Obama Effort to strip constitutional gun rights may start American Civil War

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Are you ready to wake up in an America where your family is defenseless against enemies foreign or domestic? This reality is right around the corner. A day after his reelection, Barack Obama signaled the United Nations that he is ready to sign an Arms Treaty to strip you of your U.S. Second Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms.


Obama’s move to sign a United Nations’ Gun Ban Treaty will escalate states’ effort for seceding from America.

This is not new. The United Nations made earlier attempts during the administration of former President George W. Bush. But, President Bush soundly rejected the measure. Now, President Obama, fresh off of this presidential win, feels emboldened to go forward with his design to unilaterally dismember the guaranteed constitutional protections citizens of this nation are entitled to.

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that the U.S. State Department under the control of either Ambassador Hillary Clinton will truly represent your interest? What about her possible replacement nominee, America’s United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice? This is the same Ambassador Rice who went on five television network shows to cover up the truth of what happened to four Americans murdered on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya.

Where does that leave Americans?

The real question is what are you prepared to do in order to defend your right to defend your family? Will you wait to see what happens? Or will you take the necessary steps to make certain that you will not have to wait and see if United Nations gun control officials knock at your door and demand “Gun license and registration, please!”

The right to control your guns is not open for debate or for negotiation. It is a sovereign right that no foreign organization, including the United Nations has the right or the authority to undertake, because a president gives the go ahead.

When any president decides to destroy the nation’s U.S. Constitutional rights afforded to its citizens, which he has sworn to uphold, he no longer has the authority to represent the nation’s citizens. He must be impeached!

The U.S. Constitution says with great clarity in Article II, Section 4:
“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Your signed petitions should be forwarded to John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives according to Article I, Section 2: “The House of Representatives . . . shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

You do not need the permission of the White House nor do you need the permission of the mainstream media to determine your course of action to demand the impeachment of  Barack Obama. Develop a list of particulars that petitioners in all fifty states will sign. The secessionist movement has already gotten the ball rolling.

Several hundred thousand petitioners representing all fifty states, including battleground state Ohio have signed to secede from the union. This is far more serious than a group of Hollywood actors and entertainers who threatened to vacate and move to Canada after President Bush was reelected in 2004.

This is a significant and determined first step in the process to take back this nation from a president who has made numerous attempts to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.

Impeachment for the purposes of clarification comes from English law and was used in 1640 case against Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford. He had, “traiterously endeavored to subvert the Fundamental Laws and Government of the Realms . . . and instead thereof, to introduce Arbitrary and Tyrannical Government against Law.”

Obama has moved to subvert the fundamental laws and government of the United States, by refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which is congressional legislation passed and signed into law by President Bill Clinton. He has issued an executive order which circumvents federal immigration law, granting nearly a million illegal immigrants the right to be protected from removal which the law demands. These are just a few of his attempts to subvert the U.S. Constitution.

So in plain English, President Obama should face impeachable offenses that can be determined in the House of Representatives.

Begin now to take your first steps of many to protect the integrity of your Second Amendment U.S. Constitution’s right to protect your family. Today, tonight and tomorrow consider: what are you prepared to do to protect your family?

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  • Alden Wayne Dumas

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed,
    American politicians cannot enforce unjust laws by force; because the whole
    body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to
    any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in
    the United States.”

    Protect your 2nd Amendment rights………..

    • Richard

      With over 200 million firearms in private citizen’s hands and the oath keepers and the ones unsigned but quietly agree will NOT fire on Americans…nor do I believe most of the National Guard or regular armed forces would either.

      • Robert Heidorf

        may be not the for in troops can brought to fire on us and that is what they we do

      • I was in the Air National Guard for 23 years. If the order is Unconstitutional it is an unlawful order and will not I repeat will not be subjected to enforcement from the military against the people. We still give the constitutional oath upon every re-enlistment. We uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is still said today for Armed forces oath. I haven’t seen any changes in our oath.

        • Jay

          Just like how Delta Force operators participated in Waco Texas (actively killing American citizens) without the approval of congress, or the national guard disarming American citizens in hurricane Katrina at gun point?

          I don’t think it is so far fetched that our military would turn on the citizens.

          • Jeff

            Actually those who were taking guns from lawful citizens were members of Blackwater. Blackwater mercenaries moved into New Orleans and started “kicking ass and taking names” with no permission or authorization from anyone. After one week of terrorizing the city, they got a FEMA contract to continue the terror.

          • Proud Soldier

            Jay, so tell me and all of us again that it was the Delta Force actively killing Americans citizens in Waco, TX April 19, 1993!!!!! The forces on ground was the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco Firearms), They were ordered to make entry and use tear gas to flush them out!!! There were no bullets flying from ATF Agents but from inside the compound. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU ACCUSE THE MILITARY OF WRONGFUL DOING!!! All Military personnel follow orders, something you know nothing about. But as previously stated by Pete Siegel (If the order is Unconstitutional it is an unlawful order and will not I repeat will not be subjected to enforcement from the military against the people).

        • Tom

          I agree Pete and a veteran of 8th Air force, SAC and they can not make the military carry out unconstitutional acts or orders and would cause a war within the military. If they bring in foreign troops and would not put it past this administration, they an all out civil war. We do not want that and I don’t think the government does either. They was America like it is with people working and taking care of those to ignorant and lasy to take care of themself, and it can not be that way if a civil war is going on.

        • Anonymous

          what if it is foreign troops russian or china

      • Stumbled Into Crazyland

        You guys are hilarious. Just try to sober up before target practice, okay?


        • Fight to keep your freedom

          It’s rumored that George Soros owns Snopes. If that’s the case, then anything political on that site cannot be trusted.

          In case you don’t know who he is, he’s a huge supporter of Obama. Obama seeks advice from Soros.

          Those who believe Snopes are continuing to be brainwashed.

    • Dwight Mann

      I know Alden Wayne Dumas, from another great site. Freedomworks.
      A patriot with great insights. . .

    • David Hack

      Before he does anything else stupid and I don’t think he’s got the brains to figure that out, Ovomit should recall and consider VERY CAREFULLY what Admiral Yamamoto said after the attack on Pearl Harbor: “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and in so doing have filled him with a terrible resolve!”

      He should also consider this other quote from Admiral Yamamoto: “It would be foolish of us to attack the U. S. mainland, there would be a rifle behind each blade of grass!” How many hunters are there in the United States, and not just in the southern states alone? Get my meaning?

      • AJ

        There’s no actual documentation that he ever said that.

        • Anonymous

          It is a quote said bu him.

        • AJ AYERS


        • William B Dean

          Actually there is! Check out on Google “Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto”, and Gordon Prange’s book on Pearl Harbor “At Dawn We Slept.”

      • Eddie J. Arreaga

        Nice comment.

      • Susan Satava

        Roger that!

    • joe moore

      he isnt going to take anybodys guns, u fools..!!and any body that needs a assault rifle,to hunt with,or to protect thier home,are even bigger fools..

