!!

    • eagle keeper

      If that is indeed his wish, we the gun owners of America need to do one thing to make his wish come true. MAKE IT SO !!!

  • Mike

    Screw you Obama, I have an executive action and it fires lead.

    • Cold War Gunner

      Mine are in .308, 68 gr..What are yours ??

      • Mike

        223, 556, 762 x39, 3006, 243 and a few more

        • Smarty

          I just throw sticks and stones….and then a whole bunch of other shit in little brass tubes…..

  • Cold War Gunner

    I personally am ready for a march on the district of criminal corruption, to put an end to this unAmerican bull that we are forced to suffer..

    • I hope you are prepared to march alone, because either Americans are unwilling to bother, or don’t think it would make any difference anyway.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Adam Kokesh got 800 people to sigh up to march on Washington DC. before he got busted. After that we had Bundy Ranch.

        Few and far between, but Americans still excist.

        • Kenmar

          United we stand, divided we fall….

          • Razedbywolvs

            Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

        • Smarty

          Kokesh. Bundy. Oath Keepers. The TRUCKERS that converged on DC, LARRY KLAYMAN, YOU, and ME. And there are more my friend. There is strength in numbers…..

        • Americans excist (sic) by circumstance, patriots exist by intent.

      • Smarty

        Not yet. You are correct for now, but one event….whatever that may be…will get the march started. You will march then too. We all will….

        • I’ll be busy staffing logistics, so the marchers won’t be marching on empty stomachs.

  • We~see


    • Smarty

      My translation:
      Seductive tyrannical FLUSHES. Fuck them.

      • We~see

        got that right Buddie

  • Frank

    Executive Orders are NOT laws. EOs are only policy decisions that apply to the Executive branch of the US government. Don’t be fooled and believe otherwise, as so many Sheeple do. Only when the Second Amendment is suspended should we worry, and then it will be time to execute actions to remove any and all complicit parties to the tyranny – American Revolution Redux. Sadly, we are sliding that way, with the progressive non-compliance with the rule of law by persons at the highest levels of government and the self-proclaimed “too important to be bothered by laws intended for the commoners” types.

  • ccambridge

    As the dear dictator states Assad must go, American citizens and the world must demand the incompetent Obama go. He’s bad for America and our rights and bad for the world as he decides who stays and goes. He’s not a god..just a sick feeble minded individual who does not represent us or America.

    • Obama isn’t the least bit incompetent. He was installed into the White House to carry on with the communist organizing that he was taught by Marshall and began in Chicago. If you think he is feeble, you are pretty much demonstrating that you are.

  • Loisteehee

    His actions don’t matter anymore; I’ve yet to see a birth certificate. Executive branch cannot write law, so f*ck him.

    • There is a birth certificate on the White House website, but it is clearly a Photoshopped fraud.

  • Kevin G.

    The “Elite”Pricks” know they don’t stand a chance in Hell at us over 350 Million People and they want complete control, BUT, they are trapped rats in a corner,getting mean but careless, and their day is coming! Obama certainly knows how to give a good speech with lots of interesting and pretty words! ALL of course just like all or Most of the Presi Dinks are scripted and written crafted by the goons up above. Tic Tock, the clock is ticking, Also …Clickity..cClack*- Locked and Loaded!

  • The second amendment can not be whittled away. It doesn’t guarantee a single thing. It only tells Congress not to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms in defense of the republic, as part of a well-regulated militia, which was subsumed into the National Guard and has been used as a reserve ever since. Each individual has an absolute right to self-defense, and when the country which is supposed to protect us attacks us, we have to assume that it no longer deserving of our protection, and instead deserving of any action we need to take to protect ourselves from it.
    Executive orders have no legal authority outside of the executive branch, and if he wants them to march into a firefight, bring it on.

  • Mike

    It is irrelevant what he does, tries to do or what the next person does.
    I will NOT give up what I own for him, congress, law enforcement, the military or to appease a bunch of whining liberals.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …nope…won’t go after the mentally insane or the criminals…who do this…but at the law abiding citizen…yup…that should get the job done…and this time there will be no next time…eh barry…???

  • An executive order cannot be violated by someone who isn’t employed by the executive branch of the federal government.

  • Kenmar

    It’s very simple…. I will not comply.

  • Smarty

    O-butt-fuck can write whatever his muslime ass wants to. I know what constitution I follow. Fuck that asshole…

  • SovereignPatriot88

    This is clearly more agenda driven left wing extremism. They go after the 2nd amendment instead of the antidepressant companies and Islamic extremists, etc, that are the cause of these shootings. This is a people problem, not a gun problem. People kill people. The guns, knives, bats and clubs are just tools used by the people who kill. But none of these politicians will address the real issue.

  • Gearmoe

    He will go for universal background. Doesn’t do anything, proven, but political theater is his specialty. Singing in a church while promoting agenda. What fu’ing weasel. Josh is the super weasel and a shit wizard. Isn’t it a secure feeling to have a president who battles the Constitution they swore to protect? Asshole deluxe. Get Trump in their and break this BS career politician chain, it’s killing us.

  • donl

    Ever notice the only people that want your guns are the Democrats? OR Socialists / Communists.

  • Frank

    Take a look at how many Police Chiefs and Sheriffs are speaking out against the barrage of gun control rhetoric about “enacting stricter laws to keep guns out of the hands of…” They are all speaking from first-hand experience in the REAL effects of legal private ownership of personal firearms, quoting actual statistics on the impact of INCREASED private ownership, and calling BS on the politicians’ grandstanding and pandering to the anti-gun disciples and money. There is a coalition of Sheriffs in Colorado that stated that they would not enforce any gun control laws that violate the spirit of the 2A. The Liberal-leaning state legislature apparently tried to silence them, but at least the people know that they are making a stand and trying to take the voice and power away from the “blame the gun” nuts.

  • Gordon Preston Brown

    Communist in Chief should be given the middle finger and deported to North Korea where he can enjoy communism to it’s fullest extent.

  • Dan Morgan

    Heads and hips kids, heads and hips…

  • Ray Magarino

    On those 6,000 prisoners being released, it is part of the plan to put the Cloward Piven strategy to be used in our already stressed system. Add those coming across the border and soon the 200,000 Syrian refugees that our King ummm President is going to allow to wash up on our shores and we have a catastrophe waiting to happen.
    P.S. Molan Labe! Honor your Oath, they honored theirs!

  • Nek Xorp

    President Obama certainly does not believe in gun control. Gun control for the President of the United States is a Declaration of War from Congress….

    No need for that, just pick up a phone and call in a drone strike.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • EastTNPatriot

    When you understand that a sovereign owns the government and the government owns the citizens. NARLO “No Trespassing” signs. They cross the property line, there’s going to be issues.

  • WayPastDueToo

    Obama is just a PUPPET. He does as he’s told and so will the next president and the one after. Until the MONEY CARTEL is dethroned, until the SOCIAL ELITE are REMOVED, we will continue to lose every right we have as earthlings to live a free life. World domination is the aim here and Obama is nothing more than a pawn in the big chess game. Go to the TOP. Obama ain’t there.