Obama on Gun Control After Oregon: “We Collectively Are Answerable to Those Families”

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President Obama spoke in response to the Oregon shooting, vowing once again to spend the last 15 months of his final term to ensure more gun control legislation is passed.

“This is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in America. We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction.”

“We have seat belt laws because we know it saves lives,” he said.

Obama continued:

“The notion that gun violence is somehow different… that our freedom and our Constitution prohibits any modest regulation… of how we use a deadly weapon… when there are law abiding gun owners all across the country who could hunt and protect their families and do everything they do under such regulations doesn’t make sense.”

He also referenced how gun control in the UK and Australia was able to be passed in response to just one single mass shooting.

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.  Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours.  So we know there are ways to prevent it.”

Strange he would mention those two countries “in response to one mass shooting,” because both have been brought into question as potential false flags specifically to impose stricter gun control laws in those countries. (Many have likened Dunblane to Sandy Hook.)

In addition, did you know that, due to the rise in stabbings in the UK following gun control, adults over 18 now have to show ID just to buy plastic knives there?


Those under 18 are not allowed to purchase plastic knives.

In fact, there are even lobbying groups there to get people to turn in their knives as well, even kitchen knives.


Point is, the “control” doesn’t end with guns. Eventually, people will have to ban everything to be truly “safe”.

Obama’s full remarks in response to the Oregon event are below:

On a side note, how cheesy is this clip the White House put on Twitter with the animated text?

Really cheesy? Or really really really cheesy?

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  • Loisteehee

    Obama has used our Constitution for his toilet paper for too long.
    Guns don’t kill—crazy people on drugs kill. Let’s shut down big pharma.

  • Someguy

    School campuses are gun free zones.. I mean free victim zones.
    I wonder if they buried the shooter at sea yet, as per tradition.

  • Kevin G.

    Very interesting when one slows down a bit, and listens and looks carefully to The President’s remarks, one can begin to see just how skillfully “Someone or Some group” have written & crafted the words,(Speech) that he speaks out to US.- The American “Sheeple”
    Sort of makes one wonder

    • arahn

      It’s actually not a wonder. Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, pioneered the field mass manipulation. Much research has been done so they know exactly how to manipulate the majority — doesn’t work on everyone, only sheeple.

      • Kevin G.

        Yes you are right, I have heard that the Nazi’s during WW2 were experimenting with individuals with mind control, making their subjects listen to loud music over and over,and various other things. I remember many times George W Bush saying something else like
        ” I just have to keep repeating the message over and over and over again until the people come to accept it as reality! “. Saddan Hussein has weapons of Mass Destruction and We’ve got to get over there to Iraq and leave no stone unturned and if their hiding in any caves We’ll hunt em down and Smoke em Out! “….” I’m the Commander in Chief, I’m the Decider!”

        • sunshine

          Neurolinguistic programming combined with the hypnotic flicker rate of the tv, subliminal messages, and the overt stuff create a perfect storm of brainwashing.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            So true! I found that after I totally eliminated watching news programming-interesting that it’s called programming, huh?-my point of view changed sharply. I began to question the official narrative and also found that my initial reaction to events were completely opposite to the direction the MSM was steering people. TV is a very powerful brainwashing tool.

          • sunshine

            Congrats and I am SO GLAD you turned it off! Tell me you got rid of it entirely…right? Like, sold your TV, threw it out, at least cut the cable 🙂

        • Ludlow Porch

          What, nothing critical about Obama?

          • Kevin G.

            Their ALL just puppets for the most part following orders from their handlers.$$$$$$$.00

      • sunshine

        “Propaganda” is a very interesting book indeed….

      • molon_labe

        Excellent choice. Hence why obama constantly says “the majority of the American people support common sense gun legislation”, when In reality, 60% of people think there are to many laws as it is.
        Thats him trying to play on our need to fit in with everyone else. But he forgets, there are far more powerful instincts.

  • Mike

    No hitler boy, the only one responsible is the idiot that did the shooting. Now if you want to talk about others that could be held responsible then the school is the culprit for making the college a gun free zone. GUN FREE ZONES KILL PEOPLE.

    • I was going to refute you by posting Oregons 2011 campus carry laws, but I see that I’m wrong and you are correct…. Guns are in fact prohibited on that particular campus, except by written permission by college. http://www.armedcampuses.org/oregon/

      • Annette Hamm

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      • molon_labe

        I appreciate your honesty. I really do. Very rare in this world.