      • patriot

        The 2nd amn is NOT about hunting it IS about the people being armed in order to keep an out of control government from taking over .You know like Hitker did, Stalin , Moe Obama… Get educatrd read a book fool…stop listening to the progreesive msm ALL of them WAKE UP!!!!!!

        • Axegrinder

          Trouble is your government is already out of control, like Israeli gov (which rules it anyway from behind the curtain) & it is taking over while American citizens are still armed & sleeping, FACT!! WAKE UP AMERICA!

          • Tammy

            So true~! What does it take to make people see??

        • random

          Yes, a bunch of hillbillies with shotguns are going to be sufficient in stopping the U.S. government when they roll tanks down our streets as if they ever will. Learn some common sense idiot!

      • AJ AYERS


        • Tom

          Well AJ and it is people like you that need the govenment to look after you. the 2nd admentment gives citizens the right to have and own these weapons. If you do not like weapons, then just stay away from them and let the constitution continue.

      • Christopher

        Say its not so joe. Are you that dumb? The 2nd amendment is not about hunting.

      • Susan Satava

        Get to know more about guns. The only diff: A handle, period, rendered necessary by the feds.

      • Steve

        An assault rifle for self protection for an invading country, I think is justifiable. God forbid that ever happends

      • Terry Jones

        Thanks, Joe. I thought this might have been a real discussion of some actual news event that no one knew about. As it is, this is a far far far right-wing bitch session about nothing. Same as usual, whine, whine, whine. Get a life.

        • Tom

          Hey Terry and Joe, you are the cry babies and nothing wasever said until you whimps started crying about taking our weapons. You people are just like the gays, athiest, and other left wing fools and think jsut because yhou don’t like something that it should not be. Give it a break .

          • George

            Amen Tom

          • Anonymous


          • Capt. Barbossa

            Aye! I fully agree Tom.

          • Chuck Pillow

            Tom – We are not going to take the !@#$ from these wacko fools any longer…

      • Chuck Pillow

        Joe, if you are the guy that wishes to remove my gun’s from me, you need to bring yours along for the fight…

      • David t

        guess that makes me a big fool

      • Anonymous

        It’s not assault rifles that are used for hunting fool it is tactical variations of a a 270 or a 223 which is commonly used for varmint hunting they are made tactical for the ability to add more things the owner wants to aid with their hunt. And I proudly own and keep to protect my home multiple tactical weapons. If your to scared to own one I’m sure Walmart has squirt guns you could use

      • Jeffery James

        Well Joe this was your comment on 11-19 -2012… what is your feelings NOW, today, Jan. 11. 2013??

      • Tammy

        You are buying what the media and this administration are preaching. Wise up~! They are our worst enemy. They are not doing the number one job of government~to protect this country and it’s people~You are being a fool~!

    • Its unconstitutional for the federal government to use any American military against its American people. And like has been stated, use of the UN in the USA is unconstitutional. Furthermore, the UN in USA with there Brown shirts and Blue hats/helmets will make them easier targets for us to help us keep and uphold our 2nd. Amendment rights. As in the revolutionare war we took out the red coats for our freedoms and I was taught in school that History repeats itself.
      Keep your magazines full and your eye on the front sight.

      • Thomas Wood

        “Its unconstitutional for the federal government to use any American military against its American people.”
        Did That stop ole “honest” Abe in 1861?

        “use of the UN in the USA is unconstitutional.”
        And do you really think that will stop the “messiah” in 2012?

        The rest of your analysis in my opinion is spot on.

        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      • P.T. LeBeau

        Since when has it being unconstitutional that stopped Obama from doing unconstitutional executive orders, he did 893 so far, the most any other President did was 8. He wants to rule America and take away our guns then we, like all the other countries, will only be able to throw rocks at them.

    • Robert

      Well, I remember this place in Texas, called Waco where, the politicians, did just that. Those people were armed, and I would say fairly dedicated to their cause. But, when the BATF, I have seen the warrent, went in there, there was no contingency, planned if Koresh, or what ever, surrendered on the steps, when they first arrived. No he didn’t, but this shows what an arrogent, bunch of politicians, Clinton and his cronies, have the audacity and balls, to do. They wanted a fight, and they wanted it to end just as it was scripted. And they got it. USAR, fired on civilians, women and children and all, So “armed or not they didn’t get support from the locals.”

    • Stumbled Into Crazyland
    • Nancy Wood

      We have the right to bear arms. I don’t know how Obama thinks he is going to take guns, that are not registered, away from law-abiding citizens. And a great big Yes, to impeaching his lying, sorry, hipocritical socialistic butt. He has done so much damage to our country’s budget, we may never get out of debt and lower our taxes, instead of raising our taxes and printing Monopoly money like crazy.This is not a game we can push aside till we want to play again. Why did people still vote for him? I just do not understand how he was elected again. The only hope we have now is to turn to our religions and pray for someone to remove him from his oval office on the hill, and ship him to Kenya, so he can take care of his brother and other relatives there.He needs to have the stool knocked out from under him and humble himself before his religious leaders,whom ever they may be.

      • Chief

        Nancy, My reply is to your comment: “I don’t know how Obama thinks he is going to take guns, that are not registered, away from law-abiding citizens.” It would be difficult to force current gun owners to register but all they have to do is make “registration” a part of buying a gun. No reg. no buy…I’ve been told, and yes I wonder, when they do a “crime check” now; it’s recorded and archived. Read how they took away the guns from the British.

  • David

    I have to agree! I saw what happened in Russia when it collapsed ! Tanks firing on govt building the whole thing was very interesting ! Then the people who where unarmed started to pull troops from their tanks and personal carriers!! A lot of people died, but in the end the whole system failed! I just can’t imagine the numbers it would take to try to strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd amendment !! It would have to be done some other way, and I don’t see Americans standing for that either!

    • Nancy Wood

      Amen to that…

  • Cnsay

    Fuckin A! We’ll start right in DC!

    • Anonymous

      Fuckin A, I AGREE.

    • SKIP

      Wouldn’t have to go much further than that I think.

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Count me in.

  • LETS see here,how about this-the RUSSIANS and eight other countries in the UN launch an ATTACK on america on BLACK FRIDAY,hitting MALLS,HOSPITALS,POLICE STATIONS,THE POWER GRID,MILITARY BASES,BOTTLE NECKS ON THE HIGHWAYS,STOPPING TRAFFIC FOR HOURS,and what happens-OBAMA DECLARES MARTIAL LAW and sends the police and military to take guns by force,GET READY its coming,take your weapons to grandmas house with you…………..

    • ncjoe

      Attack on the U.S. by Rusian and other countries? Get real. What kind of attack? Nuclear? Chemical? Biological? Conventional land invasion? The latter would require a massive build up that would be easily observed. The previous three would be suicidal. Take your meds. Remove the tin foil hat. You really are stupid.

      • godsofold

        @ncjoe. Not as hard as you think really. 1 EMP above the states knocks out most electronics effectively shutting down CONUS. A land invasion through our open Southern border which has been conveniently left unsecured is not implausible. Red China owns a few of the deep ports in Lazaros and other areas. Most of their container goods enter the U.S. unchecked. An army can be dropped off in the middle of the nation relatively easily via the Trans-Texas Corridor into Kansas Smart Port.

