Obama DOJ Memo: A National Gun Registration & Mandatory Confiscation Agenda

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by Tim Brown

Many in America think that we are so heavily armed as a population that we could never be disarmed. But consider Russia. They were free under the Tsar and one of the most heavily armed societies. That all changed when Stalin and the communists took control. Stalin was able to control, starve, punish and imprison a defenseless people… after he took their guns. Now an internal Department of Justice memo is out which indicates that Barack Obama and company are talking gun confiscation with a forerunner of federal gun registration.

According to the January 4, 2013 internal memo, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Justice Greg Ridgeway wrote, “Assault weapons are not a major contributor to gun crime. The existing stock of assault weapons is large, undercutting the effectiveness of bans with exemptions.” Then proceeded to state a goal of “Limit access to assault weapons.” The memo then went on to state that their program is to “Ban the manufacture, sale, transfer, or possession of assault weapons.” This is a camel’s nose sniffing around the edge of the tent.

With all of this, including the study data provided, Ridgeway states, “a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.”

However, there is more. The memo goes on to put forth something else that can be added that would make it far more effective and that is mandatory gun buybacks, which are nothing more than government confiscation of firearms. “Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violenceIf coupled with a gun buyback and no exemptions then it could be effective,” it reads.

We can conclude there is another reason that the Obama administration wants to deprive Americans of semi-automatic weapons. While most in this audience already know what that is, for those new here, it is a step towards disarming the American people.

The memo went on to deal with universal background checks. “Effectiveness (of universal background checks) depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration and an easy gun transfer process.” This is the camel’s nose nudging at the edge of the tent.

I don’t recall having to register my First, Third, Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Amendment rights. Why is there a need to register my Second?

Director Ridgeway also stated, “In order to have an impact, large capacity magazine regulation needs to sharply curtail their availability to include restrictions on importation, manufacture, sale, and possession. An exemption for previously owned magazines would nearly eliminate any impact. The program would need to be coupled with an extensive buyback of existing large capacity magazines. With an exemption the impact of the restrictions would only be felt when the magazines degrade or when they no longer are compatible with guns in circulation. This would take decades to realize.”

The short story in all of this is whether it takes days or decades is irrelevant. The goal of the Obama administration is utter disarmament of the American people. This is clear by the obvious abuse of power the people wrongly assume the Federal government has. The Federal government is not allowed to mandate a national registration of firearms. They are not allowed to push forth a mandatory gun confiscation either. Apparently these people do not understand a single word of “shall not be infringed.”

This is nothing new for Obama or those he surrounds himself with. He has said he doesn’t believe people should own firearms. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, Mr. Fast and Furious gunrunner himself, believes people in America need to be brainwashed in order to disarm them. There is documentation a mile long that indicates that when Obama tells you he “respects the Second Amendment” it really means he is out to undermine it.

The challenge to us is to oppose them on every front in which they seek to allow their camel’s nose into the tent. We must demand all gun control legislation be voted down and all previous Federal gun laws repealed. We must be vigilant about this and must elect representatives to office who are unequivocally pro-gun and anti-gun control in any form.

We must also use all peaceful methods we can to bring down and remove from office all those who would seek to undermine the ability of Americans to possess any and all firearms which they desire to preserve a free state.

About Tim Brown

Husband to my wife. Father of 10. Jack of All Trades. Christian and lover of liberty. Residing in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Follow Tim on Twitter.

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  • I will shoot you in the face when you confront me I so vow. Let’s see your 111a mask stop my rifle round.

  • stalker

    come and take it…the cost will be high…i promise

  • jimbo

    You can have them when they’re empty!

    • G-DAWG

      And I’m sure that will take a long time. LOL

  • rick45

    they will try to take them at road blocks or at the range. Be prepared to use them then.

    • SKIP

      “THEY” will also come to take them AND YOU in the early morning hours.

  • stalker

    you only need to sweat roadblocks if your using the roads…[wink]

  • rick45

    This is how its going to start, we will be treated like rebels and will have to walk away from everything and killing all officers, because of one who fucked up. This is how it has to be then so be it.

    • Jim34

      Not only that, we will have to kill all state/federal workers, because they are against us and part of the problem

      • Jean

        The problem is…?
        Especially in places like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but true in almost all cities… Lots of “other ethnicities” there, in government employ.
        I was raised to NOT be racist. Taught all the standard pap about equality. I have felt black racist hatred directed at me when exploring (Newark, NJ). Figured it was a class thing, and didn’t wait around for more information. 🙂
        Fast forward… 20 years since then? Let’s just say, I now have confirmation it’s not racism on my part: even foreign-born blacks are just somehow… SLOWER on the uptake. Tell Intern X to do Task 1, explain how: Task gets done, in an hour. Tell Intern Y to do Task 1, explain how. Then re-explain. Then hold his hand while he does it. Then correct the mistakes. Then double-check it all.
        And finally, get screwed because it’s STILL not right, or took too long, or Task 1 for Project 2 comes up… And the process starts over.
        This guy isn’t dumb, per se, and he seems capable and intelligent… And yes, he’s just an intern. But even with n=2 sample size, the differences? Must be about 15 points in IQ, and the “go get it” factor is just… Negative on Intern Y, whereas Intern X knew to ask questions, and if that’s not good enough or fast enough – START DIGGING, and an answer will present itself sooner or later. At 6 months, Intern X (Physicist) was not able to code much. At 2 months, Intern Y (Computer Science) CANNOT WRITE CODE. It’s like saying a High School graduate is illiterate.

        Oh, wait… 😛

        But if I even look at a black person cross-eyed, I’m a racist, it seems. What it DOES do is make me re-evaluate the GOOD black people I’ve worked with, see them as even MORE respect worthy than I’d thought. But the majority, I fear, are Affirmative Action hires. Worked with one like that, too – SHE would demand special treatment, and if she didn’t do her work, or didn’t perform well, missed objectives, project dates, etc, her response was, “I’m black and i’m a woman, you CAN’T fire mw.”
        Yeah, just like everyone else… (She was eventually fired, mixed in with the rest of the division. I wonder how many they fired just to cover dismissing her?)

    • SKIP

      Turner Diaries begins soon.

  • G-DAWG

    Its always good to notate where various people live. Lets see who has the guts for what. Then there is always my favorite, the ‘Preemptive Dispatch’.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • The Arizona Patriot

    The feds are part of the problem but the real issue are the 85+% braindead sheeple begging to be taken care of. As long as the sheeple have their head stuck so far up ole uncle sams arse this country will never be set right. As long as the EBT cards work, the TV still pumps is BS poison, and the fear of standing out nothing is going to change.

    We have to wake people up. Remind them what freedom is. Freedom is won and kept with a Firearm. It is what made us free. The firearm is the only way we have to stay free.

    Liberty or Death

  • SKIP

    “and must elect representatives to office who are unequivocally pro-gun and anti-gun control in any form.

    We do that often but when the traitors get into office they yield to temptation of money, sex and power and of course the threats from the powers that be to stay in office on the taxpayers dime. Traitors!!! ALL of em.

  • Norm

    Good luck to the American people, who are prepared to FIGHT, for their rights. You all need to work together on this one; it’s for all the marbles, people. Freedom or death, and very soon you as individuals will have to choose. I wish the Europeans were a little like you lot. Give UM HELL!

  • Anonymous

    Hide them and then use them when the time comes…