Border Patrol’s New Stand Down Policy: “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether”

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During testimony in front of The House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and Border
Security on Thursday, National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd accused the government of legislating through policy to bypass Congress completely on immigration.

“Immigration laws today appear to be mere suggestions. There are little or no consequences for breaking the laws and that fact is well known in other countries. If government agencies like DHS or CBP are allowed to bypass Congress by legislating through policy,we might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” Judd testified.

The testimony highlights what the Washington Examiner referred to as a “shocking reversal of policy” wherein agents have been officially told to release all illegal immigrants and stop ordering them to appear at deportation hearings.

The stand down orders also include a requirement that whereabouts of these immigrants are not to be tracked, or what has been referred to as a “go free” policy.


If that’s the case, can Obama please remind us all what exactly is the job and purpose of Customs and Border Patrol again?

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  • Flem

    Our government needs to learn what the word illegal means. As in illegal immigration. They should all be put in jail for helping someone commit a crime.

    • Bruce Regael

      This is part of the problem. Multicultural societies never last and history has proven this. The goal is to bring about those differences very quickly to coincide with a bigger event (i.e. economic collapse, global war, etc.) and take the focus off the powers doing it in the first place and the responsible parties. We’ve been flooded with nearly 1 million illegals for a year for the past 30+ years. Meanwhile people ignored it because we were big enough to escape it. There’s a reason why Obama is now ordering HUD to track down all non-diverse (i.e. WHITE) communities and start moving hood rats into them.

      This could have been prevented, but at the pace things are happening it’s almost inevitable you’re going to have cultural uprisings. Liberals have been hard at work to stir these pots thinking they’re going to escape the consequences. They’re signing their death warrants. We know who the real enemy is, but you’re not going to be able to ignore the enemy in front of you when dozens of cities are burning and they start coming into your nice little gated communities.

      Typical divide and conquer that’s been going on since 1965 and simply being sped up to go along with the economic decay. Hope everyone is armed.

      • Czajk

        Well said!

      • We the People need to do some dividing and conquering of our own. Traitors from patriots, and government.

    • BasicRules

      Who do you think is in the White house ” illegal “

    • BW83

      They all should have been jailed long ago if we’re operating on the premise they’ve committed crimes…

      Jail isn’t the proper punishment for treasonous actions though

    • Mr Reynard

      Illegal; ?? We decide what is illegal ??
      First Illegal POTUS Bawak the First..

  • BW83

    What’s the job of our border patrol? Seems to be just another government organization to soak up tax dollars.

    It won’t be much longer before we’re in the same predicament Europe is in. I’m sure our government will try just as hard to cover the issue up.

    Politically correct, “diverse” societies are a failure. Had the mindset EVER worked it would have been common practice long before the US as we know it existed. Instead the world broke up into similar appearing people with common customs and beliefs, should tell ya something.

  • Zaphod Braden

    TEAR DOWN THAT FENCE! Why is Congress worrying about a fence around the White House …… when the White House has torn down the fence around this Nation?! Obama has shown by his actions that he does NOT believe OUR FAMILIES deserve a safe Nation ….. . flooding us with ILLEGALS and REFUJIHADIS while he hides behind armed guards and super fences

    Kim Davis, a lowly County Clerk, is jailed for refusing to enforce a law that goes against her conscious ……. Barry Obama, the TOP law enforcer in the Nation, the President, is NOT in jail for REFUSING TO ENFORCE the immigration LAW of this Nation that HE says go against his conscious.

    • Rick E.

      I wouldn’t worry about the jihadists messing too much with our women, as I am quite sure that others will feel like I do…try to rape my wife or daughter and that asshole WILL die! This is not yet like Europe.

  • The pictured border patrol officer couldn’t keep up with an illegal if they ran.

    • Stonewall Jackson

      Yeah.. that is probably why Obama hired him.

      • Unlikely, since most of the recent hires have been hispanic and he doesn’t look very that.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    This government has become quite good at issuing stand down orders.

    • Rick E.

      Yes indeed! Our whole fricking government is “standing down” to patriotism, and is pushing globalism as a viable alternative to a constitutional republic!
      This is traitorous and disgusting and is the the death song for the USA.

      • Did you mean standing down patriotism, or standing down TO patriotism?

  • Smarty

    Even a mushroom would understand by now that the ONLY reason they are allowing this is because they want to increase the liberal tit sucking community until they are by far the majority. At that point, the voices of the “normal” people will be drowned out….or so the stupid fuckers think. They’re going to be sorry when the shit finally hits the fan, every last one of them..

    • They won’t be anywhere near the fan.

    • Flem

      It’s not about liberals. It’s about cheap labor for businesses.

  • otis cambell

    They have already abolished most if not all, of our laws, via, executive fiat.

  • Guillotine_ready

    They need the immigrants to give them loans, auto loans. student loans, mortgages, and those wonderful jobs so they can repay the loans because americans are tapped out and not buying any more.
    The looting has to continue until there is nothing left to tax, steal, or charge interest on.

  • bosunj

    Start with dismantling all your internal checkpoints you rat fuck rat bastard mutherfuckers!

  • Mike

    just more proof that DHS, and the like are nothing but law breaking organizations that need to be abolished. Our borders must be enforced with lethal force if needed and all illegal invaders need to be found and deported after being made to work on chain gangs fixing our roads at a minimum of ten years each. The whole of the US government is corrupt as well and more proof of that comes out every single day. They all need to be arrested, tried for their treasonous actions and once found guilty executed. If we don’t get this going now, we are all doomed.

  • lilred

    There is conspiracy about Brittany Murphy being murdered by the government because she was speaking out about this stand down and all the illegals that were being allowed in. I think her husband was killed too

  • Meltonmark

    All designed to ensure the the end of the White race. Mass immigration, plenty welfare, breed like rabbits, bye-bye Whities. Never again will a White [male] ever be POTUS again.