      • purple

        get ur head out of the sand the jerk in the wh is out to destroy this nation with the help of the un!

      • Capt. Barbossa

        Have you seen the proof that there are 30,000 Russian tanks and other toys/equipment of theirs already here. I’d bet they don’t belong to a collector. Must be people to man them. Search the internet for it then ponder on the evidence.

    • Susan Satava

      I’d like to see Grandma put up with cops trying to take her guns. It’ll be all over a biased press! I’d like to see the National Guard or local police trying to challenge Grandma’s privately owned gun–especially in the state of TX!

    • Nancy Wood

      This is so scarey, but very possible.

  • I wish this were a joke ,but the intel we’ve gotten says-surprise attack to take down america before winter,if it comes on BLACK FRIDAY,like we been told, you better be more then ready,it’ll be a long tough winter with no power,water,FOOD,ammo,toilet paper,and screaming kids……GET READY,THEY HAVE TO TAKE YOUR GUNS FIRST…………….

    • Stumbled Into Crazyland

      Okay, so how did that Black Friday Attack go down?

  • BubbleUp

    Not to cast dispersions on the patriotism of other posters here but I think many of the pro-gunnies on here seriously underestimate the collective effect that pussification has had on Boobus Americanus: your typical neighbor.

    A denizen of suburbia for the most part, steeped in all things creature comfort, and carefully educated by the very power elite that seek to finally subdue his ass completely, he actually believes that the cops and the military are the good guys.

    He is same guy at the airport getting crotch raped by another dude for chrissake. Do you think HE will keep his .22LR plinkers to fight the Ty-rannical horde when they come to collect? Do you think he won’t rat you out to the first patrol he sees on your block as long as Uncle Sam or UN-cle Nations say they will keep his cable on?

    Trust me when I tell you that it is not just the Tyrants you need to fear: it is the VAST collective of “Americans” who have blithely elected and supported these tyrants and allowed things like the Constitution to become the non-issue that it currently is.

    Thinking that these self-absorbed wusses are going to fight for their natural rights borders on the delusional.

    They will hand them over like the goodly little sheep they are, hand you over too and then go right back to their DVR-paused Jersey Shore and get their Snookie back on.

    • CuriousGeorge

      I agree with your assesment on this.
      The PTB have been working a looong time to get this many stupid people.
      They would not think of makeing an attempt on dis-arming the survivor class unless they felt they had a much better than fifty percent chance. They will only need another Sandy, and or an internet Shut down to swoop in on everybody that has been posting on the net. The internet is nothing more than the thought police putting togethr lists for Big Brother.

      • ncjoe

        What you fail to realize is all those wussies you so freely castigate are just like you. They behave in ways they percieve to be in theor own self-interest.

        • c

          Look at what goes on at your workplace and that is what you will see in real life. You have the bosses and those who kiss up and spy for them, the sheep who just want to do their job,get their check and go home to their life, and the independent thinkers who no matter how well intentioned, will always end up irritating the kiss ups. The bosses who depend on them will also be irritated by them because they look and see and speak. They never just go along. The kiss ups hate the independent types and try to get them gone because they are a threat to their place in the lineup.

          • David

            Wow the person who’s name is C must work at the same place I do!!! I’ve been there 14 years and those pusses are pathetic !! Bunch of suck ups that can not stand a independent mindset!!! That is amazing sound just like my work place C !! Sad pukes!!!

        • BubbleUp

          Let’s delve into that a bit there, NCJOE:

          Nice use of “castigate” by the way…’cept these wussies are not bein’ castigated, they are being described as one might describe the behavior of the 3-toed sloth. They are being described so that their actions can be anticipated and avoided. They are not being castigated because castigation would be pointless. Please, read this and channel your inner pragmatist:

          You are correct. They will do whatever is in their best interest and this is precisely what the PTB expects of them which is unfortunate because what is expected of them is also in the best interest of the PTB and not the gun owning or even freedom minded public. The wussies are a HUGE part of the plan to rid a soon-to-be fully-tyrannical-government of it’s pesky gun owners.

          This is NOT an accident nor is it a conspiracy– Had I educated the wussies, I wouldn’t be surprised by their reactions to things–I would be counting on them.

          But let me run it down for the cheap seats anyway: When blood runs in the streets because FedGov or whomever has decided to disarm the populace, the typical American will sit idly by on the sidelines and watch (and shudder from behind a locked door)–just as expected by the PTB.
          Where most pro-gun people think disarmament will be the “Significant Emotional Event” that will awaken the masses and lead to general revolt and a subsequent Liberty revival , it will not.
          It is, in fact what I think the government wants to happen because they play psych games for a living and have already role-played this in myriad thinktanks, etc. I think they know the outcome.
          They know disarmament will lead to violence and that is exactly what they need to justify their actions: Violence and LOTS OF IT.

          As thousands of mini-Wacos and Ruby Ridges unfold, the Sheeple will watch them on TV, become terrified by what they will derisively call “violent, knuckle dragging patriot scum” who “just can’t seem to get with the times” “let the last election go” etc and they will scream for protection.

          This future confiscation will be like poking a sleeping tiger in the nuts with a sharp stick and then saying “SEE! I told you he was violent!! Look at those FANGS!!” Just what the doctor ordered.

          Holder, Napolitano, and the CENTCOM CG, will be on CNN thrice an hour to console the masses as this unfolds and the Ratting Outs will begin in earnest.
          If your frightened neighbor even thinks you have ever touched a gun, you can expect a visit from the PTB who will be there johnny-on-the-spot to arrest and confiscate your guns, ammo (and any thing even slightly pointy) in the “name of public and/or officer safety” and if anyone balks at such–a DHS SWAT team monkey stomp will be visited upon them for “the greater good”.

          Oh yeah…and US, our disposition? We the misguided Patriot Scum. We War Vets and NRA supporters will very likely top the list of Subversives and Enemy Combatants–people like myself who believe in Liberty, Self-defense and other naughty notions will probably be rounded up too, monkey stomped and summarily perp-walked into our indefinite holding cells for the hoi polloi’s general consolation and/or amusement.

          They will go for the most outspoken and well-trained first and then, hopefully, everyone else will fall into line. And you know what? I am fine with that, really.

          It’s all good…I am probably overdue for some re-education–heck, maybe they’ll have cookies and comfy mat nap time.

          OOOOORRRR…. We could peacefully settle ALL of this nonsense and prevent untold buckets-o-bloodshed by OPTING OUT, seceding or employing whatever other peaceful means necessary to separate ourselves from an over-reaching Federal Leviathan. And then, when they forcefully assert their ownership of us: WE, instead of THEY, will own the moral high ground and we can then freely give them the ass-kicking that all thieves and self-described do-gooders deserve. That is my option A. Take action vs. react. That way we hoola hoop all up in their OODA loop, ya see?