  • Mark

    Try this first. Disarm Israel, then let’s see how that works out.


  • NonYo Business

    Obama, Bush’s, Clintons… Traitors without equal…. So far.

  • Nathan Togain

    Barack Hussein is the biggest dip-shit there ever was.?

  • We~see

    the way i see it Obama, that the ones who are gay that is
    a privilege not a right
    just like owning a gun is a right and not a privilege

    • It is settled freedom! (to take a page out of the climate liars’ book)

      • We~see

        yep they make right wrong & wrong right.

  • Jeffersonian

    Fake Shootings, Fake Scripts! Stop allowing the MSM to push these fake shooting stories that they use to justify grabbing our God Given rights! If they get away with this, Free Speech is next!

  • Raymond Chow

    Are we answerable to the families of the victims as Obama claims? Myself, the answer is NO. I didn’t do the shooting and I didn’t put the shooter into his devilish state of affair. I put the blame on Obama for his anti Christian behaviour and pro Muslim attitude. I’ll also blame him for lying about the economy and not seeing the actual effect of his economy to the people. And then there he is pushing to disarm the American people and keeps giving bs. The true intent of the 2nd amendment is to defend ourselves against government tyranny. All others comes secondary. Once you’re disarmed, you’re nothing but a slave. I’m not saying we’re not slaves now but we can rise up when we’ve had enough with our guns. Without our guns we’ll not be able to rise up against tyranny and the tyrant can easily lock us up in the train cabooze and herd us to their version of Auswitz.

    • Your statement is full of MSM propaganda but since it is rampant I cannot blame you but I do agree with you on the issues of firearms and the fact that we are not giving them up. Ozero mentions how it only took one false flag to do it in other countries but over here they can keep them up but we don’t budge… why? May have something to do with how this country was founded originally.

      **please study WWII actual history instead of false jewish propaganda so you won’t unintentionally repeat some of the lies that continue to hold us back to this day: thegreateststorynevertold.tv – part 20 touches on some of the lies you just repeated albeit unintentionally IMO.

      • BW83

        This is the heart of the sad state of affairs in this country. There’s literally no one you can believe anymore. We’re lied to by the left, we’re lied to by the right, we’re lied to by the controlled media, we’re lied to by the free media even. I won’t even touch on the numerous “causes” and special interest groups we have that spew blatant propaganda.

        I don’t blame the American People, though I’d wish they’d wake up. They, and us, are the victims here. It’s hard to go through life with trust issues, easier to swallow the pill and go about your life….but it sickens me.

        Our leadership has failed us, and we’re seeing the top-down effects of that failure. This isn’t a new thing either, it’s happened for as long as anyone breathing in this country has lived. We’re a team without a coach. Our uniforms are nice, we’re capable and mostly well trained, but with no plan we run around without purpose. The things that once united us are we slowly chipped away, and there’s precious little left.

        • It’s the media, we need to take back control, they have the zombies mentally trapped! Our only voice is on the net and google twists reality for the zombies so they stay insulated in propaganda… soo frustrating to watch happen and I constantly ponder upon a technical solution. Mike Adams is doing good with his fetch.news, too bad he is a zionist shill though so I don’t fully trust him either(constantly mentions nazis gassing 6million jews, a confirmed lie and someone with his IQ certainly knows the truth so he is a deceiver in my opinion).

          There are 2 I trust out there and they are Eric Dubay of Atlantean Conspiracy: atlanteanconspiracy.com and Dr Ed Ward, MD of edwardmd.wordpress.com/about/ – I am not a very trusting individual but these 2 passed my bs smell test while most fail.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          In the end, it’s incumbent upon a free people to be wary, skeptical, aware and awake AT ALL TIMES if you wish to preserve that which you wish to keep. In that regard, I do blame the American people. We’ve become intellectually lazy, lacking the necessary attention span to know when to ask obvious questions and demand answers of the government. Oh look! Squirrel……

          • BW83

            Wary, skeptical, aware, and awake at all times? It’s been proven time and time again you can’t constantly be in condition red without suffering from the stress and susceptibility to worsening health that comes with it.

