Obama Belongs in a Jail Cell

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Lies, spying, Obamacare, war crimes and treason. Obama belongs in the Big House, not the White House.

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  • Tom

    How in the world is this Criminal Scumbag not in a cage or hanging from a tree….

    • Anonymous

      what scumbag Obama?

    • Row Weil

      Hold on, dude – there is no need to hang/kill any of these politicians…

      You know what We, our Parent, and our Grandparents SHOULD have done?

      JUST… Disobey the insane laws that have stacked up inside this country.

      **WE** GAVE them the power by obeying THEIR laws – Laws. In the U.S., laws are supposed to be made Locally, and made based upon consensus… Without OUR compliance, tax money, bodies to serve as troops/police/etc, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HAD ANY POWER to do this evil to the world!!

      Their evil is our evil!

      Every day you pay Tax Money, or use Federal Reserve Notes, or obey an insane law is another day that YOU SUPPORT their evil.

      Don’t Riot. Don’t lynch.


      People need to start thinking that way in order for the a proper, Moral Revolution to start.

    • TOM,I don’t want to scare you,BUT most americans don’t read their BIBLE,if they did they would know who oboozo is,DANIEL 8:11/8:12 lays out who the worse boggy man in history will be,THE ANTI-CHRIST,AND IT SAYS HE CAN’T BE REMOVED from office once hes in,HE CASTS a spell on everyone and it takes years for the sheep to figure out ITS OBOOZO,and by that time his private army is ready to ATTACK,mystery babylon the great,and in the BIBLE it says he almost takes down the entire country,before action is taken against him,THIS WILL START any day now,IF YOU AREN’T ready for a RED DAWN,he will kill you,and your family,I pray america is ready,cause VERY FEW,realize how dangerous OBOOZO actually is,TILL ITS TO LATE………….

  • BubbaT

    But yet Ted Poe, supposedly a Texas Conservative firebrand, states he can’t be impeached because he hasn’t yet committed high crimes and/or misdemeanors.
    Tell the truth Ted. He won’t be impeached because that’s your marching orders from on high.

    • SpudWeb


    • RickE.

      That’s the truth Bubba! The republican party is an absolute sell-out joke! Lately, almost none are even talking about impeachment or putting Obama on trial for treason.(especially about putting him on trial).

      All they can do is blather on about Obammy care on occasion. But even then, plenty of republicans are actually FOR Obamacare. Obviously.

  • SpudWeb

    Then WHY THE F$#% ISN’T He IN jail?? Or at least Impeachment? Anything? Because the congress has ABSOLUTELY NO BALLS and are aware that if they try they and perhaps their families will Disappear

  • anonymous

    Obama only wants to destroy America, and he is doing it the best way he can, by pitting our people against one another. Religion, social life, jobs, military, even the government agencies around him. He wants to bring us to our knees where we will be defenseless and dependent on government for everything we do. At that point he will consider himself having his dream to have come true!!!

  • RickE.

    Obama needs to be put down like a common dog that he is. He needs to be tried for treason AND war crimes, then either shot dead or hung til he’s dead when he’s found guilty.

    • old geezer


  • Tom T

    Until the senate becomes a GOP majority the Dems would never vote to remove him. That is the real issue. The house can vote to impeach right now as many want to impeach both him and Holder but they know the Senate Progressives(both parties) put agenda and party above country every day of the week. If you want him out go help senate candidates get rid of the proggies in next years elections. Until that happens the gay Marxist stays in our White House.

  • Michael

    The typhoon that recently hit the Philipines was a man-made disaster (HAARP/Microwave, on orders from the Elite) and has killed thousands.
    Obama is also a man-made disaster, put in office by the Elite, and he will kill millions.

  • jaydi

    ask larry nichols who he was killing people for and throw them in a cage too.