          Okay…having said all that and knowing it will probably be futile in any case: if the revolution should become mine to lead, I’ve decided that I shall endeavor to make William Wallace look like a guy in a skirt…

          • Jean

            I’d rather take a third choice: Pre-emptive strikes.

            They WILL do it to us – break in the door at 3 AM to delvier a search warrant for drugs; shoot us in self-defense; then find out they’re at the wrong address, there are no drugs – or maybe they’ll find drugs ANYWAY, and possibly guns as well, just to make sure we’re “taken care of” and the populace is concerned about these right-wing loonies.

            BTW, it’s in a book series, too – Look it up on Amazon’s site, it’s a trilogy, I believe the first book is “Enemies foreign and domestic,” and the second is “Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista” (Talks about our undocumented invasion down SouthWest way.) Haven’t read the third yet – been sole breadwinner, can’t afford to take a piss these days with a family of 4 humans and two 100+ pound dogs.

            But I’m not stupid – writing’s on the wall. And these “Illuminati” (it’s a handle, nothing more) have existed for centuries, and will exist for centuries more. It’s like X-files without the cool science. No conspiracy necessary, just an occasional polite chat, and the direction is set – because they all want the same basic things anyway! Control, security, safety, and personal wealth / power. Makes them all allies. Ever wonder why there’s so little difference between the R and D parties? They all belong to the same country club, which has connections to the same blue-bloods, etc, etc, etc. No “reptillian alien” BS required. Not even an actual conspiracy (as we picture conspiracy: secret meetings, notes, maps, plans, occasional coups, assassinations, power grabs, etc, etc, etc.) That’s all been done, it’s more like a surfer – they found the wave, they’re just riding it now – add an occasional adjustment, ride the wave in to the beach, the wave recedes… And the surfer is victorious.

            He doesn’t NEED to conspire with the wave, just HARNESS it. (Public education, anyone? Especially public education of the dullest at the cost of the intelligent? Drag us all down, make us all predictable, all thinking INSIDE their box.)

            Same as we saw with Religion a few centuries ago… And Rome, and Greece. You think we’re the only ones reading history? Biggest enemy is human nature, fortunately it cuts both ways – cops don’t want to be watching monitors all day. Eventually they get sloppy and careless. If anyone is left by then… 😛

            Perhaps pre-emption is a better idea than waiting? And hit the REAL heads of the serpent, not the puppets…

            “We target mayors and government officials, for example; We create a vacuum. then we FILL that vacuum. As popular war advnaces, peace is closer.” (Che, I think? Or was it from a Cambodian officer? Dont’ recall – message is clear. ONE lunatic is easy to corral and kill. 30 is near impossible. 3,000 can run a country.)

            Waiting for them to start actions is suicide. So is shooting governors, etc. But the insiders? Not so much. Especially with a small group of intelligent and experienced people, and lots of noise.

            IF the SeALS wake up and realize the America they are fighting for is in fact being desttoyrd, god help those they direct their anger towards – no one else can. 😉 [Recon; Green beret; SWAT; SeALs; somewhat interchangeable here. Just need a few cognizant people to see the writing on the wall, and it’ll be open season. Which might be the hope of TPTB. When do they decide the costs are getting too high? I dunno… when it gets PERSONAL, probably. Commandos are good at making it personal for the enemy…. And “business as usual” for themselves. And THESE are the people I’d expect to be part of Oathkeepers, et al. Not the run of the mill grunts, the elites. Grunts are great; the military mill counts on expendables. Highly-trained, experienced troops? Irreplaceable. Can’t give someone 15 years experience running ops in 15 weeks. And PO’ed Marines? Bad news. Army at this point – and in ALL points, BTW – is great for fighting States. Not insurgents, not fellow citizens. It’s the same as we see in Iraq and Afghanistan. We kill them, they come back stronger and more determined. And there are more of THEM than US (why the British lost the Revolutionary war – investing treasure and troops in distant lands against an enemy that looks like EVERYONE in the other land. Vietnam, if you will. Russia in Afghanistan. Etc.)

            Waiting makes it worse, it allows us to be declared enemies of the state. Remember the likelihood someone will follow orders when given by a person in authority…
            They’ll execute everyone who LOOKS like a survivalist / gun nut / right-wing fanatic / religious nutcase… All in the name of Freedom and Liberty.
            Chains lie best when they chain the mind, and are not tangible.

            to wrap it up: You scream about the Second Amendment; where do your children go EVERY DAY while you are working? WHO is minding them, feeding them pat answers and ideas? What ideas are they being told will solve all their problems? What history are they being taught, now that it’s “sanitized” by CAIR? Isn’t that like having Black history taught by the KKK?

            You get the idea, I sound like a loon, I need to get back to work. 😉
            Think about it.

          • Dana McDorman

            Well-said. Any afvicr for those citizens who have only just now pulled their head out of the sand but are fired up with resolve and patriotism, however, are lacking the knowledge (even of basic survival skills) to support this wonderful & long past-due freedom movement? In other words, if the “sheeple” DO wake up, what should their first move be?

          • Tonya

            Well said!! Most people think everyone will rise up and fight…but what you said is more in line. The ‘sheeple’ will sit in terror and be brainwashed into believing those patriots are getting what they deserve.

      • Anonymous

        Thay are sleeping cells in this country that will wake up to defend the constitution

    • Lowtolerance

      Hahahaha! It’s so nice to be in Texas sometimes. It drives my more liberal friends crazy, but here in my burb, yes, there really is a truck in every driveway and every third one has a Browning decal and a NRA decal on it.

      I guess that you could be right about the other 66% of the hood. Then again, no decals on my car or truck. Hmm, wonder what that means?

    • tayronachan

      I agree, especially in the suburbs and cities. It might be a bit different in smaller cities and certainly in small towns. In rural areas there are a lot of sheriffs that take their oath seriously. But yea, all in all I think most people will just hand over their arms.

    • Stef

      @BubbleUp unfortunately so true!

      Let’s just hope there remains a few good ol’ hardcore out there, still made from the same stuff our ancestors were. Not to save the cockroaches, let them die, but to spawn a fresh start for mankind.

    • Slam Dunk

      Sorry, but I think there truly are more USA Patriots than there are liberal leftist nut jobs!

      • Anonymous

        Think about it. We lost the popular vote too. We are sleeping w the enemy in our own country.

        • Jean

          More likely the election is fixed. ALWAYS. CONTROL… with the ILLUSION of freedom.

          Sort of like slaves voting for who runs the plantation. It’s all scripted, all a joke. and WHO WINS is immaterial, WE LOSE.

          Until the POTUS and Congress members have to get REAL JOBS, and are not granted medical care in perpetuity, dedicated protection forces, and full-salary pensions, PLUS get all sorts of OTHER “perks” (Insider trading is legal for Congressmembers, you know?)… They won’t know or care about “us”. We’re just “the great unwashed.”

    • Chris

      It is clear you’ve identified the real weakness of America, the accursed neighbor that doesn’t know the first thing about survival or war.