            Once again, blaming the victims isn’t always the answer. Intellectually lazy? Yeah, but it’s imposed by our leaders as much as, if not more than self-imposed. Not everyone is a leader capable of behaving in the ways you seem to think everyone should. Leaders are elected to take on that responsibility so that others don’t have to 24/7, that’s their point.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            I couldn’t disagree more. Wary, skeptical, aware and awake is another way of saying maintaining a state of vigilance, aka-situational awareness. Nowhere near “condition red”, which implies readied rifles and the feverish urgency of imminent action of some sort. It isn’t asking too much of any adult to be aware of what their government is up to. Intellectual laziness cannot be imposed-it is a habit formed by those who find it is easier to tune in to the MSM-and other means of government propaganda-and be told what to think or whose patriotism is so blind they cannot separate government action from Constitutional action. Leaders are NOT elected so that citizens can simply relinquish their need to know and understand what their government is doing and demand answers when it is unclear. Leaders are elected to ensure we are governed within the boundaries of our Constitution-which hasn’t happened for too damned long.

          • BW83

            Laziness can’t be imposed? You literally just stated in the very next sentence how it can be, and how it is being imposed.

            You wouldn’t consider situational awareness stressful? Every study on the subject even states that people need timeframes in condition white to decompress or over time they suffer stress fatigue. I’m not saying staying oblivious should be the norm like it is, but it is necessary in small doses.

            Never said we should relinquish knowledge and understanding because we have leaders, stated they were there to lessen the burden. In fact you continue into the next sentence to say they’re necessary to insure our government stays within its constitutional boundaries but we should be wary that they do (you’re saying the same thing I am). I think we’re both agreeing which each other and just don’t realize it, and we obviously both agree our leaders have failed us.

      • sunshine

        I second this! Definitely watch this, also read Mein Kampf and learn the truth about Hitler!

        • So you have something to give when you educate people of this: archive.org/details/MeinKampf_154 – pick your format on the right under download options. You can get a nice epub reader addon for firefox and read epubs with your browser which I think is great.

          • sunshine

            Thanks!! You’re the best 🙂

  • Anonymous1

    ““We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.”

    No, other countries have crafted laws that almost eliminate guns which is NOT what we want.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      My answer to Obama on that one is Switzerland.

  • Jim

    This just in – odumbo, you can kiss our collective asses. You are a disgrace to the office of the President of the United States.

  • Mark

    Michael Hoffman: Twilight Language in the Case of the Umpqua shooter http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2015/10/twilight-language-in-case-of-umpqua.html

  • Well, if I were indeed a slimy, low-life, tax feeding collectivist I might agree with you.

  • Right to the Point

    “We Collectively Are Answerable to Those Families”
    I agree! Arm Everyone and this will go away…..

  • ChuckInBama

    I’m still waiting for just ONE liberal to tell me what additional law would have made a difference.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Piece of shit couldn’t even wait until the bodies were cold before he used his bully pulpit to exploit his agenda. Remember-this is the same man who illegally sold illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels and then gave weapons to the rebels opposing Assad-who happen to be ISIS. A traitor, hypocrite and an asshole dressed up in President’s clothing.

    • He counts on media amnesia to keep spreading BS and so far it has worked.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        I’m so damn sick of all of it! I know there’s an agenda being played out, but the lapdog media sickens me the most. To think that so many-SO MANY-rely on them as their sole source of information. If it’s a fight these f*ckers want, I’m not ready, but I’m READY-if you get my drift.

        • If we really start winning the info war you will see things escalate drastically, they already have weapons and supplies strategically located all over the country just for this reason.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            I have given the military angle a great deal of thought and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. The military is almost sure to be divided over whether firing on citizens is justifiable, which is why Obama-and others-have put so much effort into arming and equipping the lesser federal police forces-like DHS. Some military will fire, others won’t and some military units may end up fighting amongst themselves and one another.
            My other thought comes from a conversation I had with a coworker whose daughter or son-in-law was in the Army. He claimed the government was surreptitiously infiltrating and positioning foreign military forces throughout the US-as UN enforcers or an internal army meant to bolster the federal forces in the event the military refuses to follow orders during a SHTF situation. We have done a tremendous amount of cross training with foreign military forces since the 90’s and just this summer, I heard a news report about the National Guard training with Polish paratroopers right here in Michigan.
            Ultimately, if history is to be our guide, the military will not only fire upon American citizens, but they will be pitted against their fellow countrymen for the creation of a crucible of conscience, allowing less scrupulous forces to prey upon the rest. I hope I’m wrong.