      I think you need to start offing them now. That will be the only way to make sure America is prepared for the inevitable invasion. You might want to torture them a bit before they die so that their kids will grow up harder. No need to pussify the next generation.

      I don’t think it will even be a crime, since all you will have to do is ask and thes “Flanders” will gladly comply.

      I am one of the feared borderline socialist liberals, and it will be a cold day in hell before any government takes my guns away. I’m pretty sure your fat and lazy neighbors, and most americans for that matter, can’t be estimated by their current sloth. This is a Country of warriors, not for war’s sake, but because we’ve always found something worth fighting for.

      Don’t push your neighbors too hard. You may not like what they are capable of.

    • dawn

      i so agree with you people are more worried about there tv shows or games than anything else i have been fighting for my rights since i have been born lol but people always tell me what can you do and i say try and fight and they laugh i feel sorry for them and me they think im nuts because i will not go down with out a fight

    • Chuck Pillow

      well said –

  • akvalmet30

    Let’s get the party started already! Got some 8mm ready to scream toward fascists.

    • SKIP

      Have you taken a look at the new COR-BON .338 with a rated muzzle velocity of 5300fps?

  • Red Scare

    “From my cold, dead hands…”

    • Pack Mule

      I agree with Red Scare “150%”

  • The Arizona Patriot

    They won’t just outlaw firearms, they will be regulated. More laws, more restrictions, banning all full autos and high cap mags is how it will be done. How do you eat a horse? One bite at a time. Most idiots will go along to begin with.Like a frog in a pot of water, bring it to a boil slowly or it will jump.

  • The Arizona Patriot

    As to the issue of impeachment, how can Obumer be impeached when, one he has not proved his legal right to the office, and two, the election was rigged. What we have is a imposter-in-chief. he was put there by TPTB to do THEIR will not the will of the people. Don’t forget what each vetran’s oath stated.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    We are still stumbling, awake but sleepy eyed. Civil war is civilians fighting civilians. We fall into their trap turning on each other. It must be the people rejecting the tyrannical bent and rogue nature of their government. That is called rebellion and is our duty under the Constitution. Resist Elites Brokering Everyones Life and Liberty In Our Nation. There, a bacronym to match the misleading patriot act bacronym. I am not upset with the people, it is the unconstitutional modus operandi and overwhelming corruption of the government causing our problems here. Be well and stay focused.

  • ncjoe

    And I am sure a civil war would be just dandy for all our rights and freedoms! (Sarcasm alert for the dull witted. Which is most people who frequent this site.)

    • Stef

      To a certain extent it would. As long as we are smart enough to not forget on who’s neck we need to fall. Unfortunately the tendency, because of generalized idiocy and lack of proper education, would be to let the true responsibles scot free and go monkey on each others instead.

  • David

    Bubbleup and Grandpa I believe have it right!! It’s just a slow gradual process to lure America asleep!! One generation at a time!!

  • UKJohnM

    Like any government they will steal your freedom like a thief in the night. Slowly and gradually they will take away your rights until you are enslaved. It will be done without you realizing it until one morning you awake with all your precious freedom gone.

    It happened to us in the UK don’t let it happen to you!

  • The realist

    Only god will be the one to pull the final pin on the grenade..

    Remember that humans have 1 god given tell.. It’s called “self preservation”..

    I feel that we still have many great people with sharp mind in the USA.. Willing to make the difference when the darkest hour is upon us..

    Live your lives .. Prep.. Live and hope for the best

    • Red Scare

      Hey the realist, hats off to you sir! Well declared.

  • William

    The British tried it the first time and they also failed.

  • barbara howard

    if he takes our guns then there our troups should be pulled from protection the other nations i might not said that right but most people know what i mean

    • SKIP

      Not true! Obamuslim must keep the troops, most of whom will remain loyal to the constitution, overseas so as not to mess up his assault on American freedoms. Domestically, he can use his now found NBPP as SS since the BRA gubmint already has a contract with the NOI to do just that in Michiganistan. And those people have not made a secret of their willingness to kill White taxpayers (killing the golden egg goose so to speak)

  • barbara howard

    next will be our freedom of speach

  • Anytime baby

    Over my cold dead body and after many of theirs!!!!
    Luckily our own military wouldn’t even back a movement like that and the UN doesn’t have enough people or guts to get it done either!

    • SKIP

      The U.N. can draw on many tens of thousands of troops from Africa which is where most of their troops come from in any case. Those troops are also armed and equipped with the very best of available stuff, it is from the U.N. that most of the terrorists get their good stuff.

      • Capt. Barbossa

        Shit of it is Skip, they will fall to the same fate we did in Viet Nam… Starting a fight on someone else’s ground spells disaster. They don’t know every crack and crevice, rabbit hole and deer trail like we do.

  • Lisa E. Grant

    Where do I sign?

  • Jason Alterman

    I’m astounded, no scrub that, I’m disgusted by the pathetic whingeing moaning faced morons on this page.
    You cite age old laws, stupid acts from 250 years and more back..its the 20th century morons.
    There aint no God, there aint no clear and present danger, and the South shall not rise again..now why, cause you spend to much time fingerin your mama’s.
    Seriously disturbed, and as for the muppet that wrote that article..I truly hope you are the first one to feel the blunt force of a bullet.
    Grow up saddo’s

    • Soldier 63

      This goes to Jason Alterman: Apparently you must have had your arse so long that you can’t see the writing on the wall and I think the only one that would feel the blunt force of a bullet to the head would be you due to your lack of intelligence. So why don’t you go enrolled yourself in a school somewhere and learend real history dipshit because this country is very well capable of overthrowing their own government if need be and you are foolish to think that there aren’t cells out there waiting for thr right time to take up arms to protect their rights. Get a grip you socialist pig and do your research before spewing your nonsense on here.

      • Minuetemen in Waiting

        I know for a fact there are sleeper cells, for I am in on myself…. our enrollement has gone up 500% in just the last couple years.. and many of us have been training for years, an have many Ex soldiers & Veterens… Ready and willng to lay down our Life for our way of life and freedoms.

    • dawn

      i think your an idiot they sure brainwashed you

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Jason… go take a swan dive in a mule’s ass.

  • Art

    I have my guns in this house and over the years 2 people tried to break in and when they left they were in “BODY BAGS”. This is the best security that any house can have and the Police Department agreed and Ohbama doesn’t need to try and bury all this stuff.

  • Art Phillips

    Declaration of Intent
    To whom it may concern,
    I am a loyal, law-abiding, legal American citizen of the United States of America. I am duty bound to the highest law of the United States, the United States Constitution. It is my duty a to honor the Constitution and it is my responsibility to protect it and the Freedoms and Rights it guarantees. I will resist any and all attempts to limit those freedoms and rights by any person, association, organization, government, agency or any other entity regardless of whether they are appointed, employed, or elected. Those Freedoms and Rights include, but are not limited to, the right of religion, the right of free speech, the right of assembly, the right to own and bear arms and all rights afforded by the Constitution. These, along with all rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, are not subject to conditions or considerations of a government which seeks to dole them out as it sees fit. They belong to the American people, as does the government. I will, also, resist any attempt made to manipulate, alter, or amend these God given Rights and Freedoms in such a way as to lessen their degree or restrict their accessibility, in any way, by legal, law abiding American citizens regardless of how or who is attempting to do so. It is my duty as a legal, loyal, law abiding citizen of the United States of America to insist on and demand the preservation, protection and adherence to the United States Constitution, in letter and spirit intended by our founding fathers, by all my fellow citizens, elected officials, and courts regardless of their position, rank, or authority. This must be so if we are to survive as a nation.
    It is with grave sincerity, great Honor and great respect for my Country and its Constitution that I join with my brother and sister Americans by signing this notice to all elected, appointed or employed government officials.
    May God bless our great nation!





    Please return to:

    C/O Constitutional Guard
    225 Brian Drive 830-569 2968
    Pleasanton, Texas 780641501 elevengun@earthlink.net
    We ask for your contact information in order to alert you if a situation should warrant. Your personal information will be protected and will only be used for the purpose of the petition and for no other reason. There are no fees, dues, or charges of any kind associated with our effort, if you are asked for any money to sign please report it to address on petition.

    • Mary A Baxter

      How do I sign this petition?

      • Alton Clark

        Print , sign , Mail , All there isto it.

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Count me in. I’ll join the ranks.

  • Dddavid

    I will defend my right and family, the way the constitution was written in the first place, that’s why it was written our four fathers knew there would be forces of power that would try to come against it, let’s protect our freedom…

  • Gentleman,

    I think we all forgetting how this country was founded, the states should govern themselves.

    I think the Federal Government has forgotten this, They have set fourth laws, from people we have put in office. We the people is who the the President answers too, I believe we the people have no other choice to raise an Army. I’m not a trator against my country, How ever the people we have chosen to run this country had forgotten the constitution.

    I believe we need to take a stand and bare arms not against our country, Just a government who thinks they can take our rights away. I paid over 8,000 in taxes this year, We are all paying for other people’s mistakes on our behalf, If this is the case then we the people really need to think about our govenment and take action!!

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Timothy you are correct. We are not the traitors, those who are taking away our rights and attempting in all ernest to destroy our constitution are the traitors. They must be held accountable for their actions. Look up the definition of “Terrorism and a Terrorist” then look what they are doing to the people. They wrote laws of what must be done to terrorist but turn around and violate every word of it claiming they can not be held accountable or brought to justice. This can not and will not be tolerated by the American people.

  • N.gos

    Predictions have said Dec 21 for the end of the world. Bible says it will end with fire and brimstone. Israel is being attacked from all sides. Iran has most likely got nukes and will fire them on Israel as they have proclaimed. Then nukes will be flying from all sides as the US has declared to protect Israel. Ovomit is not trying to keep Iran from producing nukes because he’s Muslim. He didn’t visit Israel when he made the sorry tour. He stopped the many companies from announcing their plans for lay off until after the election. He tried to hide the fact that our consulate was attacked by terrorist. Now they say al Qaida was in on it. He’s a terrorist in our highest office. People better wake up and get him out.

  • J. Rose Barlow

    It’s time WE THE PEOPLE take a stand, together, & put a stop to this treason once & for all! DEMAND A RECOUNT OF ALL VOTES CAST IN AMERICA. DEMAND A RECOUNT BEFORE THAT BASTARD IS SWORN INTO OUR PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE AGAIN. I started a petition demanding all votes be recounted. Please sign my petition to get this recount done SOON. My petition page: http://www.causes.com/actions/1702556 ; “American Citizens DEMAND a RECOUNT of ALL…”

    • Capt. Barbossa

      J. Rose, look at the election stats from many counties in Florida. How can someone get 150% of the votes? They count votes from people who are dead. They do this because a dead person can not go and de-register. I’ll sign the petition and post it on my FB page too.

  • Chris

    Jason alterman you are the type thats fuckin up this country, Liberal fucks like you are for gays and government.You talk a bunch of shit behind that keyboard but in real life you would piss on yourself having to face us.

  • Chris

    Another thing, Arizona you need to get a hobby, it looks like you have way too much time to sit around and think up crazy shit.

  • Yougotthatright

    Aw poor Jason Alterman…. he’s in the 47% crowd. He wants to have the guns taken away so he can collect his welfare in peace and not worry about someone who lost his job 43 months ago and can’t feed his family, yet getting turned down for food stamps cuz his $300/week unemployment check should be enough. Jason’s afraid some of us with more brains to hang onto our constitutional rights just might upset his way of life. That’s ok Jason, since you’re a sheep you’ll blindly follow your leader to slaughter and we won’t have to worry about you for much longer.

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Amen to that. Some of us don’t get either… no food stamps “make believe credit cards” or unemployment. We have to work our ass off to support sorry pieces of shit like JA… probably means Jack Ass anyway.

  • Concerned father

    In the bible it says be prepared for the antichrist maybe hes arived

  • Dan

    Somebody’s spreading the wrong rumors. But then again who are we to say that it is true. You hear and read of all these killings going on and weapons being in the wrongs hands when it happens. Heck even in the military. Personnel’s die from their own weapons by other perps going off on their own beliefs. Already we are jumping to conclusion and we have not seen the works of it yet. Typical americans alike. Calm yourselves down and listen and read into what this man has actually plans to propose. Perhaps behind that more stricter gun laws than to be stripped of our 2nd amendment. Stop already.

    You may not have voted for him but you are not the ones who’ve heard and seen what is actually going on. Chill people just chill.

    • andrew

      We are all on the same track band together lets do the research I like what your saying I feal it in my heart and if going to hell after doing my best to help people from being wronged then I will deal with it as it comes but I feal an intervention coming before any of this if you ever watch any of those movies where the ending is bad and you think that’s the end however that’s not the way it it actually ends that’s what I feal there is so much good and faith in this world and a lot of bad ans I hope that people know that the peop

      • andrew

        Continued- people are not to blame

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Dan, people use cars to kill others. No one is jumping up and down like a crank organ monkey to outlaw cars are they? Guns don’t have a bad rep in themselves. People give the guns a bad rep. You ever used a knife to cut your food? How would you like it if you had to tear it with your teeth and spread butter with your fingers? Guns and knives are tools. Hell, how many people have been killed by someone with a hammer. Guess it’s time to outlaw those too and we can all live in mud huts next huh.

  • Dumbie

    Dan says; What the h does that mean? Sound s like you and Jason Alterman are hugging buddies! To all: if I am right on bible equations, that align with Mayan, native American, Chinese, and Shia Hadith then the next month will bring false prophets, Antichrist, beast and two witnesses to light. If so, and you have accepted Christ as you savior or Mohammed you will be ok if your religion wins the final war. If I am wrong and the atheist are right we are all screwed because communism is winning! Anyone that does not know that at best Obama is a communist is a fool, anyone that knows he is but says he is not is a communist, or knows he is far worse than communist is evil themselves!!!! Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically!