  • sunshine

    I heard about this while looking at the Daily Mail. The comments were full of British people tut tutting about us awful, barbaric Americans and how we simply MUST enact gun control. One would think that after two wars to get rid of them, they would’ve learned that we don’t care about their opinions! If they want to have their unarmed soldiers beheaded in the street, that’s their prerogative but we like our Second Amendment. Not that it matters, they’ll be an Islamic nation in 30 years and they won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. They certainly won’t be able to stop it!

  • Jon Geissinger

    Has the community organizer in chief looked at his home town lately? How about Australia? Criminals don’t get background checks Barry!

  • JoeSmoer

    Are we also collectively answerable to those families (“collateral damage”) killed by Obamas drones?

  • ccambridge

    Obama should be talking about the ineffectiveness of his community organizer town of Chicago and their extreme gun laws rather than picking and choosing the massacre of the day in a gun free zone in rural America. Again, this will turn out to be another killer on drugs for the head. Again the government won’t deal with that since they and big pharma are in bed together.

  • They say in the news if you can believe it that all the gun the guy had with him at his home were LEGALLY PURCHASED. So why do they continue to talk about gun control?

  • Bruce Prentis

    When the traitor in thief said “we collectively” he must be talking about him and his “goon squad”

  • mirageseekr

    As soon as the public gives up their guns you can bet the FEMA round-ups will commence. Just remember folks, over 20 million people have been killed by their own governments in genocides in the 20th century. The first thing they do is disarm you. RT reported extensively on the gun grab that tried to happed in CN. after Sandy Hoax, It warms my heart and renews my faith in this country that tens of thousands of people refused to register their weapons. You will not hear about the push back on MSM. They do not want anyone feeling like their are other like minded people out their showing resistance. Much like media does not cover Monsanto protests or The Million Mask March which was the biggest worldwide protest ever.

  • jaguar

    There will be many mass shootings now that Obama and the other Satanists have open the floodgates of Muslims into our Countries… Look for mass mall shootings And Real mass school shootings, these sick Muslims would love to kill our children!!!

  • olddog

    (D)isarm ALL Gov. Gumba guards and security services..then we’ll talk..MAYBE!!!

  • Nek Xorp

    It’s a failure. Repeal it!

    As Obama said, there are no “common sense” gun laws in this country. Therefore, the Brady Bill is not a “common sense” gun law.


  • Ray

    How many people (innocent civilians) has he killed with authorized drone strikes? But lets not ask that question….how many people are killed in Chicago..Nola..Baltimore..Gary..St. Louis..LA..and on and on…oh..i forgot..Detroit..

  • molon_labe

    The real political choice we must make is “there is a possibility of it being dangerous” freedom, over peaceful slavery.

    No thanks. I’ll keep my guns and worst case scenario make a stand.alone if I must.



  • Bubba T

    When the Govt. and this ass clown actor tells you guns r bad mmmmkay, buy double.

  • quentinholt

    If libtards knew anything about common sense, then they would no longer be libtards.

  • Ludlow Porch

    My “answer” to these Families, would be File an “wrongful death lawsuit” against the college, state and others that failed to protect their children. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, guarantee “LIFE, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness !” This State, city and college, did not provide that environment!

  • We~see

    Yes Obama all of you are

    Collectively Answerable, to all America Families.

  • USMC0311

    We are not collectively responsible for anything, Oboingo. More communist, collectivist drivel from this jackass in the White House. The only thing that we are “collectively” responsible for is voting in these ass hat politicians who wont even wait until the bodies are cold before engaging in political grandstanding to push a BS agenda. I notice no one has had the nuts to talk about how these people died as a direct result of failed, unconstitutional laws such as “gun free zones” aka target rich environments. Its interesting that the only thing that stopped the psycho with the gun was other people with guns (cops). The victims families should file suit against the State of Oregon and any member of the Oregon state legislature that voted for “gun free-zones”.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Preznit Crackhead doesn’t play that jive in Chitcago…or any other “urban” open air sewage lagoon…
    because the rampaging, murdering juvie AND adult H. Erectus miscreants don’t have “fambleez”…just “packs”.