  • Dumbie

    Oh yeah Dan, if you were trying to speak from authority about the UN weapons bans there are two separate named ones that their only difference is the name. They both say “…have the right to self defense…”. Which is quoted by the left(ist). This is misleading on purpose because in both treaties it is speaking of a “states” right to self defense by possession of small arms, but a ” state” is Russia, China, Mexico, Turkey, etc. ( a nation state). It bans all elicit weapons, which means any weapon not allowed to be possessed by the individual’s(nation state) covered by the treaty. The treaty does not address or try to places citizens of any country as an individual or even speak of them having any rights. The treaties address only nation states as having rights. People do not have rights, states do according to UN. Do not trust me, look up the treaties and read each numerous times, find a true pro-2nd amend attorney and have him read it numerous times and maybe u will awaken to the truth!

  • andrew

    Hey guys I realize that we all have our suspicions but first lets try to be proactive about our buisness lets make noise when we see wrong lets petition lets be so active its overwhelming lets set up a communication network to the point of if you had to you could be the paul reveere if its going to come let it hoever lets not provoke it. That is what they want is for us to start it remember play the chess three moves ahead and not into there three moves we the people are the power start a petition on we the people allow the white house to see it and at all you have to have faiith I’m a hard working citizen just like yourself I see my work not pay off and remember we have nothing to do with the majority of the debt where in demand that the government stop bad decisions I wish you guys would have voted ron paul lets band together for the people already trying to fight the evil in our country the corruption keep them fearing the people for there are some proactive ways to do it and buy preshish metals like brass and lead but also remember the other people that are struggling that might need some kind of protection when the time comes educate people about guns and the good of them lets not start a battle but if they start it lets not back down. Don’t fear prepare they already fear us and its great to see also can you imagine a life without government. How many wars would go on pronley none we are the last place to prevail cause if we don’t the world shall crumble into there agenda and if civil war comes let the world know we did it for the people

  • Tyrone

    For those of you who think gun confiscation cannot, or will not, take place in America, WAKE UP!!! It happened in New Orleans after Katrina by the US Army, National Guard and Law Enforcement. Take 20 minutes out of your busy day to watch the following and educate yourself!


    You better be armed and ready, ready to die for your rights!

  • John

    With all these people here and not wanting Obama in the white house. Where were they on election day??
    Can’t believe he got back in with so many not wanting him there and the warning of impending demise of the 2nd amendment. God help us!!!!

    • jmccraw

      Because officials in different Counties are STILL finding boxes of uncounted votes that were conveniently “not there” when votes were counted! Also,our Military were not allowed to vote,remember? The truth is,Obama knew most of the Military would vote against him! How convenient for the “President”!!

  • jmccraw

    After reading comments on here- I think most people fail to see just who & what we’re up against.I’ve been around for many years now,I’ve seen Pres.come & go.We didn’t think Obamacare would pass nor Obama win another term.He did.He’s went over Congress more than once & gets everything he wants.Seems he’ll survive Benghazi also.He’s a “slick Willie” that charms everyone everywhere he goes.He will continue to do so & if he wants gun control-whats to stop him?This is a dangerous man who’s on a mission right now to foreign Countries to sell us out to the highest bidder.Sorry folks, but the fight is not with guns-FOR NOW-it’s selling America acre by acre to the highest bidder to drill & work the locked up acres of American soil!! It is dripping with OIL,NAT.GAS & COAL!! And Obama owns it all-Americans just don’t know it yet!Gun rights? He’ll take care of that in due time! We might better STOP arguing & START organizing! Our FORE FATHERS armed us with Information just in case this very thing happened-seems we don’t heed that! Men as smart as the “fathers” foresaw this & we’d BETTER arm ourselves with knowledge they left us! With Obama-we’re in danger of losing our Country & with illegals pouring in here,foodstamps,Welfare & “free” Healthcare-we’re going to need more than our guns–we need to FIRST rid America of this tyrant Obama & his Chicago thugs!! THEY are the problem!!

    • tom dodd

      Oboma needs to know that it would be a geniside to attempt to take guns from true Americans.becaues they have fought and died for the consitusinal right to bear arms. I guess obo

  • Anonymous

    4 A.M. Eastern time
    All communications will go down except for military frequencies.No cell phone,no radio, no television,no internet,no land lines.Ham radios and citizen band radios will be jammed.U.N.Troops will blockade bridges and major highways and travel will be suspended.U.N.Troops will secure fuel depots as well as food supply depots.United Nation troops will be going door to door to confiscate your weapons and to load you into transports that will be taking you to FEMA reeducation camps.Men women and children will all be placed in separate camps,and no family will be left together.Areas known to have large Militia groups will be subjected to heavy contrail flyovers,dispensing bacteriological chemicals to sicken and kill.The terrorists who have been training in the multitude of camps on U.S. soil and in the thousands of Mosques will begin terrorist activities designed to add to the mass confusion and hysteria.Anyone who offers any resistance will be shot on site.The aged,sick,invalid,will all be shot on site.You will have no choice but to obey.Those who have been contaminated with biological weapons will be given a chance to surrender and get medical assistance.They will be shot as they surrender.Law enforcement officers who do not willingly become part of the attack will be shot.United States military will be unable to assist as they are mostly all overseas in other battle fields.The few who are here will have been infiltrated and incapacitated before the start.The millions of armed Americans will be divided,with no communications and no means to support each other.Those who escape the initial sweeping net will be left to die in the wilderness.Those who resist will be shot down by the more heavily armed U.N. troops.We may have many weapons stored,But they will have artillery,air support,tanks and unlimited access to reinforcements and resupply.They will seek us out using the satellites they control.
    Under Martial Law according to the laws that are already in effect,the government controls ALL food,fuel,medicines,water,clothing ,transportation and housing.No citizen will have any say so in what is to be done with them.The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are suspended under Martial Law.We will have no rights.Those who survive in the FEMA camps will do so by becoming the absolute slave of the government.You will go where you are told and do the work you will be given to do.
    If you would like a more detailed look at the events,then study Hitlers take over of Germany.And if you see the many similarities between Hitler’s actions then and Obama’s actions now then congratulations,you are learning.
    If you do not want this to happen here then you need to take action now,before it is too late.And if think for one minute the tyrants in DC will not initiate martial law then I have one question for you.If they have no intention of initiating martial law then why have they continually made the laws that give them the powers to enact it?Do you thing they had any thing else in mind with indefinite detention or taking over the internet,or any of the many laws they passed that have no purpose save that of making American citizens the enemy of the state?If you believe the government has any other purpose than to destroy us,then all I can offer you is this.If you behave at the FEMA camps,then you might live a few more days.But then again,like in Germany in the concentration camps,you might not want to live when it means torture and starvation.Me,well I will die on my feet before I live on my knees.

    • Stacey

      What 4am Anonymous says: And…I think the plan may also include a Nuke or two dropped on US. A while back Nuk es went missing from Minot during an exercise. Source: google “Minot Exercise Nuk es missing” Something like that will get you to the articles. IF a Nuk is in the plans, the Madrid Fault Line area/NewO/BePe spill – La is ideal. The Salt domes are filled with toxic, flammable, combustible gas and liquid. They r still fracking shale. They want the Golf Koast 4 the resources. Results: Cause chaos, fear, mass pop reduction (Millions), and the area free. Flase Flag will be blamed on the imaginary enemy of the month; Iran is a good choice. If MSM starts saturating the news with “Iran has WMD” scenario (more than usual).

      I believe tensions between US and China and Russia are part of the illusion. There was NO cold war. Source: google “American Deception” docs look official – not sure though site belongs to Charlotte Iserbyt.

      Just something to consider. Any thoughts.

      Peace Out

  • Anonymous

    Charlston Heston should be made president then we wouldnt have to worry about gun control . Where are our lobbiest? Havent we paid enough to the money grubbers on capitol hill?????

  • Kerry C

    Taking our Guns is like fattening animals for the slaughter!! Rival countries don’t fear our soldiers,they fear us civilians!! We are more dangerous than any force on earth! We have the weapons and time to train! But disarming us just says to rival countries…”you can invade us now,we have no weapons to fight back”!! They are making a nasty,nasty decision by taking our guns away!!

  • Mary A Baxter

    President Barack Obama has ignored the Constitution Of The United States Of America. Everyone knows it and has looked the other way.

  • Alesia Cool

    We need to fight for our gun rights. Hunting is the main sorce of food for the people in Alaska. We need our guns for protection and for hunting. We will have nothing left. I hate being put in a bubble, the government wants to take away everything that will hurt us, just because some people are not responsible. Look at the crimminals in prision, they sure can find ways to kill each other, just by using toilet tissue.

  • thepro

    I agree with the “4am” remark. Be proactive and secede, it may be our only chance. Obama will most likely have two supreme court picks this time, and he may be waiting for that, or he might just institute martial law. There are fema camps( google fema camps) military and law enforcment will look the other way as to preserve their own families. We are our families only hope. We find other like minded individuals and band together. Hidden caches of weapons and guerrilla warfare is what we will probably have to rely on. The country as a whole is already done for. States might be able to survive if wen act now. If not then we band together and form small communities, but then we make ourselves bigger targets. I dont know which direction this country or my state will go, but i do know what me and my family will do if tje u.n. invades( they are already here training for it(Google u.n. troops in America). Be prepared people.

  • The Sage

    It is really a sad state of affairs that we in America have allowed a foreign born muslim be elected as our leader. If we sit by and allow this what makes anyone think we will not sit by and allow our constitutional rights to be taken from us. What have we done to stop Obamacare, the executive orders protecting the illegal activities carried out by the white house appointees, the control given to the czars who are not elected officials, our military and foreign officials from being slaughtered with the WH stand down orders, the limits put on rules of engagement in foreign wars? The list could go on but, I think you should see my point. We all sit by and wait for one more thing to happen. Unfortunately, I think we are all going to be cooked in the slow boiling water before we realize it is too late.

  • Stumbled Into Crazyland

    Every last one of you is fracking nuts. Obama is a centrist, slightly to the right of Richard Nixon and slightly to the left of Ronald Reagan on most issues. I am a socialist and I didn’t vote for him for precisely this reason. But nobody is coming to take your guns away.


    It is true that some liberals would like to, but if you think this is a real threat you don’t know how to count noses. Obama for his part isn’t going anywhere near this issue. (As a socialist I believe strongly in an armed people.)

    Actual liberals don’t control the Democratic Party, much less the White House. Its is control by more or less the same Wall Street crowd that has controlled it for as long as we all have been alive.

    What is different and what everybody who doesn’t live in your crazy bubble understands is really driving your anxiety is that Obama is black and that his presence in the White House represents an end to the previously uninterrupted rule of this country by white men.

    You ain’t going to secede either. That is crazy talk. Here is a heads up: Texas already has a non-white majority and within a couple years will have a Latino plurality. Whites still vote at a higher rate, but that too will pass soon. Texas will be voting Democratic within a decade.

    Here is a suggestion: Settle the frack down. Get some anti-anxiety meds or sip on a beer or do what you gotta do to relax. The brown people and the gays aren’t coming to get you. Yes the country is in a pickle. As is the world. But if you think that is because of socialism you haven’t been paying attention. The US is an empire in decline. No empire lasts forever. The America you want to “take back” never existed. It reached its high point of prosperity in the 1960s when the welfare state was at its strongest. The high standard of living you think you are entitled to was largely a conquest of the labor movement. It has been gutted by a corporate-financed political offensive that packs your heads with all sort of free-market fundamentalist foolishness while stripping your pensions.

    And, BTW, Obama is not a Muslim. All you demonstrate by saying that he is, is your own religious bigotry.

    • Capt. Barbossa

      Stumbled, WTF have you been smoking? You’re talking more shit than a chinese radio station.

    • larry

      you sir, are a flaming moron

  • BubbleUp

    And Troll of the day award goes to…..

    • Stacey

      Cooper and his drawer of sock puppets!

  • stranger in fla.

    After reading most of these comments, It seems that anonymous at 4am gives the most cogent scenario of what will actually transpire. Very chilling and very scary. Sounds like we will have no recourse. But as a Christian, I take great comfort in knowing someone may kill my body, but no one may take my soul, save the GOOD LORD. He’s right though…. hunting rifles and handguns won’t match up with military weapons, tanks, helicopters and drones. And without communications, how can you have organised resistance? The Book of Revelation is here, so let’s get ready.

  • Ian Cooper

    What a bunch of fricken nutcases!

    Watch out for the Pentavirate. Colonel Sanders puts drugs in his chicken, you know.

  • Bobert

    What a bunch of nutters.

  • Anonymous

    my turn,we should always keep on our toes about anything and everything,without loseing our heads.japan over took parts of china ww2,they had 1 knife for the intire community. besides waco,katrina; a christian home in texas was invaded by military, first hand talk with people who were there, the mil. ate their food, the children could do nothing but sit. the place is closed down, even 25+ years,its still a ghost town. all that because a spoiled brat refused to do menial work. the childs lawyer was intervied on nightline with ted coppel,i saw the program on tv, ted said to the lawyers face on national tv, that he did not like him or the way he exploited children. we have to fight back with prayer,prayer,and right actions..we have to be careful how we behave before our children, everyone involved in the texas home delima are all long ago dead. pastors, workers, politician, ect.

  • larry

    I applaud the enthusiasm with witch our ex-military reinforce the idea that our armed forces will not turn on the population… i’m not so sure as they that sufficient resistance could be mustered to prevent a fair percentage from cooperating fully… and the issue that seems to escape the conversation is der fuehrer’s private army, approved and fully funded by obamacare (read it) and they have graduated several classes already, comprised of minorities with a chip on their shoulder, ready and more than willing to kill for their fuehrer… in as much as a civil war fought between the armed supporters of the 2nd amendment and the unarmed detractors, there is no contest… and that my friends was der fuehrer’s reasoning for his insistence on his “private civilian army, as well funded as our military”

  • Alene Cook

    I think that Americans have the right to bear arms.